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Jan 13, 2021
Thoughts - Inciting violence and censorship
   by Canuckus Deploracus from North of the wall, 367 posts
BREAKING: Super Computer & Military in Italy altered the election results in 17 States
   by Radiance3, 73 posts
Just heard
   by Jlw, 44 posts
Rush Limbaugh Tells Americans, "Wake the Hell Up!!!!!!"
   by fullspinzoo, 73 posts
President Trump to address the nation tomorrow at 8:00 pm.
   by JW, 27 posts
Is President Trump being betrayed by Mitch McConnell?
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA, 24 posts
Anybody Who Answers A Call To Bring Guns And Take Back This Government Is A Terrorist...
   by woodguru, 23 posts
Patriotic Supporter of President trump
   by Wolfman888, 30 posts
Please give this some thought.
   by JFlorio from Seminole Florida, 19 posts
GOP Leaders In A Tight Spot
   by Liberty Tree, 19 posts
Bless Nancy Pelosi: Always thinking about the American People
   by Parky60 from Champaign, IL, 12 posts
This is how psychotic some Democrats have become
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA, 25 posts
Just in Case,it went unnoticed!
   by Carol Kelly, 20 posts
300K Ballots never processed by USPS
   by ldsuttonjr from ShangriLa, 21 posts
Trump did not incite a riot!
   by ChJoe, 20 posts
Terrorists have kidnapped Christianity
   by rumitoid, 17 posts
End of democracy
   by Westley Deitchler, 16 posts
Supreme Court Makes Determination on Hearing Election Fraud Cases
   by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 13 posts
Are You People Really Patriots? Or Just Plain Wrong?
   by GoCubs from Earth, 29 posts
There Is An Increase
   by Lily, 15 posts
he voted to slap income taxes on 50% of Social Security income
   by Capt-jack from Home, 12 posts
"This Will Not End Well": Ari Fleischer Criticizes Big Tech Purges
   by fullspinzoo, 11 posts
Coordination by ANTIFA?
   by 2bltap from Move to the Mainland, 9 posts
Trump Issues Mass FEMA Order, were Dems tricked? Another Conspiracy Theory ?
   by Sicilianthing, 14 posts
Trump DEFIANT! Here is the message of Hope he just gave to Top GOP Ally Rep. Gaetz
   by eagleye13 from Fl, 14 posts
For the First Time in 20 Years Both MSNBC and CNN Beat Fox News in Ratings
   by Bad Bob from Virginia, 10 posts
A Job For
   by Lily, 8 posts
A Reunited America Will Depend On Truth In Media, A War On The Fake And Rhetorical Media
   by woodguru, 8 posts
On The Subject of The Capital Riot
   by ACP45 from Rhode Island, 7 posts
Democrats Close in For the Kill, Not Just Trump, But All Republicans
   by fullspinzoo, 7 posts
MAGA Will Take Down the FBI and CIA: President Trump Takes a Hit for the Team
   by Sicilianthing, 31 posts
Dear Mr. President: Whereโ€™s the Storm ? - Tinfoil Hat Theory from Jan 6 ?
   by Sicilianthing, 17 posts
OPP Poll...........Big Tech
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA, 9 posts
The fools at fox abandon 'real news', focus on opinion only
   by factnotfiction, 8 posts
Why the country is much better off with trump gone
   by factnotfiction, 8 posts
Question Everything..
   by Lily, 7 posts
FBI Warns "Armed Protest" are Being Planned in All 50 States Ahead of Inauguration Day.
   by Radiance3, 7 posts
Guess What???
   by PeterS, 6 posts
Forbes warns companies NOT to hire
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA, 16 posts
Here is my question
   by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 14 posts
Interesting reading. Why is Trump in TX.
   by JW, 11 posts
Now that biden and his cronies in charge . ......
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA, 9 posts
I Appreciate the Presidential Speech After the Jan 6th.
   by Radiance3, 9 posts
From a Pharmacist - Thoughts from other pharmacists and other health pros?
   by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 8 posts
A patriot makes a courageous decision
   by Kevyn, 8 posts
Pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood suspended by Delaware judge for 'surprising incompetence'
   by moldyoldy, 8 posts
Twitter loses $5B in Market Share......๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA, 8 posts
Private property or Public property
   by Sonny Magoo from If you ain't Dutch you ain't much., 6 posts
Evangelicals face a reckoning: Donald Trump and the future of our faith
   by Bad Bob from Virginia, 6 posts
We must never elect an 'apprentice' again
   by factnotfiction, 6 posts
Class A Felony against Joe "Sleepy" Biden
   by ldsuttonjr from ShangriLa, 5 posts
Thoughts - Prepper Scripture
   by Canuckus Deploracus from North of the wall, 5 posts
Dan Bongino UNLOADS on Media & Dems For Double Standard After DC Incident
   by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 5 posts
The GOP source material: Twitter purged 70,000 QAnon accounts in three days
   by rumitoid, 12 posts
Tell me, did they reset the COVID death toll back to zero on January 1?
   by Parky60 from Champaign, IL, 10 posts
National Guard Troops Deploying to DC Will Come With Lethal Weapons
   by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 9 posts
Forensic report on dominion machines just changed the election
   by thebigp, 6 posts
If what is being shared here does not concern you
   by 2bltap from Move to the Mainland, 6 posts
They Got a Officer!': How a Mob Dragged and Beat Police at the Capitol
   by Michael10, 6 posts
Twitter Just Paid a Massive Price After Booting Trump
   by eagleye13 from Fl, 5 posts
This Election Debacle could have been avoided
   by ldsuttonjr from ShangriLa, 4 posts
Cuomo Says New York Must Reopen Economy
   by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 10 posts
Trump Will Go After Those who Committed Treason Against Americans, When ?
   by Sicilianthing, 7 posts
U.S. releases photo of suspect in murder of police officer during Capitol siege
   by moldyoldy, 5 posts
GOP Refuses To Follow New Capitol Safety Rules In Aftermath Of Riot
   by Michael10, 5 posts
Introduce Yourself
(rerun) New from Wyoming
   by Lookoutscout, 18 posts
General Chit-Chat (non-political talk)
2 Gorillas at San Diego zoo tested positive for Coronavirus . ..
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA, 15 posts
Another Blond Joke...
   by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 3 posts
Any firearms in the vehicle today?
   by dtucker300 from Vista, CA, 1 post
(rerun) For WWII History Buffs
   by American Vet, 21 posts
(rerun) Extreme Rail-Biking...Good music too
   by BigMike from yerington nv, 12 posts
(rerun) Once you....
   by AuntiE from 46th Least Free State, 7 posts
(rerun) And these are the role models for our young people?
   by SWMBO, 6 posts
(rerun) This Looks Like Crazy Fun!
   by BigMike from yerington nv, 7 posts
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