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Even Israel is Getting S**k of Israel
Apr 3, 2024 10:01:20   #
straightUp Loc: California
By now it should be obvious to anyone that that the Israeli government is committing genocide against the Palestinian people in Gaza. In fact it's become so obvious that even the Israeli people are starting to protest in growing numbers.

Just to clarify what I mean before some "clever" twit challenges the definition of "genocide"... I don't define genocide by the number of people k**led. So, it doesn't matter that 6 million Jews were k**led under the N**i regime and so far only 30,000 Palestinians have been k**led in Gaza, because unlike all the European countries under N**i control, Gaza only HAS a population of 2 million people. Also keep in mind it took Germany about seven years to k**l all those Jews... The current war on the Palestinian people hasn't even reached seven months yet.

What's more telling are the methods... For instance, the way in which the Israeli military continues to attack civilians while using a range of excuses to marginalize their liability. Another example is the way in which they are obstructing the flow of desperately needed aid being sent to Gaza from countries all around the world, which now includes the attacks on convoys and aid workers.

It's the methods that validate the notion that the Israeli government fully INTENDS to k**l as many Palestinians as possible either by direct attacks or by allowing them to suffer from hunger and disease encouraged by the conditions that result from such attacks.

So yes, what Israel is doing in Gaza is very much a genocide... NOT cool. Not even justified by 10/7... As much as some of you want to bill 10/7 as the worst thing to ever happen to humans, it doesn't even come close to the atrocity of genocide that Israel is undertaking. The reaction is so disproportionate it's hard to even qualify the genocide as a response and is now looking much more like an excuse.

I have always sided with the Orthodox Jews in their stance against the Z*****t State of Israel and now that many more Israelis are protesting, I am gaining hope that human decency in Israel hasn't died entirely. If the Israeli people can democratically kick Netanyahu and his Likud government out they can end this much better than we can.

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