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The Real Reason Liberals Hate Fox News
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Apr 15, 2019 09:49:15   #
Liberty Tree wrote:
Liberals hate FOX News is because without it they would be able to completely indoctrinate the general public to their extreme left wing, secular humanistic, socialist point of view. The same way they are doing to the students at in our public schools and colleges. Liberals long for a day when their own brand of PRAVDA is the only "news" source in America. FOX News divides those who seek to avoid the trap of being servants of the state from those who do not mind being that as long as they believe they will be cared for from cradle to the grave, if they are fortunate to make it to the cradle before they are state sanctioned murded.
Liberals hate FOX News is because without it they ... (show quote)

The radical DEMS want the 16-year old to vote. Their brains at this age are so brainwashed and tormented. They don't have common sense especially those in high schools, all brain washed by the labor union teachers to liberalism.

Without FoxNews, we the people are all brainwashed by the liberals and democrats. Foxnews provides us credible events going on. The journalists, reporters, and commentators at FoxNews have integrity in their reporting. The have ethics and follow the true journalism.

Besides, all of them working at FoxNews are brilliant and beautiful. It is worth my time as they deliver the credible message to the people. That is why they have the highest ratings.

CNN ratings are only about 5% of FoxNews, while MSNBC and others are 50% to 55%.
Only the handouts, illegals, and free loaders watch CNN, and MSNBC. A lot of CNN and MSNBC reporters and commentators are ugly. I don't want to look at them.

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