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The fake border crisis is another Trump lie
US detention centers that hold migrant parents and children have been nearly empty for months, despite Donald Trump’s administration repeatedly warning that the US-Mexico border is at a “breaking point” because of the surge in Central American families fleeing poverty and violence.

There were nearly 2,000 empty beds in two detention centers last week, with a facility in Dilley, Texas, at 26% capacity and a facility in Berks county, Pennsylvania, at 19% capacity. On 1 April, the third family shelter was temporarily changed into a facility for adult women only.

This, combined with reports of aid agencies at the border overwhelmed by the food, shelter and medicine needs of migrants, has advocates warning that the government could be manufacturing a crisis to justify its hardline immigration policies.

“I think that the people making policy decisions don’t want [the system] to work … they want to create chaos,” said Michelle Brané, director of the migrant rights and justice program at the Women’s Refugee Commission.
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And these people will be voting soon...
Note: this is not my personal story, it was sent to me by a friend.

Everyone should start carrying $2 bills!

I'm STILL laughing!!

I think we need to quit saving our $2 bills and bring them out in public.

The younger generation doesn't even know they exist!


On my way home from work, I stopped at Taco Bell for a quick bite to eat.

I have a $50 bill and a $2 bill. I figure with the $2 bill, I can get something to eat and not have to worry about irritating anyone for trying to break a $50 bill.

Me: 'Hi, I'd like one seven-layer burrito please, to go.' Server: 'That'll be $1.04. Eat in?'
Me: 'No, it's to go.' At this point, I open my billfold and hand him the $2 bill. He looks at it kind of funny.
Server: 'Uh, hang on a sec, I'll be right back.' He goes to talk to his manager, who is still within my earshot.

The following conversation occurs between the two of them:

Server: 'Hey, you ever see a $2 bill?'
Manager: 'No. A what?'
Server: 'A $2 bill. This guy just gave it to me...'
Manager: 'Ask for something else. There's no such thing as a $2 bill.'
Server: 'Yeah, thought so.'

He comes back to me and says, 'We don't take these.

Do you have anything else?'

Me: 'Just this fifty. You don't take $2 bills? Why?
Server: 'I don't know.'
Me: 'See here where it says legal tender?'
Server: 'Yeah.'
Me: 'So, why won't you take it?'
Server: 'Well, hang on a sec.'

He goes back to his manager, who has been watching me like I'm a shoplifter, and says to him, 'He says I have to take it.'

Manager: 'Doesn't he have anything else?'
Server: 'Yeah, a fifty. I'll get it and you can open the safe and get change.
Manager: 'I'm not opening the safe with him in here.'
Server: 'What should I do?'
Manager: 'Tell him to come back later when he has real money.'
Server: 'I can't tell him that! You tell him.'
Manager: 'Just tell him.'
Server: 'No way! This is weird. I'm going in back.

The manager approaches me and says, 'I'm sorry, but we don't take big bills this time of night.'

Me: 'It's only seven o'clock! Well then, here's a two dollar bill.'
Manager: 'We don't take those, either.'
Me: 'Why not?'
Manager: 'I think you know why.'
Me: 'No really, tell me why.'
Manager 'Please leave before I call mall security.'
Me: 'Excuse me?'
Manager: 'Please leave before I call mall security.'
Me: 'What on earth for?'
Manager: 'Please, sir..'
Me: 'Uh, go ahead, call them.'
Manager: 'Would you please just leave?'
Me: 'No.'
Manager: 'Fine -- have it your way then.'
Me: 'Hey, that's Burger King, isn't it?'

At this point, he backs away from me and calls mall security on the phone around the corner. I have two people staring at me from the dining area, and I begin laughing out loud, just for effect.

A few minutes later this 45-year-oldish guy comes in.

Guard: 'Yeah, Mike, what's up?'
Manager (whispering): 'This guy is trying to give me some (pause) funny money.'
Guard: 'No kidding! What?'
Manager: 'Get this. A two dollar bill.'
Guard (incredulous): 'Why would a guy fake a two dollar bill?'
Manager: 'I don't know. He's kinda weird. He says the only other thing he has is a fifty.'
Guard: 'Oh, so the fifty's fake!'
Manager: 'No, the two dollar bill is.'
Guard: 'Why would he fake a two dollar bill?'
Manager : 'I don't know! Can you talk to him, and get him out of here?'
Guard: 'Yeah.'

Security Guard walks over to me and......

Guard: 'Mike here tells me you have some fake bills you're trying to use.'
Me: 'Uh, no.'
Guard: 'Lemme see 'em.'
Me: 'Why?'
Guard: 'Do you want me to get the cops in here?'

At this point I'm ready to say, 'Sure, please!' but I want to eat, so I say, 'I'm just trying to buy a burrito and pay for it with this two dollar bill. I put the bill up near his face, and he flinches like I'm taking a swing at him. He takes the bill turns it over a few times in his hands, and he says,

Guard: 'Hey, Mike, what's wrong with this bill?'
Manager: 'It's fake.'
Guard: 'It doesn't look fake to me.'
Manager: 'But it's a two dollar bill.'
Guard: 'Yeah? '
Manager: 'Well, there's no such thing, is there?'

The security guard and I both look at him like he's an idiot and it dawns on the guy that he has no clue and is an idiot. So, it turns out that my burrito was free, and he threw in a small drink and some of those cinnamon thingies, too.

Made me want to get a whole stack of two dollar bills just to see what happens when I try to buy stuff.

Just think...

those two will be voting soon!!?!

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Has anyone noticed?
Has anyone noticed that not ONE lib, not ONE Democrat, not ONE "news" outlet, not ONE Hollywood loon, not ONE late night talk show host...NO ONE has apologized to our President, his family, his administration or us, his supporters, for the vitriol, viciousness or spewed hate of the past 2+ years over a false narrative. NOT ONE!!! I find that disappointing, and even scary, in the extreme.
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Congress must focus on this real threat to our homeland.
Our nation faces a very genuine threat, and it is being ignored as the White House feigns concern about refugee families legally requesting political asylum.

The main thing that the Mueller report showed is that the Russian government through a multitude of mechanisms from manipulation of social media to hacking into American voter databases interfered in the 2016 election and that the Russians pushed for Trump to be elected over Hillary Clinton. These facts are now beyond reasonable dispute.

Why would the Trump organization fail to immediately contact the FBI when they were approached by the Russians offering dirt on Clinton and help with the campaign.

Putin lied to Trumps face in Helsinki and Trump humiliated himself by publicly acknowledging his acceptance of Putins veracity. Why hasn’t Trump expressed outrage for this humiliation and publicly chastised the Russian dictator?

The Russian attack on our government and election is an act of aggression verging on an act of war why isn't Trump expressing outrage and doing everything in his power to punish the Russian regime?

If nothing else, the optics of Trumps business dealings with Russians not only looks highly suspect but enriches people who are effectively enemy’s of our nation, why hasn’t Trump entirely divested from his russian investments and insisted his cabinet and staff do the same?

This attack on our nation is both reprehensible and incredibly destructive to our most cherished institutions and directed at the core of who we are as a people; why is Trump ignoring this very real threat to our national security and not developed an aggressive plan to stop this behavior in current and future elections?
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A picture is worth a thousand words, here are some with words

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Please,somebody explain it to me......
Where IS Obstruction?????
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How Many Illegals are Really Here?
Anyone know?

I'm guessing it's many times the 11 million they've talked about for 30 years.
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Is Obama a traitor?????...
Obama was warned at least 2 years ahead of 2016 election about Russian interference in our election...Yet he did NOTHING about it until it was to late!!!...Now i know what "Tell Vlad I will be more flexible!" means....Will he ever be investigated for this???
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Fabricated Lies and The Discourse on OPP.........
Its amazing to watch this boondoggle on OPP and the MSM news as the Mueller report grows - again - to preposterous proportions. Ever more and more. You liberals, snowflakes and lunatics - anti-Trump crowd - were just fine with a liberal, fraud, lying, America hating, faggot in the WH that ACTUALLY DID try to convert America into something that was never intended. In fact, many of our problems today with the Muslim crowd and Muslim immigration is due to the Anointed One O' himself.

Howl and whine at the top of your lungs. Oh my God, Trump obstructed justice. Now the narrative shifts from Russia Collusion (which there was none) to either obstruction of justice (which there was none) or the false narrative that Trump did something out of context of the office (which he didn't).

Hate to break it to you liberals, Trump has broad and sweeping powers as Commander in Chief.

Let me ask this of you liberals. How is it OK for a fake dossier, paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC to be used as basis for a fraudulent FISA warrant issued in the attempted take down of a duly elected President..?? How is that OK..??

You liberal snowflake moonbats here on OPP have illustrated one thing above all else with your posts. You have no idea what the "Rule of Law" really is.

If the rule of law were applied equally, the Mueller investigation would have never happened. As the entire squad of hypocrites from the DemoCrapp party would have been investigated, sentenced, and JAILED long before anything Trump came up.

See, that's why the entire Mueller investigation kept coming up against a brick wall. Mueller kept running into Democrat conspiracy and collusion at every turn. Carter Page, if Mueller kept up with the investigation there, it would lead to DemoCrapp conspiracy. If he went further with Paul Manafort, it would lead to DemoCrapp conspiracy. Don't forget here, Rod Rosenstein let Paul off the hook in 2011 for the EXACT SAME charges due to "Insufficient Evidence." And of course, should Mueller have investigated further he would have had to bring down the six DemoCrapps that were involved, on the same level, with Paul. And then there was General Flynn. The crowd of conspirators wanted to keep Flynn silent as Flynn was the one who knew all about the Hillary / Obama gun running in Libya - Syria theater. Uh hmm, better keep Flynn quiet. A whole lotta DimmoCrapp operatives would lose their heads in that one. Don't worry Hillary, I don't think Flynn was gonna roll on you... And before you liberal moonbats say it didn't happen, than tell me how it was that American made arms wound up in Syria and Afghanistan being used against - AMERICANS...???

What about Hillary and her 33,000 e-mails that were destroyed / deleted..?? From a private server and government issued phone. You liberals were ok with that. But let Ivanka use her phone for periphial business to the campaign, and there was outcry to how she had access to 'sensitive government information' and should be investigated. Until, of course, it came out Ivanka followed protocol (unlike Hillary) and turned her phone over to the NSA and there was nothing found on her communications that was 'Improper'. (Unlike Hillary)..

How about the ACTUAL AND FACTUAL collusion and conspiracy that happened between the squad of hypocrites on the DemoCrapp side..?? Like Bruce and Nellie Ohr, Pete Strozck and Lisa Page, Andrew Weismann, Rod Rosenstein, Jim Comey, John Brennan (who is a proven socialist / communist sympathizer) James Clapper. Bruce and Nellie Ohr should be in prison. Rod Rosenstein should at least be barred forever from anything anywhere that involves administrative justice if not being thrown in prison.

Ya, you DemoCrapp liberal crowd don't have a clue about the rule of law. Trump did nothing wrong. It was right there in the report just submitted to Barr. Even Barr said on the interview I saw on NBC, that Trump had the right, as President, to fire Mueller on the first day. You think that Obama, Bush, Clinton and the rest didn't do THE EXACT SAME THING TRUMP DID many times over...?? Yet, you get your panties in a wad over Trump but not Obama or Bush.

I'm hoping that the slew of lawyers that want to shred the Mueller report with legal fact get the chance to do so. Like Rudy Gulianni or some other top cats... We'll see where the DimmoCrapp howl turns to tears.

Lets bring it all out. The Democrat collusion, the Democrat conspiracy, the false narrative that was used to obtain fake FISA warrants, the collusion at the FBI between lovebirds and backroom backstabbers. Lets bring out the fact that SOMEBODY helped the DNC obtain information from the NSA via a private contractor. Which is EXTREMELY illegal. What about the unmasking of private citizens of America using a FOREIGN survelliance law....?? Does that even bother you liberal snowflakes. Or does your sidewalk go that far..??

To lie is one thing, considering there was a fact there in the first place to lie about. To make up lies just out of thin air about something is another animal completely.

The derogatory postings have reached a new crescendo of incredible. But, by all means moonbats, keep it up ….. With each new posting about the downfall of Trump you exhibit your total lack of understanding about the 'Rule of Law'..

And you totally ignore the crimes of the DimmoCrapp's. Which were FAR WORSE than anything Trump has ever done in office.
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Terrorist arrested on southern border.
A number of right wing nationalist terrorists were illegally holding people at gunpoint in New Mexico. The FBI has so far only made one arrest but more are soon to come. Obviously Trumps justice department will try to soft peddle this but the men playing soldier will be held accountable in New Mexico if the Feds drop the ball.

From this mornings Guardian:

A member of an armed rightwing militia group accused of illegally detaining migrants at the US-Mexico border has been arrested, officials said on Saturday.

Videos appear to show armed militia detaining migrants at US-Mexico border

The FBI arrested Larry Mitchell Hopkins, 69, for alleged unlawful possession of firearms and ammunition , days after his group posted videos that appeared to show armed men stopping migrants at the border in New Mexico, ordering them to sit on the ground and coordinating with US border patrol agents to have them taken into custody.

“Today’s arrest by the FBI indicates clearly that the rule of law should be in the hands of trained law enforcement officials, not armed vigilantes,” the New Mexico attorney general, Hector Balderas, said in a statement.

On Thursday, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) called for an investigation into the pro-Trump, anti-immigrant men who have been patrolling the border and calling themselves the United Constitutional Patriots (UCP).

The ACLU in New Mexico described the group as “an armed fascist militia organization” made up of “vigilantes”, saying they were working to “kidnap and detain people seeking asylum” and had directly made illegal arrests and kidnappings and held people at gunpoint.
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