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Invite-Only Discussions
Invite-Only Discussions -- section rules, last updated October 3, 2016
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Oct 3, 2016 08:09:05   #
This section is for political discussions, just like Main. But unlike Main, this section is by invitation only.

The core idea of this section is to provide a place to discuss politics without the associated nastiness that often plagues such discussions.

In this section, it is against the rules to use foul language or insult other users. Also, please take it easy on the political figures being discussed. You can disagree with someone's politics without resorting to name-calling. Generally, just keep it civil.

In the Main section, we've been lenient on that for the sake of providing the users with a place to communicate freely. Sadly, some people just can't control themselves and turn from political debates to insulting others. So the Invite-Only Discussions section is meant to address that.

Access to this section does not depend on your political views or affiliations. But you must be able to control yourself when debating with the other users.

If you are able to discuss politics in a civilized manner, then you are welcome here, regardless of your opinion on any particular matter. If not, then your account will be stripped of the posting access to this section. If some user starts insulting others or posting profanity, then access permissions are removed and the user is no longer able to post in this section.

If you see someone posting insults, then please use Report Issue link of the post in question, so that I can find it and deal with it.

New users are not granted access to this section by default. This is done to prevent trolls from creating fake accounts just to flood the section.

If you are a newish user and would like to participate in this section, then please send a private message to Admin and request access to the Invite-Only Discussions section. When requesting posting access to this section, you can't be a brand new user. You need some posting history in the Main section.

For the overall forum rules, check this page.

If you want to reply, then register here. Registration is free and your account is created instantly, so you can post right away.
Invite-Only Discussions
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