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Dec 4, 2023 19:01:20   #
Hydro wrote:
It isn’t the basic cost of the government - it is the waste both sides use the tax money for - example Social Security was suppose to be a stand alone program- supposedly untouchable except to pay out benefits ac riding to taxes paid in - but both sides saw a mountain of money - they didn’t just take it and use it on boonedoggles they borrowed against it - this is why the program is close to being insolvent along with the fact there are fewer paying into the fund

There should be a statue that doesn’t allow continuing to borrow trillions in order to finance pet projects our politicians deem needed like the green new deal or the affordable care act or the recession reduction act - trillions that have provided only placing us farther behind the pervirbial eight ball our government should be held to the same standards every family must deal with and that is a balanced check book
It isn’t the basic cost of the government - it is ... (show quote)

I do believe you hit on a very important point, the fact that nobody in government is held responsible for cost over runs means that the waste, fraud and inefficiency in government cost at least as much, and probably more than, corporate greed since government can force you to buy their "product" at what ever price they dictate..
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Dec 4, 2023 18:20:04   #
Marty 2020 wrote:
All these speculations are absolutely meaningless.
Who cares what happened “in the beginning”?
I already know everything that is important to know, it’s in the first sentence of the Bible!
People who are afraid to die, that believe that death ends everything, have no hope.
Well I “Got Hope”!

You could still be curious and interested in what was created, regardless of how you feel it came about. The very fact that you accept the first sentence of the Bible means you do care what happened in the beginning and have found a satisfactory answer.
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Dec 3, 2023 17:04:35   #
Milosia2 wrote:
That’s just not how I read it .
To me this action only means one thing ,
Now you’ll be eating corporate made sandwiches.
For profit only ,
With only a chance you might like them better being made with more inferior products.
Profits at any cost !
Profits at all costs !

Subway itself is not a corporation that you believe worships profits at all costs? Why would Blackrock be any different?
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Dec 3, 2023 16:51:45   #
pegw wrote:
For all you people that missed the economics lecture in High School. We are a capitalist nation. Companies charge what the marketplace will bear. The major reason for this recent bout of inflation was that companies raised their prices. Because they wanted bigger profits. So they could lower prices, if they want to.

What the market will bear is nearly always very close to what costs the company incurs. Don't forget from your high school economics that every cost a company has is a product/service of another company or person. Why is it that a fast food joint doesn't charge $100 for a meal deal, or government rise the minimum wage to say $150/hr?
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Dec 3, 2023 16:42:13   #
Airforceone wrote:
Well that’s an intellectually sound comment so if I need a quart of milk what do I use to buy it. Or if I want a new TV what do I use to buy it.
If there’s one thing that pisses me off is someone like telling me I’am not an American. I love this country but since Trump came along this country is divided as it was since the civil war.
Trump has destroyed are relationship around the world with his stupid comments like I disagree with all US intelligence agencies and I believe Putin. Then this pathological liar destroyed the Republican Party.
Well that’s an intellectually sound comment so if ... (show quote)

You buy your milk and tv with the contributions YOU make to society, aka "working". The "money" is just the way we keep track of how much and how valuable your contributions are, and thus how much you are entitled to have via your purchases..
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Dec 3, 2023 16:37:22   #
Airforceone wrote:
Well answer this did Biden call these people and tell them to raise prices.😂😂😂😂😂 Did you see Congress 2 years ago when Biden tried for legislation to prevent corporate greed during the p******c and every Republican v**ed no. So that alone opened the door to corporate greed.
Unemployment down Wages are up people buying stuff and corporate greed kicks in. And republicans opened the door to corporate greed.
Answer me a question Republicans have control of the House of Representatives and since they got control did they institute and legislation in the form of comprehensive immigration reform, legislation to bring down inflation, legislation to prevent corporate greed, any type of gun control. No they blame Biden
Well answer this did Biden call these people and t... (show quote)

So why do governments at nearly every level keep saying they need ever more tax revenues? They should just follow their own advice and not keep trying to rise their "prices".
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Dec 1, 2023 14:19:30   #
manning5me wrote:
Apply the law of proportionality, P, to them for power spent, altitude flown, distance flown, payload, etc. and you get a ratio of something like P=10^8th factor or higher. They had no capability to reach such a P factor then. Then C=GxP where G is the constant of proportionality. So, with their P so low their complexity factor was nearer 300.

Meaning what???? Where do the numerical values of P and G actually come from? Your comment on the P value sounds like the point I was trying to make. The "first cell" was extremally simple as were the Wright Flyers, modern day cells are far more complex, as were the space shuttles.
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Dec 1, 2023 14:01:07   #
RascalRiley wrote:
So none of these questions have any relevance?

I suspect these questions too painful for you to comprehend?

Painful, no! Vague, slanted and impossible to honestly answer, yes!
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Nov 30, 2023 12:32:14   #
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Nov 30, 2023 11:59:09   #
manning5me wrote:
I support the position that we do not know how life originated. I will use a single argument to buttress my position.

Science has postulated that life began with a single cell.
A living cell has been shown to be extremely complex, with all kinds of interior mechanisms needed for it to function, including DNA and RNA to manufacture amino acid chains and other large complex functional structures. Many of the structures must be completed inside time limits of a few hours, and not millions of years too, or else they refuse to form properly. Protein folds, are a good example of this.

Science has absolutely no clue as to how to construct such a cell and to ensure its functionality. Thus they have no way to state that they have conquered the origin of life.

The idea that in the early times, a primal soup had all the chemicals needed to make life once struck by lightning, the Miller/Uray Experiment, has been proven to be false.

I thank Dr. James Tour for his insight into the origins of life.
I support the position that we do not know how lif... (show quote)

You could also argue that the first heavier than air vehicle the Wright brothers built had to be as complex as the space shuttle.
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Nov 30, 2023 11:49:05   #
RascalRiley wrote:
No I am not. I am not a con man. Is Donny worth 2.6B?

He pretended this golden penthouse was three times its actually size. 😂

Why do you care what he is or isn't worth?
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Nov 30, 2023 11:43:58   #
proud republican wrote:

But you do have to admit that Slo Joe's handlers are screwing up the economy at a slower rate than they were a year or two ago.
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Nov 27, 2023 20:21:41   #
Airforceone wrote:
Not sure what you’re talking about and I doubt you do. Trying to create a debate about inflation but in typical fashion you avoid it. Why not you explain what causes inflation instead of a silly immature remark.

"Trying to create a debate about inflation..." but you just clearly stated that the sole cause of inflation is price gouging.
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Nov 27, 2023 20:17:00   #
proud republican wrote:
If Trump wins, Dems will lose their collective minds ..😆😆

WHAT!!!!!!! You mean that actually HAVE a collective mind!
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Nov 27, 2023 20:07:10   #
Bad Bob wrote:

Sorry if my comment is above your pay grade, but since you can easily see the future, all shall be reveled, even to you!
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