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Women spoke in Kansas
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Aug 4, 2022 11:50:39   #
FallenOak Loc: St George Utah
permafrost wrote:
Do not know if we will make it or not.. is a nice event, each year until the Covid made them skip a couple years. back a few years the ship from the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean" was going be in the mix, but it ran into something down south and nearly sank, was being repaired for so long it did not make it this far.. darn.. we have made several of these events, always fun..

Your boats must be terrific.. always wanted a sail boat, got a boat the a sail could be added. that never got done and is the closest I came to getting one of my own..
Hobie cat was one model I wanted for some time..

As for the origin of the ship and how many, I do not know yet.. they usually post all that info as early as may, but this year I only heard about it a few days ago..
Do not know if we will make it or not.. is a nice ... (show quote)

Had a friend who used to surf with Hobie Alter in Laguna. Both are gone now.
I moved to the desert 20 years ago and left my boats to a nephew in California. He now lives in Texas and I think the boats are at his dad's house.
I have had three real loves in life, first my wife, second Jeeps, and third Sail. I am working on an M38A1 project Jeep I got last October. Hopefully I will be able to begin driving it before fall.

Aug 4, 2022 12:09:38   #
permafrost Loc: Minnesota
Turtle keeper wrote:
WOW. I see there are times when you can talk like a normal person with some civility. If you could only stop supporting the Communist/Socialist Democrat Party. Your grand kids will love you for allowing them the freedoms you have had all your life.

It is my great grand kids which I worry about.. little by little the freedoms we have grown up with seem to be challenged and one lose means at end while one victory means only that we must get ready for the next attempt..

Yes, I do love the way tall ships respond and the ideas they represent and I wish I had about a 40 footer..

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