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Jul 12, 2024 16:00:20   #
It is way past time for the candidate to step aside. He is too old to stand up to the rigors of being president. He obviously in poor health. His cognitive abilities are minimal at best. He speaks fluent nonsense. He has been unable to articulate a coherent plan for what his administration will do, other than taking revenge on his political enemies. It is time for Donald Trump to withdraw from the race.
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Jul 11, 2024 18:20:40   #
Sonny Magoo wrote:
I'd bet the 3 people pictured have IQs higher than you.

Maybe if you add up the IQ'S of those three.
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Jul 11, 2024 18:16:27   #
Parky60 wrote:
It’s no secret that Christians are under attack in this country, and much of it comes from Democrats who aim to eradicate religion in America. Oregon, being a very liberal state, has joined in on this assault.

Jessica Bates, a mother of five, is challenging the Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) with assistance from Alliance Defending Freedom after being informed she could not adopt.

An article by Life News reported the rule within the ODHS “categorically excluded her from adopting any child — no matter their age or beliefs — because she would not violate her religious beliefs to promote Oregon’s radical g****r ideology.”

Bates is petitioning the 9th Circuit to grant her certification so she can adopt and “provide a loving home to children in need.” This case exemplifies a state, governed by Democrats, leveraging its authority to discriminate against a religious family.

“Jessica is a loving mother who wants to open her home to children in need right now,” ADF Senior Counsel Jonathan Scruggs explained, “but Oregon officials are excluding her and countless other families because of their religious beliefs about sexual ethics and the human body.”

This ordeal has spanned two years as Bates applied for certification, but was denied because she refused to affirm or perform actions conflicting with her faith, such as teaching her children that boys can become girls and vice versa.

Jessica Bates cherishes life and is a dev**ed mother to five children. Being denied the opportunity to adopt is beyond upsetting and shows that Democrat-led states always have an agenda.
It’s no secret that Christians are under attack in... (show quote)

This story is an obvious f**e.
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Jul 11, 2024 18:12:39   #
ExperienceCounts wrote:
Neither of us took the shot, both of us are heart patients, and both of us have had C***d more than once. Except for 2019, we took over-the-counter meds. We reluctantly wore masks when required.

Well, that proves it.
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Jul 1, 2024 21:00:33   #
On July 4, 1776 the USA was born. Today, July 1, 2024 the USA died. The SCOTUS has elevated to President to kingship. My leftwing friends are, and will remain, in mourning. I congratulate my rightwing friends on the success of their decades-long campaign. I will not review the history of how we got here, as I am not a historian; neither will I predict the near-term consequences, as I am not a pundit. But I do say this to my friends on the right: someday, your children, or your children's children, or your children's children's children, will curse you for allowing this to happen.
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Jun 30, 2024 14:06:57   #
Biden's performance was piss-poor. Trump was electrifying. T***p w*n the debate hands-down.

Those whose political acumen stops at the level of "performance" are invited to go watch a movie, where you can see even better performances.

The Presidency is not an actor's job. It is a job requiring dealing with real-world problem, in the real world. And the very first requirement is to know the difference between facts and fiction. Nobody gets it right all of the time. I expect the leaders of our country (yes, it is mine just a much as yours) to know what the actual facts are most of the time. Making up stuff and believing them to be facts is a recipe for disaster.

Biden's statements, however badly delivered, were mostly true, and on point. He did make one serious blunder. When the talk turned to golf he should have said "what the f--- are we talking about golf for, when the fate of the USA is at stake?".

On the other hand, Trump delivered his lines with force and fluency. He projected believability. The only thing is, 90% of what he said was false. Looking closely, one not blinded by partisan love could not miss that he was making it up on the spot.
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Jun 27, 2024 15:35:28   #
TruePatriot49 wrote:
Pelican, Can you deal with this? These are the real facts.

1. The earth is round, NASA pictures from space.
2.Chemtrails are real, CIA Director Brennan admitted it.
3. The WTC was a controlled demolition with commercial aircraft to deflect attention, especially building #7 that fell the NEXT day with no airplane strike.
4. The jab is a biological weapon that causes heart attacks, turbo cancers and other lethal ailments.
5. Barack Obama is an i*****l a***n and not even a regular citizen let alone a Natural Born Citizen (BOTH parents must be citizens BEFORE the birth of a child)
Pelican, Can you deal with this? These are the rea... (show quote)

You got (1) right. I'll give you that.

There are two possible cases regarding 2-5:

a. you really believe this silliness. in which case I feel sorry for anyone who tries to deal with you on a rational basis. they are not likely to get anywhere.
-- or --
b. you are just messing with me.

I truly hope, for your sake, that it is (b). but the evidence from your posts suggests pretty strongly that it is (a).
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Jun 26, 2024 22:25:03   #
martsiva wrote:
It`s really hard to determine what you`re advertising the most - your ignorance or your stupidity.

It's a mystery of engineering why they would put 32 Gig of memory into a bot when a few kilobytes would have been more than enough.
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Jun 26, 2024 20:34:23   #
LindaK wrote:
But the ‘facts’ don’t back up your thinking.

Here's a few facts for you.

1. the earth is not flat
2. there are no chemtrails
3. the WTC was not brought down by controlled demolition
4. the "jab" is way more likely to save your life than to k**l you
5. Obama is a natural born US citizen

Can you deal with these?
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Jun 26, 2024 15:11:02   #
Lurking on various threads here on OPP I have seen a certain amount of talk about dealing with the opposition in a violent way. Sometimes it is just "deport all the Demorats (or Rethuglicans)", sometimes it gets stronger - they should be executed or something - and sometimes it is more abstract, as in Let's split up the union, or do away with the Constitution, or install a dictator (but only as long as it takes to fix things). Does this kind of talk bother anyone else, or is it just me? Historically, violent talk eventually leads to violent action. I wouldn't like that to happen to my beloved country.
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Jun 26, 2024 10:46:04   #
Given the makeup of the SCOTUS, it is very likely that tfg will win his immunity case. But it won't do him as much good as he thinks. His stated plan is to arrest, or execute, his political enemies. He can't do that personally; he has to order someone (or a group) to carry out the procedure. Immunity does not extend to those people. If they understand that, they are unlikely to carry out the plan on his behalf.
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Jun 26, 2024 10:14:15   #
It is with great regret that I must abandon this thread. Some of you may miss my penetrating comments, some may miss my ingenious insults, but most will say, good riddance to that annoying i***t. Those who miss me can pay attention to my sock puppet, American Vet. Just take the opposite of what is posted under his name, and that's what I would have said.

I have learned much from interacting with the posters on this topic, and I thank you all for the time you have put in to compose such carefully-worded and enlightening responses.

For those still interested, I may start some new topics. Watch for them.
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Jun 25, 2024 21:14:47   #
LindaK wrote:
You don’t understand because your brain isn’t wired correctly.

Am incorrectly-wired brain is better than no brain at all.
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Jun 25, 2024 21:13:33   #
LindaK wrote:
You could find out why all by yourself if you really wanted to know. Like most adults do.

Right. You make a bald accusation and then run for cover when you are called on it. Go make someone a sammich. It's your assigned responsibility.
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Jun 25, 2024 21:11:40   #
LindaK wrote:
Agree. And ‘they’ have yet to rectify it by impeaching Biden. ‘They’ just continue to remove themselves from serving our nation anymore. Enlistments/new requirements are down under biden.

Linda, you make no sense. How is impeaching Biden going to fix a weakness in NORAD? You think tfg is going to improve things? A 34-count convicted felon? Get real.
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