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General Chit-Chat (non-political talk)
Bee sting..
Nov 16, 2022 20:36:32   #
AuntiE Loc: 46th Least Free State

Nov 16, 2022 20:39:13   #
Peaver Bogart Loc: Montana
AuntiE wrote:

LOL, I had to pilfer that one.

Nov 16, 2022 21:14:30   #
AuntiE wrote:

Thank goodness she’s OK that happened to me before

Nov 19, 2022 19:24:35   #
son of witless
AuntiE wrote:

No wonder the wife ended up in the hospital. A shovel ? You must be kidding. If he had used a proper bee swatting tool she wouldn't be in the hospital. I find a 6 lb sledge puts nobody into a hospital.

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