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Barr Insists that Public Should Know if Democrats Abused Power with Russia Probe
Barr Insists that Public Should Know if Democrats Abused Power with Russia Probe
By BarbWire - May 18, 2019

When President Donald Trump nominated William Barr to be his next Attorney General, I was concerned that he would not do anything about the illegal actions of Democrats.

However, Barr is pleasantly surprising myself and many others with his announcements of investigating those behind and involved with the Mueller investigation.

It’s ironic that the Democrats demanded an investigation and now they are the ones being investigated.

Democrats also demanded that the public know what the Mueller report said and now that shoe is being put on the other foot as Attorney General Barr says the public should know if Democrats abused power and ‘put their thumb on the scale’ concerning the Mueller Russia probe.

Fox News – AG Bill Barr tells Fox News public must know if officials ‘put their thumb on the scale’ in Russia probe – In an exclusive interview with Fox News, Attorney General William Barr explained that he is trying to get to the bottom of whether or not “government officials abused their power and put their thumb on the scale” during the early stages of the Russia probe.

“I’ve been trying to get answers to the questions and I’ve found that a lot of the answers have been inadequate and some of the explanations I’ve gotten don’t hang together, in a sense I have more questions today than when I first started,” Barr told Fox News’ Bill Hemmer in an interview set to air Friday on “America’s Newsroom.”

“What doesn’t hang together?” Hemmer asked.

“Some of the explanations of what occurred,” Barr said…

Ever hear the saying about what goes around comes around?

Seems this is what’s happening to Democrats who kept demanding for action be taken to investigate Trump, knowing that their allegations were ‘trumped up’.

Democrats had hoped to destroy the Trump presidency, but now that they are the ones being investigated for their actions, it may well be (and hopefully will be) the Democrats who get their undoing.

It would be great justice to a number of Democrats end with being indicted and sent to prison, just like they had hoped for Trump and Republicans.
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Is it time to eliminate Checks and balances.
As we all know Trump supporters enjoy saying Congressional Oversight is not in the constitution. But what these people ignore is the term checks And balances so in typical fashion these people play with words.

So just one question to all Americans do you believe the President should be allowed to do anything he wants and to go unchecked including preventing all his cabinet officials from testifying under oath.
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A question for all you conservative Christians
The question is as follows: As a practicing Christian, can you support both anti-abortion and capital punishment at the same time?
It would seem that there is a fundamental conflict between those two viewpoints. On one hand we have the commandment "Thou shalt not kill" (KJV Exodus 20:13), and on the other hand you have the Biblical imperative of "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth."(KJV Exodus 21:23-25)
To my way of thinking, you can't have it both ways. I have to give the Catholic church credit for their viewpoint on this, which states that they are against both abortion and capital punishment.
If you take the viewpoint that capital punishment is the act of a society and not the individual, I would posit that capital punishment is an act for which every member of that society is responsible, and therefore is equally guilty of violating the Sixth Commandment.
You also have "Vengeance [is] mine; I will repay, saith the Lord." (KJV Romans 12:19) This would seem to negate any possibility of either an individual or a society to take revenge on a perpetrator that violates the Sixth Commandment.
How do you reconcile these seemingly contradictory viewpoints?
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At what point are we "beings?"
When an egg if fertilized, is it a being? I asked my daughter when she was two, where is she. She instinctively pointed to her head. We are who our brains are, not our beating hearts.

At what point does a mass of neurons come together to make up a being? And don't say potential to be a "being" is being a "being." Every cell in our bodies has the potential to be a "being."

It's not about potential, it's about when we actually are.
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Is America ready for openly gay President???
Mayor Pete is getting momentum .....Do you think we are ready for gay President and his First Husband in the White House???....Please be respectful with your answers...
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Pelosi' Hatred
Is Pelosi' hatred for Trump stronger than her love for America? Unless dementia is destroying her synapses {remember she is 79 years old}, she must realize the leadership of China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea are watching with amazement and delight as she continues to block the president as he tries to secure the southern border. She must realize that among the million or more illegal aliens that have poured into America in the last year are many that are here to harm and cause chaos within our country. Alas, hatred is a powerful emotion. I believe it has overwhelmed her patriotism. She is a direct threat to the United States.
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Trump Tweets Those Who Spied on Campaign Committed Treason
Trump Tweets Those Who Spied on Campaign Committed Treason
By BarbWire - May 18, 2019

Democrats are in an uproar because Trump tweets truth about their treason.

During the 2016 presidential campaign, Donald Trump announced that his campaign was being spied upon and accused Democrats of the spying.

Every Democrat from Obama on down the line denied the spying allegation and labeled Trump as being paranoid.

Eventually, it was revealed that Trump was right about the spying, and Democrats tried to say it was justified.

Then we learn that their justification was based on an unverified dossier that was illegally used to obtain the FISA warrant to allow the spying.

Knowing there was no evidence to warrant the spying, one can’t help but believe it was all part of the Democrat’s treasonous efforts to defeat Trump and then to undermine his presidency.

Washington Examiner – Trump says those who ‘spied’ on his campaign should be convicted of treason – President Trump said court-ordered FBI surveillance of his 2016 presidential campaign was treason and those connected to it should serve long prison sentences.

“A really bad situation,” Trump tweeted Friday. “TREASON means long jail sentences, and this was TREASON!”

FBI Director Chris Wray said earlier this month he did not consider the surveillance to be “spying” and he had no evidence the bureau illegally surveilled Trump’s campaign during its investigation into potential collusion between the campaign and Russia…

To be honest, the treason behind the illegal spying of the Trump campaign is just one of a long list of treasonous acts committed by Barack Obama and his campaign.

When Obama defied Congress to give terrorist run Egypt their frozen assets and allow the sale of fighter jets that had been blocked by Congress, that was an act of treason, because the Egyptian regime had been recorded saying that America and Israel needed to be destroyed.

When the Obama administration sold 20% of America’s uranium supply to a known enemy nation, that, as defined by the US Constitution, is an act of treason.

And Democrats have the gall to say that because Trump is obeying and following the Constitution that America is a constitutional crisis.
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Deep State Turning on Each Other as Barr Announces Probe into Russia Probe
Deep State Turning on Each Other as Barr Announces Probe into Russia Probe
By BarbWire - May 17, 2019

Over the centuries, rats have been known to infest many ships.

When a ship runs into trouble and begins to sink, the rats quickly begin trying to find ways to escape from the ship, giving rise to the age old saying about rats disserting a sinking ship.

When Attorney General William Barr announced that his probe of the Russia probe has been underway for weeks. The rats within the Democratic Party began trying to dissert their sinking ship.

In the process, some of those rats are willing to sacrifice each other in hopes of escaping their own doom.

Among the rats being named as guilty parties are former FBI Director James Comey and former CIA Director John Brennan.

The National Sentinel – Deep State rats Comey, Brennan, and others turning on each other as AG Barr tightens noose in widening “Spygate” probe – For nearly two years, supporters of POTUS Donald Trump watched as he and his administration were hamstrung by a bogus “Russian collusion” investigation that was amplified by the fake news “mainstream media” as well as Democrats in Congress.

For just as long, Trump supporters grew frustrated and angry at then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from ‘all things Russia’ very early in his tenure, which then allowed former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint special counsel Robert Mueller.

But Sessions is gone now, replaced by William Barr, himself a Washington insider and former attorney general who, it appears, has far more regard for reinstating the rule of law and trust in governing institutions that was utterly destroyed after eight years of rule by Barack Obama…

Thinking of how the Deep State cronies are beginning to panic and turn on each other brings to mind another old cliché – no honor among thieves.

The question now is how many of the guilty parties will try to cut deals with the DOJ as they turn on each other and hope save their own hides?

If Barr and his team were smart, they would insert a loophole in every deal that would give the DOJ the ability to still indict all guilty parties.

I hope that there is enough room in the federal prison system to house all of those involved in the intentional illegal probe and coup to unseat a sitting president.
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Where Do You See The Line Between Hate Rhetoric, Inciting, And Free Speech?
There was an article recently on DML (right lean) about a guy on a college campus that has a jewish presence who is parading swastikas and anti jewish hate rhetoric like advocating burning jews. The college says they can't prohibit this without interfering with his freedom of speech.

Seems to me the guy is way over the line of what can be considered hate and inciting violence. Common sense needs to prevail here, someone will obviously get hurt with crap like that.
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If trump were innocent
If trump were innocent he wouldn't be doing what hes now doing
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