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EPA Employee didn't show at work for 5 years and drew full salary
Dec 5, 2018 20:40:34   #
Comment Loc: California
And took trips to LA to visit family on taxpayer's millions of dimes. No body in adm bothered to investigate. PROOF, Gov is too big, out of control and it doesn't give a crap about conserving funds stolen from taxpayers.

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Feb 22, 2019 13:13:32   #
There's a sheriff from Colorado I think it is who hasn't shown up to work for months, he's in Florida fishing. The county council has an attitude about someone squealing them off, and doesn't seem to see anything wrong with this. They have an attitude about being held accountable for allowing this.

Also I saw something where Whittaker has been given what's being called a "no show" job, he gets paid but has no duties.

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