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Feb 14, 2020
I saw a clip of Pete Buttigieg...
Q Questions
A medical question
15 Year Old Trump Supporter Attacked By A 34 Year Old Liberal Coward
Bill Barr is absolutely right....
Here we go again!!!!😓😲
A Trump funny.
Has anyone noticed how panicked trump is getting
Overflow Crowd So Huge, it Has Its Own Overflow Crowd at New Hampshire Rally
Conservative Memes (18)
I'm really tired of all the BS they bring to this country.
Transgender Boys
Never knew this
Democrats Rally to Keep Dead Voters on the Rolls in Detriot
A United States Marine tells the truth on trump
Bloomberg’s Too Little, Too Late Stop and Frisk Apology Tour
The left, in full stride!
AP FACT CHECK: Ripping up copy of Trump's speech not illegal
Trump Would Do Himself A Big Favor
Good morning America!
Mildly interesting
Teusday: Trump Wins New Hampshire. Wednesday: Stock soar.
The vanishing Dept of Justice
Fed Chair Jerome Powell Just Admitted the U.S. Economy Is Screwed
Will any of Giuliani's information ever yield fruit?
Trump says he may keep officials from listening to his phone calls with foreign leaders
Stuff you probably didn't know about Pete Bootey Including libs
A Communist, a Small-town Mayor, and a Woman Nobody Knows
Blame Trump: Failure to use the Insurrection Act
High School Runner Not Feeling Great About Her Chances Against The Girl With The Beard
They will never stop their crap!
Coronavirus highlights the dangers of socialism and the greatness of capitalism
Blame Trump: America is in the Final Days of Rome
China Orders 1 Million Body Bags From Outside the Country
North Korea 'clearly lying' about coronavirus cases, expert says
So You Wanna Talk Panic ?
Now I know President Trump is winning...
Connecticut HS girls file lawsuit against competing with Trans Athletes.
Mike Bloomberg vs. the imaginary all-powerful gun lobby
The Atlantic: John Kelly says Vindman was right to report Trump's call with Zelensky
Why We're Not Likely to See Democrats Release a List of Judicial Nominees.....
PANDEMIC: 33% overnight infection rate explodes... no containment
What could/would you do if you owned these Patents?
Sometimes they do change
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