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User-Managed Sections

Our forum has core sections and user-managed sections. You can find all sections here. User-managed sections contain "managed by" in their descriptions.

Core sections are managed by the forum administration, and all users are initially subscribed to all core sections.

User-managed sections are managed by users, and you need to explicitly subscribe to a user-managed section for it to be included in your Digest, Newest Topics, Active Topics.

You can subscribe/unsubscribe to any section by using My Profile link at the top. So you can choose which sections you receive.

How To Start A New User-Managed Section

If you have an idea for a niche section which you would like to manage, then please contact Admin and we'll see about setting it up.

A user-managed section can have one or multiple managing users.

Managers have the ability to perform certain moderator tasks withing their sections such as deleting topics, deleting individual posts, changing titles of topics, stickying topics, locking topics.

User-managed sections have certain limitations:

- The rules of such sections cannot contradict the overall forums rules.

- Initially, users are not subscribed to any user-managed sections. So they would have to explicitly subscribe in their profiles in order to participate.

- Generally, we will not move topics from core sections into user-managed sections. But at the same time, if a manager of a user-managed section asks us to move some topic out of his/her section, we will do it.

- We reserve the right to edit/delete content in user-managed sections just like with the rest of the forum.

Since user-managed sections are not advertised anywhere on our forum, you should think about how you'll promote your section to the other users of the forum before contacting me about creating one. This is very important because if no one knows about your new section, it won't be of much use.

If you want me to create a new section, then please contact me and send me the exact title and description for the section. You can see examples of titles/descriptions of existing sections here: All Sections. - Forum
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