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This is no joke.
Aug 5, 2022 23:23:35   #
nwtk2007 Loc: Texas
The primary man caused influence on climate warming is air conditioning, but not the coolants which can contribute to ozone depletion.

Air conditioning pulls heat out of the inside air and pumps it into the atmosphere. Some heat reenters but a lot of heat comes up from the ground as well, leading to an overall shift of heat from below to the atmosphere.

And this is not some theoretical greenhouse effect, it is the direct movement of heat from the earth into the atmosphere.

So much of man's structures do the same but air conditioning is powered to do it. Where do you thing all that energy running the air conditioners goes? Where else? The atmosphere.

Be sides all the other non co2 related effects of man, this is a big one. All of the energy produced by man certainly isn't warming the ground, is it?!

We have an effect, but our co2 products aren't one of them.

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