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Apr 14, 2024 17:48:16   #
1ProudAmerican wrote:

Cost is important but not everything. One must pay attention to what degree they pursue, its cost and what the success realities are for a rewarding career. Many career outcomes are worth the investment for high end education. Graduating from a large state school with a c average will require some work climbing the ladder from near the bottom rung. Many BA/BS degrees require an advanced degree to find success.
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Apr 14, 2024 17:41:12   #
fullspinzoo wrote:
$900 bucks for a Glock with no numbers from the Philliipines. Available IF I needed one.

I have a friend who has a Philipine made 1911 .45 acp. He says it shoots like butta!
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Apr 13, 2024 18:39:23   #
billlingle wrote:
If Fat Donny can claim that the 14th amendment does not apply to him because it does not mention presidents then the 2nd amendment does not permit the owning of machine guns, assault rifles, bazookas or cannons.

Your analogy is not quite right their bubba. The 14th explicitly lists specifically the positions that it applies to but oddly enough, neglects the President. The 2nd has no qualification other than "in common use."
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Apr 13, 2024 14:25:34   #
archie bunker wrote:
Did you sign on the line accepting the loan?
I did that with my pickup. That debt is a burden to me every month. Why can't that be forgiven?

Well, if it were electric.....maybe!
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Apr 13, 2024 14:19:28   #

I gather you have never actually been to a gun show, so shush.
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Apr 11, 2024 09:51:16   #
Ready player 1 wrote:
I'm so sorry you didn't take your problem in hand, it might have helped your situation. 😇 As for your absurd point 🤔 do you think I would condone said action? Personally I don't condone any of it. But I don't live in the shoe's and make decisions for those women. It was the democrats idea to say you can have an a******n up to and including until the baby was crowning. That's d********g! Why would the government condone that? T-cells, body parts? Having Row V Wade reversed put an end to the absurdly of it all. But then that created some real problems for those women who really needed that sort of treatment. Those decisions should be between the doctor and his or her patients and the Dr not be sent to jail. Here is an example. Let's say your 1/2 way through your pregnancy and you find out your baby is brain dead and won't last but a few minutes after birth. What would you do? Your wife can be septic any time. Should someone else (government or insurance companies) dictate how best for you to deal with such a matter? If so why? Does it affect those people who are not having to deal with such a dilemma? Should those people really need to have a say so? I think not. 12 weeks use to be the cut off for having an a******n. It's quite possible if that hadn't changed we would not be having this conversation. What are your thoughts?
I'm so sorry you didn't take your problem in hand,... (show quote)

I mostly agree with you. Limiting non -health, rape or incest a******ns to inside the the first trimester worked reasonably well for 50 years (except for the dead babies). Then….. the left wanted it extended without limit and the religious right wanted it stopped in totality. A negotiation destined to fail.
Absolutism never works for a population as large as ours. What does work is you do what’s right for you. Support your way, live your convictions and encourage others to see the light. The trick is to let the other guys die for their beliefs, not lose the entire battle.
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Apr 10, 2024 17:29:41   #
padremike wrote:
To say a******n and l***q perversions are not the exclusive domain of religion is compromising God and sin in favor of political expediency which promotes the Godless as being equal to the faithful. We are a nation in great peril and we are failing. Why are we failing?

John Adams said, “Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Morality and virtue are the foundation of our republic and necessary for a society to be free.

If I were betting today whether our Republic will succeed or fail I'd be all in that it will fail deservedly. Democrats have exposed and taken advantage of the weakness of our Constitution. I expect our failure will eventually drive people of faith underground and that is where hope remains. The faith will grow stronger under persecution, it always does.
To say a******n and l***q perversions are not the ... (show quote)

It's clear that if we demand no a******n, the all or nothing approach, we will lose many e******ns and no babies will be saved. If we adopt a more incremental approach we will save some babies and get closer to the no a******n goal. BTW, you get to do what your religion tells you to do and you get the opportunity to convince others of your virtue.
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Apr 10, 2024 13:33:09   #
Ready player 1 wrote:
Your a very sick individual. Quite frankly I didn't ask. I was replying to Radiance3. Winky Tink is it? Seems you have a small winky. 😉 I Tink 🤣🤣🤣

Well, yes my winky turned black and fell off from lack of use, the stub is quite small. Try for a second, to see my absurd point as a mechanism to demonstrate the obscene pro-a******n, anytime up to birth crowd how ridiculous their arguments are..... oh and laugh a little.
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Apr 10, 2024 13:28:44   #
padremike wrote:
Yes indeed. We remember those times when there existed a very amenable balance between church and state. This balance became intolerable to the Democrat Marxist Left who intentionally forced issues of religion, such as a******n and the L***Q agenda, into politics and destroyed the balance between church and state. The very idea that murdering children in the womb is both virtuous and necessary is a glaring example of the triumph of evil.

I essentially agree with you but must point out that the a******n and LBGx issues are not the exclusive domain of religion.

Common sense and logic support limiting and controlling both. But then too, we must be able to win e******ns otherwise all of our goals will be stymied by the left.
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Apr 10, 2024 09:34:17   #
Ready player 1 wrote:
You can blame Dems for allot and ill agree with you more often than not. However when it comes to this issue, it's not about politics, Republicans or Democrats. Actually politics should stay out of this and it be between the doctor and his patients. Pregnancy is not a black or white line drawn into the sand. There is allot of gray in between. For those who use a******n as a practice for birth control should just get their tubes tied and be done with it, or have the child and give it up for adoption. There are allot of couples who want a child and can't have them.
But to say this subject is a one party problem is incorrect. It hits both sides equally.
You can blame Dems for allot and ill agree with yo... (show quote)

Since you asked, a******n is not a problem. I frankly love a******n. It is a good way to reduce the number of progressives on the streets. Everybody should have one, they are grrrreat! Dead babies can take care of themselves. Oh Alice!
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Apr 9, 2024 14:31:35   #
pegw wrote:
What a egomaniac

What a leader!

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Apr 9, 2024 14:25:43   #
pegw wrote:
At least this week. Next week he may change his mind. Look at what he did to the supreme Court.

His greatest accomplishment, for many reasons.
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Apr 9, 2024 14:23:29   #
php22 wrote:
You are right as rain.
Anyone believing that we are individuals that enjoy k*****g are deluded and ignorant.

I don't care whether you enjoy it or not. It is irrelevant to the matter. Just as irrelevant as 'love' or "h**e" is to any crime.

I'm tired or arguing about it. Follow you conscience, travel to another state or wh**ever. It is simply a "states" issue. Each state adopts its laws at its own peril.

For me, just do what you want, whenever you want. I'd recommend allowing a******n up to the day before the kid's 18 birthday. Then they would behave.
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Apr 9, 2024 13:28:28   #
archie bunker wrote:
It seems that I have a new neighbor to the West of me. I didn't know it until today. I was outside doing some work when I noticed an orange stake at my back fence, so I went to see what the what. A guy, prolly 200 yards away on the other property is yelling, and waving at me. I waved back, and went about my business.
Long story short, the guy showed up at my front door puffed up like a Banty Rooster, talked smack to my wife (I was out back), and then came to where I was, and came at me with complete attitude because he claims his survey shows that my fence is 3 inches over his property line. He talked funny, so, I asked where he is from, and he said New Hampshire. I tried to be reasonable with him, but, he's DEMANDING that I move a little over 600 feet of fence that's been here for over 40 years.....3 inches.
This guy got so loud, belligerent, and demanding that my wife called the Sheriffs Dept on him because she thought it might get physical. This was a two hour ordeal over 3 inches of fenceline.
Is everyone from that part of the country that way? If so, stay there. Otherwise, you might try to bully someone with less patience than me, and catch a hammer upside the head.
It seems that I have a new neighbor to the West of... (show quote)

Nothing like setting the tone that way with your new neighbor.

OK...the facts: 1) If as stated, the fence has been there for 30 years, you probably legally own the property.
2) 700' x .25' nets 175 sq feet. One acre is 43,560 sq feet. The area in question represents .004 acres. Not knowing the type of real estate so wild guess $10000 per acre, write him a check for $40 or tell him to get a lawyer.
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Apr 8, 2024 18:05:15   #
LogicallyRight wrote:
There are restrictions on what we can call each other, and should be. But I thought politicians were more like fair game unless you are using so called swear words. I never thought of this so called b word was a swear word.

As the old sarge used to say, "Let's be careful out there."

It is not a swear word. The word has a defined meaning; female dog. That's about right., I think.
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