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Mar 23, 2024 13:34:03   #
DASHY wrote:
I am quite certain T*****r Trump's creepy buddy, Vlad Putin and his Russian war machine is responsible for the dead bodies in Ukraine.

You are a brainwashed dumbs**t.

Somehow conveniently forgot the "MINOR INCURSION IS OK" horses**t that came out of your hero's ass, I mean mouth.
As if ANY amount of incursion is OK. What a dumbass.

The INVASION began shortly after its "blessing" by YOUR dementia in chief moronic fool.

This one is on HIM and only HIM. He OWNS it. Does he care? Absolutely NOT.
Just like he doesn't care about the American hostages taken by Hamas on Oct 7.

Just like the takeover of Crimea was on Bathhouse Barry, your other Socialist kingpin.

Over and out.

I can't take any more of your childish born yesterday bulls**t propaganda, spewing from a mindless pawn with no originality or ability to self think.
You are truly hopeless.

See you in November.
Better make plans to leave the country and head to your hometown in Russia.
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Mar 23, 2024 12:26:21   #
DASHY wrote:
Criminal Trump is needing your money to help him pay the giant fines and fees he's racking up after being found guilty of committing criminal acts.

You mean the UNPRECEDENTED FINES (aka E******N I**********E) levied by a purely political witchhunt "judge" working for a purely political hack called James?

Your parity's Gestapo tactics are gonna end sooner than you think. And there will be Hell to pay.

You and your morally bankrupt comrades will be held accountable for this bulls**t sooner than later.

Your empty suit heroes are nothing but political operatives that intend to ruin MY Republic.
Obviously OK in your reimagined world of Socialism where EVERYONE is on the dole (like YOU), and opposition party people are persecuted and prosecuted, just as they do in your dreamy homeland, Russia.

Let's see if I can come up with some accurate adjectives to describe this treasonous behavior:
Rotten to the core
Morally bankrupt
Anti American

Just a few, but there are dozens more.
You are surely a dumbass with no moral compass whatsoever.
In other words, a poisonous, radioactive biden supporting Lib.

I literally can't wait to hammer you flaming i***ts in November.

I'm done with you and your childish bulls**t.
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Mar 23, 2024 11:15:32   #
DASHY wrote:
As a MAGA moron, I'm sure you know all there is to know about "dummies who don't know better".

Looks like "axis of evil" is back on the menu. President Joe Biden has tied U.S. support for Israel and Ukraine together in his pitch to Congress for more national security funds, framing both conflicts as part of a global fight to defend democracy. And many in Washington, rightly or wrongly, argue that a Russian victory in Ukraine would embolden China to invade Taiwan. Many in Washington view these rivalries as deeply interconnected—even if they are not banging the axis drum.
As a MAGA moron, I'm sure you know all there is to... (show quote)

Yep - I'm definitely a moron to want to Make America Great Again.

You obviously do NOT.

Your pack of dimwit i***ts (branden, Egghead Sullivan, Deer in the Headlights Blinken, Anti- Semitist Jew Schumer, etc.) will surely get us all k**led.

Just like the hundreds of THOUSAND of dead bodies in Ukraine they are 100% responsible for.

You're fricken CRAZY if you think that band of career fools has any chance to fix what they actually started.
They'll likely give more BILLIONS to Iran to further terrorism around the world.

I have a feeling your clown car purposely ignited this war to distract from the Open Border nightmare they intentionally created here.

Just like that other i***t Clinton did when he was about to get impeached for screwing interns in the Oval Office.

Just like the supreme i***t Bathhouse Barry did when HIS home grown terrorists attacked our embassy in B******i, right before the e******n where he should have been booted out.

And you worship these miscreants as if they are NOT the scumbags they truly are.
Sez ALL WE NEED TO KNOW about you and your most obvious lack of character / intelligence.
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Mar 23, 2024 11:06:01   #
DASHY wrote:
Blindly following a convicted criminal doesn't seem very smart to me.

As usual, where do you come up with the "convicted criminal" bulls**t?

Your diatribes are the very essence of someone who blindly parrots literally ANYTHING your handlers instruct you to think, including OUTRIGHT LIES as documented in the headline of this thread.

Shameful and very very ignorant.

Are you a CCP bot?
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Mar 23, 2024 09:16:48   #
DASHY wrote:
Our band of patriots are heading for the White House. Your criminal leader is heading for jail.

Yeah, sure - what are they - I*****L I*******TS, drug dealers and child traffickers?

And R****TS, WAR mongers, INFLATION builders, Law enforcement h**ers, t*********r lovers, mentally disturbed bought and paid for sycophants??

We really DO notice that all you do is spew and have absolutely ZERO credibility.

Trust Me.
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Mar 23, 2024 09:11:29   #
DASHY wrote:
Loser Trump failed to flush the toilet the first time because he would have flushed himself down the drain. He stuck around pretending to be president until the v**ers got the chance to kick his fat ass out of office. T*****r Trump deserves to be in jail, not the White House.

Nice - what are you - 12 years old?

Do you realize that you NEVER have an original thought - just a series of well-rehearsed sound bites that have ZERO backup.

Your target audience REALLY IS dummies who don't know better.

I can confidently say that if it was copy / pasted by YOU, it is surely a LIE.

Maybe we should kick the stumbling mumbling dementia infested fool out of office??

"The results of the Biden Doctrine, as it were, have been entirely predictable. The hand of evil has been made stronger, and the hand of righteousness has been weakened. Countless innocent Ukrainians, Afghans, Israelis, Palestinians, and yes, Americans, have died. The United States is less trusted by its friends and less feared by its enemies. A new axis of evil between China, Russia, and Iran has coalesced and American leadership hardly seems aware, much less prepared to face it down."
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Mar 23, 2024 09:06:33   #
DASHY wrote:
Here is one reason why this administration is being blocked from securing the border.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Republicans blocked a bipartisan border package Wednesday, scuttling months of negotiations with Democrats on legislation intended to cut back record numbers of illegal border crossings.**l-border-bill-sign-trumps-strength-mcconnells-waning-in-rcna137477

Yeah - that's because the criminally minded Dems include other items that no one in their right mind should support, like establishing a MAX amount of i******s per day, which should be EXACTLY ZERO.

Just another misleading headline designed to be consumed by the brainless Un questioners like you and your band of lemmings heading straight for the cliff.

AND another example of failed "leadership" and placing s**tty politics over security. That i***t branden should be charged with TREASON (along with his impeached henchman, Mayorkas - the devil's son).
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Mar 23, 2024 09:00:00   #
DASHY wrote:
Do you ever read this old boring repeated post? FYI Stock indexes are currently reaching all-time highs. It might be time to check your supporting evidence before you post this list again.

Sez the one that produces ABSOLUTELY NO SUPPORTING EVIDENCE for their childish rants.

Projection - as usual.
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Mar 23, 2024 08:58:19   #
DASHY wrote:
I trust the guy who has secured more resources for border security than any president before him. From his first day in office, President Biden has called on Congress to act to address our broken immigration system. Over the past three years, while waiting for Congress to act, the Administration has taken important steps to secure our border. The Biden Administration has deployed the most agents and officers ever to address the situation at the southwest border, seized record levels of illicit f******l at our ports of entry, and brought together world leaders on a framework to deal with changing migration patterns that are impacting the entire Western Hemisphere.
I trust the guy who has secured more resources for... (show quote)

Don't give us that horses**t.

Day One this i***t dismantled all impedances to ILLEGALLY enter the country by EXECUTIVE ORDER and now has you lap dogs chanting that it's the R's fault.
He didn't have to do that but HE DID. And you know it.

They haven't done s**t to close the border. And never will. The hell with social order.

The worst part is that they have obedient lemmings like you to robotically chant their lies so much that they become true to the disillusioned ones like YOU.

How did you get to be so narrow minded?
Your parents and schooling must have REALLY DROPPED THE BALL.
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Mar 23, 2024 08:49:05   #
DASHY wrote:
You could begin your cleanup job by getting rid of all the cowards in the Republican party who continue to support a known criminal as their leader. You could try to help the once respected GOP find an honest, patriotic, qualified candidate to run for the job of President.

Just because you FEARED him and SMEARED him doesn't make him unqualified for POTUS.

YOUR guy hasn't accomplished ANYTHING significant in 50 that's FIFTY for those of you that can't read, YEARS.

He advocates for everything America DOESN'T stand for.

EQUITY - Really? That's called reverse r****m for those of us with an attribute you guys simply don't have - Common Sense.

PEACE? He literally STARTED the war in Ukraine by telling Russia that a MINOR INCURSION was OK. Newsflash to dummies: NO incursion is OK.

Anti-Semitism: encourages E******N I**********E in Israel just as he DOES HERE. Insults Netanyahu by referring to "Come to Jesus" as he supports the terrorists known as Hamas. And writes blank checks to Iran (largest terrorist org in the world) to fund Hamas, just like Barry the Closeted Anti-American Homo did.

Largest inflation in 40 years: cumulative 19% since that dummy was installed. You must like buying gas at nearly $4 a gallon?

Unaffordable Housing: owners equivalent rent is astronomical. Mortgage rates at a 50 year high, making home purchases nearly impossible for newbies.

And let's not forget the NUMBER ONE SIN OF ALL: INTENTIONALLY OPENING OUR BORDER TO MILLIONS OF UNVETTED disease carrying invaders that have ILLEGALLY broken into our country and are being treated like royalty, while ACTUAL homeless citizens drown in their own s**t.
And that's just for STARTERS. Off the top of my head. Unlike you, I don't need to refer to Dem narratives that want to tell you not to believe your eyes.

This guy is a DISASTER, just as he's always been.

Trump is gonna flush the toilet and get rid of all of YOU who seek to destroy the 250-year-old fabric of America.
He didn't complete the mission the first time around cuz he was deluded by the swamp animals but NOW he knows better and REALLY WILL flush the toilet you thrive in.

AND THAT's exactly WHY you H**E him so much.

And exactly why he gets the support he so richly deserves despite the E******N I**********E game biden and his gang of Socialists plays, just like how they do it in Russia.
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Mar 23, 2024 07:51:26   #
DASHY wrote:
I don't trust you. Believe me.

Yeah - you choose to TRUST fools that are determined to upend our Republic.
You are likely one of them.

Just ONE simple example of MANY:
You CHOOSE to trust a guy who intentionally ushered in 10 MILLION UNVETTED I******S and LIES that the border is secure.

If you believe that one, you're WAY worse than you appear and should not be trusted with holding a dime that belongs to someone else.
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Mar 23, 2024 07:45:35   #
EmilyD wrote:
Thank you - I will be very interested in that clip if you can find it…I will look for Wendy Bell also.

Biden even looks like an A$$🕳️ with that constant smirk…working for him must be awful.



Here you go Emily.
It's very illuminating and sad.
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Mar 23, 2024 07:38:44   #
PeterS wrote:
Credibility? There was nothing that I said that was false. That should be all the credibility necessary. Though the t***h isn't something that you are looking for, is it? No, you get everything you need from the right-hand side of the needle. No, make that the far, far, right-hand side of the needle. Stooge indeed, you bring the very definition to the table...

REALLY? YOU are the same one that posts s**t like "Trump says there will be a bloodbath if he loses the e******n", a complete INTENTIONAL misinterpretation of what he really said.

I rest my case with just ONE recent simple example.

You are obviously a brainwashed lemming that never developed the ability to think for yourself.

You get your marching orders from literally ANY DEROGATORY story fabricated from your propaganda sources and spread it like a stage 4 cancer.

I have news for you sonny (who THINKS he's the smartest guy around) - YOU ARE the stage 4 cancer.

Your parents FAILED in a REALLY BIG WAY so now WE get to be subjected to the temper tantrum rants of a born yesterday child who's been coddled into thinking that he's the smartest child in the room.

And yes, you have NO CREDIBILITY because of that.

Now go crying back to mommy because somebody said bad things to you.

And start posting T***HFUL items, not your puppetmasters Bizarro World narratives.
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Mar 23, 2024 06:54:59   #
Ready player 1 wrote:
I'm going to apologize now for what I'm about to say...🤗

I grew up in LA California. God help me!
In order to answer your question about how to say "F" you, in California you must first ask the question of which nationally your speaking to. Now there are universal ways to express yourself that don't even require verbal spewing of that sort of language. Hand jesters are appropriate...LOL 😂 There are a number of ways to express them depending again on which nationally you are or getting your point across to. But to be fair I must tell you that if your going to provoke someone, be prepared to run!!!! California may be pretty, have nice weather, but the people who live there aren't very nice. I was born and raised there and because I'm to white I no longer feel safe. I've had too many bullets fly past me. Careful who you flip off on the freeways, it may be your last drive. I'm grateful to have gotten out while I had the chance. But it's spreading. I travel enough to know better. There are still nice pockets of California, however you will pay a large price to live in those areas.
I'm going to apologize now for what I'm about to s... (show quote)


It was a joke a heard long long ago.

The crazy part is that these intentionally blind lemmings don't want to admit there IS A HUGE problem that continues to grow like a stage 4 cancer.

Just like PermaLost who uses his Bizarro world "library" of utter bulls**t to "justify" that there is NO OPEN BORDER.
And burning / l**ting during the ENTIRE SUMMER of 2020 pales in comparison to a 3-hour unarmed damage-less Pelosi instigated skirmish on the Christian day of Epiphany. And WORSE than the attack on the WTC on 9/11.

The insane part is that these crazies actually dutifully repeat this nonsense verbatim as they've been instructed.

It just shows you that if you consume what used to be actual reporting of events that has turned into a gigantic propaganda machine, you will be brainwashed, period.

A ploy the N**is used to enlist more jew k**lers.

The damage to the U.S. that these purely partisan players have inflicted is incalculable.

And it started in earnest with the mega r****t obama. We now know that the "change" he kept harping on was actually the o*******w of our Republic.

And the morons we cringe about here are eager willing participants.
You gotta wonder what made them so gullible and unquestioning to fall for the fairy tales they were repeatedly told.
Unbelievable but true.

It's OUR job to save this country now and clean up the damage they willfully caused.
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Mar 22, 2024 20:46:09   #
PeterS wrote:
"mindlessly spewing garbage spoon-fed to him by his handlers." This coming from someone who won't listen to anything that isn't "vetted" by Fox News or other RW media. Hell, you won't even listen to the center...some who simply reports the news. So since we both know that's true how do you know you're not the one spewing garbage? If Trump lies to you about 'fraud' in the e******n how will you know if that's true when all the media you listen to say it is but not a single one of them has vetted the story? You've succumbed to the propaganda of the right even though there isn't a single source on the right to vet the t***h of the story. "Mindlessly spewing garbage" coming from someone spewing garbage that not a single source you will listen to has vetted?

Yeah boy, let's listen to everything you have to say!!!
"mindlessly spewing garbage spoon-fed to him ... (show quote)


Your simply a dumbass born yesterday Lib stooge that regurgitates propaganda fed to you by your Socialist puppetmasters.

Get lost!
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