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Slo Miserable Joe, "we have a plan to solve the inflation problem which is similar to the plan to steal the 2020 election.""
May 13, 2022 09:24:34   #
Big Kahuna
Slo joe was announcing that he and his admin have a plan to stop this high inflation problem which was caused once he took his fake position. What joe didn't say was that his policies for the last year and a half have given us this miserable high inflation and is killing our economy. Like all good liars, slo joe tried to blame it on the Repubs. It looks like Slo joe's plans aren't working and never will work. His plan to destroy America is working however. Where's the military when we need them? Fighting a war in Ukraine and spending $$$$ billions more of the taxpayers money and handing out free baby formula at the border to all illegal immigrants. Joe, we know what your plan is. Print more money and create more inflation while Americans are starving and the dems want to murder our babies as a way to reduce the world's population and stop the fake man made climate change.

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