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The Whiteness of Wokeness
Apr 2, 2024 15:19:10   #
dtucker300 Loc: Vista, CA

The Whiteness of Wokeness
Wilfred Reilly
5-Minute Videos
Apr 11, 2022

Most people advocating for radical social change on behalf of people of color are not themselves people of color. How do you explain that? Wilfred Reilly, professor of political science at Kentucky State University, has some answers.

Apr 3, 2024 10:29:57   #
Revolutions need money. If you are an activist you go to your fundraiser who has connections with rich people. Ultimately, you go to your owners of "central banks," like the Rothschilds, who like to loan to the leaders of both sides of a pending conflict and appeal to their "what's-in-it-for-us" mentality. They pick the winner of the conflict which they believe the conflict's outcome will move societies toward their romantic ideal, and, they give the central banks the "okay" to fund the "revolutionaries."

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