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Apr 16, 2024 22:23:25   #
fullspinzoo wrote:
No it's not. Policing the world's foreign relations is none of our business. All the founder's would have minded their own business. John Quincy Adams said " America goes not abroad in search of monsters to destroy".We get involved in way too many wars. And when was the last time we were crowned the victor?

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Apr 16, 2024 22:04:08   #
Jim0001 wrote:
I didn't have student debt...until Biden!

Really? Were you a student before Biden? How long have you been in college? Are student loans available in high school?
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Apr 16, 2024 21:49:33   #
proud republican wrote:
Hey kitti, I suggest you shut up about something you have no idea about... He's an asshole who accused me if incest , so unless you read his whole pist... SHUT UP!!

So in order to state my opinion of a post I must first read all of his prior posts? I referred to one particular post and it was factual. He was attacked for that. I don't know anything about anybody indulging in incest and I don't care.
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Apr 15, 2024 18:04:13   #
okie don wrote:
Beats hell.out of sending borrowed funds to Ukcraine.
Ukraine will never reimburse us.

Reimburse us? Do you believe the Russians will stop at Ukraine? Supporting Ukraine is in our national interest.
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Apr 15, 2024 08:12:06   #
JFlorio wrote:
Another lie. Four Republicans signed off on a ridiculous 300 page bill that did not close the border. That’s not a large bipartisan anything. Trump can’t order anything at this stage. Republicans v**ed against the bill because it sucked. Biden could close the border with an E.O. tomorrow if he wanted. The democrats simply want open borders. They just can’t admit it. Ask yourself, if Biden and the democrats wanted to stop i*****l i*********n why did they fly over 350,000 i******s into the country? Try reading the parts of the bill that deal with immigration. The House passed a stand alone bill that’s been sitting on Schumer’s desk for months that would secure the border. Why didn’t he take it up? You’re either woefully under informed, a democrat operative, liar, or stupid.
Another lie. Four Republicans signed off on a ridi... (show quote)**l-border-bill-sign-trumps-strength-mcconnells-waning-in-rcna137477
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Apr 15, 2024 00:09:03   #
JFlorio wrote:
I’m not sure you’re being accurate. First off; is a Trumpster someone who v**ed for Trump? Most comments I have read said Trump is the first president who either did as promised or tried. You still believe Biden when he said he would bring Americans together? He hasn’t tried yet.

A bipartisan immigration bill was passed with large bipartisan support. Trump ordered the republicans to not pass it as it would deprive him of his major issue. Biden is ready to sign it. That bill would bring Americans together on immigration policy. I would qualify that as trying.
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Apr 15, 2024 00:03:32   #
JFlorio wrote:
It was a naive statement. Trump had no idea the swamp was as big and deep as it is.

But did try? You guys are still talking about the swamp as if Trump will drain it.
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Apr 14, 2024 23:35:56   #
Turtle keeper wrote:
Please explain why you said that

Actually I don't know why I said that as there are comments on this thread that are more ignorant than this one. But regarding this one? ok. You Trumpsters claim that Trump always does what he says he will do. In 2016 he said he would "drain the swamp". Yet you constantly refer to the "swamp". And referring to the "Marxist Demorats" and all the other name calling is third grade stuff. Here's a suggestion: Delete all the name calling on this 9 page thread and see what's left.
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Apr 14, 2024 23:11:26   #
FallenOak wrote:
Mr. Airforce, please allow me to present some few fact to you. I return to the past century. Mr. Wilson actually wanted the US to enter WWI. His inept handling of the peace following that war allowed France to create the setting for Germany to finally go to war and we got WWII. There are some books documenting the measures taken by Mr. Hitler to bring Germany out of the absolute devastation in Germany caused by French r********ns. Mr. FD Roosevelt couldn’t wait to get involved in WWII and was financing the war before Mr. Roosevelt got his reason for entering the war.

You say Republican wars. Let me cite some numbers. Wilson, WWI US combat deaths 53,402; F Roosevelt, WWII US combat deaths 291,557; Kennedy/Johnson, Vietnam war US combat deaths 47,434; Truman, Korean war US combat deaths 33,686; Bush 2/Obama/Trump/Biden, Iraq war US combat deaths 3,836; Bush 2/Obama/Trump/Biden, Afghanistan war US combat deaths 1,833. I am giving Bush 2 the deaths even though the other three presidents had the option of ending those two wars at any time during their tenure of office.
Total US combat deaths under Democrat Presidents 395,779.
Total US combat deaths under Republican Presidents 5,669.
I have lived in the presidencies of all but Wilson in this list so in my life the Democrat presidents have been liable for 342,377 US deaths while the Republican presidents have been liable for 5,699 US deaths. Which is the warmongering party?

You really need to understand that anything you read in any newspaper is not necessarily t***h but a slanted and biased article written by someone who wants to change your mind to his way of thinking. That is T***H about any and all news whether Democrat or Republican. Even the Peg here should realize that Fact Checkers are also very biased in the way they present the facts they are supposedly verifying as t***h.

Your poisoning the well statement about Trump and Putin can also be said about Biden’s puppet, the little tin dictator in Ukraine who is nothing more and nothing less than a vaudeville comedian pretending to be a president.

I am registered as an Unaffiliated V**er. I do usually v**e for the Libertarian candidate however.
Mr. Airforce, please allow me to present some few ... (show quote)

Fallen Oak, I think you’re missing a few acorns. Please allow me to give you some facts:
Had the US not entered WW2 the allies would have been defeated and Germany and Japan would have divided and controlled the world. One can only guess what our lives would have been like had that happened. That fact and the New Deal (Social Security, etc) are why historians rank FDR as one of our greatest presidents.
It was Eisenhower who sent “advisors” to Vietnam and Laos. Kennedy continued the policy. It was Johnson, of course, who escalated it with the fabricated Gulf of Tonkin Incident, which he used to con the Congress into expanding the war by 500,000 troops, one of which was me.
But remember in1968 when Richard Nixon ran for President on the lie that he had a secret plan to end the war? He was elected based on that lie, and also based on the murder of his primary political rival, RFK.
Nixon had no such secret plan and escalated the war into Cambodia.
In 1968 Johnson had negotiated a treaty with North and South Vietnam. Candidate Nixon sent an envoy to Saigon and convinced South Vietnam President Thieu to cancel the treaty, that Nixon would give him a “better deal” when he was President. From that day forward Vietnam became Nixon’s war, as he allowed it to continue for several more years. So much for his “secret plan”. This is all documented in the tape of the Johnson-Dirkson telephone conversation in which Johnson and Dirkson agreed that Nixon had committed treason.
Iraq belongs 100% to President Cheney and his marionette George W. Bush. Afghanistan also belongs to Cheney and Bush, as does 9/11, as Bush was sent a warning of the attack and failed to read it. That’s right, Bush could have prevented 9/11. When the peaceful t******r of p***r (remember those? ) occurred in 2001 President Clinton advised Bush his primary national security worry would be Al Qaeda. Bush replied no, it was Saddam. “Saddam tried to k**l my Dad”, he said.
You claim you don’t believe the media or the fact checkers. Really? Where do you get your information? There is no other source unless you are an eye witness.
Perhaps you should find a source, as you have been fed some bogus information, and neglected some facts.
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Apr 13, 2024 17:50:00   #
SIX House seats could flip from Blue to Red in 2024, potentially giving GOP bigger majority..
In your dreams!
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Apr 13, 2024 17:45:45   #
proud republican wrote:
You're really d********g PRICK!!🤮🤮🤮

He's right, though, isn't he? When you can't refute what is said you resort to name calling.
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Apr 13, 2024 17:38:48   #
Do you know any teachers? If so, ask them if they would agree to carry a gun in their classroom. I doubt you'd find many who would.
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Apr 13, 2024 17:22:02   #
padremike wrote:
They're called the swamp. They're unelected bureaucrats and they possess too much entrenched power. They need to be removed and barred from government service. They're mostly cultural Marxist Democrats just like you who falsely believe they're patriots.

Really? Trump said he would "drain the swamp". He had four years to do that and they're still there?
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Apr 13, 2024 16:50:36   #
AuntiE wrote:
If you saw it real time, were you physically present? No. As like all progressives, you receive all your information from the media.

You have made a lot of assertions with no proof but your words. Basically worthless!

So you have to "be there" to know what happened? Wouldn't that limit your knowledge just a bit?
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Apr 8, 2024 08:16:53   #
bylm1-Bernie wrote:
Have any i**********ns in history been committed with zero firearms?

It's a fact that some of the J** 6 i**********nists were carrying firearms. Tucker Carlson, who claimed that there were no firearms, is a liar who spouts misinformation on a daily basis. J** 6 was an i**********n carried out by a group of gullible people, some of whom went to jail because they believed Trump's lies. If you keep watching Tucker you'll most likely never know the t***h about anything.
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