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Sep 15, 2020
Let’s make it simple for Trump supporters
   by Airforceone
I'm not football fan,so I have questions for you , fans...
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA
Gaslighting. While reading, think of who is the worst gaslighter on OPP
   by ImLogicallyRight
Unhinged Cher Declares Trump a Mass Murderer, Suggests Death Penalty
   by Oldsailor65 from Iowa
Just received today’s mail
   by Carol Kelly
What's Wrong With Wind and Solar?
   by BigMike from yerington nv
More New Voters In Battle Ground State Than Dems
   by ldsuttonjr from ShangriLa
Trump Achieves Peace Between Israel and Another ARAB Country
   by fullspinzoo
Basket of Deplorables!!!
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA
The American dream
   by 2bltap from Move to the Mainland
Stuck on Stupid!
   by fullspinzoo
Trump's mind blowing refusal to do the right thing
   by Abbie Hoffman from World Wanderer
San Francisco's Close to Giving 16-Year-Olds Vote
   by Oldsailor65 from Iowa
Disney sinks lower and lower.........
   by debeda
President Trump is Acting as If Nevada is Up For Grabs
   by fullspinzoo
Are the Pollsters Wrong About Trump Again?
   by fullspinzoo
The Horrific Compton Shooting Should Be a Clarifying Moment in America
   by fullspinzoo
Left-Wing Extremists Plan White House Siege Until Election Day
   by SinnieK
Still No Arrests !
   by Sicilianthing from Earth
Disgusting POS .... I hope idiots who reelected him are happy...👎👎👎
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA
‘We Weren’t Alarmist Enough’: Experts Warn Trump And GOP Could Destroy Democracy
   by Bad Bob from Virginia
Anti fascist leaders identified!
   by Kevyn
Trump Will Lose Unless He Declares Martial Law - Roger Stone
   by Sicilianthing from Earth
Stop Systemic Racism Now!
   by RandyBrian
Biden judged more mentally sound than Trump in new Fox News poll
   by Bad Bob from Virginia
New fake news Anti Trump 'hoax' generator 'for leftist's'
   by Crayons from St Jo, Texas
LIBERALS ARE NUTS! Setting Fires & Crying Climate Change!!!
   by Auntie Dee
It's time to stop....
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA
The Conversation
   by rumitoid
Try Trump's Evidence-lite: completely free of any harmful truth
   by rumitoid
We the people vs Donald j trump
   by Lonewolf
Growing pineapple in Alaska
   by saltwind 78 from Queens, New York City
What will you do when ...
   by whitnebrat from In the wilds of Oregon
Have you heard???
   by bggamers from georgia
Woke Czar not happy.....Aweee.....
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA
Bloomberg to spend at least $100M to help Biden in Florida
   by Bad Bob from Virginia
Tump's Success
   by ldsuttonjr from ShangriLa
Antifa and BLM, the Democtrat Party's Stormtrooper
   by fullspinzoo
Joe Rogen has offered to moderate a debate between President Trump and Joe Biden
   by 2bltap from Move to the Mainland
Police shoots knife-wielding man in Lancaster , Pennsylvania . ...Good Riddance!!!
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA
Some points to ponder
   by Kevyn
What is wrong with wind and solar?
   by bahmer
Sean Hannity, Lou Dobbs to Be Deposed in Seth Rich Case
   by Bad Bob from Virginia
Update to LA Deputies involved shooting . .....
   by proud republican from RED CALIFORNIA
How don the con got conned, spent 800 million dollars and lost 10 points
   by factnotfiction
General Chit-Chat (non-political talk)
When You Teach
   by AuntiE from 46th Least Free State
Health Advice
   by Oldsailor65 from Iowa
I have decided to start a ghost topic here on OPP
   by 2bltap from Move to the Mainland
memes & toons
   by Squiddiddler from Phoenix
(a rerun) The most dangerous animal on the planet
   by archie bunker from Texas
(a rerun) Smoky
   by Parky60 from Champaign, IL
(a rerun) Just for a listen... blowing in the wind..
   by permafrost from Minnesota
(a rerun) Made in China
   by Oldsailor65 from Iowa
(a rerun) Great Ad...
   by Don G. Dinsdale from El Cajon, CA (San Diego County)
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