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We are not some political camp blindly advocating an agenda by following a pre-set list of bullet points. Instead, we let individuals voice their opinions and back them with facts and logical reasoning.

Among our users we have influential business owners in various industries, active and retired military, former and current government employees who share their insight and provide unprecedented level of access to information that you won't find anywhere else.

Some speak anonymously using aliases, others disclose their identities (it's up to them), and we provide a way for you to hear what they have to say. Some of them only post information on our website and nowhere else! So you won't find it anywhere.

We are a community of people who gathered together specifically to discuss politics and uncover the truth behind what's happening domestically in the USA and globally in the world. Today, right this minute.

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Here are just some of the things being uncovered on One Political Plaza right now:

• Is Biden just a senile old man who doesn't even realize he is the president half of the time and a huge step-down from Trump? Or is he exactly the kind of president the country needs right now to fix Trump's mistakes and to push through the kinds of reforms that will benefit even those Americans who are currently against him? (We came across some of his recent rarely-mentioned remarks that shed light on his true persona, and what it means for the country. You need to know this.)

• If Capitol rioters are guilty of sedition, then aren't BLM rioters, who created no-go zones and for a time suspended our laws on US soil, guilty of separatism? Or is it totally different and shouldn't be looked at the same? (One perspective you must know that will make you think twice before answering this question.)

• Should we open up businesses as soon as possible even at the risk of more infections? Or should we wait it out? (A report outlining how close we are to the threshold of irreparably damaging the economy. Find out if we are close to it or not.)

• What hurts the economy more: the welfare or the defense spending? (The answer isn't what you thought. I guarantee it.)

• Do immigrants bring more money into the economy by being consumers or do they send more "back home"? We have some hard numbers posted.

(What if we take into account the new immigrants from Syria and now also from Venezuela currently headed to the US? How does that change the immigration debate?)

• Should we do everything we can to remove guns from circulation to decrease crime? Or are guns what keeps us safe? (There is one angle you haven't considered.)

• Why do politicians lie? You hear people always say that politicians are all crooks. But why is that? Why can't there be more honest politicians? Or can there? (This will surprise you, as it surprised me when I found out.)

• Is the minimum wage all about the union contracts or about actually helping those at the bottom? Does it actually help? (This will definitely change your mind about the issue.)

• Furthering LGBT equality rights through lawsuits to the point of forcing businesses to serve against their beliefs. Does that violate the rights of business owners? Or does the notion of equality trump it all?

• Will we ever have affordable health care in the USA? (Most people don't know it, but other developed nations only have "free" health care because the Americans are paying for it. We are actually carrying them on our backs. A bold explanation that you must read.)

• Join in and see for yourself. This will shock you. And it's all completely FREE!

• Let me repeat that. Since for some reason a lot of people contact us asking if the membership is really free or if there is some catch: we are a forum for people who like to discuss politics and know what's happening out there. So we don't sell anything, we don't solicit for political donations, and we don't work as a recruiting front for any party or agenda. It's as simple as that.

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