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Feb 11, 2019


Which Will Be Destroyed First: the Democratic Party or the Country?

FOX's Chris Wallace Rips Republicans

Do You or Your Cow Fart?

Message To Virginia Voters

Definitions - Anti-Christian

The difference between Trump and a Transgender soldier...

One Of The Best Solutions That Would Eliminate Huge Numbers Of Abortions

Gallop Poll: Human Tide - 5million Immigrants in 2019 - WARNING !

Will incoming AG William Barr be Just?

TEXAS: Mexican Govt to Release Massive Illegal Caravan to Storm Border at Eagle Pass!

In the 2020 Presdtl debates Trump will wipe the floor with...

When I was born my parents were told I was 'not viable'

Two approaches to stopping abortion...

Interesting Read. Where are we as a country headed?

Unfortunately Im At This point As Well

Since everyone is expert at running a country, an economy, and foreign relations...

vome together Americans

Spin it any way you want but the Trump tax cuts have not caused deficits to explode.

I find it amusing...

Trump Stands for America; While Democrats Sit During State of the Union

More Russia collusion targets

Pelosi Will Lose It When She Finds Out The Order Trump Just Gave The Military...

New Mexico sheriffs take defiant stand against state's new gun control legislation

Justice for all Act

The Case of Russia Collusion....Against the Democrats by John Solomon

The End of the Line

The Epoch Times

Gutfeld: Trump's week was about as good as the Democrats' week was bad

Things Democrats Don't Stand For

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