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Jun 18, 2019 13:01:21   #
bmac32 wrote:
The every day of the last election every poll had Clinton winning, most weren't even close and what happened? Now how long before this election? Celebrating seems bit silly, in fact it looks stupid.

What everyone seems to forget is that the polls are ALL bogus. We do NOT directly elect the President. We have an electoral College that does that. So when people are polled, the results need to be divided into States and factored into the Electoral College formula. Ignoring the Electoral College make the data useless. That is why all the polls had Clinton becoming President by 86 to 92 percent. She received the popular (polled) vote but she was done in by the Electoral College.

Semper Fi
Jun 18, 2019 02:58:35   #
Fodaoson wrote:
Soros is an American citizen.

Right. I forgot. He is so busy trying to create his one world order I forgot he interferers with the governments of all western countries... but he's American.

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Jun 15, 2019 22:15:45   #
ACP45 wrote:
San Ysidro High School senior Nataly Buhr opened her June 6 speech in typical fashion - thanking her parents for their "endless love," acknowledging the memories shared with her friends, and mentioning a handful of teachers for being 'invested in the students.'

Then, Buhr went scorched earth. The school district is pissed


Semper Fi
Jun 15, 2019 21:08:37   #
Kevyn wrote:
What could be nicer than Trump spending the rest of his days in the penitentiary?

Kevyn, that is an easy answer. The nicest thing In can think of is the traitor Hillary Clinton dangling from the end of a rope. She monitized every single thing she touched. Why did the board of directors of Uranium One give her foundation millions of dollars? Why did the UAE and the Saudi's give the Clinton Foundation millions of dollars? She is the most criminal politician to ever have lived. Everything was for sale. LOCK HER UP!!!!

Semper Fi
Jun 15, 2019 19:54:28   #
proud republican wrote:
Florida's Governor will sign the legislation banning Sanctuary Cities....While California Governor will sign Legislature of giving Health Care to Illegal Aliens...2 American States that couldn't be further apart!!! Literally and Figuratively...Which State would you like to live in???
Florida's Governor will sign the legislation banni... (show quote)

I have lived in both States. I lived in California in the early 1960s. It was a beautiful place. I lived in Coral Gables Florida in 1976. I love the "Glades" and the Keys. Both States are too over crowded now as is the State I live in now, Arizona. I like warm, humid or not. I grew up on the south shore of Lake Ontario. All that snow was enough for a lifetime.

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Jun 12, 2019 19:13:15   #
Lt. Rob Polans ret. wrote:
Um, yeah. BTW, America ain't ours anymore. It's just a playground for politicians and other bureaucraps to play in. I have a picture which I'll try to put up, I think last time OPP censored it, making me hate them. 2010, I know. Do you think they'll stop? Kinda tells you why they won't act on closing the loopholes.

I wasmunder the impression that it was illegal for foreign entities to donate to American political campaigns. Except of course George Soros.

Semper Fi
Jun 12, 2019 19:05:36   #
Kevyn wrote:
Seeking asylum is not in any way shape or form “illegal immigration” US law allows refugees fleeing violence to show up at the border and request asylum. They also have a right to due process to determine the legitimacy of their claim. They are following the law, the Idiot Pumpkinfuhrer just needs to do the same.

And the Communist controlled House of Representatives continues to "fiddle while America burns".

Semper Fi
Jun 12, 2019 19:02:45   #
karpenter wrote:
Anywhere But FOX
FOX Is Anathema To Their Entire World View

FOX Has More Diversity Of Thought
Than Any Other Mainstream Outlet

AND, Fox has the largest audience. Rachael Madcows' mooing gets tiresome after a few years.

Semper Fi
Jun 12, 2019 18:56:35   #
Kevyn wrote:
It is fiction based on an incident that happened in the 70s,

That is true. I remember how outraged the press was about it then. It was on the nation news for several days.

Semper Fi
Jun 12, 2019 18:52:20   #
kemmer wrote:
The nightmare will lessen slightly if Trump would stop taking his orders from Hannity.

So, you Demunits now believe that President Trump takes his orders from both Putin and Hannity? Does Hannity collude with Putin in making descisions about what they (Hannity and Putin) want him (President Trump) to do next? Do you socialists realize how silly and immature remarks like that sound?
Semper Fi
Jun 11, 2019 15:09:52   #
Morgan wrote:
This is just a start, I'm open to suggestions from all, the issue of abortion is a hot issue and off the table for now.

These are just some things off the top of my head.Let's all just try and be civil please, humor is appreciated

Many of us would like to see term limits for all reps and the number of times to be reelected.

To see a push for one official language and everyone who comes in to blend with the one common language, no preferences. Language is the thread that ties us all together as one unified nation, two languages won't do that.

Immigration, I would do what other countries do such as Canada, there would be a five-year wait, even with marriage.
No automatic citizenship simply due to being born on our soil, at least one parent has to be a citizen, either natural born or naturized.

I would end gerrymandering

End any exchange of monies from gifts or trade with lobbyist.

Check the integrity of all voting methods

Reevaluate the electoral count. No decisions until all votes are in, have absent ballads be counted first so they are always included. Find a better order to count the states. California should not be one of the last, that eliminates too many people.

Pass a law that whenever there is a cost of living increase every year, that includes increasing the minimum wage, therby avoiding what we have going on now, a possible jump as we will see now can hurt industries. If maintained yearly this wouldn't happen.

Set some environmental regulations to counter global warming.

Promote healthcare to be a choice of either public or private.

Rein in profit gouging from big Pharma, that we pay the same as our foreign neighbors and not ten times more.

Have different ratings on violence in movies and gaming and to discourage extreme graphic violence from the industry.

As foreign affairs goes, not sure and open to suggestions,

Protect our wildlife preserves, our waters, and air.

Promote more means to recycle garbage from landfills and water.
This is just a start, I'm open to suggestions from... (show quote)

My response os, "Morgan for President"!!!!!!!!!

Semper Fi
Jun 11, 2019 14:52:34   #
Lonewolf wrote:
I'm sure every American wants good change in our government.
I hear people say we need term limits and politicians should have the same healthcare and they should have to obey the laws they pass! And the list goes on,on.
NOW ask yourself this why do I think voteing the same people in over and over will change anything.
You want term limits why not vote out every one who has served 8 years regardless of party.
At some point they may get the message. No one should think congress is a life time job.
Stop voting for Incombunts. .
I'm sure every American wants good change in our g... (show quote)

I totally agree... but... Like here in Arizona, When McCain was alive it was him or some new world order, open border Democrat. I hated McCain but he was better than selling the country down the drain with some lefty commie. No one would oppose McCain so what choice did we have? McCain owned that seat. It's easy to say, don't vote for the self serving incumbent, but in reality, sometimes there is no other choice. That is where term limits would do wonders.

Semper Fi
Jun 9, 2019 18:14:41   #
Rose42 wrote:
Because its not simply the political system. The winners are the ones with the most money and they don't care about political parties. Its in their best interests to keep people divided and they are very good at it. Obama wasn't elected because he was the best for the job. John Edwards had done more and was better qualified. So who was behind propping up Obama? Why was Hilary demonized by the democrats then chosen to run against Trump? It makes no sense.

I agree we have an emergency - no question. But we also need to ask ourselves how we ended up with two such lousy candidates for President. Thats what we need to fix.
Because its not simply the political system. The ... (show quote)

Last election Hillary was the candidate because Hillary and her party rigged it so she couldn't lose. This is why she is so heartbroken that she isn't POTUS 45. Donald Trump won because he was the ONLY Republican candidate who wanted to secure the border and redo all the terrible trade deals that Congress got us into. He was the only candidate who cared about what we, in the flyover country, actually care about. Democrats were all in for giving their voters FREE stuff where Mr. Trump was about JOBs.

Semper Fi
Jun 9, 2019 14:39:57   #
badbob85037 wrote:
They don't want to ruin America. They want to rule America. As obama put it "... that are to simple minded to rule in their own affairs".

You line them up then use a high powered rifle giving you the false impression you didn't waste a bullet.

As far as being told what to like and what to hate I am the one that makes those decisions. I don't like tyrants telling me they want to protect me by taking the tools I use to protect my self. Or dictating my health care and my retirement. If you think you own something try not paying the tax once a year on it and see who owns it. I only tolerate Republicans because they are the less of two evils.
They don't want to ruin America. They want to rule... (show quote)

Very well stated.

Semper Fi
Jun 3, 2019 14:53:05   #
EN Submarine Qualified wrote:
Street lights? What's that?

It's self defining. The lights that illuminate the street when it gets dark. You must have been raised on a farm where street lights are a luxury.

Semper Fi
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