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You Really Have To See This!!!!!
Jul 11, 2019 03:14:47   #
2bltap Loc: Move to the Mainland
8 year old Drummer. OMG
Semper Fi

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Jul 11, 2019 08:00:29   #
okie don
She's got it!!

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Jul 12, 2019 09:27:55   #
bggamers Loc: georgia
2bltap wrote:

OMG this kid is awesome thanks for sharing

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Jul 12, 2019 18:22:08   #
Fit2BTied Loc: Texas
2bltap wrote:
Somewhere in Heaven "The Beast" (JHB) is smilin'

She's good in the 2nd one too, but "Good Times, Bad Times" really showcases her talent. Thank you!

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