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Trump did a lot more than commit crimes.
Trump engaged in fraud and conspired against the American people to obtain the presidency through illegal means. The presidency now is the only thing saving him. Manafort in Jail, Cohen headed to jail. Everyone close to Trump is facing indictments and prison. But according to Trump he did nothing wrong and the Muellar investigation is nothing but a fake investigation run by 13 angry democrats.

If Trump loses in 2020 he will be the first president that goes from the White House to jail.

The republicans can no longer protect him come January. When the subpoenas start more and more republicans will have to protect themselves and they will flip on Trump. In the back rooms of congress it has been leaked and they are complaining the White House is in no way prepared for the legal and political danger that awaits them. The republicans can no longer protect Trump with having closed door testimony and and no subpeana.

We now will have democrats with subpeana power, the turmoil in the global trade war self inflicted by Trump, the Russian investigation speeding up, and the court filings out on Friday implicating Trump in at least two felony charges. (Muellar has all the evidence he needs)

Donald Trump is clearly running out of ways to distract from a house investigation that is quickly closing in on Trump and his crime family. They have the evidence on him violating the Emoluments clause (THATS A NO BRAINER) and when the house begins the audit on Trump family personal spending the American people are going to scream. The only way out for Trump now and it’s scarey is WWIII.

Again and again over the course of the Trump campaign 14 Trump associates interacted with Russians but Trump continues to deny any involvement and no business ties.

Now with Cohen pleading guilty in NY with no plea deal and looking at 4 years in prison implicated Trump that he was acting out of his total Aligence to Trump to help him get the White House they have him on the catch and release and the Trump tower in Russia

The only thing that republicans can do now is to stop trying to protect Trump and start doing the right thing for this country or it’s the end of the Republican Party. The Republicans should be indicted for obstruction of justice because they enable Trump to destroy this country around the world and advance the goals of Russia and Saudi Arabia.
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The war on Christmas reached new heights
The war on Christmas reached new heights with this attack on a town’s nativity scene
December 7, 2018

Christmas is under attack every year by the radical Left.

They do everything they can to take Christ out of Christmas.

But now the war on Christmas has reached new heights with this attack on the Ten Commandments and a town’s nativity scene.

In Dover, Ohio, city officials say they were forced to remove a statue of the Ten Commandments and a nativity scene from the city property after receiving threats from the atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF).

FFRF has said the removal of the religious scene was in “defense of the First Amendment.”

Fox 8 Cleveland News writes:

DOVER, Ohio — Season’s greetings in Dover will look different this year after the mayor says the city was threatened with a lawsuit if they refused to move a statue of the Ten Commandments and a nativity display off city property.

“We have freedom of religion and they’re saying that we’re endorsing one religion,” said Dover Mayor Richard Homrighausen.

In a January letter, a Wisconsin based group — the Freedom from Religion Foundation– wrote the Dover mayor, stating an area resident reported about the displays including a large “Latin”cross.

The foundation stated the displays were a conflict, citing the separation between church and state. The mayor says the displays nearby city hall were moved to a nearby church property as a result this holiday season.

“Twenty-seven years been mayor, nothing like this has ever happened,” said the mayor. “Never imagined it would happen.”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation thinks they are “defending” the First Amendment.

But in reality they are attacking the very purpose of it, that anyone can exercise Freedom of religion.

No one can take that away as a constitutionally given right.

Unfortunately, this is not FFRF’s first rodeo with an attack on Christmas.

As we reported, they recently set up a “secular nativity scene” that depicts Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington watching the Bill of Rights in a manger.

In doing so they flat-out disrespect the purpose of Christmas in the birth of Jesus.

But they also show their true colors by demanding that religious displays be removed, and simultaneously demanding that they be allowed to set up their own atheistic displays.

This shows the hypocrisy of the radical left.

They want to completely disregard the Constitution unless they can twist it in their favor.
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Why campaign finance law only applies to Trump?
Trump allegedly paid two woman who were basically extorting him. If this is a campaign finance violation how does congress get away with not disclosing who their slush fund for sexual assault allegations helped? Better be careful for what they wish for.
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Screw you America!!!!!...We are in charge now.!!!!!!...
How is it paying off for extortion is a crime......Two whores came to President and told him to pay or we are going to tell the whole world that you are an adulterer......... that is an extortion!!!!...And him paying off from his own money is a crime????,But when Congress has its own secret slush fund where they pay off to victims of sexual abuse from Congressmen is NOT a crime???...How is it fair???
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Russian Hoaks and Trump had nothing to do with it
He is innocent and had nothing to do with Russian Collusion. But here is a picture of 5 of Trumps inner circle either in jail or headed to jail. Damm those angry democrats I can’t believe they believe these people are not above the law.

Now let’s count the people of the inner circle that are just waiting for indictments to come down. Roger Stone, Jared Kushner, Donald Trump Jr, Eric Trump, Jerome Corsi, these people better have good lawyers.

Just waiting to see if this President has the guts to pardon these people.

It’s really funny to think back at the Trump campaign and we had to listen to Trump at his Hitler style rallies and use the rally call of Lock Her Up, Lock Her Up and him and crime family will all have there own jail cell.

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'Their Only Excuse' ( Not recommended for females )
(These comments are specifically directed to the male OPP members which include those who are admitted faggots.)

There is but 'one' excuse for hating Donald Trump.

It's because he is everything you will never be.

That's exactly why Obammy hates him.

Obammy never has and never will build a damned thing.

He and his sheboon are busy now leeching their poor befuddled zombies for all the cash they can get.

The terrific conjob they have pulled off on these lemmings will benefit no one but the Obammys.

They will remain useless parasites that somehow made it into the Whitehouse.

If Trump got fired today, from the oval offfice, he would hit the ground running and would go right back to being one of the most successful and productive Americans that ever lived.

He has built empires around the globe that will remain long after we are dead and gone.

And they will continue to thrive because he was man enough to produce a family of top notch children to carry on his legacy.

If Donald Trump got fired today, he would still have the most beautiful wife that any man has 'ever' had.

And that's exactly what I mean when I say Trump is everything you will never be.

Because most of you blue chip goobers are either stuck with a nagging hag or not even close to being man enough to even 'have' a woman.

Trump has done no harm to any of you jealous goobers.

Your boring plebeian lives haven't changed and you continue your trivial pursuits just as you always have.

If you would just for once in your wretched life understand the Holy purpose of manhood, you would see that Trump is an example of everything you need to be.

This Earth was given to you by Almighty God.

He made 'YOU' chief proprietor of any patch of Earth you claim.

Your job is to maintain it and make it flourish.

Quit whining like little bitches about a man who has done you no harm.

And get busy doing the job of being a man.

You bunch of dough belly............Goobers.
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The GOP Better Hope Trump Doesn't Get His Government Shutdown Over The Wall
It will all be on the moron's shoulders if he does.
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25 Reasons I'm Not a Democrat...
25 Common Sense Reasons I'm not a Democrat!

There are a lot of reasons I’m not a Democrat. For example, I believe that…

1. Jesus, America, and capitalism have been the three greatest forces of good in world history.

2. An attractive woman posing with an AR-15 beats a screaming feminist in a pussy hat 10 times out of 10.

3. You can’t #believeallwomen or #believeallmen; you have to #believetheevidence.

4. It’s wrong and disgusting to harass people in restaurants and at their home just because you disagree with them politically. Also if you block traffic to get attention for your cause, whatever it may be, I am not on your side.

5. Immigration is only good for America under certain conditions. The number of people coming in each year needs to be controlled and reasonable; immigrants should be able to support themselves without getting on the dole and we should heavily emphasize assimilation.

6. You should laugh at the idea of “white guilt.” People should not feel guilty because of their race, sex, or something their ancestors did.

7. Obamacare has driven health care costs through the roof, made premiums much higher, and has hurt the vast majority of middle-class Americans.

8. Looting is wrong. Period. 100 percent of the time. Unless there’s a zombie apocalypse. Is there a zombie apocalypse happening right now? No? Then you are scum if you loot.

9. There are two genders and you can’t change the one you are born with no matter how many surgeries, hormones, and weird pronouns that you apply to yourself. Also, those genders should use different bathrooms and shouldn’t be competing against each other in athletic endeavors.

10. “Climate change” is something that happens naturally and we need decades more of research and scientific advancement before we know how much of a role man is playing and what, if anything, we should do about it.

11. Asking people to show a government ID when they vote is just common sense if you really care about stopping election fraud

12. America is not a racist country and is probably the best place on earth to live if you are a minority.

13. Refusing to stand for the flag is unpatriotic, disrespectful, and it harms any cause it’s associated with.

14. Wearing black masks, committing vandalism, and jumping people five-on-one like cowards is for losers, fascists, and criminals.

15. We need to have borders. I believe we need to enforce those borders, preferably with a wall. I believe people who cross those borders illegally are criminals who AT A MINIMUM deserve to be deported.

16. People should be judged individually on their own merits, not because of their race, color, or sexual orientation.

17. We don’t need to protect people from dangerous IDEAS. Instead, we need to make a case for why the ideas are “dangerous” and provide a better alternative.

18. There are no oppressed Americans.

19. Taking guns out of the hands of law-abiding gun owners makes us less safe and putting more guns in the hands of responsible Americans makes us safer.

20. Appropriating the best parts of other cultures is a good thing.

21. Hillary turned out to be the worst presidential candidate of all time and Barack Obama was the worst American president of all time, although Lyndon Johnson and Jimmy Carter were nearly as mediocre.

22. Slavery is the second greatest evil committed by America as a nation behind abortion.

23. There is no such thing as a “patriarchy.” In fact, this is probably the least patriarchal time in all of American history.

24. The South is a great place to live with just as many wonderful people as anywhere else in the country, IF NOT MORE. Except for Alabama. Screw Alabama. Just kidding, Alabama. Don’t let Lynyrd Skynyrd write a song about me.

25. Liberalism, socialism, communism, fascism, and Nazism are all branches of the same rotten tree and will lead to roughly similar bloody and totalitarian outcomes if given enough time and power.

The 25 Reasons I’m Not a Democrat – The Bearded Patriot
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I never thought we would have to work this hard to struggle to get by.
Dec 7, 2018

I Am 37 Years Old And I Live Paycheck To Paycheck
Like so many Americans, we struggle to get by each and every month.

My heart raced as I scrolled through the “recent activity” shown on my online banking app.

I was alternating between the deposits that had been made into our account and the Excel spreadsheet I use to balance our household budget. Our family of four usually gets up close and personal with the zero balance in our checking account toward the end of the month, so I go over these figures every week before we head out to buy groceries.
Only this week, something wasn’t adding up. There was a $200 hole where the remainder of our grocery budget should have been.

It didn’t take me long to figure out what happened. My husband’s regular paychecks had been deposited like normal, but a large chunk of my income was missing. I am self-employed as a writer, which has many perks for our family. It allows us to save on child care expenses while still giving me the ability to earn a living. It also works with our schedules, since my husband works second shift. I can put in a few hours in the morning before he leaves and then again at night once he is home and everyone is asleep.

The obvious downside is that my paychecks aren’t as reliable, and if a client is late (or doesn’t pay at all), it throws off our entire budget ― sometimes to the point that we don’t have any money left.

Despite the fact that my husband and I are both gainfully employed, our family lives paycheck to paycheck. We earn enough to put food on the table, and our two small children have everything they need, but some months we barely scrape by. We’re always just one emergency expense away from being completely wiped out. And emergencies do happen. It’s how we got here in the first place.

Two years ago, we had a very healthy savings account and little credit card debt to speak of. Then we had a run of bad luck ― a pipe burst in our boiler right before Christmas, then we had an unrelated plumbing issue with our kitchen sink. In the past two years, we’ve needed to make two separate after-hours calls to electricians. And last year, my husband had a medical emergency that required him to take time off work and eventually undergo dental surgery. Our savings dissolved and our credit card debt quickly mounted.

We adjusted our spending as we went, but we had passed the point of no return, and we couldn’t seem to get back on track. We canceled our cable and whittled down our expenses to just the basics. We stopped shopping at name-brand retailers and began buying our food at discount grocery stores, trading our daughters’ boxes of Cheerios for “toasted oat circles.”

With these habits, we’ve managed to scrape by each month, but now, with a portion of my income missing, we were going to need to get extra creative.

I made some hard decisions and decided our best bet was going to be making our credit card payments a few days late during the “grace period” when it wouldn’t impact our credit score.

This would give me the wiggle room I needed to keep the lights on and make sure we had enough left for groceries. I combined the remaining available balances on our credit cards, used that to pay the electric bill, and then I crossed my fingers that nothing else would come up that month. Fortunately, nothing else did, and we managed to get by until the next direct deposit hit our bank account.

Then, we started the same cycle all over again ― except we were starting even further in the hole than we had the month before. One thing we don’t talk about enough is how expensive it is to be broke. Our credit card payments all had late fees added onto them. And when one of my client’s handwritten checks didn’t clear before some of the checks I had written to cover our expenses did, our bank account was suddenly overdrawn. Before I knew it, we had accrued over $300 worth of fees and penalties.

Like so many Americans, we struggle to get by each and every month. The compounding interest we rack up by always being a breath away from being broke plays a large role in that. We pay interest on purchases that we can’t afford to pay out of pocket in the moment (like our electric bill when my pay was short last month), and then we pay late fees when we have to take advantage of that grace period. Our monthly payments never go down because we can’t get out in front of any of it.

All of this has a psychological and emotional impact. I’m constantly running our budget through my mind, trying to reassure myself that the numbers will work out this month. I’m never not thinking about money. I dread going to the store or having to buy gas because each purchase moves us closer back down to that zero balance. The anxiety over our finances never goes away.

We’re trying to get back on our feet, though. We account for every dollar we make, and we don’t make any purchases without carefully considering our finances. It is just impossible to get ahead when every month seems to bring us a new setback ― a sewage backup in our basement, a visit to urgent care, our growing children who need new shoes. Every step we take forward is followed by two steps backward and it’s exhausting . There’s no catching up when you’re behind; you just struggle to maintain.

These setbacks also prevent us from staying on top of the things that will eventually turn into more emergencies if we don’t manage them now ― the dental work that I’m putting off until we are more financially stable, the routine maintenance on our boiler that we had to forgo this year. Being unable to stay on top of even these small things just cause our expenses to snowball down the line. Our financial situation also makes me extra aware of the moments that I feel like most other families take for granted ― a night out to eat, renting a movie, an impulse candy bar purchase in the checkout line.

The upcoming holidays are only complicating our situation. While most of the people we know spent Black Friday perusing retail sales or waiting in long lines to buy discounted items, I spent it looking over our budget again to try to see whether we’ll be able to swing a Christmas tree this year. Will there be enough in our account to splurge and hang Christmas lights outside? While I am confident that we will be able to put gifts under the tree for our daughters, I’m less confident about what situation we’ll find ourselves in come January, and every month after that.

I worry about our finances all the time, but the thought that keeps me up at night is, What’s going to happen when the month comes that we can’t make it all work ?
The month when we can’t pay all of our bills and our credit takes a hit?
What if we default on our mortgage?
What if I get sick and can’t work?
What if my husband loses his job, which provides our health insurance?
What if, what if, what if?

I spent a decade working in the finance industry, so I know exactly what we should be doing to fix our situation. I used to be that person brimming with advice on how to make the “easy fixes” to get back on track. It is so much easier to present solutions when you are on the outside looking in. Unfortunately, what most people don’t understand, what I didn’t understand back then, is that what we should be doing and what we can actually do are two very different things.

I never thought at 37 years old I’d be stretching every dollar each month. I never thought we would have to work this hard to struggle to get by.

I feel frustrated and embarrassed, but I also feel extremely lucky, because we do have a safety net. I have parents who are willing and able to help me out on those months where I just can’t stretch our money any further. We have resources. Our credit cards may be maxed out, but our bills are paid every month.

There are so many people out there who don’t actually know where their next meal will come from, who don’t know where they will sleep tonight, and I am lucky enough to be worrying about whether we’ll be able to afford a Christmas tree. I know how privileged we are. Even in these moments when it feels like we have nothing, I know there are people out there who dream of a day that they can have everything that we do.
I just wish it was a little bit easier for all of us .

By: Lauren Wellbank

Do you have a personal story you’d like to see published on HuffPost? Find out what we’re looking for here and send us a pitch !
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Trump defrauded American voters
WASHINGTON — The latest revelations by prosecutors investigating President Trump and his team draw a portrait of a candidate who personally directed an illegal scheme to manipulate the 2016 election and whose advisers had more contact with Russia than Mr. Trump has ever acknowledged.
In the narrative that the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III, and New York prosecutors are building, Mr. Trump continued to secretly seek to do business in Russia deep into his presidential campaign even as Russian agents made more efforts to influence him. At the same time, in this account he ordered hush payments to two women to suppress stories of impropriety in violation of campaign finance law.
The prosecutors made clear in a sentencing memo filed on Friday that they viewed efforts by Mr. Trump’s former personal lawyer, Michael D. Cohen, to squelch the stories as nothing less than a perversion of a democratic election — and by extension they effectively accused the president of defrauding voters, questioning the legitimacy of his victory.

From this mornings NYT
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