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Feb 23, 2019 09:27:07   #
debeda wrote:
Honestly, Nikolai, I think you are confused. Those are infrastructures for the public good financed by our tax dollars. Is it your contention that any country with a good infrastructure is socialist

Strange that your Socialist agenda has failed every where it has been tried.

Just proved Socialist Dim-O-Crats are always loosers.

🇺🇸 God bless America and President Trump.
Feb 23, 2019 09:23:53   #
Nickolai wrote:
The US adopted socialism in 1775 when Ben Franklin founded the US postal service. Every developed nation on earth Is a mixture of socialism and capitalism. The highway system. public transportation. public libraries, public schools, ect ect

Your history is way off. Like your brain.

There was no United States in 1775. The Colonies were at war with the British.

There was no such thing as Socialist or Communist in 1775. Get your lies straight

Do try an keep up
Feb 23, 2019 09:07:57   #
Robert Harrington wrote:
And you blame free healthcare. What about the rest of the free world. Healthcare is not free in most free world countries...they pay for it out of the tax’s they pay. Just because you don’t write a check to the for profit healthcare we receive doesn’t make it free. pure capitalism will eat itself.

My Medicare insurance is deducted each month from my Social Security check.

Medicaid is a free health care program for those that never worked emough to qualify for Social Security.

Social Security has absolutely nothing to do with Socialist.

Just another Socialist Dim-O-Crat lie to try and take credit for someone else's work.
Feb 23, 2019 08:45:50   #
debeda wrote:
You may not have local homeless vets but there are lots of them out there. If you're gonna can, don't forget to plant fruit trees if you don't have any now. PS if I self identify as a homeless vet can I come work for you? Weather sounds sublime compared to Illinois
You may not have local homeless vets but there are... (show quote)

I don't do the hiring anymore. The Sgt. Major is in charge of the employees now. I am busy with other expansion details.

There are no fruit trees and it would take to long for them to start producing fruit. Of the 240 acres of Christmas trees 100 acres will be planted in christmas trees the remaining 140 acres will be planted in corn and vegetables.

We need the corn to feed the horses, cattle, pigs and chickens and vegetables. It's all planned out over the next four years so incoming revenue will be used and no borrowing.
Feb 23, 2019 08:24:32   #
Smedley_buzkill wrote:
Self-righteous opinions

The truth is the truth not self righteous.
Feb 23, 2019 08:20:04   #
Smedley_buzkill wrote:
Most of the people who are trying to enter the USA do so on a visa whose expiration date they ignore. Do your own homework. There is a backlog of some 800,000 asylum cases right now. There has been a 2000% increase in the number of asylum seekers, and more than 90% of them will be denied. While most of the "asylum seekers" who have lawyers show up for their hearings, They are only a small percentage of the people in question. In the meantime, who pays for these people? The situation in their home countries has not gotten any worse than it was before. The Mexican government allows them to pass through their country and will continue to do so until we cut off their money.
Every year there are some 300,000 babies born to wetbacks who receive birth citizenship in a parody of constitutionality. PLEASE try and debate me on this one.
Once more, do your own homework.
Most of the people who are trying to enter the USA... (show quote)

The SCOTUS has ruled on the anchor babies.

They are NOT AMERICAN CITIZENS the are citizens of rhe country their parents are citizens of.

Dumb Dim-O-Crats will not accept the SCOTUS ruling because it doesn't fit their Socialist agenda.
Feb 23, 2019 08:13:31   #
Robert Harrington wrote:
Most of the people who are trying to enter the USA are seeking Asylum...which is legal. do your homework!

No one disagrees with them LEGALLY asking for asylum.

The only thing the American people are against is the ones that violate the law by sneaking in, or criminals, gang members, drug smugglers, pedophiles and human trafficking.

I don't need to do any homework. I have sponsored several Mexicans caught in Louisiana, helped them become Nationalized American citizens. They are hard working employees

We are working now to get one of my employees get his wife approved.

What have you done to help them, other than complain?
Feb 23, 2019 07:59:21   #
Robert Harrington wrote:
No...just a heartless person.

You have no clue about who i am or what I do.

For tears I only hired homeless veterans, gave them jobs, shelter and food when the hesrtless government threw them away.

For year's I provided food, clothes and Christmas gifts for the poor parents and children in my poor county.

In assocating with the welfare, local churches and salvation army my employes provide celebration parties for the children with firework at new years parties.

Christmas toys and clothes, turkey dinners on Thanksgiving. Most all holidays we have parties for the poor people.

If that makes me a heartless person, so be it.

What do you provide for the poor people?
Feb 23, 2019 07:31:14   #
Smedley_buzkill wrote:
According to Liberal looney tunes it does. I guess I'm one also.

I guess we will have to learn to say "heil Hitler."

Instead of the best President since George Washington. "Heil President Trump."

Feb 23, 2019 07:17:54   #
buffalo wrote:
And you have no idea, obviously, how US foreign policy is shaped and controlled by corporations for their benefit.

I do not deal in foreign policy I only deal in facts that pretain to my business.

I no longer export to foreign countries after Obama's rules and regulations ruined that market.
Feb 23, 2019 07:08:11   #
no propaganda please wrote:
When I was much younger twice a night was not enough, MAN that was a long time ago

Back when you are young you could do it all night long.

Now that you are old it takes you all night long to do it.
Feb 23, 2019 06:59:11   #
nwtk2007 wrote:
Of course, the changes in labels only help the leftists who employ it so often. I think it eases their consciences.

I doubt Socialist Dim-O-Crats even have a consciences.
Feb 23, 2019 06:51:15   #
debeda wrote:
WTH is the MATTER with these libbies? Good GRIEF Honestly, being from this area, i knew it was a big fat lie as soon as the story came out. First because it was flipping FREEZING out (like 20 below) and second cuz he claimed they said "MAGA country"! In Chicago! Thats been democrat nonstop for over 70 years. Whatever, i guess being a dem is like being in a gang. They'll make excuses for you no matter how nuts you are.
WTH is the MATTER with these libbies? Good GRIEF ... (show quote)

That is a proven fact and I agree with you.
Feb 23, 2019 06:33:16   #
Nickolai wrote:
The capitalist either couldn't or wouldn't hire workers --millions of Americans were joining the socialist and communist parties. They and the labor unions were calling for federal intervention. Revolution was heavy in the air , something had to be done. FDR consulted with the economic elites and told them the government would have to intervene and put people to work and the would have to pay for it with increased taxes The FDR new deal included farm aid the WPA and the CCC and they hired 11 million people. Backed home mortgage allowing lenders to extend mortgages from 15 years to 30 years. They passed the Glass Steagall Act in response to 5,000 banks going down wiping out the depositors. It included FDIC all of these programs and much more had been pushed by the socialist party
The capitalist either couldn't or wouldn't hire wo... (show quote)

You are so wrong.

Socialist agenda is to destroy, not build or help. A perfect example is Venezuela. The poeple had enough snd overturned tne Socialist dictatorship and installed a Democratic Republic like America's.
Feb 22, 2019 21:15:50   #
Jean Deaux wrote:
Trey Gowdy would never have created phony evidence, that is the dimocrat modus operandi. You really can't be serious that no one in the obama administration did anything wrong. Have you forgotten holder, obama's attorney general and his gun running debacle for which he was caught but never prosecuted, or perhaps hillary's classified email scandal (which she had been specifically cautioned against) or lynch's conversation with slick willy on the aircraft parked on the tarmac, or perhaps hillary's promises of influence after she became president, a promise made to many foreign leaders and giant American defense contractors and resulted to enormous deposits into her "foundation", or slick willies speeches to the Russians and "golden sacks" banking personnel which which he made up to $500,000 each, or the sale of American uranium to the Russians. Guess you're right, no one in the obama administration ever did anything wrong
And the two things that prove you're wrong about obama's citizenship were the fact that his grandmother testified that she witnessed his birth in Kenya and his Hawaiian birth certificate was a proven fake. And how do you explain his need for 26 social security cards or the fact he never showed a college diploma. As far as I'm concerned, no diploma, no attendance, no degree! Pure bull puckey!! This toad was the biggest con man in American history, hands down!!
Trey Gowdy would never have created phony evidence... (show quote)

I can easily totally agree with you on that.
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