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Sep 21, 2018 12:31:49   #
Comment wrote:
Ms. Morgan

Ms. Morgan: If U are referring to the court nominee, he was 17, not 25. The allocations are that he grouped her, not sexually assaulted her. However I don't know the facts. I read that part of the allegations are that he pulled on her bikini top string & they fell on the bed. That sounds like teenagers playing around not sexual assault. This is why I don't trust females. I will never marry again in my life. I have lived alone for 28 years. I have been jerked around by too many of them.
Ms. Morgan br br Ms. Morgan: If U are referring t... (show quote)

It was a hypothetical and then pointing out when someone were to come forward years later. I'm not sure of the exact facts either on Kavanaugh. It is all getting ridiculous.

Sometimes people are attracted to the very thing they try to avoid, as maybe you and untrustworthy women, not said to offend, there are plenty of trustworthy women out there. Any women could say the same about men but why live alone, one just has to be cautious and take the time to get to know their partner.

I have a friend like that, doesn't trust any man because they all cheat, well only in her world, where she keeps choosing to be with people that lack the stature to be loyal, she is the cause of her own dilemma. She needs to take the time and do some soul searching on her own pattern.
Sep 21, 2018 12:11:18   #
Nickolai wrote:
Bush wasn't responsible all lone he had plenty of help the root of our problems go back 50 years when the nation made a right and turn that has been running the country into the ditch. They put the count on a reverse course wiped out most of the social progress that was achieved from 1932 to 1972 and dragged the country back to the America of the 1920's decimating the middle class and re created a nation of have a lots and have nots

Yes, I agree, just as Trump isn't alone either, the inner workings of the new GOP. We'll wait and see if the middle class expands or not, especially after the new health plan is implemented.
Sep 21, 2018 11:35:50   #
pafret wrote:
Unfortunately I think there is more truth than speculation in that original post. Trump is the fictional classic outsider; the humble farm boy becomes an invincible warrior and rises to command all of the forces of good in the battle with pure evil. In reality nothing is ever black and white. His being an outsider means he has not had the time to cultivate obligations, favors, and friends, who can protect his back in the infighting that goes on in the Washington cesspool. All of his co-party members consider his every action with regard to how it benefits them personally and they have no allegiance or obligation to protect Trump.

Inevitably Trump will step on the toes of his own party members because they all have their hands out to way too many fat cats, for their election expenses. They have other obligations that Trump has not convinced them to renege on.
Unfortunately I think there is more truth than spe... (show quote)

Where do you get Trump as a humble anything, especially a farm boy? What forces are good and what are evil, I think evil now resides in the white house if you want to call self-interest evil, I know it can be.

You are correct, few things are black and white especially politics, but to think Trump is innocent of political manipulations because he didn't come from DC, that is a very naive notion, manipulating people is a skill, one Trump has perfected over decades with his money. Simply look at him being so familiar with getting his own way all the time, look at how he treats people, even people with just as equal importance as himself.
Sep 21, 2018 11:05:24   #
byronglimish wrote:
Okay Morgan, for the most part people need parameters for social behavior..What would be your method of stopping abortion for people doing them for convenience? Yes the sperm donor should be held accountable every bit as much as the receiver. In my opinion that's not being a mature man.

I hate to say this but a survey might help when asking the women why are they choosing an abortion? You would think a woman today would want to use a condom to avoid a TSD. People have to stop thinking... it won't happen to them. People need to be more informed about their chances of not becoming pregnant by doing nothing. Unfortunately, this mentality is prevalent among the youth and then oops Kids are still so naive.

Maybe more posters of people who can't have babies and wanting them. I recall some years ago white babies were a long wait and people were going to foreign countries like Ukraine to get an adopted child. I have two friends who did just that about 25 years ago. it wasn't cheap either.

I agree with you, it takes a real man to stand (not run)and take the responsibility. Some advertising may help with that also.
Sep 21, 2018 10:38:40   #
old marine wrote:
The same reson Obama's hiding 25 years of his life behind sealed reacords.

Obama's history, Funny I see still no tax returns and that's just one tiny issue with him.
Sep 21, 2018 10:26:51   #
old marine wrote:
Had Obama not almost destroyed America with his socialist BS President Trump would not have to make America great again. Bu he is doing it despite having the whole Soialist party fighting him tooth and nail.

Let's still get straight who almost "destroyed" our country and it sure as hell wasn't Obama, We were all riding high until Bush took the wheel and crashed the country and as long as you guys keep trying to change history and blame Obama I'll continue to set things straight. The ONLY socialist governing party in America is in your own paranoia.
Sep 21, 2018 10:14:09   #
PeterS wrote:
Blade I could give a flip about Darwin. Evolution is the scientifically accepted theory that hit mainstream well over a century ago. If you want to disprove it by citing Darwin's hesitation that ship sailed when the biological sciences were built around it.

And there isn't a credible scientist alive who creates a theory to disprove another theory. It doesn't work that way. The stumbling block for ID is that it presupposes a supernatural being when science is only designed to deal with the natural world. You can't prove god using science--you can only 'infer' that you have no other explanation--which of course is an argument from ignorance but I'm becoming redundant aren't I. So disprove evolution all you like but until you have a theory that scientifically replaces it, evolution will be the theory that stands.

And who's to say that evolution isn't how god created man? Why would the earth need to be 4.4 billion years old when you have a god who can blink things into being with the twitch of his nose. If that's the case then 6,000 years would do just fine. You say there is a biblical explanation so what is it? Give it all you got.

And excuse me but do you think ID isn't politically or ideologically driven? How many liberal scientists do you have writing your papers? It sure as hell isn't being done for the science because if it was it wouldn't prefix itself by debunking Darwinism. I already know the mythology is corrupt because it centers itself around an 'argument from ignorance' and no theory based on scientific method and reason is going to use logical fallacies as it's conclusion...but I'm just repeating myself aren't I...
Blade I could give a flip about Darwin. Evolution ... (show quote)

Peter, if I may interject here, you want proof according to science, stating..." when science is only designed to deal with the natural world." You are exactly correct here, our science works only within our own limited technology in our three-dimensional world, it is science, that has to catch up with the unknown, natures mysteries, the different planes of existence where faith lives.

You say it is irrational, but irrational to only those who live only within the constraints of the physical world. You want Blade to come up with a kind of scientific proof, that is a deliberate catch 22 because our science is still much too primitive. It's catching up yes, as it's now is better equipped to record energies that at one time were invisible. As a matter of fact, how many things were not visible to us until our science caught up, that hasn't changed. That never proved they didn't exist.

your quote: "You can't prove God using science--you can only 'infer' that you have no other explanation--which of course is an argument from ignorance."

You're correct we can't prove a divine entity because our level of investigative means is ignorant, like I said before but it doesn't prove it's non-existence either. In time, I believe the intersection will be found.
Sep 21, 2018 09:15:31   #
PeterS wrote:
Look, if they want evolution taught in their Sunday Schools and religious institutions then we can work something out. Otherwise, they need to keep Church and State completely separate!

Agreed 100%
Sep 20, 2018 17:47:43   #
PeterS wrote:
That point was made that they were just placating their mindless supporters. The problem is that they set the standard for the rest of the nation--including influencing the standards for education. It's one thing to screw up the lives of their children but to allow them to screw up the lives of all of our children is completely unacceptable...

Absolutely, which is why when Trump speaks at schools I cringe.
Sep 20, 2018 16:30:14   #
PeterS wrote:
In 2008 GOP presidential candidates were asked if they believed in Darwinian Evolution two-thirds said they did. By 2016 only one Republican candidate, Jeb Bush, admitted to believing in evolution and he added the qualifier that if taught in public schools it should be taught alongside of creationism.

Now the question is: how many actually stopped believing in evolution and how many were simply trying to cover their ass amongst voters!
In 2008 GOP presidential candidates were asked if ... (show quote)

Well Peter, we are talking about politicians, lol it's a given
Sep 20, 2018 16:23:37   #
bmac32 wrote:
Release what, it's public record. Democrats want more information than they are entitled to have.

They should be entitled to full transparency of the actions and behavior of someone who will be a federal supreme court justice. Why wouldn't you want that also? Why should, quote: "they have a restrictive reading of the law result in one political party having complete control over what records"?

The Senate should be able to see before deciding whether a nominee should receive a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court of the United States.
Sep 20, 2018 16:02:10   #
nwtk2007 wrote:
Yeah, I think the careless is both ways.Guys get this idea that they have no responsibility since it is not they that get preggers.

Sep 20, 2018 15:54:45   #
nwtk2007 wrote:
Again, if it was 35 years ago and she didn't even think she was harmed by it until 30 years later when told by a "therapist" and couldn't say when or where, I'd just have to say get the help you feel you need and leave it in the past.

Yeah, I got that, but that's one particular case, which I agree is questionable, but what about women who remember perfectly but were afraid to come forward until others any women being too afraid.
Sep 20, 2018 15:48:40   #
proud republican wrote:
Let's say that FBI will investigate Judge Kavanaugh and finds he did nothing wrong...Should they (FBI) then investigate Dr Ford for false allegations??..Will Dems be satisfied with FBI investigation..I would say they will never be satisfied!!!!...What say you???

I'd like to say let's stop the political BS everywhere, enough is enough already.
Sep 20, 2018 15:46:49   #
Jean Deaux wrote:
Simply cut off ALL her welfare benefits after her first child. These leeches that continue to pop out kid after kid as an income generating industry need to go. Once they find out that the gravy train has come to a screeching halt, perhaps the idea of responsible sex will regain a foothold.

FYI women living on welfare with a bunch of kids are not living the high life. Now white collar welfare, that's another story.
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