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One word i have to describe this Summit.....
DISAPPOINTING!!!....Thats all i have to say right now!!!
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What Do You Think About Trump Now?
Definitive proof of Russian interference and he believes Putin? Imagine if Obama did this, standing next to Putin. You want indict him for treason.
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A Most Presidential "President"............
What I saw today from the Helsinki summit between President Trump and President Putin - was a true business gentleman addressing issues of national concern with another true gentleman.

Both Putin and Trump were on their best manners as far as the way they treated each other, and it is obvious to anyone with business negotiating skills that Trump was going to make it work, one way or the other.

As far as the snowflake liberal left, you idiots are now so devolved into your Trump Derangement Syndrome - you're headed for a serious derailment.

Don't be surprised or dismayed if in the next election cycle - when the 'Silent Majority' show up at the polls - you Democrat losers get derailed completely.

For the former director of the CIA (who incidentally voted COMMUNIST in 1978, according to Laura Ingram's View tonight) to accuse Trump of treason is beyond me. Does he not realize that his comments will now be put on the grill, just like Trump's...?? And he WILL be asked why he and O'bammieboy didn't address this Russian Collusion and Hacking stuff more thoroughly and sooner.... Face it lefties, Russians meddle in our affairs from behind the scene's just like we do in everybody else's affairs, but its OK for the US to do it. But not alright for Russia to do it. Maybe Putin knew about it, maybe he didn't . Russia's military and FSB have undercover ops just like the US Military has.

Sure, maybe Trump didn't make the right comment, according to the left. Sure, maybe Trump didn't press the "Russian Hacking" story like the left wanted, but Trump is the one there shaking hands with the leader of the other world superpower.

And did you catch Mr. Putin's comment said off mike to Trump...?? He actually felt bad for Trump as he knows the hard way how unrelenting the psychotic left has been toward Trump. Putin has been a target of this psychosis for quite some time also...

One thing you can count on, Trump will continue to irritate the left, Trump will continue to TRY to make good on his promises. And, from what I saw tonight, Trump will continue to be a gentleman...……………….. and a very presidential President...

I was proud of my president tonight. Nobody's perfect. I'm gonna give him a chance, I'm gonna give him kudo's.

You on the left, I hope your head explodes after reading this......
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Mueller has so far brought 191 criminal charges against 32 individuals and 3 companies
Now he just needs to bring in the biggest witch this country has ever produced...

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Russia and the United States, Do you remember?
How foolish do you think the media is?

Have they not heard the words of President Putin? Trump and Putin held a summit, the press and various congressmen attacked Trump saying, "He was not tough enough"

HA! People who only heard half of the summit would come to that conclusion. Putin is not as strong as the media is making him out to be. Trump is realizing that now.

Russia, Russia, oooo, Russia is trying to conquer us. I don't think so. Russia needs us! HA! We do not need them. HA! Putin makes it really clear, because, I am listening to the CNN broadcast of the press conference, and it sounds like Putin is begging for help. But those who worked during the Cold War have not forgiven Russia.

Who remembers Khrushchev banging his shoe on the United Nations floor? Who remembers the building of the Berlin wall? Who remembers the Cuban Missile Crisis? Do you remember the tensions during the 80s? Who remembers the peace that Reagan, Gorbachev and St. Pope John Paul? Do you remember the destruction of the Berlin Wall when the Soviet Union became no more? Do you remember the scorpion's song, "WInd of Change?"

By the end of 80's, Russia and the United States became friends. But for the past 30 years, idiots attempted to bring the Cold War back. These rich idiots made a profit on the USA-Russian feud. Putin is seeking a partnership with the United States, yet the Media and the Democrat, who not too long ago was for peace, is attempting to bring back the Cold War and wants to blame Trump. Trump is seeking peace, yet his enemies continue to fight Trump on every front.

Did you hear the Press Conference between Trump and Putin? Putin outright denied the collusion. If Putin was guilty as the press alludes, then Putin would have lied. And all Americans would have pinpointed and noticed the lie. However, Putin made is denial as a matter of fact. Because of the FBI and the Press, now Russia is investigating. Now, out of the Mueller investigation, Russia is getting involved.

What a mess the never-Trumpers, the Democrats, the Media have made. These groups do not represent the people of America, Donald Trump does. Evil people hacked the DNC, posing as Russians. They were not working for Russia, they were working for themselves.

You should watch the press conference and watch Trump and Putin. I believe that if you judge the conference free of press, media, democrat, republican, influence and use your powers of observation, to answer the question what happened, you will see the truth.

You idiots who seek to undermine Trump, listen to Putin's warning that I agree with whole heartedly. Why is this question being decided by Democrats and not the Courts? If you believe in Democracy, then you must trust the courts.

People, Russia is not our enemy!
Russia assisted us in conquering Hitler and winning WWII

Russia became our enemy during the Cold War dating back to Eisenhower.
Democrats shouted, "Escalate! Escalate! Escalate!"
The Korean War, The Vietnam war, The conflicts in Cambodia and Laos... all done by Democrats.
Peace came with Reagan! Peace with Russia occurred in 1989!

Putin backed up Trump, the press railroaded both men as if they are not speaking.
The Media, in this persons opinion should be shut down for slander of both world leaders
In the words of Putin, "The only way a democratic republic can answer these questions is in court"

But no, the Democrats don't want it to go to court. I think Trump should call them out.

Let the games begin!
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If President Trump will be found NOT GUILTY in Russia Investigation.....
...Will you Democrats agree with Bob Mauller's decision and finally lay of President Trump???
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Mueller indicts 12 more Russians--this time directly tied to Vladimir Putin!
Today, Rosenstein indicted 12 more Russians. This time this time Russian spy's and directly tied to Vladimir Putin and just before DJ was scheduled to meet with Putie making it harder and harder for Trump to deny and go along with his good Russian buddies denial of hacking into the DNC server and trying to help Donnie to become president of the United States.

Now I know you cons could careless about the Russians attempt to help your guy become president. After all, if not for 77,000 votes spread over, three once democratic states, Donnie Boy never would have become president. Don likes to boast about a blowout election but it was closer than any conservative is willing to admit. Now Mueller is still doing his job tighten his noose around DJ's tiny nuts so we don't know how this is going to work out. Just yesterday, Dons henchmen in the house weren't successful in getting what he [DJ] wanted from Pete Strzok--which was some kind of admission--'yes I am biased and it directed effected how I did my work in DJ's investigation!' No, instead Strzok kept his head up and pointed out that there are layers of agents--above and below him--to insure that no bias is demonstrated in the investigation. So Strzok may well think DJ is a POS that he is but the insulation the FBI has against bias wouldn't allow that to come through in his investigation.

Oh, and here's this: just this morning DJ called Muellers probe a witch hunt and then Mueller comes out with 12 more indictments. Now most presidents would get kinda pissed at Russia but for what they have done but DJ hasn't shown a ruffled feather so what gives? Just who's side is Donny Boy on--America or Russia and that slime ball who led's them Vladimir Putin?

And lastly, Wasn't it Donald j Trump who said on July 12 2016 that the American media would love if Russia would find Hillary's e-mails? What did he say: "Russia, if you are listening" and right after that Russia started leaking what they had hacked from the DNC? Was that a coincidence or did that show that collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government was going on? And if not that there is the fact that at the request of the Trump campaign the RNC changed their language regarding Russia's invasion of the Ukraine! Why would the Trump campaign ask for the RNC to change their harsh language towards the Russians to a more conciliatory message towards Putin?
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Everyone is entitled to an opinion...
… but that doesn't mean anyone else has to take it seriously (and that includes mine but here it is anyway).

I have never seen such an aggregation of intellectual lepers in my life as is today to be found on the Left of the political spectrum. The vast majority of you on that side of the aisle have no idea what you are posting about here or representing in Washington, D.C. You have no background in history or the political policies you support or oppose. You are hypocrites of the first order; screaming denunciations of President Trump while utterly ignorant of the very same, or worse, having occurred on your own side.

You call Trump a traitor for meeting with Putin and you applaud Hillary for her Russian reset.

You accuse Trump of collusion with Russia and you ignore the fact that the infamous "Trump dossier", paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC, was compiled by a foreigner using Russian sources.

You claim Trump's performance in Helsinki was the greatest embarrassment the US has ever been put to while ignoring the Obama apology tour with its several photos of then President of the United states, Barack Obama, executing the serf's obeisance before the Saudi Royalty and the Emperor of Japan.

Your press touts the many ways Trump might offend the Queen of England but said nothing about the Obama state gift to the queen of a bunch of music CDs and a few of his recorded speeches.

Frankly what I see happening in this once great and noble country makes me sick to the core of my spirit. I see no way to reconcile with the Left and worse, I no longer see any point in it.
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I spoke to Hitler...
I spoke to Hitler about his genocide and he said he didn't do it though he would be happy to have his intelligent agencies work with ours to prove just who did!

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Vote: Who is the greater leader Churchill or Trump?
At this time I'd have to vote for Churchill.
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