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Jul 14, 2024 14:57:50   #
microphor wrote:
Nothing would surprise me anymore.

The International Biden Crime Family including Gestapo Joe...having NEVER been held accountable for the outright treason they've committed...think they are above the law.
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Jul 14, 2024 14:52:56   #
microphor wrote:
Thats right. I have been saying it from the beginning, it's not that it's Trump, it's that it's Trump the Republican. These are evil, vicious people who will alter documents, use illegal FISA warrents, run a faulse collusion narritive for years at the cost of millions to the tax payers, they will sigh a legal document saying that the laptop is only Russion misinformation, go to social media companies and tell them what they should "watch out for" basically suppress speach. These are cut thoats and should be treated as such.
Thats right. I have been saying it from the begin... (show quote)

These L*****ts are i**********nists and should be treated as such
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Jul 14, 2024 14:49:46   #
Wolf counselor wrote:
Mr Trump is a living legend and I now truly believe that he is under the protection of God Himself.

Everything perpetrated against him fails.

Never in my life would I have ever dreamed that ordinary American people would allow themselves to be indoctrinated into such an extreme level of hatred for one man.

A man who has done absolutely nothing of any harm to any of you.

And the only reason you h**e this man is because your TV told you to.

You're all now doomed to live in a perpetual state of profound ignorance for the remainder of your wretched lives.

Many of you, will soon be six feet under simply because you took that stupid C***D v******tion.

Every single day v**xers are dropping like flies while the news media and social media keeps you distracted with the bulls**t f**e news of the day.

Mr Trump is now even more popular and more powerful than any man on this entire planet.

While every single day, millions of liberal pinheads and nincompoops spew hatred and toxic rhetoric for no reason other than their own self imposed stupidity.

Turn off your TVs you addled brain plebeians.

You're being hypnotized by the f**e news media and the Hollywood q***r industry.

Mr Trump is the most powerful man in the world.
Mr Trump is a living legend and I now truly believ... (show quote)

I remember how I appalled I was when I saw blood on President Trump's face. These EVIL l*****ts are trying to destroy Trump because they are trying to destroy America
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Jul 14, 2024 14:43:42   #
sail375 wrote:
As everyone knows, the P**********l Immunity Game has been pretty much tossed on its Butt. SCOTUS came up with a very unique decision about P**********l Immunity.


The president (no matter who it is) still not allowed to break the law with impunity
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Jul 14, 2024 14:35:53   #
Darling Mary wrote:
Spot on! The whole thing stinks of ineptness; for a political reason!!! They will fire the b***h!!!

It's beyond Left-Wing dirty politics. We have moved into a spiritual is a fight between good/evil
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Jul 14, 2024 14:22:38   #
Unintended Consequences wrote:
Why do you keep repeating this nonsense? The house has been trying to impeach Biden n for over a year and has so far found nothing.

Well gee, there are witnesses/e-mails/sworn testimony/video/and even self-admission from Gestapo Joe...when are you L*****ts going to stop ignoring what's happening right in front of you
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Jul 14, 2024 14:12:14   #
Liberty Tree wrote:
Many saw this coming and predicted it.

My guess is it was rhetorical
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Jul 13, 2024 21:32:02   #
Forkbassman wrote:
Evil? Their “ Bible” is Rules for Radicals, written by a c*******t & it advocates demonizing & destroying all opponents. Hilary & all the ilk that follow her right up to Biden are SICK, POWER HUNGRY SICKOS! Anyone who thinks otherwise, lives in la la land

Or perhaps they are just as sick/twisted/evil as the rest of the Democrat-C*******ts/American-Left...who have been "normalizing" long as it's Donald Trump/supporters
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Jul 13, 2024 20:56:28   #
Big Kahuna wrote:
That would include quite a few people on this site, but I won't name names.

How many will feign outrage...when all along they have been stoking hatred towards Trump/his supporters...and at least 1 of Trump's supporters was MURDERED by the Left's terrorist wing...A****a. When it comes to inciting violence /purposefully using violence as a tool to advance your political agenda no one is more of a political thug than Gestapo Joe. Didn't Gestapo Joe just suggest Trump/supporters be put in a box?!
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Jul 13, 2024 20:38:48   #
Liberty Tree wrote:
Absolutely true!!!!!

Sadly this is typical/every-day behavior for L*****ts, they stoked all this h**e daily...and all those lying Democrat-C*******ts who claim they are outraged are only upset that their terrorist wing A****a didn't succeed
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Jul 13, 2024 20:16:21   #
Liberty Tree wrote:
Biden said to put a bullseye on Trump and someone did.

Gestapo Joe/Left-Wing media/Democrat-C*******t Party have been stoking hatred towards Donald Trump for years. They are complicit in this assassination will there be zero accountability...which is usual for Democrat-C*******ts
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Jul 13, 2024 08:52:08   #
fullspinzoo wrote:******ns/2024/07/12/biden-detroit-rally-e******n-trump/74388022007/ Biden attacks press for giving Trump a 'free ride'????? Trump has not had a free ride since coming down the 'golden escalator'. What is Biden talking about? What happened? His meds didn't kick in?

I guess we know why Gestapo Joe released some of his millions from his campaign war-chest...wonder how much he had to pay all those people to show up.
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Jul 13, 2024 08:37:38   #
son of witless wrote:
" their slobbering/drooling stupid-to-the-bone useful i***t faction is happily repeating it. "

I can't express it better'n that.

What on earth happened to these Americans? Instead of celebrating our exceptional individual liberty/freedom of speech...they've decided to adopt the very same evil/oppressive system we as a nation have been fighting for decades.
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Jul 12, 2024 13:42:45   #
fullspinzoo wrote:
They talk "democracy", but are willing to let i******s come over the southern border and instruct them on how to v**e, while breaking every law on the books!!!!! How "democratic" of them. They are the biggest lying, corrupt, hypocritical scumbags on this earth, period.

Right...electing Republicans is a threat to democracy. However Gestapo Joe governing just like every other third-world/banana republic dictator whose treasonous greed is destroying the country he is running/ruining.
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Jul 12, 2024 13:34:10   #
proud republican wrote:

Good can these stupid-to-the-bone useful i***ts try to feign ignorance on this level. At least half the country was well aware of Gestapo Joe's incapacity...and spoke publicly about it. No one on the Left (even the aggrieved media) is angry/or surprised about Gestapo Joe's obvious condition being hidden/covered-up...they are furious and in a panic because they got CAUGHT hiding it/covering it up
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