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Jan 12, 2021
This will blow a few leftist gaskets
   by Parky60 from Champaign, IL, 316 posts
How can the population of the U.S. become reunited?
   by Bad Bob from Virginia, 130 posts
I hope it's not true!!!!
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA, 84 posts
Can you please tell me what "Race" have to do with what happened on Wednesday?
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA, 45 posts
Apparently confirmed by President Trump...
   by JW, 54 posts
A great letter to Biden.
   by Capt-jack from Home, 32 posts
Trump did not destroy America, but made it whole. The Future is now in our hands.
   by Ranger7374 from Arizona, 40 miles from the border in the DMZ, 63 posts
Current "Insurrection"
   by American Vet, 28 posts
22 Former Republican Members Of Congress Call For Trump Impeachment
   by Bad Bob from Virginia, 36 posts
The purge has begun
   by debeda, 27 posts
Now Gab is being blocked as well
   by solarkin, 27 posts
Biden Compares GOP Senators to Nazi Gemany's Minister of Propanganda
   by fullspinzoo, 19 posts
CDC says reports of a new strain of coronavirus in the US are false
   by American Vet, 18 posts
A message to the leftist Trump haters from a regular conservative:
   by nwtk2007, 56 posts
State of emergency declared.
   by Grugore, 19 posts
Communism is here
   by solarkin, 19 posts
Parler's to sue Amazon . ...
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA, 18 posts
The only successful coup d'état to have taken place on U.S. soil was lead by a Democrat
   by LogicallyRight from Chicago, 24 posts
President Trump tells Pence to back Pelosi and start impeachment trials on Wednesday.
   by Weasel from In the Great State Of Indiana!!, 21 posts
Every record has been destroyed or falsified
   by Parky60 from Champaign, IL, 13 posts
Here is the new GOP
   by Capt-jack from Home, 12 posts
Michael Moore speaks out !
   by Milosia2 from Cleveland Ohio, 10 posts
Bill Belichick is now a Traitor !
   by Sicilianthing, 35 posts
First Amendment
   by EmilyD, 24 posts
Presidential Address
   by kittykatt, 17 posts
America's New President
   by Wolf counselor from Heart of Texas, 16 posts
The impending destruction of this country
   by kittykatt, 11 posts
1.19.21: We Will Come in Numbers that no standing army or police agency can match...
   by Sicilianthing, 35 posts
PGA Dropping Trump from Golf Tournament
   by Carol Kelly, 14 posts
Jovan Pulitzer Responds to GA Voting Bombshell
   by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 13 posts
Marriott, Blue Cross, and Shopify are among the companies cutting off Trump and GOP
   by Bad Bob from Virginia, 14 posts
dear Nancy
   by solarkin, 13 posts
Biden Should Stop Trump Re-Impeachment
   by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 11 posts
Talk-Radio Owner Threatens to Fire Hosts Who Dispute Election Results
   by Bad Bob from Virginia, 10 posts
The Flame of Truth is Not Extinguished
   by Radiance3, 9 posts
LOL......$600 Bucks
   by Wolf counselor from Heart of Texas, 8 posts
Well, trump did try to turn this country into....
   by factnotfiction, 8 posts
What is in your future?
   by Capt-jack from Home, 8 posts
Challenge to Democrats on OPP...
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA, 8 posts
Bolton urges Republicans to 'purge the taint of Trumpism'
   by Bad Bob from Virginia, 7 posts
there is no free land like America for you to run to.
   by Capt-jack from Home, 12 posts
Pro cop? Really?
   by jelun, 11 posts
This is kind of a hoot!
   by jelun, 10 posts
Thank You Mister President
   by LogicallyRight from Chicago, 8 posts
Online freedom of speech bill
   by ACP45 from Rhode Island, 7 posts
Twitter and Facebook hypocrisy.
   by nwtk2007, 7 posts
Welcome to the future---
   by thebigp, 6 posts
Secret Service to investigate
   by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 5 posts
Insurrection Act NEWS...
   by JW, 14 posts
Local 911 system just went down...
   by JW, 7 posts
The trump legacy
   by factnotfiction, 6 posts
ACLU Counsel Warns of ‘Unchecked Power’ of Twitter, Facebook After Trump Suspension
   by American Vet, 6 posts
"Real" Patriots Committing Random Acts Of Violence Is No Different Than Muslim Terrorists
   by woodguru, 6 posts
Sici may be right!!!
   by teabag09, 5 posts
You want to know why the lights went out in Packistan?
   by Peewee from San Antonio, TX, 4 posts
What I Can Teach You About Racism.
   by bahmer, 4 posts
Golfing news
   by Kevyn, 4 posts
How the republican party is committing suicide
   by factnotfiction, 4 posts
Republican civil war: what's the party’s future after the US Capitol attack?
   by Bad Bob from Virginia, 12 posts
The Right will move on, because we are right.
   by LogicallyRight from Chicago, 8 posts
Ronald Reagan's Farewell Address Warning Is Coming True Right Before Our Eyes
   by Parky60 from Champaign, IL, 6 posts
SCOTUS Betrays MAGA Again as Trump Fails to Act !
   by Sicilianthing, 6 posts
Rush Limbaugh Drops the Truth On Why Trump Backers Are Jumping Ship
   by fullspinzoo, 5 posts
Peaceful democraps: Let's not forget!
   by nwtk2007, 5 posts
OPP Poll . ......... Getting rid of Section 230
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA, 4 posts
Introduce Yourself
New from Wyoming
   by Lookoutscout, 18 posts
General Chit-Chat (non-political talk)
For WWII History Buffs
   by American Vet, 21 posts
Extreme Rail-Biking...Good music too
   by BigMike from yerington nv, 12 posts
This Looks Like Crazy Fun!
   by BigMike from yerington nv, 7 posts
Eva Cassidy
   by Peewee from San Antonio, TX, 2 posts
(rerun) Anyone get any funny alerts on their cells this morning?
   by BigMike from yerington nv, 18 posts
(rerun) Once you....
   by AuntiE from 46th Least Free State, 7 posts
(rerun) And these are the role models for our young people?
   by SWMBO, 6 posts
(rerun) Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughn - SRV by Eric Johnson
   by BigMike from yerington nv, 10 posts
(rerun) Keep Smiling
   by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 3 posts
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