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When The World Comes Apart - Gary Numan after losing his daughter
Jan 9, 2021 22:22:25   #
BigMike Loc: yerington nv
Grief, I understand.

I'm not a hero's story
I'm not a traitor's lie
I'm not everything they said

I'm not here to save you
I'm not your confessor
My sins alone can wake the dead

But do you understand
Nothing can make it better
Nothing can make it go away

And do you understand
That we are lost to ruin
And this will be your end of days

And when the sun fell down
And when the moon failed to rise
And when the world came apart
Where were you?
Were you with me?
When my light burns out
And when my fire is cold
And when my breath is the wind
Where will you be, dear God?

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