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Apr 15, 2015 12:03:53   #
boofhead wrote:
Many of us have been pointing out the lack of eligibility of Obama due to his citizenship but getting nowhere. Now the repubs have put up two candidates who are equally ineligible. This leads to a quandary for our Demo friends:

If they point out the problems for Cruz and Rubio they expose the same problem for their man, so their interests force them to stay out of this matter entirely. Must drive them mad.

And of course for us it means aggravation because we want to win but h**e the idea of c***ting. By allowing these two to run without objection it makes us two-faced and frauds just like the Dems, and also gives legitimacy to Obama. We cannot continue to object to him if we don't do the same to our own people, so Barry gets a pass.

So what do we do? Do we get down in the dirt with the Dems; lose our souls in order to win the war? Or act on principle and refuse to support another illegal campaign?

If the law was followed there is no doubt that we would be faced with the need to fix the fact that the last 6 years have been with no legal President and everything he did would have to be revoked. Doing nothing risks another two illegal years and allowing another non-qualified person to take the job merely extends the period of illegality. How could any country survive this? Why even pretend to have laws if we allow one of the most important to be ignored?

Also imagine if this matter was to be ruled on by the full supreme court. It would become open knowledge to all, including the Useful I***ts. If the court ruled in support of the Constitution Barry would be out. If they rule to amend the requirement for natural Born (or re-define it to legitimize him) that would open these discussions to the whole country and would be a terribly d******e thing for all of us.

Heads would explode all over the country.
Many of us have been pointing out the lack of elig... (show quote)

what they're going to do is wait to see if we elect either of them then dance in the street saying see I told you so
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Apr 15, 2015 10:08:56   #
hprinze wrote:

The parents don't have to be born in the USA. They have to be citizens when the child in born in the USA.

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Apr 14, 2015 19:21:37   #
moldyoldy wrote:
Interesting, Carol

Qasim Rashid Become a fan
Lawyer, Speaker, Best-Selling Author of "EXTREMIST"

9 Facts About the Israel-Palestine Conflict On Which We Can All Agree

Posted: 08/01/2014 7:21 pm EDT Updated: 10/01/2014 5:59 am EDT

Simply open your mouth on Israel-Palestine, and faster than you can blink you'll be labeled either a heartless Z*****t or a Hamas terrorist. Both extreme labels are equally fruitless.

If we cannot find a middle ground in dialogue, how can we expect Israel and Palestine to find a middle ground during war? After all, peace is what we're after, right? Right.

In full disclosure my analysis is as a human rights lawyer and a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community--a 125-year-old worldwide Muslim organization that arrived in Palestine in 1920. Today, Ahmadi Muslims enjoy generous religious freedom in Israel while facing increasing persecution in Palestine. I present this to emphasize the importance of justice and t***sparency in dialogue -- even in the face of injustice. Unfortunately, t***sparency and dialogue are two characteristics perennially missing in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

If the end goal is peace, then we must acknowledge some realities of the Israel-Palestine conflict without polarizing one another. Ignoring facts doesn't resolve differences; it simply ensures differences fester unchecked. If we truly want peace -- and all sides at least profess to want peace -- we must come to the negotiation table accepting 9 facts about the Israel-Palestine conflict.

1. ​Hamas rockets must stop.

This should be a no brainer but for some it is difficult to accept. "Whataboutery" comes into play. What about the illegal occupation? What about the blockade? What about the lopsided numbers of civilians k**led?

All relevant, but none change the fact that two (or multiple) wrongs don't make a right. We must condemn Hamas violence, their rockets, and their indiscriminate firing that puts Israeli civilians at risk. The rockets must unconditionally stop.

2. ​The conflict is older than Hamas -- a lot older.

The incessant focus on Hamas as the reason for Israel's self-described acts of self-defense is a red herring. This position pretends we are addressing a 27-year conflict -- not a 65-year conflict. Israel's actions against Palestine, specifically Gaza, stem back far before Hamas even existed. Hamas's actions and Israel's repeated claim that Hamas is the root cause of all this fighting proves only one thing -- force cannot create peace, at least not lasting peace. Any conversation that ignores pre-1987 is incomplete, insincere, and will ultimately prove ineffective at the negotiation table. Hamas is a symptom of this conflict, but not the root cause.

3. ​If Muslims want peace in Palestine, then they must unite in peace worldwide.

His Holiness the Khalifa of Islam, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, leads the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. While championing separation of mosque and state, His Holiness commands the world's largest Muslim following with tens of millions of Muslims in over 204 nations. The Muslim world should follow his example of principled leadership precisely because he implores and acts with justice in all fairs -- even with those persecuting his community. For example, despite Palestine's persecution of Ahmadi Muslims, His Holiness has instructed Ahmadi Muslims worldwide to pray for Gaza provide humanitarian aid to civilians of Gaza.

In speaking to Muslim majority nations His Holiness points out a simple fact -- how can you demand Israel treat Palestine with peace and justice if you cannot even establish it among yourselves? His Holiness explains,

With great regret it must be said that today it is the ill fortune of many Muslim countries that they are no longer united. Members of the public are fighting amongst themselves; citizens are also fighting with governments, whilst governments are inflicting cruelty upon their public. Therefore, not only has unity been lost, but great cruelties and injustices are being perpetrated. If the Muslims were united and followed the path of God then the collective strength of the Muslim nations is so great that this cruelty [against Palestine] could never have taken place.

Before lambasting Israel, Muslim majority nations should lead by example and establish peace with each other.

4. ​Peace cannot exist without justice.

Justice can only exist with peace, and peace can only exist with principled leadership. On this issue His Holiness has demanded justice on both fronts.

To Muslim leaders His Holiness has admonished,

The Muslim leaders and so-called clerics are not righteous or God fearing and as a result those under their influence are being entirely misguided. The clerics are pushing young people, who know no better, towards evil and cruelty by falsely claiming it will lead them towards God. No one is guiding such youths or the wider Muslim Ummah (community) that such cruelty is neither righteous nor just. What they are doing is not Jihad because murder and bloodshed can only take you away from God.

To Israel and Palestine His Holiness has advised,

Compared to Israel, the Palestinians have no power or strength. Certainly all cruelty is wrong and so if Hamas is perpetrating cruelty, then the Muslim countries should also stop them. However, if you are to compare the relative strengths and cruelties of the two sides, it is as if one side is using a stick, whilst the other side is utilizing a fully equipped army to perpetrate its injustice.

Muslim leaders must take more ownership over their youth, and Israel and Palestine must hold themselves accountable to justice -- otherwise peace is a mere fantasy.

​5. ​Palestine was a haven for Jewish refugees before the creation of Israel.

Some insist on arguing that Palestine is inherently anti-Semetic. This is untrue and Palestine's historical actions prove otherwise. Before Israel's creation, Palestine willingly accepted some 700,000 Jewish refugees escaping World War I and the Holocaust. This is a massive number considering Palestine's Muslim population in 1947 was only around 1.2 million. That said, Palestine did not v**e for the creation of Israel. Instead Israel's creation was imposed on Palestine by the United Nations. We often hear the talking point "no country on Earth would tolerate rockets raining down on its civilians." No doubt this is true, but in fairness we must also accept that no country on Earth would tolerate being split in two without the right to self-determination or a say in the matter. If you disagree, imagine if tomorrow the United Nations decided half of your country would go to another nation of people -- while you have no say in the matter. In short, Palestine served as a haven for Jewish refugees before Israel's creation. It is important to draw on this history when trying to find common ground for the future.

6. ​Since Israel was created by the United Nations, it must live by the United Nations.

The hardline pro-Palestine argument states that since Palestine never approved the creation of Israel, they will not recognize Israel. The pro-Israel side states the opposite -- the United Nations created us by democratic v**e so we are here to stay. Israel is right. The reality is we cannot undo history. Israel has the right to exist and is here to stay -- no amount of arguing or fighting will undo that.

That fact established, we cannot stop the UN conversation here.

A nation born by the UN must live by the UN. Since Israel's creation, the United Nations has passed at least 42 Resolutions against Israel for violating international law -- 17 of which were passed before Hamas existed. These include resolutions condemning Israel for illegal practices against civilians in Lebanon, condemning Israel's contravention of the Fourth Geneva Convention, calling on Israel to withdraw from all Palestinian territories, calling on Israel to recognize the Palestinian right of return, and calling on Israel to respect Muslim holy places. Post-Hamas, the UN has passed Resolutions against Israel to abide by and accept the Fourth Geneva convention, condemning Israel's invasion of Lebanon, condemning Israel's k*****g of UN employees of the World Food Program, and condemning Israel settlements established since 1967 as illegal -- all of which have nothing to do with Hamas. This further establishes point two above that Hamas is not the root cause of this conflict.

Unfortunately and remarkably, Israel has asked and the United States has agreed to veto all 42 of these UN Resolutions. Israel cannot have it both ways. It cannot on one hand claim legitimacy by citing the United Nations decision to create Israel, and then ignore UN enforcement to hold Israel accountable to international law. If UN decisions are invalid now, then they were invalid at Israel's creation. Likewise, and reasonably, since UN decisions were valid upon Israel's creation, they must also be valid now and Israel must maintain justice accordingly.

7. ​Arab blood and Jewish blood are human blood -- and all blood is equal

No justification exists for civilian deaths. The concept of self-preservation or a "zero-sum" game does not work in our global village or by any moral compass. The idea that Arab blood is more valuable than Jewish blood, or that Jewish blood is more valuable than Arab blood, is modern day r****m in all its ugliness. A Palestinian child has just as much right as an Israeli child, and vice versa. Any action by either side that ignores this principle is a violation of human rights and derails the peace process. Let us rid ourselves of the cancer of justifying collateral damage and recognize all human life is equal.

8. ​Both sides have committed potential war crimes and must be held accountable accordingly.

Having elected Hamas, Palestine must be accountable to Hamas's war crimes. Firing rockets indiscriminately is a war crime. Iron Dome and the comparatively fewer civilian Israeli casualties acknowledged, firing rockets at a civilian population is by definition a war crime. Just because "not as many" Israeli civilians have been k**led does nothing to mitigate the fact that firing rockets at civilians is a war crime. Likewise, Hamas cannot hoard illegal weapons in UN schools, especially near refugees, and pretend they are not putting innocent Palestinians in harms way. Such crimes do nothing to promote peace and only aggravate an already volatile situation. Hamas must immediately cease such acts.

As mentioned already, Israel must be accountable to the United Nations and international law. Israel's use of white phosphorous is a war crime, their use of human shields is a war crime, Israel's collective punishment of all of Gaza is a war crime, Israel's target k*****g of children on a beach playing soccer is a war crime, Israel's bombing of hospitals is a war crime. These are documented acts by UN Mission reports, independent journalists, and by admission of Israeli soldiers. Rather than ignoring these unjust acts, Israel must own up to these war crimes and immediately cease such acts.

9. ​America must play fair, and so must worldwide Muslim leadership.

Since Israel's creation nearly seven decades ago, the world has witnessed the same violence again and again. Several peace treaties and efforts have gone by yet we stand no closer to peace.

It may seem illogical to compare America to the diversity of Muslim leadership, but that's the reality we face. America holds UN veto power, and despite the diversity in the Muslim world, the perception is that of a monolith on the Israel-Palestine crisis.

Over the decades, America's reputation to the rest of the world -- and especially the Muslim world -- is that of a dishonest thug who enforces its will and blindly sides with Israel. This image cannot be reversed very easily -- but it must if we want our ultimate goal of peace. It took decades to create this image. It will take decades to change it but will change if America begins to tread the path of peace with justice and equity. A strong military is most powerful when it exercises restraint, rather than when it uses that might to justify k*****g civilians.

Likewise, the Muslim world must recognize the right of Israel to exist. Muslims worldwide cannot point to dozens of UN Resolutions against Israel and ignore the singular UN decision to create Israel -- such an act demonstrates similar hypocrisy to Israel's current opposite practice regarding the UN.

The prime focus must be peace.

Peace is only possible by ensuring the sanctity and dignity of all human life -- whether Jewish, Muslim or the minority and often ignored Christian Palestinian population suffering through these atrocities. Ignoring such human values only ensures this vicious cycle continues.

In conclusion

Peace cannot exist without justice. A future peace cannot exist without recognizing factual history. The irony is only two types of people will ignore the above guidance -- "heartless Z*****ts" and "Hamas terrorists."

Hopefully the majority of us can build a strong enough middle ground to neutralize both extremes and finally get what we all want -- peace
Interesting, Carol br br Qasim Rashid Become a fa... (show quote)

#1. there are no Palestinians they are a bunch of Arabs that decided to harass the Jews #2. they don't want their own state except where the Jews are and they want the Jews gone so they will never agree to any terms
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Apr 14, 2015 19:08:39   #
CarolSeer2016 wrote:
I really have trouble understanding the Lib mindset. All they have to do is look around them and they could see that the Liberal policies of the last 7 decades, or even century, in respect to domestic policies, JUST HASN'T WORKED!

And they still insist if we just spent more money-----

Can you tell me why they are the way they are, rebec?

they all think they are smarter than anyone that has tried it before so they will do it right this time not being smart enough to know they will be among the first to be eliminated
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Apr 14, 2015 14:39:17   #
Armageddun wrote:
I'ma thinkin you been hittin the sarsaparilla to hard :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

Gotta go to the grocery store or Sue will do considerable damage to my pore head. BRB.......

well if 'd known you were just a whipper snapper i'd have given you what for before now
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Apr 14, 2015 13:26:43   #
Armageddun wrote:
As Popeye says, " I am's what I am's." do these numbers rings a bell :?: :?: :?: :?: :?: :shock: :shock: 75 vs 72 :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

but you've been telling everyone you were 88 now which is it
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Apr 14, 2015 13:04:11   #
Armageddun wrote:
Just in the church? But since I am younger than you I guess the class is still out on how you treat older folks.. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

you are younger than me only if you have been lying to all on OPP of course they didn't have calendars yet when you were born so I doubt you know how old you are
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Apr 14, 2015 12:43:18   #
Armageddun wrote:
You are such a polite child.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

I was always taught to respect my elders
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Apr 14, 2015 10:13:02   #
bdamage wrote:
And what are your thoughts on this?

Court Sides With Baker Who Denied A Christian Customer Bible Verses Be Written on Cakes
By Chris Enloe

A bakery in Colorado has been found not guilty of discrimination after they denied baking two Bible shaped cakes for a Christian ‘activist.’

•If gay people wants to refuse to put ‘h**eful’ messages on something, they should have that right.
•If Muslims want to refuse putting cartoons of Muhammad on a poster, they should have that right.
•If b***k A******ns want to refuse putting images of the KKK on materials, they should have the right to do that.
•If Christians who disagree with gay marriage don’t want to endorse messages that support it, they should have that right.
Full story:
And what are your thoughts on this? br br Court S... (show quote)

your first question is an impossibility keven can't think
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Apr 13, 2015 23:46:36   #
Pennylynn wrote:
Welcome back....

Very funny.... and the teacher had no humor, could she/he and I be related?

:thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:

since mist teachers are liberals it doesn't surprise me she had no humor
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Apr 13, 2015 23:34:31   #
Nuclearian wrote:
Bake me a cake, or go to jail!

Sadly, that is the new message from “inclusive” America. If you don’t want to cater, photograph, preside over, sell pizza at, sell flowers to or otherwise participate in a gay wedding, you will be punished. If you don’t want your business to pay for a kind of birth control that you consider murder, you will pay fines until your business is bankrupt.

Personally, I think both birth control and homosexuality are just fine, and gay marriage is as valid as straight marriage. But forcing everyone to act as if they think that way is just wrong. We have moved from “inclusion” to totalitarianism.

Personally, I think both birth control and homosexuality are just fine, and gay marriage is as valid as straight marriage. But forcing everyone to act as if they think that way is just wrong.

The list of people you must treat carefully keeps getting longer. Protected classes now include sex, race, age, disability, nationality, citizenship status, pregnancy, family status and more. I’m in two of those groups. You better treat me well!

Why force someone who disapproves of your actions to bake you a cake? Lots of other bakers would love the business. This debate has moved from inclusion to demanding that everyone adopt your values.

In a free country, bigots should have the right to be bigots. Americans should also have freedom of association.

American lawyers talk about special protection for religious freedom, and in the Hobby Lobby case the Supreme Court said you could escape onerous parts of ObamaCare by paying lawyers a fortune and convincing judges that you are a closely held corporation with religious objections. But why must you be religious to practice what you believe? This should be about individual freedom.

Of course, government must not discriminate. The worst of American r****m and homophobia -- s***ery, segregation enforced by Jim Crow laws, bans on interracial marriage, anti-sodomy laws, etc. -- was government-enforced discrimination. That was wrong, and it was right for the federal government to intervene.

But private actions are different. If I start a business with my own money, I ought to be allowed to serve only libertarians, people who wear blue shirts, wh**ever. It’s my business!

My customers have choices. If I am r****t or anti-gay, the free market will punish me. Enough people would boycott my business that I would probably lose money quickly.

It would actually be useful to see which businesses refuse to serve one group or another.

Tolerance is revealed by how people behave when they are free. American law fosters the illusion that everyone is unbiased, while their real feelings remain hidden, making them harder to boycott, shame or debate.

Punishment from the market is enough. The heavy hand of law is not needed here.

However, given America’s history, I accept that there are a few exceptions. In the South, people banned from a lunch counter had few other choices. The Civil Rights Act’s intrusion into private behavior was probably necessary to counter the damage done by Jim Crow laws.

But today such coercion is no longer needed. Even in the difficult days of Reconstruction, after the Civil War, business began to bring together w****s and b****s who might not always have liked each other but who wanted the best deals. It took several years for r****ts to get Jim Crow passed so they could put a stop to that erosion of the old r****t ways. Government helped keep r****m going for several more decades.

Individuals should be allowed to discriminate. I discriminate all the time. I favor people over others when I choose my friends, jobs, hobbies, clubs, religion, etc. So do you.

Elizabeth Taylor married nine times. Had she married again, should the EEOC have ordered her to marry someone from an ethnic minority?

A h********c baker shouldn’t stop a same-sex couple from getting married. Likewise, a gay couple shouldn’t force a baker to make them a wedding cake. No one should ever force anyone to bake them a cake.
Bake me a cake, or go to jail! br br Sadly, that ... (show quote)

I wonder how long those q***rs had to search to find a bakery that would refuse them
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Apr 13, 2015 22:15:20   #
B****sheep wrote:
I hear you. Thing is, without that pill, my arteries will plug back up and it's over. With the pill, my arteries are clean and clear. I don't seem to have any side effects at all from it after taking it or another one for 17 years now and at this point I'm really not interested in hearing about warnings and dangers.

the only reason they would plug is if your thyroid is not working
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Apr 13, 2015 21:33:55   #
Armageddun wrote:
I think your story was a whale of a tail :!: :!: :!:

you're welcome to check it out yourself
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Apr 13, 2015 20:00:16   #
ghostgotcha wrote:
Just thinking of all the latest technology put into the manufacturing of cookware.

Why think about that? Well .... I dunno..... but how about it?

Remember when the hottest cookware was either cast iron or porcelain coated steel? Is it still the best?

I remember years ago when my wife and I attended a cooking party at a friends home. I guess this would be akin a Mary Kay invite--only with food involved. Designed to draw-in the man of the house too. You know: "the way to his heart leads through his stomach."

Anyway. I remember to this day; watching the "host cook" do a whole dinner on top of one burner.... Most amazing cookware I had ever seen. This boy had food cooking in a pot, sitting on top of another pot cooking more food and beneath both, the main course was cooking on the stove itself.

Let me tell you; some how or the other, the heat traveled up that shiny metal and heated each pot full of food. Three pots and he fed twelve of us. A regular whodunit.

Yes we purchased his fourteen piece set of cookware and when it arrived in the mail my lovely wife started to cook with it. Did a great job and those fancy lids meant she did not have to throw in a pound of butter or lard to keep the food from sticking.

I have to assume on one of our many military relocations around the world the pots and pans got lost in the mail-storm.

Anyway, back on track. In our summer-log house in the Smokey mountains we are now in the market for a new set of cookware and I want some of that better grade of pots and pans. So any suggestions?

Should we go with cast iron, porcelain coated aluminum, Teflon coated stainless, anodized aluminum or wh**ever... ?

Why all the choices, and does it make a difference to a fried egg or a seared steak?

I have noticed that not all this cookware today is made in China. In addition to the good ol'USof A, some comes from France, Germany and even Italy. Does that make a difference?

Maybe the smartest thing is to just pay Walmart a visit and skip Bed-Bath and (way) beyond on this gathering.

Does it make any difference which famous chief has their name on it? If it does not cook a pork-chop will they stop by the house and show us how to make it work? That is the quandary.

Hey. I will buy the wife any pot she wants as long as she will still make her potato soup in it.

So.... How about some first hand experience from you experienced home chiefs.

My stomach is growling (and growing) in anticipation.
Just thinking of all the latest technology put int... (show quote)

no aluminum
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Apr 13, 2015 19:44:44   #
maryla wrote:
I was born in Detroit so I don't believe it was LBJ as much as Coleman Young was mayor 1974-94 and another loser was Kwame Kilpatrick 2002-2008

of course LBJ didn't do it himself he had to have lacky's do the dirty work for him
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