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The Maga's are worried that the country is changing and they want to stop it for fear of being left behind.
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Sep 27, 2022 16:29:29   #
4430 Loc: Little Egypt ** Southern Illinory

So Trump made a verbal slip but you all pay no attention to Biden's every day stumbling mumbling incoherent blabbing

Sep 27, 2022 16:31:49   #
4430 Loc: Little Egypt ** Southern Illinory
TexaCan wrote:
You are right! MAGA do not want to be called PROGRESSIVES! The most cherished gift that God gave a woman is to give birth to her child…IN MY HUMBLE OPINION! I am a conservative Christian. I will not support the senseless murder of babies, A******n, when it is used as a form of birth control. Do you know what Partial Birth A******n is?

How can any person that believes in God and the sanctity of life support the party that supports the most evil act imaginable……murder of the most innocent, especially a fully formed viable baby…..…sticking a pair of scissors in a baby’s head and sucking his brains out, selling any part of that baby that is deemed usable, and then tossing what’s left in the trash! Can you even imagine the pain that that baby feels?

What is partial-birth a******n?

Partial-birth a******n (PBA) is the term Congress has used to describe a procedure that crosses the line from a******n to infanticide. The doctor delivers a substantial portion of the living child outside his mother's body --- the entire head in a head-first delivery or the trunk past the navel in a feet-first delivery --- then k**ls the child by crushing his skull or removing his brain by suction.

Why would anyone use this procedure?

Some a******n doctors use PBA in the middle and last months of pregnancy, when dismembering a child becomes more difficult due to the child's stronger bones and ligaments. After the mother undergoes two to three days of cervical dilation (increasing her risk of infection and subsequent preterm births), the doctor in minutes can partially deliver the child "intact" before k*****g him or her and completing delivery. In the more commonly used dismemberment method, the mother's cervix is dilated manually only enough to remove the child's severed body parts; dismemberment and removal takes the doctor longer to complete.

Does Roe v. Wade protect an a******n method as extreme as PBA?

In Carhart I the Supreme Court treated PBA as just another method of a******n, largely ignoring the fact the the child is almost completely delivered when he or she is k**led. Yet even when the Court struck down Texas's a******n statute in Roe, it had left standing a provision of Texas law that prohibited k*****g a child in the process of being delivered.

Why was a ban on this procedure needed? Don't most states already have laws against late-term a******ns?

Such laws exist in most states but they generally have two deficiencies. First, they apply only after "viability" --- when the child if delivered could survive indefinitely outside the womb --- and PBA is used to k**l mostly-delivered children before this stage. Second, as required by Roe and Casey, even laws restricting a******n after viability allow a******n when it is deemed necessary to preserve the mother's "health" and "heath" was defined in Roe's companion case Doe v. Bolton to include "all factors" --- emotional, familial, age, and so on --- related to "well-being." This "heath" loophole allows a******ns to be performed on request during all nine months of pregnancy for virtually any reason.
You are right! MAGA do not want to be called PROG... (show quote)

Sep 27, 2022 16:34:20   #
4430 Loc: Little Egypt ** Southern Illinory
Big Kahuna wrote:
Trump never wanted to defund the police. Your party wants to handcuff and defund the police. Who really disdains the law and all moral values? (Should we tell Pigw it is her Demorat party?)

One only has to look at the rise in crime rates in blue cities "" Chicago "" is a very good example !

Sep 27, 2022 16:40:34   #
4430 Loc: Little Egypt ** Southern Illinory
MidnightRider wrote:
MAGAs are worried about anything? I guess you didn't hear Jen Psaki's interview, I just read it. If anything about Biden or crime or the i******s I can go on and on comes up the Dems lose. Now if I know that, don't you think some in the GOP do? Btw, I'll put my paramilitary against the US military anytime now. Woke q***rs and the few feds who aren't, it should be an interesting few weeks so shove your civil war threats unless you REALLY want one. You c****es make me laugh.

Heck Democrats don't know which restrooms to use and they can't define what a woman is and they think that Men can get pregnant !

Today's military is a far cry to the military when I was in the USAF 65/69

Sep 27, 2022 17:27:41   #
son of witless
permafrost wrote:
Seems I have not been clear... I do not say no one is storming the border. both legal and non.. I am not saying drugs are ok in any way, F******l is very nasty.. But you trump troops maintain it is all Bidens fault.. not so at all.. he is following the law and things are moving along..

Several factors account for the surge in border crossings.. The primary one would be the p******c which shut down so much of so many economies around the world now with the US economy surging.. the rush to join is very predictable and understandable.. it will require a great deal of changes in both laws and enforcement.. Biden is not violation any law that I am aware of and the border problem will be going on for decades more in all probability..
Seems I have not been clear... I do not say no one... (show quote)

All of those accomplishments on your photo are not accomplishments. They are merely policies Biden has implemented. As of yet, none of them, that I am aware of, has produced positive results. Thus so far Joe's record is a record of 100 % failures up the ying yang.

Sep 27, 2022 19:11:11   #
Ginny_Dandy Loc: Pacific Northwest
WOW! Great comments coming from the conservative side! Kudos guys & dolls. Keep up the good work.

Sep 29, 2022 09:37:10   #
microphor Loc: Home is TN
336Robin wrote:
The Maga worry of being marginalized, when there are so many of them.

Change always happens. Been doing it since the beginning of time.

Democrats Trump is 'afraid of being indicted and he has an army': Reporter debates when the next big J*** 6 will happen :

By Sarah K. Burris

FBI Director Christopher Wray told Congress in 2020 that it was once w***e s*********ts and racially motivated groups who were responsible for the majority of violence, but that has changed to be anti-government groups.

Last week, Collins tweeted a series of strange incidents involving Q***n-linked acts of violence. In one case, a Q***n Trump supporter in a rainbow wig stormed into a Dairy Queen with a loaded gun. A father shot and k**led his wife and injured his daughter, after his other daughter said that he was spiraling out of control due to Q***n.

"Rebecca Lanis says her father had never been physically violent, but his behavior started spiraling about two years ago after former President Donald Trump lost the 2020 p**********l e******n," the local WDBJ7 News report said, citing the man's daughter.

"People are wondering when it's going to happen, when the next big J****** 6th thing is going to happen," said Collins. "And we have this rolling wave of violence in this country by people who are obsessed with bringing back the previous time. That can mean wh**ever they want. It can mean the '90s. It can mean the '50s, something much further back than that.

But they think they are losing control of the culture, of their own power in society, and Donald Trump is giving them a way to get it back." :

Citing the man who k**led his wife, Collins explained that the family said he already had some mental health issues, but after Trump, he became violent.

Trump "knows what this is," said Collins. "This is a guy who's losing control of the idea that he can be democratically elected again, but he still has an army, and he's afraid of being indicted. So put two and two together here."

Watch video below or at this link.
The Maga worry of being marginalized, when there a... (show quote)

Oh please leave me behind.

Sep 29, 2022 09:38:32   #
microphor Loc: Home is TN
pegw wrote:
Trump was sued by the State of NY this week for illegal business practices. There wasn't r****rs in the streets. I don't think there will be when Trump is charged wih his other crimes. Most people understand Trump's disdain for the law.

Why do we understand that, because some self serving politician or opinionated said so?

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