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Why Hebrew is so Powerful and Sacred.
Apr 22, 2021 12:00:31   #
How did the people of Israel’s cultural identity hold on to the Hebrew language throughout thousands of years? Since the days of the Bible, the people of Israel have been in a constant state of migration. First enslaved in Egypt, then exiled to Babylon, then to Rome, then to Europe and the New World. What makes the Hebrew language so powerful and sacred to survive through all these years?

The Portable Covenant
The secret to the endurance of the Jewish people through millennia of migration and persecution is their sacred language: Hebrew. Like a portable covenant, Hebrew is divinely tailor made for migration. The Book of Genesis refers to the patriarch Abram as ha-ivri הָעִבְרִי or “the Hebrew” (Gen. 14:13). The meaning of the word ha-ivri is “the one who crosses over,” a reference to Abram’s migration from his hometown in Mesopotamia, across the Jordan River, to the Land of Canaan. 

Allegiance to the Source
Over 4000 years, in each place where Jews settled down, they learned to speak the local language and adopted local customs. The diversity of these Jewish communities is truly astounding. But there is one thing they all have in common: they never forgot the Hebrew of their ancestor Abram. In synagogues and schools worldwide, the Jewish people were always adamant: the Bible must be read in the original Hebrew.

Cross over to Scriptural clarity
Today, the universal spread of Hebrew has reached new heights as Christians discover the Jewish roots of their faith. In churches all over the world, Christians are learning to read the Bible in Hebrew to truly understand the Word of God. Enroll today in our live online Biblical Hebrew course and connect with this exciting global movement crossing over to Scriptural clarity!

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