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Feb 28, 2019 18:36:45   #
woodguru wrote:
The best he can hope for is a sealed indictment, but there seems to be a growing consensus that a sitting president can be indicted... I see reasons and proof indicating an indictment being laid out for congress who will impeach on those grounds so that an indictment and prosecution can proceed.

In case you've missed it New York is proceeding with an array of violations

And not a single one can be used to impeach or even try a setting President. The Attorney General is the President's attorney while in office.
Feb 28, 2019 18:32:08   #
Seth wrote:
Maybe she's Kevyn's sister.

Don't insult her.
Feb 28, 2019 18:31:11   #
Seth wrote:
Likely a very quiet deal..."You say or infer this and that, and we won't pass on the information about such-and-such to this or that prosecutor."

The way he's looked since shortly after he was first accused of anything, you can tell they broke him right off the bat.

No smoking guns, not even any pea shooters, just a lot of inadmissable dumb stuff that will only mean anything to leftie idiots who salivate down their chins on the myriad occasions they believe President Trump is "doomed" yet again.
Likely a very quiet deal..."You say or infer ... (show quote)

Democrats are trying despertly to find something, anything to slow down President Trump and win the 2020 elections.
Feb 28, 2019 18:27:57   #
Seth wrote:
Mine work out somewhere in that region, much more agreeable than the $11.00 a pack in CA or, worse, the average $14-15.00 in N.Y.

When I lived in Charlotte, NC a little over ten years ago I was buying Chesterfield Kings for $40.00 a carton, which was still within the reasonable range.

More than 90% of the price of pre-manufactured cigarettes in many states now, worse in their major cities that add their own taxes, is... tax.
Mine work out somewhere in that region, much more ... (show quote)

It's a disgrace the way they raise taxes. Then most of the money raised mysteriously disappears. Most reapperss in politicians pockets.
Feb 28, 2019 18:24:05   #
woodguru wrote:
Smooth can work

If that floats your boat.
Feb 28, 2019 18:18:27   #
woodguru wrote:
See, that was a total conversation...the term MAGA speaks volumes in your head never mind that most of it is rhetorical and false.

Feeding into the dialog in your head I can say Benghazi with a meaningful and knowing look, and a flood of rhetoric and false information flows into your head, Hillary murdering US diplomats, getting a free pass on life in prison...

Your rhetoric and BS is coded to where it only takes words and rhetorical phrases to convey bushels of boolsheet

MARGA....Making Russia Great Again
See, that was a total conversation...the term MAGA... (show quote)

Now we know for sure you have lost it.

You answered
your own post.
Feb 28, 2019 18:02:05   #
woodguru wrote:
In Shreveport Louisiana in about 1972 I was deeply spoiled by oysters at something like a buck a dozen, we would start out with six dozen each and fill in the empty spaces with a dozen or two more.

Those days are done at about ten bucks or more a dozen.

Occasional a couple of employees go with us to New Orleans and get a couple dozen sacks when in season. The cost is outrageous now.
Feb 28, 2019 17:57:55   #
woodguru wrote:
What does a cook like "yours" cost a month?

I have never totaled it up.

She and her husband are only paid minimum wage in cash. They get free utalities, house, food and he makes extra money from rolling cigarettes and selling for $2.00 per pack.

The men make the own 90 proof whiskey from Grandpaws secret corn squeezing receipt. They keep refusing pay raises and have to make them accept minimum wage so I won't get in trouble with the government.
Feb 28, 2019 17:50:19   #
archie bunker wrote:
I can't do raw. I don't care what you put on it. My wife likes some sushi stuff, but I won't eat it. That ain't food. It's bait to catch food that you cook!

I don't care for raw fish either.
Feb 28, 2019 17:46:04   #
Bcon wrote:
I have eaten many Pa. Dutch concoctions made from pigs and cattle. Philadelphia scrapple is made from what is left over, I believe, after a hog is butchered and carved. It is great with eggs in the morning. Also, another Of their wares is called souse. It is pork chunks in a jelled loaf. Pickled pigs feet , knuckles and ears have been around for years. I never ate beef tongue until one of our employees who was also a farmer brought sliced , cured tongue into work and I tried it. The way it was cured and sliced was great and it was very good. I try all kinds of ethnic foods from many parts of the
World. The one thing I tried and really couldnโ€™t down, was dill pickle soup that I got in a restaurant in Austria. It was just too tart. I still like to sample everything.
I have eaten many Pa. Dutch concoctions made from ... (show quote)

I enjoy all of it but balk on the blood sausage and chitterlings (fried hog guts). I love pickled pig feet.
Feb 28, 2019 17:40:32   #
Radiance3 wrote:
Impeached for what? The DIMMS since 2016, have been concocting lies and manufactured events like the Dossier via Obama's Deep State to prevent Trump from winning the election.

Since Trump won the election, they consistently created FAKE DOSSIER in order to remove the president.

The Fake Dossier concocted and paid by Hillary Clinton, the master mind, and Mr. Obama, with the FBI'S under his disposal, to totally destroy the president.

The scheme has been going on since 2017, through Mueller, who hired all democrat donors to be the jurors of the trial of president Trump. And all FBI officials and CIA's under Obama's friend Clapper are the armies of this Deep State.

For 2 years expending tens of millions of dollars paid by taxpayers, Mueller, never found on pesident Trump-Russian collusion, despite that he extended his powers and investigation, beyond the scope of the case.

No collusion even when digging the personal life of president Trump several years before he became president.

So much harassments, and upheavals used against president Trump. Yet he emerged as a victor, as clean as a whistle. President Trump is innocent. He was duly elected by the people.

But those who manufactured lies and events about the president, like the fake Dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton, must all be prosecuted to the extent of the law. I am a taxpayer, a patriot, and a voting citizen. Comey exercised power beyond his scope of duty, by declaring Hillary innocent despite of the bundles of crimes she committed.

I demand justice must be avenged for the American people who duly elected president Trump. Lock all of them up. This must not go unpunished.
=============== br Impeached for what? The DIMMS s... (show quote)

Justice grinds slowly but exceeding fine. Be patient.
Feb 28, 2019 17:35:51   #
kemmer wrote:
Sounds like youโ€™re OK with Trump dismissing Congress and ruling by decree. Fancy that!

Feb 28, 2019 17:24:45   #
padremike wrote:
How often do you shed your skin?

Feb 28, 2019 17:23:46   #
kemmer wrote:
Pence is a big zero who only cares about putting gays in labor camps.
He is an embarrassing chief yes man for Trump. Heโ€™s a cardboard cutout.

That's 100% better than being a Obama rear end kissing Socialist criminal.
Feb 28, 2019 16:08:38   #
Morgan wrote:
It's terrible to be accused of something you didn't do, but you know the truth, let the rest go, it's their problem. The truth does set us free. Trumps lies is why I can't support him.

God help and bless America. Glad your feeling good and you have a wonderful day also!

Thank you.

Nice warm weather has put our work about two weeks ahead of schedual. The men are already talking about the March 9th celebration party.

I posted earlier about 40 of our older
ex-military homeless employees are 75 or older. With the construction of the new fire tower the 5 oldest ones will be trained to man thr new one and the older one. That way two experienced men will be in each tower and will tesch the newest ones.

Sgt. Major and I are switching them around to easiest jobs and replacing the harder jobs to younger people. Some will drive the four wheelers pulling traitors of loose pine straw to the baling area. Younger men will put the baled pinestraw in the warehouse.

The patrolling of the fences and through the tree's on horse back is being replaced by four wheelers. The savings on corn and feed will pay for the change. Plus it will be safer for the older employees.

I received a call from the New Orleans integration commission that will make a certain Mexican that we sponsored and became aa American citizen. His wife has been approved with four young dreamers who we will sponsor also.

More as it happens.

๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ God bless America and President Trump.
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