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Aug 16, 2019 15:55:41   #
Liberty Tree wrote:
We have two major political parties. Democrats have no ethics and the GOP has no backbone.

Semper Fi
Aug 15, 2019 00:16:50   #
Kevyn wrote:
Police stopped another of Trumps Brownshirts from a likely mass murder in Texas. Trumps hate speech creates this problem. Why wasn’t this nut sent for a psychological examination, we will read about him involved in some senseless slaughter in months to come.

I believe the hate speech is coming from the left. ICE offices shot up. Those weren't Trump supporters. Your side's war on border enforcement is going to get federal officers killed. I heard leftists screaming threats that they know where the officer's kids go to school and where they live. This is serious. Threats against sworn officers should result in being jailed.

Semper Fi
Aug 15, 2019 00:11:27   #
Larai wrote:
I Agree! I am sure there is a lot of speculation, that is Human nature.. we speculate, and given what we Do know, as Slatten said regardless of whether it was suicide or murder, I just think something very hinky went on there, especially after those documents were made "public" and the fact that he was planning on dropping some more names.. be they republican or dem.. doesn't matter.. the Coincidence of the timing of this death in relation to his stated cooperation stinks to high heaven... I'll just wait until the investigation is over.. we shall then see what's what.. maybe..Or maybe it'll get buried.. Hard tellin..
I Agree! I am sure there is a lot of speculation, ... (show quote)

Nobody has mentioned yet that his main residence in the Virgin Islands wasn't searched until after his death. I can tell you that this is highly irregular. As soon as possible after an arrest the home of the perp is searched so no one can remove evidence. Why did they not do it. This is just another thing to be added to the perfect storm of covering up for Epstien. Were they purposely giving other guilty people time to destroy evidence? There appear to be lots of really powerful people involved. I bet we end up with as much information about this suicide as we received about the shooting in Vegas.That was swept under the carpet until we all forgot about it. The justice system works very differently for us, the peons and the overlords with wealth.

Semper Fi
Aug 14, 2019 23:57:53   #
factnotfiction wrote:
The 2016 election proved that anyone can get elected POTUS.

But now that trump is running again, several facts are facing him.

Now he has a track record of performance, and the only positive is the economy, but trump has 16 months to screw that up..

And no matter who his opponent is, it won't be Hillary, and no one else will have her baggage.

And trumps constant and idiotic attacks on everyone who doesn't bow down to him, are driving his anti-Hillary voters away, which means bad news for him.

So unless trump can somehow double his rabid base, he will have trouble, no matter what his propagandists say, do, or tweet
The 2016 election proved that anyone can get elect... (show quote)

This is true with any Presidential candidate. The base will always support the candidate. Democrats and Republicans don't elect Presidents, Independents, elect Presidents. Democrats and Republicans help. That is why the truly whacked far leftists will not be elected. Middle America wants what is best for their families which is what is best for the country and it isn't socialism and huge government programs which will prevent their children from ever being able to buy a house. The 50% who pay taxes want their children to have a future and trillions and trillions in free everything will destroy everyone's future.

Semper Fi

Semper Fi
Aug 14, 2019 23:48:44   #
BigMike wrote:
Deep Fake is the defense some are going to use when videos of them cavorting on Epstein's little island surface and they get charged.

Obama has been speaking about it for 6 months or more all over the world. Seems like he expects something is coming.

That was also my first thought. It goes both ways. It can be used to create fake news but conversely it can be used to refute a real video and claim it's false. This makes life very difficult as far as news goes.

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Aug 13, 2019 23:55:12   #
JoyV wrote:
There is no such thing as a contemporary Constitutionalist. There are Constitutionalists period. The United States Constitution has no contemporary, new and improved, updates!!!!

And if you ask where does a Constitutionalist fit? A Constitutionalist ALWAYS stands with the United States Constitution!!!!!

A breath of fresh air. Thank you for that wonderful interpretation.

Semper Fi
Aug 13, 2019 22:55:32   #
crazylibertarian wrote:
I preferred the '56 Crown Vic and '63 Chevy Impala Super Sport.

My Dad's first new car was a 55 Stuebaker Commnder. I think that was a really cool looking car too. First new car I ever drove. Green.

Semper Fi
Aug 13, 2019 22:47:21   #
Mikeyavelli wrote:
Once he was caught, and Hillary knew of his defense, which could have lessened his jail time considerably if he blabbed about Bill and her participating in the pederesty, she had to kill him. Normal for Hillary, normal for the law to accept that Hillary had to kill someone to protect herself and that, my friends, is perfectly OK with the law.

Semper Fi
Aug 13, 2019 20:33:49   #
Blade_Runner wrote:
What are you, some kind of super-intellectual or something? You have it all figured out, do you? Ever served in the military? A combat unit?

Due to civil wars that began in 1991, by 1993, thousands of Somalis had been killed, Somalia's agriculture had been destroyed and 300,000 Somalis had died of starvation. The international community began to send food supplies to halt the starvation, but vast amounts of food were hijacked and brought to local clan leaders, who routinely exchanged it with other countries for weapons. An estimated 80 percent of the food was stolen.

The Rangers and Delta were sent there to arrest Mohammed Farrah Aidid, the warlord who was responsible for most of the deaths and starvation and who was about to install himself as the president of Somalia. It was called Operation Restore Hope.

It was entirely a humanitarian effort. What was on the Rangers' minds was they had orders to do a job, they knew the purpose of their mission. That was all that mattered. The troops weren't there to "visit", or to "understand", or to conduct some kind of cultural study or undergo diversity training.

And, yeah, Rangers are trained to kill when necessary. In October 1993, it was necessary. Aidid's militia made gave them no choice. They lost 18 men doing so.

And, you're one of those fools who thinks that a woman who spent the most formative years of her life in an environment of such strife was able to undergo some sort of metamorphosis and purge all of that. Ilhan Omar has not by any stretch assimilated into our American way of life, she brought all that shit with her. She is undoubtedly a pro-Sharia, anti-Semitic Muslim. She has no freaking business bringing that influence into our government.
What are you, some kind of super-intellectual or s... (show quote)

Semper Fi
Aug 13, 2019 15:20:27   #
Seth wrote:
I could show you a town about 50 miles outside of NYC that has used illegals as framers, roofers, bricklayers, painters and other trades that numerous skilled American tradesmen would do in a heartbeat if the contractors involved weren't unscrupulous about cutting costs of their home building projects.

At one time, not even ten years ago, there was the upper floor of a commercial block used as a bunkhouse for these illegals so the entire labor pool was in one location.

If this is happening in one ex-urban town among the tens of thousands in the U.S., it would be preposterous to imagine it's not happening in at least a few hundred.

This Democrat B.S. about illegals doing "only the jobs Americans won't do" is just that: B.S.

When you look at all the homeless people out there, subtracting the drug addicts, beyond-hope drunks and madmen (& madwomen), there are still probably several thousand who, only undomiciled for cost of living reasons and, having none of the basic trappings needed to maintain employment (a place to live and maintain rest and hygiene needs, etc), would jump at the chance to do these jobs -- with training for given trades.

Currently, those unfortunates are often trapped in a revolving door by self-interested social services bureacracies and various non-profits that use them as a perpetual cash cow that will continue bringing in private sector donations and state & federal grants as long as their homeless "clients" remain exactly where they are.

Both these social services bureacracies and non-profits are, like the education system, run by Democrats, who seem to be pursuing their own agendas...
I could show you a town about 50 miles outside of ... (show quote)

I remember well when the building trades, carpenter, mason, roofer, electrician and plumber were all middle class American jobs. Now every one of those professions are dominated by illegal, Social Security number stealing illegals.

Semper Fi
Aug 13, 2019 15:10:39   #
Kevyn wrote:
Make voting day a federal holiday and pay people a hundred bucks to show up at the polls.

You commies are always looking to scam the taxpayers out of money. Free day off with pay and a bribe of $100 also. You are disgusting.

Semper Fi
Aug 13, 2019 14:13:16   #
Kevyn wrote:
They are all so much better that the Orange anus it really doesn't matter. My support will go to the first candidate that says their justice department will hold the Trump crime family accountable, prosecute them and afford them a fair trial. Not a repeat of Ford’s shameful pardon of Nixon. The only way to restore the dignity of the presidency is to send Trump to prison.

If you are so damned sure that the President has committed a crime, why don't you and your comrades impeach him?

Semper Fi
Aug 13, 2019 13:57:44   #
Nobody is safe from the Clinton cartel.

Semper Fi
Aug 12, 2019 14:53:15   #
Kevyn wrote:
Epstein had far closer ties to your Idiot Pumpkinfuhrer than he did to the Clintons.

That is total BS.

Semper Fi
Aug 12, 2019 14:51:45   #
JFlorio wrote:
Was listening to one of the alphabet talk shows today and some Democrat said a number of times. No one including the President, Trump is above the Law. He said it enough where I wanted to yell at the T. V. O.K. I've got at.
When I went outside to contemplate mowing the lawn two thoughts struck me. First I decided I couldn't take the exercise (mowing the lawn) from my wife. Wouldn't be fair, and secondly I thought damn, Democrats keep saying no one is above the law, right? How come they support illegals being above the law? Isn't this kinda disingenuous?
Was listening to one of the alphabet talk shows to... (show quote)

The discourse from that group, Democrats, has never been known for its' ability to link two ideas. The ideas that,"No one is above the law" and "Illegals are a protected class and allowed to break the law" just does not compute for them. Their ideas are the only rational interpretation. What they really mean is that "No AMERICAN CITIZEN is above the law" but illegals are not citizens so they get a pass. That's leftest logic.

Semper Fi
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