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E******n deniers
Apr 2, 2024 10:04:56   #
E******n deniers..!?

All democrats along with all the media accused anyone who suspected or questioned any irregularities or fraud committed by democrats in the past e******n of being an e******n denier! However,

The Attorney General, Merrick B. Garland, with the full support (or instructions) from the White House and all democrats, declared that v****g ID requirements are “discriminatory and unnecessary”, in other words, they are calling for open fraud or to break the law openly as they ignore the constitution or use it as toilet paper!

Mail in v****g, that was imposed illegally and should have been prohibited as it’s clearly a tool for Democrats to c***t or commit fraud openly!

That’s not all, they are openly calling for i*****l a***ns to v**e, either to make it legal or do it anyway, as they commit “open fraud” with impunity, with little or not a bit of opposition from Republicans!

Most republicans accept the narrative (lies) from liberal democrats and act as “there is nothing to do about it”!

Why is that?

There was plenty of evidence of fraud committed by democrats in the 2020 e******ns, however, ignored by all the media, rinos and most republicans included.

But, regardless, many democrats have the guts to say that the 2020 e******ns were the most honest e******ns ever!!

They can do that because they have the support or being backed up by all the media (their propaganda tool) or Marxists comrades!

I do not suspect any fraud from Democrats in the past e******n, I am positive, (100 % sure) that they stole the presidency through fraud!
However, many republicans who saw evidence of fraud being committed and complained of irregularities, still, they accepted the narrative (lies) of the ones in power (democrats)

And, why is that?

Because they don’t have COJONES to fight back!

They would rather be pretenders and take the money than being honest and fight for the TRUE!

Now, we have Ronna McDaniel, former Republican National Committee Chairwoman, called a “Trump sympathizer” because she supports Trump’s policies, and an “e******n denier”, because she at some point questioned the integrity of the 2020 e******n!

So, she was hired by NBC, however because she dissents or has points of view different from the liars from F**e news, she was fired without even starting due to complaints from all commentators or hosts who are afraid of someone who might confront them with the t***h! As all they do is tell lies! But,

Is Hillary Clinton an e******n denier? Of course not, She’s a democrat!

Is Mr. Biden and all democrats who complained and lied about an illegal president in 2016, e******n deniers? Of course not, They’re democrats!

Well, definitely the real e******n deniers are “all democrats” who break the law and lie everyday and every hour with impunity!!

Héctor Bayate

Apr 2, 2024 19:28:51   #
ed4short Loc: New Hampshire
Excellent post, welcome aboard

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