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Hillary Clinton stands by her delusional claim: ‘The Russian reset worked!’
Jul 25, 2014 16:43:26   #
JMHO Loc: Utah
In March 2009, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled to Geneva with a ridiculous red button prop to officially “reset” U.S./Russian relations. Five years later, Russia is on the rise. But that didn't stop Clinton from touting the fateful “reset” as a success. Listen to the head scratching audio...

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Jul 26, 2014 08:16:00   #
the waker Loc: 11th freest nation
Yeah the only problem is, she wasn't supposed to reset it back to the 80's ;) you remember this famous line from the election " Ah, the 80's called, and want they're foreign policy back", as giggles came from around the room. Who's laughing now

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