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Let there be light
Oct 22, 2019 17:39:03   #
Shalom from Jerusalem

In the coming week, Jews around the world will celebrate Simchat Torah, reading the bible from the beginning. Even a novice reader of the Bible, is aware that the first story of Genesis is God’s creation of the world. This well-known story follows a familiar pattern; God speaks, something comes into existence, and God declares it good. But when you read this story in Hebrew, you discover a hidden secret…

The light of God Illuminate your Biblical studies God’s words of creation The first words uttered by God in the entire Bible are “let there be light” (Genesis 1:3). In the original Hebrew this phrase is yehi or (יְהִי אוֹר). The word yehi (יְהִי) - “let there be”- is a special term reserved for the creative power of the Lord. It also taken from God’s Hebrew name: Yahweh (יהוה). This implies humans cannot create with words. God, however, breaks the silence with this special word that is based on his own name.
Throughout the Bible, the Hebrew word or (אור) “light” is a symbol for life, joy and deliverance, as the prophet Isaiah refers to God as “the Light of Israel [who] will become a fire” (Isa. 10:17). The Bible has existed for thousands of years, but it is only when you read it in Hebrew that you shed light on its real meaning. You already possess the raw materials of Scripture. Now you need to acquire the spotlight of Hebrew to illuminate the words. Enroll today in our live online Biblical Hebrew course. 

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