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One of Trumps “good people” arrested in Texas
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Aug 17, 2019 14:53:49   #
Louie27 Loc: Peoria, AZ
maximus wrote:
Sounds all the world to me like ObamaCare. Did democrats explain it.? No. In fact, N. Pelosi said that in order to see what was in the bill, you had to vote it in. Were Americans FORCED to participate or pay a fine? Yes. Did insurance rates rise ridiculously in response to the number of people who got insured without paying for it? Very much so, yes!
Now look at Trump. He said he would make deals and he has. Under Obama, our world leadership position changed for the worse. Trump has restored that position to America. Trump has eradicated unfair trade deals for America first Deals. In fact, everything that Trump has accomplished or that he tried to (democrats stopped him on many things) has been America First and he plainly laid out all of his plans in his campaign. He has worked hard and for NO PAY. Obama promised hope and change....well, he got elected and Bob Hope died and I had no change in my pockets.
Sounds all the world to me like ObamaCare. Did dem... (show quote)

That post couldn't have been said any better.

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