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In the Nov. 3 Election Biden got 80 million votes and Trump got 74 million=154 million. That means 176 million people did not vote. Now here is where it gets funny! Under age of 18 or in Prison. 200 million and 6 million=206 million. Where did the extra 30 million come from?????? And only 73 percent of the people voted. The figures I am giving you are based on 100 percent. This smells worse than the swamp.
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Why should we???
For 5 years you on the left demonized , vilified us because we voted for President Trump . .. You called us anything from White Supremacists racists to Nazis,Deplorables Chumps bad people traitors to this country..... You kicked us out from universities , fired us, made fun of us ...called us smelly toothless hicks because why?? Because we dared to vote for President Trump ??? And you r President -elect is asking for unity???? Hell NO!!! There won't be any unity as long as you people act like assholes!!!! So here is what I say that should sound very familiar to you guys!! HELL NO!! BIDEN WILL NEVER BE MY PRESIDENT !!! And BIDEN IS ILLEGITIMATE PRESIDENT !!!
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This may sound arrogant or insulting but it isn't: I am genuinely astonished that so many voted for Trump and still support him
For me, it is painfully obvious and proven that he is a menace to our way of life, a clear and present danger to America. What more evidence should you need than him refusing to leave the office and filing all these baseless and frivolous law suits to undermine a pillar of our Democracy? I mean, Duh! What happened to discernment in the Spirit of Liberty and Justice? How did that get ignored or forgotten? Sorry, and I am serious, this is very frightening. All the expectations of the rule of Law and Order are dashed. This malevolent beast called Trump is a total scourge on the Free World. That so many cannot see that totally upends and extinguishes hope for any future peace for humankind. I feel like I am on the set of "Deliverance."
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Are we done yet?
I can't wait until this election is resolved and Trump wins a second term. Then we can discuss more important things. Like whether or not Biden and his co-conspirators are placed in the general population when they're sent to prison. Say hello to Bubba for me, Joe. LOL
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SCOTUS says: Let's kill the religious
Upheld appeal of New York churches and synagogues to fill those venues

during a pandemic.

Great job if you planning on killing half the congregants.

But hey "it's my right to pray".

Best pray for the dead, as there will be many more after this decision.
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Obama says Republicans and ordinary Americans should be 'troubled' by Trump's attempts to subvert democracy Mueller prosecutor says Trump sh
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A short look at the most immoral enemy of the state to ever walk the oval office..
Read it all before you puke..... the damage done will last longer then the Reagan turns from the 80s..

Has Donald Trump done more in 47 months than Joe Biden's 47 years?

Rick Hiller

Trump has most certainly done more damage to America in 47 months than all of America’s enemies combined ever could …not just in 47 years, but in 2 1/2 centuries, since the founding of our democracy.

Trump’s endless big lies, false accusations, racism, xenophobia, and social division has divided America more than at any time since the Civil War.

NATO — the oldest and most powerful military alliance in history — is essentially dead ( as Putin planned ), and all longstanding U.S. military and trade alliances are in tatters. American global geopolitical influence is OVER; and the USA has the lowest global approval rating in history. We’re now less trusted globally than China.

Trump’s radical, ineffective global trade war has raised prices on all consumer goods; and NO, China is NOT paying for it, but U.S. consumers…Not just for the tens of billions of dollars in farm subsidies ( which we pay for ), but in higher prices for most all consumer goods.

Our economy is on the brink of another Great Depression. Trump’s “trickle down” massive tax-scam most certainly profits the Trumps by billions, yet destroys all U.S. agencies, education, health care, infrastructure, etc.

Trump has sold out U.S. policy to the worst criminals in history — to his hero / financier Putin, to murdering MBS and the Saudis, to his fascist business partner Erdogan, and to Xi and the Chinese…NOT for Americans, but for HIMSELF…for his own political and financial profit and gain.

Trump’s immoral, willfully ignorant denial of science threatens all Americans’ lives…not just his refusal to adhere to CDC safety standards, by. holding “super-spreader” events across America; but Trump’s immoral, ignorant denial of Climate Science, and his total dismantling of our EPA, literally threatens ALL Life on Earth.

Trump has kept NONE of his many “populist” promises. Instead of lowering national debt — claiming that “only he could do it” — Trump has actually INCREASED our debt dramatically…and in time of peace, and after inheriting a very strong and growing economy from Obama / Biden; an economy which Trump began taking credit for literally from his very FIRST day in office.

Trump’s promise to create “bigger, better, cheaper, universal health care” was yet another totally FALSE PROMISE…Trump has been actively sabotaging and destroying U.S. Health Care, and coverage of pre-existing conditions WITH NO REPLACEMENT WHATSOEVER…Though Trump has promised that his health care plan is ‘coming in two weeks”…for four years now.

What Americans desperately need to understand is that Trump is a plutocrat, a dictator wanna-be, and a demagogue — one who uses false promises, big lies, false accusations, hate, fear, racism, “otherness”, conspiracies, and mass-social division to divide our people…just like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, or Trump’s heroes Putin and Kim Jong Un; and all in full coordination with Putin’s massive armies of hackers and trolls who spew endless BS conspiracies across America; like QAnon, birther-ism, Deep State, Uranium One, or that climate change, the righteous FBI investigation into Trump’s decades of illicit financial conflicts with Russian oligarchs; or his rightful impeachment for extorting U.S. allies …all is just supposedly a “hoax”…? Are Americans really that easily manipulated???

Until Americans come to realize that Trump is an anti-truth, anti-science, anti-democratic, anti-American, lawless, and unquestionably a Russian-owned, Putin ass-kissing traitor to America and to democracy, I’m afraid that democracy and our constitutional rights, our lives, and, in fact, all life on earth is very seriously threatened by fascist “crooked’ criminal traitor Trump and his handler Putin.
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Because this is not Soviet Union . ...
Governors cannot tell you you can't attend church or synagogue or mosque . ..Governors cannot tell your neighbors to spy on each other and call the police if you see something you don't like....Governors can't tell police to raid your home because they think there are more than 10 people celebrating Thanksgiving . ..... You know why ? ?? Because this is NOT Soviet Union and you have rights!!! ..... God Bless SCOTUS!!!And God Bless United States of America!!!
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Making America Great Again
And it's really so simple--no wonder Trump would never think of it...

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Is this what you voted for?
Have you Biden voters seen his picks for his administration yet? Nothing but the old establishment. Bunch of entitled, America needs to bow down modern day Oligarchs. I hope you idiot Biden voters enjoy being told how you must live, because that’s exactly what you voted for.
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