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Feb 13, 2020
Is this a sign of an idiot liar?
Is America ready for gay President???
Trumps befuddled moral compass...
Should Lt. Col. be Punished?
Now that we know the FISA warrants were bogus . .
We Need To Hear From Non Cult Trump Supporters Who Recognize When Trump Does Bad Things
What Does Your Common Sense Tell You About A Barr Fix On The Stone Prosecution?
Judge Jeanine: Now we know why Hillary used private email
Roger Stone case falling apart
Is Everything In California Bass Ackwards ?
All You Need To Know To Vote Against Democrats
Virginia Passes Electoral Bill To Award All delegates To The US Popular Vote Winner
New Way Forward Act
Submit Or Surrender!!!!
Border wall in El Paso...
How will Bernie's supporters react if ....
Electile Dysfunction: Biden Pulls Out Early from New Hampshire
Gallup: Are You Better Off than You Were Four Years Ago? Americans ~ Hell, Yes!!!
The Overthrow and Looting of Ukraine
The Most Dangerous Lawsuit in America
Brennan,Comey and the rest of them lied under oath in Congress ....
Trump takes credit
Are a pig's rights more important than human rights?
TV Host Jorge Ramos: Trump Got His Wish ~ Mexico is the Wall!
Roger Stone Sentence
Who does Trumps makeup?
Lindsey Graham: New Hampshire Has Signaled 'the Demise of the Democratic Party'
A thought for the blame America first crowd.
Example of hate group that is being ignored!!!
Watching America Die
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