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Sep 12, 2019
We’re in trouble.
Michelle Obama named 2019's most admired woman in the world in new poll
One opinion from an old retired veteran, how should he vote?
In Case You Missed It
U.S. Supreme Court backs Trump on asylum crackdown
Condolleezza Rice...
Mass stabbing in Tallahassee,Florifda....
On the anniversary of 9-11
Sharpie-Gate: Dorian "Alabama" - - NOAA pressured to back trump
Trump Nears Decision On Background Checks...What's Wrong With This Picture Is What's Wrong
French solar panel roadway is a bust.
GOP has idea to elminate liberalism.
Some people did something? Son of 9/11 victim addresses Ilhan Omar at today's ceremony
Ocean levels rising or lands sinking??
Food Stamp Savings
President Trump considers major clampdown on homeless camps in California
Democrats are fricking cowards for refusing to call IG to testify after Comey Report!!!
The Current Vegetation Of The Progressive Indoctrinated
9/11/2001 - 9/11/2019
Inescapable Question
WWII Japan Invasion
immigrants anyone?
Remembering 9/11!!!
New video raises questions about Kavanaugh accuser's testimony
Trump holds 'Keep America Great' rally in North Carolina
Trump makes even the horror and sadness about 9/11 instead about him. No freaking shame.
A Common Thread
Markets top 27,000 today...
Sasse get Tweeter In Chief election nod
9/11 tribute video
Court rules VA must pay veterans' ER bills, a decision that may be worth billions to vets
This Ireland Pence Trump Resort Air Force Thing Is Way Bigger Than It Seems
SCOTUS repudiates 9th Circuit, Trump gets a win.
Farm Sales Are Down For The Long Haul...How About Subsidies, How Long Will They Last?
Special Election N. Carolina Votes are in
Blast near US Embassy in Kabul on 18th Anniversary of 9/11
Something Trump Shares With Hillary After A Constant Nonstop Onslaught Of Negative Attacks
Bolton Leaked It That Trump Thought A Nuke Could Be Used To Disrupt Hurricanes?
World's Shortest Books
911 collection
September 11,2001, Tribute to First Responders!!!
Democrats learn a new word.
Just A Parody Of Our Progressive Loved Ones
General Chit-Chat (non-political talk)
Positive Attitude
Need a...
This has to be what giving is all about
(a rerun) under the truck--for men only
(a rerun) Slatten reprimands bahmer
(a rerun) Four Footer Message
(a rerun) Humor
(a rerun) Slatten,bahmer and badbobby have a chat
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