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Jul 10, 2019 18:19:06   #
Larry the Legend wrote:
Well, that just about places him a the scene of the crime, doesn't it? Motive? Pure evil, obviously. Tell me, just what were the results of the police investigation into the accusation that he was a rapist? You know, the one where they gather actual evidence and take witness statements, collect samples and specimens, and generally try and figure out what actually took place. In other words, what did the investigating officer find and why was he never charged as a rapist?

what I am saying is that they know each other very well, that is all I am saying. charges ended up being dropped.
Jul 10, 2019 16:47:32   #
[quote=Larry the Legend]I'm not going there. I'll let your last post speak for itself, much like your little idol Alexandria Occasional Cortex, you put your foot in it. Again.[/quote

i have no interest in her, she is a complete moron and I have nothing to do with her. but why mention her ? you guys always have to bring something else into play why ? stay on track and don`t stray frpom the topic
Jul 10, 2019 16:44:28   #
Larry the Legend wrote:
Okay, so he knew him for 15 years. I couldn't care less. The fact remains that he dropped his perverted ass when he found out. Barred him from Mar-a-Lago too. Didn't know that did you?

they both were accused of raping a underage girl, so what are you saying he dumped after that ?
Jul 10, 2019 16:33:54   #
Blade_Runner wrote:
Umm, that article was published in March last year, it addressed the idea of a Veteran's Day parade which, of course, would have taken place on General George Patton's 133rd birthday. When President Trump was informed of the cost, he cancelled it.

but he wanted this one and look at what it cost the tax payers, he did not need to be so extravagant
Jul 10, 2019 16:31:55   #
Larry the Legend wrote:
Apparently they knew each other years ago and Trump backed off for 'reasons unknown'. That's all they need to slather their nasty goo all over him for the next hundred or so news cycles.

Trump said he had known him for over 15 years back then, but you are trying to say he did not really know him ? fools you are
Jul 10, 2019 16:15:32   #
Larry the Legend wrote:
Ha! Take your pick! Just close your eyes and pull a name out of the hat, you're guaranteed to find one a lot worse than out esteemed President Trump, who leaves the whole gamut looking stupid every time he snaps his fingers.

until he opens his mouth and makes a fool of himself
Jul 10, 2019 16:10:37   #
Bcon wrote:
Just because you say they are not, is not proof. As for conservatives, just look at Trumps record. Best president since Reagan. Thank God Obama is gone and Hillary lost her bid for election. Still waiting for your proof.

it would be nice if you had proof, just you saying the dems are the ones does not make it the truth. you tell me to prove it yet you have no proof, not really something you can actually prove
Jul 10, 2019 16:08:00   #
HonorNCourage57 wrote:
Immigration: When Do We Get To Too Many?
July 8, 2019 1052

Authored by Kelli Ballard via,

The border crisis continues to be a growing problem with virtually no solution in sight. The two sides of the aisle are too busy fighting each other and President Donald Trump to get anything accomplished. The Dems want open borders while the rest of the U.S. wants to protect our borders and everyone inside them. Now a new bill is set to be introduced by the Democrats that will increase the number of refugees we take in each year to a whopping 100,000.
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The “Northern Triangle and Border Stabilization Act” (H.R. 3524) being introduced by Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) is an attempt to increase the number of at-risk immigrant refugees with an emphasis on speeding up the process.

According to the United Nations, 22,900 refugees were resettled in the U.S. in 2018. Let me repeat that: 22,900 refugees last year and the Dems want to increase that to 100,000! To further emphasize the enormity of this, these numbers only relate to refugees as defined by their need to escape their homeland due to imminent fear or threats of harm or death. This number does not take into account the hundreds of thousands of immigrants stampeding our southern border on a daily basis. Nor does this include immigrants and refugees outside of Central America. This astronomical number refers only to those seeking asylum from the Northern Triangle countries: El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.

The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) is, of course, 100% behind this bill, and added its own suggestions to be implemented. Said AILA Executive Director Benjamin Johnson:

“To make the system efficient and fair, AILA calls upon the government to hire and send more asylum officers to the border, provide migrants with legal counsel, and stop what has become a knee-jerk practice of detaining asylum seekers. H.R. 3524 also calls for hiring more immigration judges, but on its own, more judges won’t eliminate the enormous 900,000 case backlog slowing the courts. Congress should immediately restore the authority that DOJ stripped from immigration judges to manage their dockets and decide cases in an impartial and independent manner, and in the long term Congress should create an independent immigration court system separate from the Department of Justice. We welcome the ‘Northern Triangle and Border Stabilization Act’ and urge Congress to move the bill forward quickly.”

In other words, it is okay to bring in more officers to the border to assist refugees, but it is immoral to send more patrol agents to protect our citizens.

Our detention centers, otherwise known as “concentration camps” from such geniuses as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, are already splitting at the seams with the overcrowding of migrants spilling into the nation. Dems have been having a glorified field day complete with crocodile tears relating the horrible, inhumane, and atrocious conditions where immigrants are being housed while we figure out what to do with them. Why, then, would sensible lawmakers ever consider upping the cap number of refugees allowed in each year? Increasing the number will not improve conditions at the border.

One of the elements of the proposed act is to make it so immigrants seeking asylum can do so from their own country so that they don’t have to make the dangerous trek. In theory, this seems like a good idea – as long as the preapproved seekers are still met with a rigorous in-person vetting system once they reach the U.S. The idea is that this will help reduce the congestion at the border by allowing people to prequalify.

The United Nations reports that currently, it takes between 12 and 24 months for asylum seekers to be vetted once they are recommended to the U.S.

Screening by eight federal agencies including the State Department, Department of Homeland Security and the FBI.
Six security database checks and biometric security checks screened against U.S. federal databases.
Medical screening.
Three in-person interviews with Department of Homeland Security officers.

Before our elected representatives start quadrupling the numbers of refugees the U.S. processes each year, perhaps a better idea would be to first find a solution to deal with the enormous numbers we already have in our country before inviting even more.

As long as our Border are still open to these Illegals, there is no telling just how many more will creep through!!!!! So this is what i think. What do Y'all think?
Immigration: When Do We Get To Too Many? br July 8... (show quote)

100,000`s of thousands daily coming into the US, you are making that up. no way that many are coming in everyday, so you are as bad as Trump at telling the truth ?
Jul 10, 2019 15:12:10   #
jeff smith wrote:
sorry perafrost . the IRS sceem started with Teddy , then the Kennadys . long before Nixon . ------ as for the tax cut for corp. America , he also took away some of their deductions . I know of this because I have lost some of the deductions that I use to have . there was also a tax break for working people , although temporary , there is legislation in progress to make it permanent. yet as usual the bimbocratic leadership is putting the brakes on that also . any thing they can do to make it difficult for President Trump , to fullfil his campaign promises . the bimbocratic leaders have taken a line from Hitlar, when he was dictating his manifesto , " if you tell a big enough lie enough they will believe " --------how did open boarders help Ireland? ------ living as a third world peasant? well this will surely happen of the dem. campaigners get the white house back . especially if they control the house and senate . watch out America the socialist want to have a take over to DESTROY AMERICA . then we will be living as third world peasants .
sorry perafrost . the IRS sceem started with Teddy... (show quote)

OK it was not the democrats that just gave the top 1% a tax break and not the working class people, it was Trump
Jul 10, 2019 14:58:36   #
Lt. Rob Polans ret. wrote:
I just told him that if SCOTUS has a problem with a question that has been asked since 1880, re-word it to read What is your TIN number. What's that? Don't know what it is? Are you a citizen? Just pulling your chain, Amazon asks it of all new authors. They had me going for a minute until I asked my CPA.

that is not something that all would know, I know it because i am in the mortgage business. Tax Identification Number ( TIN )
Jul 10, 2019 14:55:50   #
Bcon wrote:
Okay, prove me wrong, if you are able. Just because you don’t like or don’t comprehend the answer doesn’t Mae it wrong. It makes you look foolish.

democrats are not tearing down American society, prove to me that the republicans are not.
Jul 10, 2019 14:39:23   #
Bcon wrote:
The reason the democrats are always at fault, is because of the actions they take to tear down American society. Any more questions?

as usual ask an idiot a question and get an idiots answer
Jul 10, 2019 14:32:27   #
Liberty Tree wrote:
If a Democrat, it will be one who is too crooked and too much of a cheater.

you mean worse than Trump is ? I don`t think you will find one worse than Trump
Jul 10, 2019 14:13:19   #
Larry the Legend wrote:
Sorry, but he was born in a hospital bed in Mombasa, Kenya. There's even a plaque over the bed:

Larry you are for sure a legend in your own mind, but a retard to all others
Jul 10, 2019 13:23:37   #
bylm1-Bernie wrote:
It's really astonishing to me how a few paragraphs can be filled with so much wrongheadedness. I guess you libs just put together whatever you would like to believe and that becomes the truth. When you're that far off, it is not worth my valuable time to try to logically dispute it.

actually he is not that far off, you are but he is not. he is actually spot on.
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