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New Beer Trend
Aug 17, 2013 09:16:20   #
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Aug 17, 2013 10:05:01   #
Geno36 wrote:

What will they think of next????

I wonder if this could be used in those soft drink machines that they keep advertising where you just add water and somehow it adds the fizz to the water to make it a delicious soft drink. Now with this beer mix you could do the same with the same machine.

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Aug 17, 2013 19:32:37   #
donc711 Loc: North East Kansas
I like the idea. I use to do a lot of backpacking on the Olympic Peninsula. Plenty of fresh ice cold water and in mid summer it could be in the mid 80s.

One incident one summer, I was hiking up this steep incline, I caught up with a young guy who had 2 packs on. One on his back and the other on his chest. His wife was coming up way behind him, not carrying a thing. This guy had a gallon of wine in one pack. That's over 7 pounds extra weight. Concentrate would have helped him a lot. LOL

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