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May 25, 2019 10:14:11   #
lindajoy wrote:
And she nor “they” haven’t yet seen just how pissed he is and or know what he’s going to do until he’s done it..Something he has always done and needed too!!

Just as wood pointed out although President Trump authorized Barr to declassify “ANY Documents” related to-surveillance the dems will scream its not all of them anyway..Its only some etc... :

I find it rather funny that whatever Mueller did to try to cover the actions of these people, they will be the very people, exposing themselves even more so... Just as we are already seeing~ comey, lynch, comey, Rosenstein, strozk, page, clinton, bo..mcgabe, comey, my goodness comey is tied to every one of them.. Guess he earned his 6 million paid out through hills racketeering foundation rather nicely..

Time for some...
And she nor “they” haven’t yet seen just how pisse... (show quote)

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. He let them play their game, and now he's going to war on them. The circular firing squad on the blue team is already forming.
May 25, 2019 10:07:15   #
Kevyn wrote:
Did you notice that none of the asshats who responded to your link responded to the facts in the article but rather personally attacked you for confronting them with the truth and facts?

It was an opinion piece. Means nothing. Like you.
May 25, 2019 09:54:53   #
Morgan wrote:
How do you even get there from what I said

Because I really don't see anything here for anybody to get butthurt over. As far as OPP threads go, this one is pretty calm.

I mean, it's not like anybody told you to get off your fat ass, and go make em a sandwich, or anything!
May 25, 2019 09:45:38   #
EmilyD wrote:
That's a low blow - even for you.

I'm laughing right now. Morgan is on another thread whining about people being nasty.
May 25, 2019 09:43:44   #
Morgan wrote:
And she, as you, provoke every bit of it, dontcha, it is what you are here for. I'm thinking fro now on I will report every insulting post, because you guys are incapable of decent, civil behavior, it's just not in your cultural rearing and the rest of us have to deal with it, like dealing with spoiled little brats with no proper upbringing.
And she, as you, provoke every bit of it, dontcha,... (show quote)

On other words, "Agree with me, or I'm gonna tell moma."
May 25, 2019 09:41:40   #
Morgan wrote:
You say you don't like Trump, I've never seen that, you support his every move,turn and wiggle. This is one place we will never agree Arch. I can support the Republican party on some issues, I will never support a lying deceitful president, end of story. He is the one playing games along with Barr at obstructing, it is such BS.

And no I wouldn't walk out, I'm a stay and fight till the air is cleared kinda gal.

I don't have to like him to support the job he's doing. And I do like the job he's doing. He ain't scared to do the hard thing, and ruffle feathers to get it done.

And, I would think that if you're that kind of fighter, you would respect that, but no, he's Donald Trump, so you have to hate even the air that he breathes.

Also, he made the exact, right move with Pelosi, and Upchuck.

Told em what he thought, walked away, and let them go out in public, and act the fool.
Me, I would have told that witch to fk off, spit in her face, then kicked Upchuck where his nads are supposed to be, and had them physically thrown out.
May 25, 2019 09:28:23   #
jimpack123 wrote:
fake news lol he is making things worse what if China sell it's US bonds?

Who's gonna buy em?
May 25, 2019 09:27:40   #
Morgan wrote:
Pure Russian Troll, IMO

Why are you mocking her nationality?

Where are your ancestors from so she can hit back?
May 25, 2019 09:21:12   #
Mikeyavelli wrote:
All ahead of the document dump that proves the coup started with Obama and Hillary and spread throughout the bureaus and 5 countries.
The kommiecrats are panicked.

Yep, between that, and what Barr is doing, the vampires are about to be exposed to full sunlight.
May 25, 2019 09:15:58   #
Mikeyavelli wrote:
I've never heard Trump lie, nor have I seen Trump lie. His body language is as bluntly honest as his words.
The things the lefty coup administrators can't accept about Trump are called lies. I love how they have legions of fact checkers feverishly picking fly shit out of pepper and proudly displaying their discovery.
Funny enough to make a cat laugh.

Come on now. There was that time he said he ate a hamburger, and it was, in fact, a cheeseburger.
That lie was undeniable.
May 25, 2019 09:13:13   #
jimpack123 wrote:
and they are disappearing because of his Tariffs

Quit whining about tariffs already! They're gonna get worked out. Trump is playing the long game, and he's gonna win.
May 25, 2019 08:57:36   #
Morgan wrote:
Bahahah, talking about Pelosi's after Trump's infantile hissy fit is quite laughable indeed.

Infantile hissy fit? My understanding is that he said his piece, and walked out. Have you never done the same?

I do find it amusing the way Pelosi over dramatized the whole thing, and you people bought it.

Personally, I don't blame him. She slanders him on national television, and then goes in expecting his cooperation.
It was just another move in the game she's playing. That's plain to see.
May 24, 2019 22:26:32   #
Mikeyavelli wrote:
They're reaching for alibis, boogers are a luxury now.

Now, that was funny!
May 24, 2019 22:22:15   #
byronglimish wrote:
Woofy, I need to tell you, your spew has been untrustworthy and boring for all too long now.

Have you ever thought about fishing or some other new hobby?

Feeding misquitos and ants might be a good one.
May 24, 2019 22:19:35   #
redpill wrote:
Archie, you might as well give it up. There is no way Trump haters will give one bit. Let them vote in peace. We have them out numbered. 2020 will take them down a peg or two. But if you wish to continue, have fun. They are like a bunch of pygmy goats, so fun to watch, jumping all over the place.

But.....nobody can answer the question. I mean, specifically, what laws has he broken?
I understand folks not liking him, but this is ridiculous!
Be specific.
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