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Mar 20, 2024 18:04:37   #
billlingle wrote:

Always easier to find fault in the writing of others than our own.

Hmmm.... similar to politics......
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Mar 20, 2024 16:18:00   #
billlingle wrote:
You blew this by being to lazy to proof read even one sentence.

Blew this lazy wank???? To vs too? DMF.
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Mar 19, 2024 16:56:53   #
archie bunker wrote:
Annnndddd, go!

Any dog owned by a Biden.
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Mar 4, 2024 13:57:39   #
Kevyn wrote:
How pathetic to allow a t*****rous scumbag who tried to o*******w our country on the b****t, he should be in prison. It is a sad day for our nation.

Who doesn’t love and admire a first class scumbag? MAGA 2024! Viva le Trump! Oh happy day!
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Feb 27, 2024 17:33:04   #
padremike wrote:
I get it. You L*****ts now believe it's permissible to teach our children your own consciously immoral opinions. Donald Trump is a profile in courage, he is a man for all seasons, he is indomitable and he is h**ed by those who also h**e America. He could not withstand the unrelenting attacks against him without the intervention of divine grace. And you can chip that in stone.

Nice one.... shredded him like pulled pork, splashed in vinegar, soft, juicy, smoothly delivered, no foul bits!
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Feb 27, 2024 15:46:14   #
permafrost wrote:
Now how can you say such a thing when your male orange god has told you that that is the only way women have any worth... how they look and how well they do sex.. it is the gospel of the new trump religion..

Seems that you are jealous of my relationship with God and religion. Who posted the porn? Oh, you did. Run and hide pervert.
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Feb 27, 2024 13:45:19   #
permafrost wrote:
we all should pause to enjoy such now and then...

Nothing like liberal swine objectifying women...... it's just the left thing to do, huh.
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Feb 23, 2024 17:13:12   #
permafrost wrote:
Among the countless reasons not to allow trump back in power...

Putin could attack NATO in ‘5 to 8 years,’ German defense minister warns
Europe sounds the alarm amid growing concern that the Russian president’s veiled threats against the military alliance could turn real.

An increasingly belligerent Russian President Vladimir Putin could attack the NATO military alliance in less than a decade, Germany's Defense Minister Boris Pistorius warned.

"We hear threats from the Kremlin almost every day ... so we have to take into account that Vladimir Putin might even attack a NATO country one day," Pistorius told German outlet Der Tagesspiegel in an interview published Friday.

While a Russian attack is not likely "for now," the minister added: "Our experts expect a period of five to eight years in which this could be possible."
Among the countless reasons not to allow trump bac... (show quote)

Oh my God! Send money somewhere, anywhere! Please make it stop. I'm worried sick. Can't even work.
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Feb 23, 2024 17:07:42   #
LostAggie66 wrote:
It's why We chose Texas to retire I wanted to go back home. I have started showing my new wife and daughter some of Texas including the Hill Country, Piney Woods, San Antonio(Missions, The Alamo) my old stomping grounds in the Valley and even went shopping in Matamoros and didn't see anyone swimming or walking across the river...We visited the GHW Bush Library on my first trip back to College Station since 92 when I graduated. EVeryone here we have met so far may disagree with our political views but they respect us and there is still a strong democratic Prescence in Texas.
It's why We chose Texas to retire I wanted to go b... (show quote)

Those pesky Texas dems..... They are everywhere spouting their opinions and drinking long necks all the time!
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Feb 23, 2024 15:59:41   #
Coos Bay Tom wrote:
I care about the t***h more than which side wins . I expect my politicians to be a cut above . . That means no c***ting or lying or dirty tricks .

Share some of that "stuff" with me? I love hallucinations.
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Feb 23, 2024 15:44:04   #
LostAggie66 wrote:
Point taken the "Squad" is also just as negative and should not be elected either. Both sides have members that do not deserve to be in Congress.

Politely, you are quite wrong. In every case, these people were elected by their constituents, not the peanut gallery states away.
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Feb 23, 2024 13:36:23   #
eagleye13 wrote:

Crookedness runs throughout the l*****t collective.
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Feb 23, 2024 13:35:05   #
LostAggie66 wrote:
SMH.... WHy?? Have you ever visited Texas or any Southern state? You have No clue and that Sir Is SAD Indeed.

Left and right in total agreement...... Texas is a very special place that has a hold on my heart. It's about the freedom. You be safe out there. We will be free.
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Feb 22, 2024 19:41:45   #
federally indicted mattoid wrote:

Don't take free education for your kids.
Don't call the fire department in case of emergency - or PD either.
No SS for Mr independent
No ACA access

Good luck winky!

Education is not free. I paid $7000 per year in school tax for many years. We must have school choice where funding follows the student.

Fire Department? Volunteers. Subsidized through county tax at $5K per year.
Police, you know when seconds count, cops get there in time to cleanup. Protect yourself.

I would have happily given up participation in SS for a real, actual investment opportunity. After paying into it for 50 years I'm happy to accept my gubmint gift of a new BMW X5 every three years. Thanks Aunt T***s Sam!

ACA cost me $1800 per month for me and spouse for 3 years, now $1200 per month for spouse only. $8K deductible. What does ACA do for me? Sweet nothing, Fook all.

I don't need luck, I need the effin gubmint off my back and out of my business.
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Feb 22, 2024 13:33:31   #
proud republican wrote:

I hope they take their wetbacks with them.
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