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San Francisco's answer to subway crime. You got me ?
Apr 2, 2024 17:44:42   #
son of witless
Typical Democrat City solution to crime. This is so freaking stupid I cannot believe even L*****ts are not embarrassed when they hear it. San Francisco has a crime problem on it's subways. So they think handing out cards will help.

Actually this could work. A criminal assaulting, harassing, or bothering innocent citizens might piss himself laughing.***sit-wants-riders-to-carry-intervention-cards-to-help-stop-harassment-bart-san-francisco-oakland-san-jose-california-safety-subway-train-crime-bystander-intervention-safety-cards

" OAKLAND, Calif. (TND) — Bay Area Rapid T***sit (BART) promoted cards enabling riders to disclose harassment Friday in an effort to limit disturbances on the public t***sportation system.

Passengers experiencing sexual harassment can distribute cards informing and requesting assistance from bystanders.

They state “someone is harassing me right now,” and list options for helping, such as “can you stand with me while this is happening?” and “if I ask, would you text BART Police ... use the BART Watch App, or contact the train operator for me?” "

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