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Apr 18, 2018 13:09:14   #
By Pastor Gary Boyd

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The Israel Defense Forces on Tuesday April 17th revealed new information about the deployment of Iranian air defenses in Syria, further exposing Tehran's attempts to entrench itself militarily in the war-torn country. According to the Bible NLT version the ancient country of Elam in what is now southern Iran, whose people the Hebrews believed to be the offspring of Elam, son of Shem (Genesis 10:22). Read what it says about Iran in Jeremiah 49:34-39
A Message about Elam -
34 This message concerning Elam came to the prophet Jeremiah from the Lord at the beginning of the reign of King Zedekiah of Judah. 35 This is what the Lord of Heaven’s Armies says:“I will destroy the archers of Elam—the best of their forces. 36 I will bring enemies from all directions, and I will scatter the people of Elam to the four winds. They will be exiled to countries around the world. 37 I myself will go with Elam’s enemies to shatter it. In my fierce anger, I will bring great disaster upon the people of Elam,” says the Lord. “Their enemies will chase them with the sword until I have destroyed them completely. 38 I will set my throne in Elam,” says the Lord, “and I will destroy its king and officials. 39 But I will restore the fortunes of Elam in days to come. I, the Lord, have spoken!”
This is what awaits Iran if they continue their march to destroy Israel and push her into the sea.

Potential Targets

In an apparent effort at deterrence, Israeli media was provided by the IDF with a map showing five Iranian-controlled bases in Syria, which would apparently constitute potential targets for an Israeli response should Iran carry out any kind of attack.

Tensions between Israel and Iran have been steadily escalating since an Iranian drone that breached Israeli airspace on Feb. 10 was shot down by the Israeli Air Force.

Israeli fighter jets later targeted the mobile control center of the T-4 air base from which it was piloted. Seven members of Iran's elite Quds Force were killed in the strike, including the commander of its drone unit in Syria.

Drone Design Stolen

The drone appeared to be a relatively new stealth model known as a Saeqeh, whose design was stolen from an American unmanned aerial vehicle that was captured by Iran in 2011, according to aviation analysts.

During the Syrian counterattack against the Israeli jets, one F-16 was hit by anti-aircraft fire and crashed in a field in northern Israel after the pilot and navigator ejected from it.

In response to that downing of the fighter jet, Israel launched a large-scale attack on Syria's air defenses, destroying between one-third and one-half of its capabilities, according to the IDF.

Drone Was Armed

IDF spokesman Brigadier General Ronen Manelis reported that the Iranian drone operated from T-4 which had been armed, and was in route to carry out an attack on Israeli forces, and was not merely on an information-gathering mission.

One senior Israeli security official told The New York Times that attempted attack was unprecedented, and represented a shift in Iranian policy.
"This is the first time we saw Iran do something against Israel -- not by proxy," the senior Israeli security official said. "This opened a new period."

According to Tuesday's report, Iran's build up in Syria in preparation for a direct conflict with the Jewish state has included the deployment of advanced airborne weapons platforms - including drone aircraft - shipments of weapons disguised as humanitarian aid, and Iranian military flights conducted under the cover of civilian airline companies.

Iran Seeks Revenge

Fuming over the strike, Iran has vowed to exact vengeance on Israel.

Tehran is now believed to be preparing for a sustained campaign of direct confrontation with Israel, with plans to use the Iranian military's growing presence in Syria to launch attacks on targets inside the Jewish state.

For decades, the radical Islamist regime in Tehran has engaged in a de facto war with Israel via proxies - using terror groups in the Gaza Strip and Lebanon to attack Israeli civilian and military targets.
Iran Getting Brave With Other Peoples lives

On Tuesday, however, Israeli security officials revealed that Iran is now preparing for a direct assault on Israel, using its growing military assets on Israel's northern border to strike targets inside the Jewish state.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi said Monday that "Israel will receive a blow for what it did at the T4 base. The days when the Zionist regime would hit and run are over. ... I suggest to the Israelis to refrain from foolish steps if they want to continue their treacherous existence," he warned.

The IDF said Tuesday that the deployment of Iranian air defenses in Syria was personally supervised by Quds Force commander Maj. Gen. Ghasem Soleimani, one of the most powerful military figures in the Iranian regime.

Iran has access to a variety of surface-to-surface missiles, from short-range Fajr-5 rockets to medium-range Fateh 110 missiles, which have a range of approximately 300 kilometers (190 miles) to long-range Shehab ballistic missiles capable of hitting targets over 1,300 kilometers (800 miles) away.

Israel Counters With

To counter those threats, Israel has a multi-tiered missile defense system consisting of the Iron Dome for short-range rockets and mortar shells, the David's Sling for medium-range missiles and the Arrow for long-range ballistic missiles.

Israel sees Iran, which has vowed to destroy the Jewish state, as its central enemy in the region. Israeli officials have repeatedly stated that Israel will not allow Iran to entrench itself in Syria, marking it as a "red line" that it will fight militarily if necessary.

Many Bible scholars believe we may be starting to see a foreshadowing of a much larger conflict described in the book of Ezekiel in which many nations (including Russia & Iran) launch an attack on Israel and are miraculously defeated by God's direct intervention. However this happens in the middle of the tribulation and is called the war of Gog & Magog. What we are at the present moment looking at is the Psalm 83 War. Read of it below:
Psalm 83

A Psalm of Asaph the Prophet
1 O God, do not be silent!
Do not be deaf.
Do not be quiet, O God.
2 Don’t you hear the uproar of your enemies?
Don’t you see that your arrogant enemies are rising up?
3 They devise crafty schemes against your people;
they conspire against your precious ones.
4 “Come,” they say, “let us wipe out Israel as a nation.
We will destroy the very memory of its existence.”
5 Yes, this was their unanimous decision.
They signed a treaty as allies against you—
6 these Edomites and Ishmaelites;
Moabites and Hagrites;
7 Gebalites, Ammonites, and Amalekites;
and people from Philistia and Tyre.
8 Assyria has joined them, too,
and is allied with the descendants of Lot.

9 Do to them as you did to the Midianites
and as you did to Sisera and Jabin at the Kishon River.
10 They were destroyed at Endor,
and their decaying corpses fertilized the soil.
11 Let their mighty nobles die as Oreb and Zeeb did.
Let all their princes die like Zebah and Zalmunna,
12 for they said, “Let us seize for our own use
these pasturelands of God!”
13 O my God, scatter them like tumbleweed,
like chaff before the wind!
14 As a fire burns a forest
and as a flame sets mountains ablaze,
15 chase them with your fierce storm;
terrify them with your tempest.
16 Utterly disgrace them
until they submit to your name, O Lord.
17 Let them be ashamed and terrified forever.
Let them die in disgrace.
18 Then they will learn that you alone are called the Lord,
that you alone are the Most High,
supreme over all the earth.


World War 3 is about to begin happening in three phases. I believe the first phase will be the destruction of Damascus and the bombing of Iran’s nuclear reactor at Basher along the Persian Gulf. I believe this will contaminate the Gulf with radio activity and also the land will be affected causing the Iranians to leave their land driven to other countries. They will regroup and attack later with Russia and other Arab states in the much talked about War of Gog & Magog. The Antichrist will put an end to this Psalm 83 War with a seven year peace treaty allowing them to tear down their walls. Scripture says this will start the Great Tribulation. May our Lord come soon to rapture us away to our safe abode in the heavens. Come soon Jesus.

Apr 16, 2018 13:54:27   #
Does Syria Have a Role in the End Times? When does Damascus cease being a city?
By Pastor Gary K. Boyd

What hand will Syria play when things go from bad to worse in the Middle East? Will Damascus, a 5,000 year old city that has never been destroyed, draw the ire of Israel who scripture says will lay it to ruin? The proof of scripture shows you how Syria will not escape God’s wrath, read on.

With all the events taking place in Syria right now, many people are asking, "What does the Bible have to say about Syria and the end times?

World War Three
I believe the last war will come in three stages. First the Psalm 83 War that Asaph the prophet said would come forth that will start the great tribulation. Then in the middle of the great tribulation phase two begins, the War of Gog and Magog that God has a hand in destroying all the nations armies that have surrounded Israel. Only 1/8th of these armies are left alive to go back into the nations to tell what happened. Then phase three the last battle of Armageddon when Christ’s army returns to pulverize those who come to destroy Israel in the valley of Megiddo. Is this then the beginning of World War III the place where Damascus is laid to ruin? Those are legitimate questions, but let me assure you, this is not the end. How can I be so sure?

The Bible Says So
Because the Bible says Armageddon takes place at the end of the seven year Tribulation Revelation 16:16, “And he gathered them together into a place called in the Hebrew tongue Armageddon.” In the present day the Tribulation has yet to begin.

That said, I believe recent events in Syria have great significance when it comes to the study of bible prophecy.

This doesn't mean you're guaranteed to see the immediate fulfillment of any specific bible prophecy. However, it does mean you should pay close attention.
Why? Because, at the very least, these events are setting the table for the fulfillment of multiple bible prophecies that will come one after the other.

Signs Everywhere
Just look around you. The signs of the Second Coming are everywhere. The restoration of Israel (Isaiah 11:12)... The Jews back in Jerusalem (Luke 21:24-28)... The Gospel preached to the world (Matthew 24:14)... An increase in travel and knowledge (Daniel 12:4)... The rise of the European Union (Daniel 2:43)... And many more.
Jesus says once you see all these signs come together, His return is near Luke 21:28, “And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.”

This means the start of the Tribulation is close, and you should expect to see the fulfillment of many end times prophecies in the near future.

Below are two prophetic events especially relevant to the ongoing events in Syria. The first could take place at any moment.

I believe a careful study of the Bible reveals the second event will take place sometime after the war foretold in Psalm 83.

Either way, both events could be very close to fulfillment. While both could still be several years away, breaking events could lead to their fulfillment in this very hour.

The Destruction of Damascus (Isaiah 17:1)
“The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.”
Chapter 17 in the Book of Isaiah paints a sobering picture. In it, the city of Damascus is a pile of rubble. The Bible says it will disappear from the face of the earth and become a heap of ruins (Isaiah 17:1).

At the same time, large parts of northern Israel will also lie in ruin. Read of it here, Isaiah 17:3, “The fortress also shall cease from Ephraim, and the kingdom from Damascus, and the remnant of Syria: they shall be as the glory of the children of Israel, saith the Lord of hosts.”

Now, before you say this prophecy was fulfilled during Old Testament times, keep this in mind... This passage says Damascus will cease to be a city (Isaiah 17:1). Damascus has never been destroyed in history up till this point! This then is future tense.

It will be utterly and completely destroyed. Yet, Damascus is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities on record. Its history goes back more than 5,000 years. At 2,600 years old, the Book of Isaiah itself is new compared to Damascus! This prophecy is yet to be fulfilled.

How Do Current Events in Syria Relate to Isaiah 17?
Following the U.S. strike on the Syrian chemical weapons facilities, a statement was issued by the Russian ambassador to the US saying: 'Again, we are being threatened. We warned that such actions will not be left without consequences."

While this statement was clearly in response to a U.S. attack, Russia, Iran & Syria have made it clear they will respond to any nation they view as an aggressor.
This includes Israel and makes a much more likely target than Syria or Russia retaliating directly against the US. Hezbollah is part of the Iran/Syria/Russian alliance and would be more than glad to launch targeted attacks into Israel with backing from these nations.

Israel Targeted Airbase
While it hasn't been a major news story, Israel has also been bombing Syria. They've attacked Hezbollah targets in Syria several times over the last year and last week bombed an airbase that resulted in several Iranian Republican Guard deaths, including a Colonel.

Hassan Nasrallah, The leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah terror group said the Israeli airstrike on an air base in central Syria that killed seven Iranians was a "historic mistake" that has brought Israel into direct conflict with Tehran. "This is unprecedented in seven years of war in Syria that Israel directly targets Iran’s Revolutionary Guard," Nasrallah said.

Israel issued its own threats in response, with senior Israeli security officials saying that if Iran strikes at Israel from Syrian territory, "Assad's regime and Assad himself will disappear from the map." They continued, "Our recommendation to Iran is that it does not try to act because Israel is determined to continue on this issue to the very end."

If Syria and its allies view their situation as desperate, they may decide to use these recent bombing raids by the U.S. and Israel as an excuse to launch a chemical or rocket attack on Israel.

This is because drawing Israel into the war could rally the Muslim world to Syria's side. Saddam Hussein tried this same tactic during the first Gulf War. In 1991, he fired Scud missiles at Israel in an effort to draw them into the war and break up the coalition aligned against him.

Swift Response From Israel
If Syria, Hezbollah, or any of their allies managed to strike Israel with a weapon of mass destruction, the response would be swift. Israel would most likely respond in kind. If their intelligence revealed the Assad regime was behind such an attack, nuclear retaliation on Damascus would not be out of the question.
While this is all speculation, and not necessarily how Isaiah 17 will be fulfilled, it shows how realistic a near-term fulfillment of this prophecy could be. With current instability in the region, and so many warring factions in Syria, events could spiral out of control very quickly.

At this point in time, it's not difficult to imagine a scenario in which Damascus is completely destroyed.

The Gog of Magog War (Ezekiel 38-39)
Current events in Syria are also setting the stage for the Gog of Magog War. More than 2,600 years ago, the prophet Ezekiel warned of a future time when a vast coalition of nations will attack Israel.

Ezekiel identifies these nations as "Magog, Rosh, Meschech, Tubal, Persia, Cush, Put, Gomer, and Beth-togarmah" (Ezekiel 38:1-6). These nations have since come to be known as the Gog of Magog alliance.
Now, with the exception of Persia and Cush, I realize most people have never heard of these nations.
But keep in mind Ezekiel used the names of these nations as they were known in his day. Each one is a clearly identifiable nation today. So who are these nations in our day and time?

Below is a list. The Old Testament name is listed first, followed by its modern day equivalent:
Rosh = Russia
Magog = Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Afghanistan
Persia = Iran
Cush = Sudan
Put = Libya
Meshech, Tubal, Gomer, and Beth-togarmah = Turkey
Collectively, these nations have never attacked Israel. In fact, in the history of the world, such an alliance of nations has never existed.

Coming Together Now
But today we see it coming together right in front of us. Since 1989, Russia and Iran have gradually strengthened their diplomatic, military, and economic ties.

Yet, in the first 2,600 years after Ezekiel recorded his prophecies, the nations of Russia and Persia (Iran) had never been part of any alliance of any sort. Never. Cooperation between Russia and Iran, especially military cooperation, didn't take place.

This led many people to claim Ezekiel's prophecy was symbolic. Why? Because the idea of the Gog of Magog war seemed absurd. After all, at the dawn of the 20th Century, Russia was an orthodox Christian nation and Israel didn't exist!

But those who believed in a literal interpretation of the Bible knew otherwise. They knew all prophecy would come to pass. Because bible prophecy doesn't come from mere humans. It's God's Word (2 Peter 1:19-21).

In the years since, the stage has been set for the literal fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39. A 1917 communist revolution transformed Russia from a Christian nation to an atheist nation.
In 1948, Israel once again became a nation. And earlier this week, Russia and Iran issued a joint statement vowing to respond with force to any aggressor.

Turkey a Direct Threat
What about Turkey? For decades, people have wondered how Turkey could be a part of this alliance. After all, Turkey is a member of NATO.

And in late 2015, Turkey shot down a Russian jet when it strayed into Turkish airspace. There was bad blood, Russia and Turkey seem to be at odds.
So how could Turkey be a part of this alliance? At first glance, it seems unlikely. But in the summer of 2016, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan jailed thousands of political opponents. And recently, Turkey voted to eliminate its parliamentary form of government and give expanded powers to Erdogan.

Ultimately, this could be what pushes Turkey into the Russian sphere of influence. Erdogan is an anti-Western, pro-Islamist leader, and he's worked hard to strengthen Turkey's ties with Russia. It is my speculation that Erdogan may be the antichrist by the moves he has made against the West recently; like wanting to put together a 57 coalition of Arab nations for an attack against Israel.
He has had several heated exchanges with Israel's Netanyahu in the press and has shown support for the Hamas uprising along the border in Gaza. Turkey has clearly shifted from friend to foe over the past decade and presents a direct threat to Israel having one of the largest militaries in the region.

In light of these developments, we can see the Gog of Magog alliance coming together for the first time in history.
For the first time since Israel re-emerged on the world scene in May 1948, the main players of the Ezekiel 38-39 alliance are all working together.

Even more important, they all have military personnel close to Israel's border. The stage is set for the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38-39.

What Will Ultimately Happen?
While terrible destruction awaits Damascus (Isaiah 17:1), northern Israel (Isaiah 17:3), and the entire Gog of Magog Alliance (Ezekiel 38:19-22), we have reason to be hopeful.
Because of these events, the Bible says people will soon look to and acknowledge their Creator - the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Isaiah 17:7).

When He strikes down Israel's enemies, the whole world will know He is the God Israel (Ezekiel 38:23).

In the days and weeks ahead, we can't be certain what will happen in Syria. But in the long run, we can be absolutely certain the events of Isaiah 17 and Ezekiel 38-39 will be fulfilled.

Damascus will lie in ruin, and the Gog of Magog Alliance will be destroyed. These events are certain.
Because whatever He has declared, God will bring to pass Isaiah 14:24 that says, “The Lord of hosts hath sworn, saying, Surely as I have thought, so shall it come to pass; and as I have purposed, so shall it stand.”

And when these things happen, the world will no longer be able to deny Him. He will destroy the enemies of Israel in plain view of the entire world.

"In this way," says the Lord. "I will show my greatness and holiness, and I will make myself known to all the nations of the world. Then they will know that I am the Lord." Ezekiel 38:23 (NLT)
Maranatha, come soon Jesus………….

Apr 15, 2018 11:27:23   #
Debunking 10 Lies About Syria and Assad
Posted on April 15, 2018 by Chris Kanthan
Researched by Pastor Gary K. Boyd

When I wrote the article about the “Most Dangerous Decade” two weeks ago, I didn’t realize that my time frame was too optimistic. What’s happening now in Syria has the potential to start WW III – numerous American, British and French aircraft carriers, submarines and fighter jets have converged just off the Syrian coast, while Russian warships and planes are scrambling to defend and retaliate.

Although Americans are starting to wake up, many people are still caught up in the mainstream narrative regarding the Syrian war. I have written a book and many articles on this topic, but perhaps what the average person needs is a really short article that highlights the truth and debunks the common lies about Syria, Assad and the war.

Assad’s Terrible Regime Caused the Civil War
Nope. Fact is that, starting in 2011, tens of thousands of foreigners – Al Qaeda and other jihadists – were sent into Syria to overthrow Assad. The US and its allies – Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey and Jordan – assisted in buying and transporting weapons to the “insurgents.” Special forces from the US, UK, France and Israel also spent billions of dollars arming and training the terrorists, a.k.a “moderate rebels.” What’s happening in Syria is not a civil war – it’s a proxy war.
Assad Kills his Own People
Assad has been fighting the Islamic terrorists for seven years. It’s cynical and Orwellian for the West to shed crocodile tears for the Syrians and blame Assad for this brutal war.

While the presstitutes make it look like Assad is fighting women and children, fact is that the rebels have highly sophisticated weapons – million-dollar tanks, US-made anti-tank missiles that cost $250,000, etc.

Assad Oppresses Minorities
Assad protects Christians and other minorities. There’s no Sharia Law in Syria, and religious minorities have full freedom. The only group that’s “oppressed” in Syria is the violent Muslim Brotherhood, which has been banned for many decades. The Syrian opposition consists of Sunni extremists who have been persecuting and killing Shiites and Christians for the last seven years.
Syrians Hate Assad
The mainstream media will never show how popular Assad is. War propaganda’s #1 rule is to completely demonize the enemy.

In the CNN and Zogby polls conducted in 2009 and 2010, Assad was ranked as the most popular Arab leader. In the first 10 years of Assad’s government (2000 – 2010), Syria’s GDP tripled and the country was safe and peaceful.
Syria is a Jihadist Country

Less than 5% of the country are violent extremists motivated by Salafist/Wahhabi sectarianism. Syria has always been a secular, moderate country.

USA Supports the Good Guys
As a Pentagon memo warned even back in 2012, the US has been supporting the bad and evil guys – Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda and ISIS. That’s the difficult truth that most Americans cannot accept. Calling them “moderate rebels” is just Orwellian doublespeak to sell the disastrous policy to the American public. What we did in Syria was basically what we did with the Mujahideen in Afghanistan in the 1980s.

USA/UK Got Involved Only Because of Atrocities
Globalists and colonialists have been trying to overthrow secular Syrian governments since the late 1940s. From the 1950s thru the 1980s, the US and the UK tried to use Muslim Brotherhood for their subversive plots. In the 1990s, the Neocons made it clear that Syria had to be defeated.
In 2007, the Bush administration started funding the Muslim Brotherhood again. In 2009, the UK started a satellite TV station to broadcast anti-Assad propaganda.

In 2011, the US and its allies funded and armed the opposition to start the fake “revolution.” When it failed, they brought in Al Qaeda, created ISIS, and spent billions of dollars on this psychotic project.
White Helmets are Awesome
The US/UK governments have given more than $100 million to the White Helmets, who are conniving jihadists in uniforms. They are armed and only operate in rebel-controlled areas. They participate in extrajudicial executions and possibly in organ trafficking. The fact that they won an Oscar just goes to reveal the unfathomable levels of deception in the New World Order.

Monster Assad Used Chemical Weapons
Is it really hard to believe that jihadists would kill people and children in order to frame Assad? Syrian rebels put children in cages and use them as human shields; the rebels have bombed buses full of children simply because the kids were Shiite Muslims; and the “moderate rebels” use even their own daughters and sons – some as young as nine years old – as suicide bombers. Yet, we are supposed to trust the pictures, videos and the false flag narratives that these head-chopping barbarians feed us?
There has never been a single proven case of Assad using chemical weapons. No, you can’t determine anything from videos and pictures – we don’t know when and where they were taken; and you certainly can’t determine how the people died. Biological samples sent to the CIA by Al Qaeda should be ignored as well. Proper due process involves independent weapons experts going to the alleged sites, specialists performing autopsies and so on.

The UN has confirmed that ISIS and Al Qaeda in Syria have used chemical weapons more than 100 times. The most hypocritical aspect of this whole drama is that, after the fall of Gaddafi, the US transferred Libya’s chemical weapons (sarin, mustard gas and others) to the Syrian rebels.
If Assad Loses, There Will be Peace in Syria
If Assad goes away, the tiny country of Syria will be broken up into ethnic regions; millions of Christians and Shiites will be persecuted, killed or driven from their homes; ISIS and Al Qaeda will rule the Sunni region; and the bigger, deadlier conflict – Iran War – will begin shortly. America will spend a few trillion dollars, millions of people will be killed, and Europe will be flooded with more refugees. In other words, it will be a wet dream for Neocons, Israel, globalists and the military-industrial complex.

This is, of course, a quick summary. You can find more details in my book, ‘Deconstructing the Syrian War’ which also delves into history, geopolitics, Islamic terrorism, war propaganda and the bigger picture about the struggle for global hegemony. If Americans and Europeans don’t understand the true motives and facts about the Syrian war, they will be lead into calamitous military adventures and destructive global wars in the near future.

Historians in the future may view the Syrian war as the globalists’ Waterloo that heralded a multi-polar world. However, the significance of this war is not widely appreciated, because the mainstream narrative has been an embarrassing mix of propaganda, half-truths and lies.

The Syrian war is harrowing, fascinating and deceptive. The wanton destruction of a nation was heartbreaking. Millions of people lost their homes and became refugees; and a stable, secular nation got engulfed in violent, sectarian conflicts.

The war is also fascinating because it offers profound insights into history, geopolitics, competition over oil/gas pipelines, Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism. It is also undoubtedly the most consequential war in decades, and has resulted in tectonic shifts in global alliances.

Finally, the conflict was a ruthless and an illegal proxy war that was sold to the world as a civil war. The conspirators in the proxy war included Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Turkey, Israel, USA and more. America’s efforts also included the largest CIA operation since the Mujahideen project in the 1980's. Sadly, journalism failed miserably in the last six years, as corporate media morphed into an Orwellian tool for disinformation.

Syria’s civilization spans 10,000 years, which include triumphant empires and calamitous invasions. It’s likely that Syria will recover from this war, only to be stronger and more prosperous than before.

This book is backed by exhaustive research and analysis. Inside the book, you will find 200 photos, dozens of links to slideshows and videos, and 450 links to articles that will help you truly comprehend the war and the numerous related topics. By also connecting the dots to various events – historical and current – this book will help the reader see the bigger picture and discern the patterns in global events. For example, the crises in Libya, Syria, Ukraine, Philippines and even Myanmar all have the same underpinning geopolitical playbook. This book also has startling revelations and conclusions about geopolitics and ISIS that will help the reader understand world affairs through a unique prism.
To know the Syrian war, is to know how the world works!

Chris Kanthan is the author of a new book, Deconstructing the Syrian War. Chris lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, has traveled to 35 countries, and writes about world affairs, politics, economy and health. His other book is Deconstructing Monsanto. Follow him on Twitter: @GMOChannel

Apr 13, 2018 08:49:55   #
Russia, the United States and Israel :: By Matt Ward
Published on: April 13, 2018
Researched by Pastor Gary K. Boyd

Since the end of the first Gulf War in 2001, missile defense has been an absolute priority for Israel. In 2001, Saddam Hussein, in an effort to draw the Jewish State into a war he knew he was going to lose, fired 39 Scud Missiles at Israel in a failed attempt to fracture the fragile Arab coalition formed against him. Though ultimately Saddam Hussein’s attempt to draw Israel into the conflict failed, many missiles did manage to find their targets and innocent Israeli’s died as a consequence.

Since then missile defense has become a matter of the greatest strategic military importance for Israel. To this end, in early March, elements from the United States and Israeli militaries began a joint training exercise known as “Juniper Cobra.” Five thousand US and Israeli troops trained together with the aim of successfully defending Israel from missile attack should a war break out in the Middle East. The training included live fire drills, missile defense simulations, field training and computer simulations of multiple attacks against Israel from multiple fronts, all at once. (1)

The strategic threats Israel faces in 2018 are much direr today than they ever were in the 1990’s or early 2000’s. Hezbollah, to Israel’s north, has acquired a truly enormous arsenal of missiles and rockets. Conservative estimates put the Hezbollah arsenal at well over 100,000 rockets or more—all of which are aimed exclusively at Israel, and all of which now have the ability to reach any part of the Jewish state for the first time.

In any future confrontation with this Lebanese terror group, there is a genuine risk that Israel’s defensive solutions, sophisticated though they are, would be completely overwhelmed by the sheer weight of the barrage they would face. Israel would be rapidly swamped by the deluge of rockets and missiles fired at her.

Yet, that is not the only, or most significant, threat Israel must manage. Hamas, towards Israel’s south has also managed to acquire, despite their often repeated claims of abject poverty, a truly huge arsenal of rocketry. Add Iran into this mix, and the existential threat of their nuclear weapons program and their genuinely sophisticated ICBM systems, and it becomes clear that the Israeli strategic military landscape is a formidable one.

Juniper Cobra is part of the joint response to these threats. Not aimed at any individual scenario, it deals with the development of “complex scenarios,” which include simultaneous attacks from multiple enemy countries and militant groups.

The US and Israel are preparing for a war in which the Jewish state will face a “multidirectional threat.” In other words, they are preparing for a war in which Israel will be attacked, at the same time, from all sides.

Brig. Gen. Zvika Haimovich, chief of Israel’s air defense command, relays that they do this “…because this scenario is real.”

Brig. Gen. Zvika Haimovich is not over-exaggerating; Iran has been very busy of late. In late January – early February, Iranian leader, Hojatoleslam Seyed Ebrahim Raisi, was pictured closely scrutinizing the Israeli-Lebanese border. Raisi was not there simply to enjoy the fine views; he was examining Hezbollah fixed border positions directly facing Israel and, ominously, inspecting the border formations Israel’s army had taken up to counter them.

That this man would visit the Israeli-Lebanese border is highly significant. He is Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s leading successor and the second most important person in Iran. Nobody commands more attention or wields more power other than the Ayatollah himself, than this man. And he seemed to be very interested in Israel’s borders and in her ability to defend and repel an organized and sustained attack, and in the capability of Iran’s proxy, Hezbollah, of launching just such a meaningful attack.

Accompanied by Revolutionary Guard commanders and Hezbollah officers, he then received a thorough briefing on both the battle readiness of Hezbollah units and IDF military build-ups along the Lebanese, Syrian and Golan border areas. Concluding the visit, Raisi held extensive and wide-ranging talks with Hassan Nasrallah, secretary general of Hezbollah, before departing back to Tehran.

According to Israeli military and intelligence sources, the gist of Raisi’s message was that Hezbollah has now become a genuine fighting force in the Middle East, experienced and battle-hardened by the Syrian civil war. Raisi’s pep talk concluded with darker tones, referring to the growing spirit of resistance against Israel in the Muslim and Arab world, exemplified by the Palestinians and their “struggle.” He clearly signposted Iran’s approaching endgame for its proxy group:

“It was Hezbollah’s fighting capacity alone that generated resistance in the Islamic countries. Allah willing, we shall soon witness the liberation of Jerusalem!”

Yet Raisi is not the only high-profile Shiite to visit Lebanon in recent months. On December 2nd, 2017, Qais al-Khazali, head of the pro-Iranian Iraqi Aasaib Ahl al-Haq militia, also visited the area, also for a firsthand look at Israel’s border formations and military set up. It is widely believed in Israeli intelligence circles that Qais al-Khazali performed this surveillance on behalf of the Iranian al-Quds General Qasseem Soleimani himself, the legendary Iranian supreme military commander in Syria and Iraq.

Qais al-Khazali, on behalf of Iranian General Soleimani, was assessing how to more effectively deploy Hezbollah’s now tested and battle-hardened forces right along the full extent of Israel’s northern border.

These visits were highly political in nature too. Qais al-Khazali’s visit came just one day after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with Russian President Vladimir Putin to discuss Syria, Iran and Hezbollah. The message of these visits, and their timing, was a clear one; no matter what was discussed between the Israeli and Russian leaders, Tehran has no intention of withdrawing militarily from Syria and, additionally, would be extending its presence right into Lebanon with the aim of directly confronting Israel itself at some point in the very near future.

That Iranian and Shiite aim of confronting Israel may be a desire granted sooner rather than later. Russian President Vladimir Putin is currently under the most enormous pressure. Putin has miscalculated badly in recent weeks, and he now finds himself increasingly boxed into a corner by the international community.

And it all began to go wrong for Putin in a quaint little English town called Salisbury, with the poisoning of two seemingly harmless individuals – an old man and his thirty-year-old daughter. It would seem at this point unthinkable that Vladimir Putin did not directly authorize the poisoning and attempted assassination of Russian former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Julia.

The international reaction to this attack, the first use of chemical weapons on mainland Europe since the end of the Second World War, and in Britain of all places and against and amongst civilians, has provoked a diplomatic whirlwind against Russia that seems to have genuinely caught the Russian leadership off guard.

Then, just days ago, came Douma. In another act of senseless barbarity, someone – the Syrian regime or another actor, launched a horrific chemical weapons attack on the Damascus suburb of Douma, killing and maiming many, including babies and children.

The West was quick to point the finger of blame at Assad and Russia; Russia vehemently denied it. Indeed, Russia to this point has denied that chemical weapons have even been used in Douma. However, despite the swift and strong Russian denials, babies and young children foaming at the mouth paint a completely different picture. Somebody did use chemical weapons. The question is who.

The tone of the Security Council emergency session called to discuss this heinous act was unprecedented, and the rhetoric coming from politicians and leaders all over the Western world would seem to indicate that the West is pretty sure that they think it was Assad.

What Putin cannot have foreseen, or in any way anticipated, was that the United States and its chief allies, the UK and France, all seem to be holding him directly and personally responsible for both the chemical weapons attacks in Syria and in the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom attack against Sergei Skripal and his daughter is being tied together by the international community at the United Nations with the chemical weapons attack in Syria.

It is against this background that the large Syrian air base, known as T-4, and operated extensively by Iran as a forward-operating base, was then attacked on Sunday night. Russia believes this attack came from Israel, and Russia’s tone and attitude towards the Jewish State has immediately shifted.

The Kremlin’s longstanding modus operandi with regards to Israel’s military strikes in Syria in the past was to make no comment. That has now changed. This time, the Kremlin condemnation of the Jewish State was swift, reporting that two Israeli F-15 jets carried out the attack using guided missiles launched from within Syrian airspace.

Russia has asked Israel for their “explanations.” Israel, as always, has made no comment. Sergei Lavrov, the outspoken Russian Foreign Minister, told reporters that the “air strikes carried out on Sunday were a dangerous development.”

Dangerous indeed, because Russia seems to now suspect that the Israeli strike is a US test, to see what Russia’s response would be ahead of a potentially larger US operation that may come any moment now. Russia has warned of “grave consequences” if they do.

It is impossible to say, at the point of this writing, what may happen next, as developments on the ground are fast moving. The US or her allies may strike in Syria, or they may not. Russia may retaliate, or she may not. One thing is certain though; the events of the past few weeks, the obvious preparations being made by Iran and Hezbollah for war against Israel, the poisonings in the UK and the chemical weapons attacks in Syria – all being brought into sharp focus through the prism of Syria – may be pushing Putin firmly into the embrace of an alliance prophesied about eons ago by the prophet Ezekiel.

Recent events, especially if there is further military action taken against the Assad regime by the West in the coming days and weeks, may make Putin finally turn on the West’s regional Achilles heel, Israel.

These events, and whatever lies just up ahead, may make Putin turn completely against Jerusalem and decide that supporting a war against Israel, which Syria, Iran and Hezbollah have long since been planning for, is actually the best long-term way of hitting back at America and her allies after all.

Apr 9, 2018 18:10:04   #
The Russia/Arab/Liberal Connection Bringing Psalm 83 War?
By Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz

Researched by Pastor Gary Boyd

“I will set fire to the wall of Damascus, And it shall consume the fortresses of Ben-hadad.” Jeremiah 48:27 (The Israel Bible™)

A missile attack against an Assad regime base on Sunday is being seen as a serious escalation in the regional conflict though one end-of-days expert see it as the Syrian despot taking his prophesied place as the “Nero of the East”. Another prominent rabbi has an inciteful understanding that clearly divides the multinational powder keg forming on Israel’s northern border into two camps based on Biblical parameters.

On Sunday, an airstrike of unknown origin hit a Syrian military base near Homs, destroying a joint Syrian-Iranian drone command center. Initially, the Syrian government accused the United States since just a few hours before the strike, US President Donald Trump condemned the Syrian regime. Trump accused the regime of perpetrating a chlorine chemical weapons attack in the rebel-held town of Douma on Saturday night that killed at least 40 Syrians. In a tweet, President Trump referred to the Syrian president as “Animal Assad”, warning there would be a “big price to pay”. After the missile attack against the military base in Syria, the US State Department denied the accusations that the US was behind the attack.

On Monday, the Russian Interfax news agency reported that the strike was carried out by two Israeli F-15’s, which fired eight missiles from Lebanese airspace. The Russian Defense Ministry claimed that Syrian defenses shot down five of those missiles. Though the Israeli government did not confirm or deny the claim, Israel has attacked the base twice in the past, destroying an Iranian drone control center.

Rabbi Yekutiel Fish, known in Israel as the author of the Torah blog “Sod Ha’Chashmal,” understands the recent attack as having serious end-of-days ramifications.

“Jeremiah predicted a fire in the fortresses of Damascus that will presage Messiah,” Rabbi Fish told Breaking Israel News.

I will set fire to the wall of Damascus, And it shall consume the fortresses of Ben-hadad. Jeremiah 48:27

“Ben-hadad in gematria (Hebrew numerology) equals 65, the same as ‘Assad,’” Rabbi Fish said. “This recent attack in Syria conforms to the prophet’s description.”

According to Rabbi Fish, Assad has an integral role to play in Moshiach Ben David (Messiah, son of David) the second half of the Messianic process that will include the return of the Davidic Dynasty and the building of the Third Temple. The rabbi cited a Midrash (homiletic) teaching attributed to Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, the redactor of the Zohar, the seminal source-book for Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism).

“And a star will grow in the east and it will have a tribe on its head, and it is the star of Israel, and then the Messiah, the son of David, will grow,” the Midrash read. “And it will be a sign for you, that when you will see that Niron Mizrachi has fallen in Damascus, then the kingdom of the people of the east will have fallen, and then will grow the salvation for Israel.”

“Though the Arabs certainly did not intend a reference to the Midrash, Assad is referred to in the Arab world as the ‘Nero of the East,” Rabbi Fish explained.

“To further emphasize Assad’s connection to the Nero of the East that will bring Moshiach Ben David, his name (בַּשַׁאר אַסַאד) in gematria (Hebrew numerology) equals to נִרוֹן מִזְרָחִי (Nero of the East).”

“There is an additional hint that the fall of Damascus is linked to the building of the Mikdash (Temple),” Rabbi Fish said. “The Hebrew letters used to spell Damascus (דמשק) can be rearranged to spell ‘Mikdash’ (מקדש).”

Syria’s civil war has become a powder keg bringing the militaries from many nations into close proximity with one another, creating shifting alliances that sometimes seem incomprehensible. An American-led coalition is faced off against Russian troops sent to prop up Assad’s faltering regime. Rabbi Pinchas Winston, a prolific end-of-days author, believes that the battle-lines are actually quite clear when viewed from a Torah perspective.

“In the international mix of armies that are poised to explode in Syria, it is basically objective truth and Torah morality against the subjective truth,” Rabbi Winston told Breaking Israel News.

“Russia and the Arab nations are united by a common reality based on an entirely subjective perception of truth. This is the basis of Russia, which believes in that might makes right. This creates an illusory reality that allows them to do whatever is necessary to survive, or achieve and conquer what they desire.”

“Arab Muslims are the most subjective people in the world,” Rabbi Winston added. “There is no room for anyone else’s belief except their own.”

Rabbi Winston compared this to the left-wing in America that favors socialism.

“In socialism, anyone who believes that someone else’s property is theirs, they are justified in taking it,” he said. “This is the basis of the liberal narrative in left-wing America today, subjective reality. It unites them with Russia and Islamists, even though they all seem to have opposing value systems.”

Could this be the first phase of World War three in incubation?

Apr 8, 2018 12:01:33   #
The Raw Power of Words
From original post:

Researched by Pastor Gary K. Boyd

Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof. Proverbs 18:21
All the major events of creation and history were uttered forth with the raw power of the words.
By the word of the LORD were the heavens made; and all the host of them by the breath of his mouth. Psalm 33:6
God imparts light as a tool of communication, throughout His creation, especially to you. Mankind is unique in that you have the ability to communicate, in the likeness of the Creator, for everything is made up of words. With this power comes tremendous responsibility.

With our voices we can praise God, transform the thoughts of others, shatter a glass, inspire people, induce healing, and escape the realities of this world by listening to melodious songs.
Not only do the scriptures declare we are made out of words, but our very DNA is a four-letter alphabet. Our DNA is estimated to fill one thousand 500-page books. Science calls it "the book of life." How did the Bible know thousands of years before modern science?

Noah's Ark

Increasingly, we live in a day much like the days of Noah. From within the ancient script of the bible we how pivotal language has been from the beginning when Adam and Eve were beguiled by the Serpent. Between the expulsion and the Flood man increased in wickedness.

Now the earth had become corrupt before God; and the earth had been filled with Hamas (lawlessness). And God saw the earth, and behold it was corrupted, for all flesh had corrupted its way upon the earth. Genesis 6:1
The numerical value of hamas is the same as waters of Noah and also gehinnom (hell).

According of Isaiah 24:5 alluded to a three-fold corruption:
Transgressing the teachings of God,

Changing the ordinances-the norms of civilization,
Overturning the covenant of the world-the norms imposed by nature without which man cannot survive.
You will oftentimes notice when Scripture refers to language it will follow it with, go in peace. The numerical equivalent or gematria of the ark covering equals sukah or temporary dwelling which also has the gematria of shalom or peace.

When you unite the Tetragrammatron Name of God and the God as Ruler into One it effectuates or renews creation and the aspect of God denoting watchfulness and providence, yielding peace, also describing the covering for the ark. The whole dimensions of the ark in gematria equal the Tetragrammatron and the God as Ruler as One.
October 15, 1999 issue of The Jerusalem Post in a feature written by Shlomo Riskin:
In the name of the Baal Shem Tov (founder of Hassidism), we find an amazing insight into the nature of Noah's teva by examining its measurements: the length was 300 cubits, the breadth 50 cubits, and the height 30 cubits. When you take the letters formed by the numerical value of each of these we get shin (300), nun (50), lamed (30), spelling the word lshn, (or lashon) which means "language."

God commands Moses to go, " I will be with thy mouth, and teach thee what thou shalt say.: The root 'to teach you' is to shoot an arrow. It is interpreted as My word will go to your mouth like an arrow.
The root of the expression is to beget. The expression thus means: I will beget you; you will be transformed into a new creature.

Through amplified sound water droplets take on intricate patterns in the microsopic and can expand outward is it any wonder that at the command of God and Moses lifting his staff that the Red Sea split?

Physics of Sound
It is profound when you take the time to ponder that your intent and subsequent words can influence the heart of God, matter, and the lives of your friends and family. How is this so?
When you sing or speak you amplify the thoughts within your mind and heart. Your words have electromagnetic frequency as light. That is why healing words and abusive words have such raw power, as white radiance or dark radiance. Your voice can actually ripple up through the barriers of the heavens to reach the Throne of God Himself. How can your words do that?

Both sound and light are different forms of energy.

Sound in air is the transfer of periodic vibrations between two adjacent colliding atoms or molecules.
Basically, this is a collision of atomic particles bumping into their neighbors who pass along the vibrations.
When you speak the sound, radial pulsation or oscillation, expanding away from the mouth and nose in all directions, traveling at 768 miles per hour at sea level! While speaking your oscillation expands and contracts. The pulsations are created by the folds in your vocal cords in the larynx.

Waves of Sound

When we think of sound waves they are really just enigmatic rhythmic pulsating collisions of particles, going forth. Sound waves can be charted on a graph but their real power is built into surround-sound laser beams that ripple though air, space and time. Your voice has high pressure and low pressure areas around the 'sound event' much like high and low pressure creating our weather systems. In our voice these are called compressions and rarefactions. When we a graph of sound waves is a mathematical representation of sound in graph form. Much like the expanding universe, when sound travels through air every atom and molecule in the path of the expands, going forth, passing on the sound vibrations to their neighbor. This sets of a chain reaction of movement moving outward. This is the nature of sound, ever expanding and influencing.

When you read you begin with A, B, C when you speak or sing you begin with Do, Re, Me. The 'oo' sound is a simple single frequency tone and it will pass along its vibration to each atom or particle with which it comes in contact. On the other hand the 'ee' sound is complex with rich harmonic varying frequencies. As the 'ee' goes forth it carries with its subtle complexities.

To better visualize how a single atom can carry such complex periodic motions, imagine holding an apple and moving it slowly back and forth. (Let’s say that the apple represents an atom in the air surrounding your larynx). Next imagine quickly wobbling the apple as it moves slowly back and forth. The apple/atom is now vibrating in two different ways simultaneously. Now imagine that same principle extended until the apple/atom is moving in a hundred different ways simultaneously. (Not easy to imagine, but I think the point is made).

This is how atoms and molecules carry all the vibrations and uniqueness of a voice, or of any sound. And when an atom bumps into its nearest neighbor all of those different vibrations are transferred to the neighboring atoms. The human voice, whether in speech or singing, is a good example of a complex sound source that contains many frequencies. What begins in the larynx as a small high pressure (fairly monotone) spherical pearl of sound energy, rapidly expands into the mouth and sinus cavities where complex nuances are added by the tongue, lips and resonance of the sinus spaces, adding to the complexity of the vibrations and forming a given word or sound. GMI
If I were to hearken back to creation, it is my understanding of Intelligent Design that the Creator thought about the act of creation, not merely uttering and it came to be with no fore-thought. I can assume this as everything we do or say originates as a thought. Sound is the amplified thought process.

Sonoluminescense - The Sound-Light Bubble

From thought we move into the action of speech which emerges from our heart and mind to the mouth and nose ushering forth with atoms and molecules vibrating in breathtaking symphonic unison. Your voice is so unique that one single atom can capture the complexities of your individual voice. Telephone companies are aware of this fact. I had opportunity to talk with a company representative in the very early regarding voicemail recordings. The telephone representative with whom I spoke said that she would not every, under any circumstance allow her voice to be recorded. She knew the power of her voice and the identification possibilities from which she created her own privacy protection plan. Since that initial conversation I have reflected over the years who that worked out for her in a day and age when our unique voice prints are recording when transacting any business.

Sound, in Quantum Physics, is described exhibiting holographic principles which includes that sound is ever expanding with each particle rippling containing all the vibrational data of the sound source, your personal dossier, if you will.

There are those who ascribe that sound goes forth in a bubble and that before it goes forth it surrounds your head and possibly your whole body. The surface of the bubble conveys harmonic content, timre and tonal quality.

As we have been discovering sound, communication, energy include light. There is a special relationship between sound and light that we can now explore. This will shine some light on how your voice penetrates the barriers of heaven reaching the Throne of God.

Nature of Light

As we have seen visible light is electromagnetism within a range of frequencies. Light is oftentimes described in Ångströms which is the distance moved by light as it pulsates and what we call wave length.
We see two opposing views of the nature of light one holding to the spherical nature of light and the other maintaining a linear position.

When it comes to the power of our speech the following is critical to understand:
Targeted laser light generates coherent light in which all vibrations of the magnetic energy are aligned with each other. One could imagine it as a ray of light.

Natural light is termed incoherent light or natural light because its vibrations and randomly generated by the light source.

Electromagnetism eludes science. What is known is that it vibrates. Light is created when static magnetism becomes modulated magnetism. All atoms are surrounded by a magnetic force field. When two atoms collide there is a vibration transfer between the two that results in light. It is a Law of Nature, that when collisions between atoms and molecules occur, light is generated, known as electromagnetic radiation.

Sound needs a medium to go forth while light can go forth through any medium or barrier.
The frequency of light created by atoms as they bump into each other is a function of the temperature of the individual and collective vibration of atoms. Light created by atomic encounters in which the temperatures are low to create visible light will create infrared light. Have you ever experienced a gentle touch tingle? Low energy generates kinetic (moving) sparks near the microwave level. When temperature is high X-rays and Gamma ray radiation is created according to theory. The temperature of an object determines the wavelength of radiation it emits.

Rub your hands vigorously together and then place them over your closed eyes. You will feel warmth. The molecules that form the skin of your left hand slipped past the molecules that form the skin of your right hand. To be more accurate, the magnetic shells surrounding those molecules slipped past each other. The result is heat. GMI
When you speak or sing trillions of atoms collide and carry your voice through the air while producing infrared heat. The warmth of your voice, vacillating as you articulate your words, acts as a scribe using a fountain of modulated infrared light which goes forth at 186,000 miles per second!

Amazingly, while the acoustic energy of your voice may drop off due to God’s Laws of Nature which incorporate physics, but your infrared light print travels unhampered through matter, time, and space. One theory states that it will travel forever into the ethereal heavens.

And as you communicate or sing the very stars in heaven, radiate their visible and invisible melodious song to you, upon the whole earth, and into the eternal expanses of Infinity.
When the morning stars sang together, and all the sons of God shouted for joy? Job 38:7
The heavens declare the Glory of God. Psalm 19:2

Science has a branch of astronomy known as asteroseismology where scientists listen to the cosmos of stars. They are searching deep into the heart of stars with networks such as SONG (Stellar Oscillations Network Group) to capture the stars inner-most secrets and as cartographers of old, map the heavens to unlock the secrets of the origins of the heavenly abode.

Science will launch the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) in 2019 to listen to the song of the star in space using infrared technology in hope that through their songs the secrets of the origins of creation will be revealed. They are drawn to see how many planetary systems might be hospitable to life with have enough water to have oceans but have a particular affinity to explore the depths of dark matter or dark energy. Will the stars reveal their mysteries?

Healing Words

You have experienced people whose words resonate with you and people with whom their words are like fingernails upon a chalkboard, sending shivers down your back.
There is a science to this. We have learned that your voice creates infrared light and each cell vibrates within the infrared spectrum of light. These vibrations at the cellular level create a cell-to-cell communication system. When your voice goes forth you are engaging in the language of ‘cell talk’ internally, but also externally to anyone within proximity to your voice.
Science has tools for seeing invisible sound as in the above work of Dr. Emoto and the emerging work of CymaScope in the science of cymatics.
Whenever sound encounters a membrane, a cymatic pattern is imprinted on the membrane’s surface. Usually invisible to the unaided eye, such patterns can be rendered visible under special lighting conditions to 'dust' the membrane with light. The cymatic principle occurs at all scales, even in the microscopic realm. Every cell in your body receives a cymatic pattern when you speak or hear communication. If you were to slice horizontally into the beam and look at the cross section it would appear to contain geometric patterns that contain a type of cymaglyphic information analogous to hieroglyphs. In other words, these sound structures carry information as real and meaningful as words do in human language.

Research with dolphins using cymatoscope has revealed information about how dolphins communicate and “see” with sound.

Go to: for rest of article with videos!

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Flood Warning: A disastrous run of events.
By Daymond Duck
Researched by Pastor Gary Boyd
Conclusion by Pastor Boyd

The angel Gabriel told Daniel the end “shall be with a flood” Dan. 9:26 says, “And after threescore and two weeks shall Messiah be cut off, but not for himself: and the people of the prince that shall come shall destroy the city and the sanctuary; and the end thereof shall be with a flood, and unto the end of the war desolations are determined.”

A flood is often preceded by clouds. The clouds of wars and rumors of wars, world government, Israel’s rebuilt Temple, an economic collapse and more are on the horizon. They will be followed by a flood. The only question is timing.

Eschatology Today

Concerning wars and rumors of wars, in his Update 16 March 2018 report, Sean Osborne (retired military man and prophecy expert) said, “The war rhetoric is as high as Eschatology Today has ever seen it over the past three or four decades.”

Israel recently admitted that she bombed a nuclear reactor in Syria in 2007. When asked why Israel admitted it after more than ten years of censorship, Israel’s Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Gadi Eisenkot said, “It is the message to our enemies in both the near and distant future.”

Put another way: Israel’s admission that she bombed a nuclear reactor in Syria is a warning that she will bomb a nuclear reactor in Iran if she has to.

That is as serious as a rattlesnake bite, but the rhetoric from Israel is just part of the story.

Iran Nuclear Reactor Going Down

Another part concerns a meeting at the White House of officials from the U.S., Saudi Arabia and the UAE. They established a Supreme Committee to coordinate their diplomatic and military efforts to stop Iran from making nuclear weapons and to make sure that they are ready militarily if Iran responds with violence.

Yet another part concerns the fact that the U.S. has just upped its aid to Israel’s missile defense program to $705 million in 2018. This record-breaking sum is being given because of the growing threat of war in Israel.

Kover Speaks
Concerning world government, the very popular speaker of Hungary’s National Assembly, Laszlo Kover, recently told the Hungarian people, “Our biggest battle is about to begin.”

That is an ominous statement considering the fact that Hitler’s Germany occupied Hungary during WW II with about 300,000 Hungarian soldiers and more than 600,000 civilians dying during that war.

How Many Will Perish?

During the Tribulation period two thirds to three fourths of those on earth will die when the Antichrist is handed the reins of a world government during the Tribulation Period. Jesus said that if he did not come back, ALL FLESH would die. Matthew 24:22, “And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened.”

With regard to the efforts of George Soros and others to enslave the Hungarian people under a world government, Mr. Kover said, “We are fighting an enemy that is different from us. Not open but hiding; not straightforward but crafty; not honest but base; not national but international; does not believe in working but speculates with money; does not have its own homeland but feels it owns the whole world.” Doesn’t that sound like Soros and the elite?

Wake up America! Pres. Trump is trying to stop world government. But Mr. Soros is trying to accelerate it, and he is not willing to stop at Hungary’s border. He is buying swamp monster politicians in the U.S. too.


Concerning Israel’s rebuilt Temple, 23 members of the Jewish Sanhedrin have signed a letter to the Arab religious leaders. The Jewish leaders hope to get all 71 members of the Sanhedrin to sign their letter, and it says, “The time has come to rebuild the Temple on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem in its ancient place.”

The writer of this article believes it will be the Antichrist that gives the Jews permission to rebuild the Temple, not the Arabs, and it will be early in the Tribulation Period, not before the Rapture.

Nevertheless, we should not overlook who is planning to send this letter (the Sanhedrin) and what it says about the time (now) and the place (the Temple Mount in Jerusalem) for a rebuilt Temple.

National Debt

Concerning an economic collapse, with less than 1 day to read a 2,232-page spending bill, the U.S. House and Senate approved a $1.3 trillion spending spree with the military geared up to get $716 billion!

America’s national debt is now over $21 trillion and going up like a rocket (see It will probably be more than $174,000 per taxpayer by the time this article is posted.

No nation has ever owed so much in the history of the world; and few, if any, believe the U.S. will ever be able to get out of debt.

When America goes down, the whole world will go down with it. The fall of commercial Babylon in Revelation 18 happens at the end of this age and it concerns the destruction of New York City in one day. According to scripture it will never rise again.


Jeremiah 49:34-39 states, “This message concerning Elam (which is modern day Persia now Iran) came to the prophet Jeremiah from the Lord at the beginning of the reign of King Zedekiah of Judah. This is what the Lord of Heaven’s Armies says:
“I will destroy the archers of Elam—the best of their forces.
I will bring enemies from all directions, and I will scatter the people of Elam to the four winds. They will be exiled to countries around the world. I myself will go with Elam’s enemies to shatter it. In my fierce anger, I will bring great disaster upon the people of Elam,” says the Lord. “Their enemies will chase them with the sword until I have destroyed them completely. I will set my throne in Elam,” says the Lord,
“And I will destroy its king and officials. But I will restore the fortunes of Elam in days to come. I, the Lord, have spoken!”

Iran then will suffer a huge disaster brought on with God’s help and their people will be exiled to the four corners of the earth until the catastrophe is over. What disaster could that be? Perhaps radioactivity that contaminates the land and water after the nuclear reactor melts down after a missile hit making it uninhabitable for their people? Maybe an earthquake will accompany it? In any case the Lord says they will leave the land to be exiled to other nations until the danger has past. Could this be the next thing in prophecy to take place? Could this signify the start of the Psalm 83 War?

Apr 1, 2018 10:18:44   #
The Resurrection of Jesus: An Inconvenient Fact
By Pastor Gary Boyd

This Sunday, Christians around the world will celebrate Easter. Some prefer to call it Resurrection Day. Now most Christians – whether nominal or serious – just accept the holiday without much thought. But if they would examine the claims, most Christians would be shocked.

The basic premise behind Christianity is that humanity, and also by extension the universe, is flawed – the theological term is fallen – so flawed that there is no way any human could set himself right with a just, perfect, and holy Creator. If humanity is to be reconciled to the Creator, it must be the effort of the Creator Himself, since only the Creator is capable of effecting such as massive work.

Christianity's claim is that the Creator did come down to Earth, with the purpose of reconciling God to man, in the person of Jesus Christ, who is both man and God. His human nature would be the Son of God through a virgin; his divine nature would be God incarnate.

Jesus would absorb all the wrongs of mankind in Himself to clear out the account. The classic wording for this is that He (Jesus) paid the penalty for our sins. If one is more modern, and eschews the concept of retributive justice, then one could say Jesus absorbed within Himself all the consequences of man's wrongs, with the idea of setting it right.

Now, the idea of suffering on someone else's behalf is not new, but Christianity takes the concept a large step forward and makes this claim: death would not be able to hold Jesus, and He would come out of the grave. And this resurrection would be the signature that Christ indeed set things right between God and man. Indeed, He would more than pay the price for man's transgressions.

Many of us, who came out of nominal Christian homes, of whatever denomination, gave it little thought and just accepted it sort of vaguely – but if true, such a resurrection should stop us in our tracks.

No other religion makes this claim.

Mohammed did not claim to die for our sins, nor did he resurrect. In fact, Mohammed admitted that he had his own sins.

Hinduism offers mankind just the possibility of setting things right by endless reincarnations, with the idea that over time, we will finally arrive at perfection ourselves. The problem is that even if humans arrive at perfection, it does not do away with the bad karma accumulated from prior reincarnations. In fact, the hidden flaw of Hinduism is that each reincarnation only makes our problems worse with an endless accretion of bad karma.

Buddhism, which is an outgrowth of Hinduism, has the same fatal flaw.

But what about this Jesus? Was He like other humans in being sinful? Christianity addresses the problem by stating that Jesus was unique in His sinlessness, by virtue of the fact that He is God, and therefore He, Jesus, did not have our sinful nature. He is a rather unique case.

This is further amplified by an Old Testament (Tenach) prophecy, where it is stated that Jesus would bear the sins of others, not his own.

He was despised, and we did not esteem Him.
Surely He has borne our griefs
And carried our sorrows;
Yet we esteemed Him stricken,
Smitten by God, and afflicted.
But He was wounded for our transgressions,
He was bruised for our iniquities;
The chastisement for our peace was upon Him,
And by His stripes we are healed. ...

And He bore the sin of many,
And made intercession for the transgressors.

This is the famous "suffering servant" passage of Isaiah 53. Some have claimed that the passage refers to Israel (the Jewish people themselves); however, verse 3 notes that "[w]e [the Jewish people] did not esteem Him." Now, if the suffering servant were Israel, then it means that the Jewish people did not esteem themselves. Whatever the many virtues and flaws of the Jewish people, they do not generally lack for self-esteem. Without such self-esteem, they would not have survived the diaspora, but would have merged into the other nations. No, this passage is referring to an individual who would die for the sins of others.

The whole process is conditioned on this person coming out of the grave. If He did not resurrect, He would have been as sinful as the rest of us, deserving of death, and unable to pay for anyone else's sins. But, if He were the Son of God, He would be infinite in value, and His sacrifice could atone for whoever accepted it.

The fact is that if Jesus did not come out of that grave, then Christianity is pointless, despite what liberal preachers say. Christianity is not positive thinking or a good attitude. Either Christ came out of that grave or the whole religion is a fraud.

As Paul wrote, "[a]nd if Christ is not risen, then our preaching is empty and your faith is also empty" (1 Cor. 15:14).

But if Jesus did come out of that grave, then all of history changes. The ramifications are immense.

Islam is false.
Hinduism is false.
Buddhism is false.
Rabbinic Judaism – which rejects Christ – is incomplete.
If He came out of that grave, then He is the only way to God. Think about it: if we could save ourselves, why would God have even sent Jesus to die for us and then resurrect? We can't earn our way back to Heaven. Our good deeds will not save us.

Christianity, though producing a tolerant civilization, makes a unique claim. Not only is there only one God – both Judaism and Islam agree on that point – but the only way to approach that God is through His Son – which both Islam and Rabbinic Judaism deny.

I am not going to go into other points such as the Trinity, denominational doctrines, etc.

The first thing you have to do – if you have not decided it already – is settle once and for all: did Jesus come out of that grave?

If He did, then that is a very inconvenient fact for much of the world, including merely nominal Christians – but it is also the central drama of history.

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Trump is right on drug traffickers: Heroin and Fentanyl are killing US - Obama’s Welcome for Migrants Allowed ‘Chemical Warfare’ on Americans
By David Horowitz
Researched by Pastor Gary Boyd

Those who claim to be morally outraged by Trump’s proposal of the death penalty for drug traffickers, especially cartel leaders, either have no heart themselves or are oblivious to the worst drug epidemic ever and how it came about.

To understand the severity of the situation, we must first properly define the “opioid crisis” as it exists today and what has happened over the past four years.

What exactly is the “opioid crisis”?

We’ve always had drugs flowing into this country. But the supply and dangerous nature of the drugs coming into this country from Mexico (or from China and then distributed by the Mexican cartels) since 2013-2014 are at an epidemic level, dwarfing anything we’ve seen before. It all began with the suspension of immigration enforcement from 2010-2014 and suspension of interior enforcement. Transnational drug cartels worked with gangs and human smugglers to take advantage of Obama’s unprecedented dismantling of our borders in order to launch what should be described as chemical warfare on this country. If you read former senator and now Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ timeline on Obama’s dismantling of immigration security and border control, the timing of the drug crisis makes perfect sense.

Long before the medical profession was pressured in the ’90s (in part by government) to treat pain more often with prescription opioids such as oxycodone and hydrocodone, we had a culture of illicit drug use in this country. It was mainly marijuana and cocaine. Then it moved on to methamphetamine, and then to the more severe heroin. For the most part, this was not about pain-driven addiction, but a cultural collapse.

Beginning in the late ’90s, as prescription painkillers began to become a regular part of medical practice, the rate of overdoses on prescriptions steadily rose. The vast majority never became addicted and enjoyed a better quality of life thanks to the drugs, but commensurate with the increased use was an increase in drug overdoses by those who did become addicted.

The rate of prescriptions kept going up and peaked between 2010 and 2012 as a debate raged in the medical community and in state legislatures over whether prescription opioids were being overprescribed. Almost every state set up a monitoring program, and more than half of the states began to place restrictions on them, some of them severe. After peaking at 81.3 prescriptions per 100 persons in 2012, the rate declined precipitously, to 66.5 in 2016, according to the CDC, all the way down to 2002 levels.

The numbers are even starker on a state level. Let’s examine the states with the highest rates of drug deaths since 2012. West Virginia’s prescription opioid rate dropped from 136.9 per 100 persons in 2012 to 96 in 2016. In Ohio, it dropped from 97.5 to 75.3.; in New Hampshire, 83.7 to 64.3 (below the national average); in Pennsylvania from 83.3 to 69.5.; in Rhode Island from 83.2 to 60.3 (below national average). Yet the overall drug deaths skyrocketed to unimaginable levels in those states after prescription opioids became heavily regulated and the numbers plummeted.

Rather than a steady decline in fatalities from overdoses to match the decline in prescription opioids, everything went bonkers from 2013 to the present, after the public and politicians turned against the use of prescription opioids. We saw a spike in deaths of unfathomable proportions, getting worse every year through 2014, 2015, and 2016. The level of fatalities doubled and tripled in those states as, not surprisingly, heroin and fentanyl flooded the market.

Overdoses from illicit substances accounted for 78 percent of the 64,000 deaths in 2016, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. And all signs from 2017 state data I’ve examined point to an even sharper trajectory since then.

Amazingly, some states with sky-high opioid prescription rates, such as Alabama and Arkansas, have some of the lowest overdose death rates in the country. And in Ohio, with the second highest rate of deaths from overdoses, just 13.9 percent had prescription opioids listed on the death certificate, while 58 percent had fentanyl and 38 percent heroin. Many of the latter had both. Prescription opioid deaths accounted for only 18 percent of overdose deaths in Maryland in 2017 and 12.2 percent of overdose deaths in Pennsylvania in 2016. The numbers of cocaine and meth overdoses have also gone up in Ohio and most states, but not nearly as much as heroin and fentanyl.

What is happening and why?

The epidemic we are facing today is not from prescription opioids, at least not more than it has been for an entire generation. The number of prescriptions has already been reduced dramatically, and the overdose rate has leveled off and even dropped in some of the most affected states since 2016, like Ohio. Almost the entirety of the increased fatalities above the long-term existing trajectory beginning in 2012 were from illicit drugs and mainly from the most dangerous one – heroin. Then, as heroin use began to skyrocket in 2013-2014, we began to see the growth of the cursed synthetic drug – fentanyl – which is 50-100 times stronger than morphine and can kill in small quantities. It’s often laced into heroin. In pretty much every state, fentanyl has skyrocketed to such a level that it has overtaken heroin as the leading drug killer. Cocaine and meth overdoses have also gone up a lot but are not nearly as serious.

Thus, we don’t have “an opioid crisis;” we have a heroin and fentanyl crisis.

Even worse, beginning in 2016 and 2017, carfentanil, which is 10,000 times stronger than morphine, has hit the streets. It is used in elephant tranquilizers and is essentially a form of chemical warfare against this country. One grain of this substance will kill someone, and you essentially need a hazmat team to deal with it or even get near it. Dozens of people died from it in my home state of Maryland and in many other states hardest hit by this epidemic.

The drug cartels have launched chemical warfare against us – and we are helping

What happened circa 2013 and just before? As I have noted before and will write extensively about in the coming weeks, this was the result of suspending our borders, the promise of amnesty, and the surge of hundreds of thousands of young Central American males who served as drug mules, enriching the drug cartels who control the smuggling routes and earn a profit from every illegal smuggled over – whether that illegal is a bad hombre or merely “doing the jobs Americans won’t do.”

Mexican heroin used to be dirty, impure, black tar heroin. Now, it’s high-purity powder heroin because the cartels were so enriched by the DACA-drive smuggling that they were able to ramp up their production and networks while using the new mules and gangs entering the country to expand their empires. They also began producing fentanyl, and with their expanded distribution network on our soil, were also able to traffic the Chinese fentanyl and carfentanil sent initially by mail.

The correlation with the rise in MS-13 as a result of the UAC surge in 2013-2015 completes the circle of cause and effect, because in recent years MS-13 gangs have become the distributers for the drug cartels. In a 2013 report, the Texas Department of Public Safety warned of the developing relationships between the drug cartels and the gangs and that the gangs “increase their power and acquire wholesale quantities of drugs at lower prices, while the cartels extend their network of connections deeper into the United States.” In subsequent reports in 2016 and 2017, the Texas DPS noted that the relationship remained “steady” and that “as long as illicit cross-border crimes are profitable, the relationship between cartels and gangs will continue.”

Sanctuary cities have ensured that this relationship is profitable. The 2017 Director of National Intelligence Worldwide Threat Assessment noted “the staying power of Mexican trafficking networks” as a cause of the skyrocketing drug crisis.

Judge Andrew Hanen of the Southern District of Texas, in a December 2013 order, charged that the Obama administration essentially “successfully complet[ed] the mission of the criminal conspiracy” of drug smugglers to smuggle people over the border on behalf of parents “at significant expense” to taxpayers. He observed that the DHS was taking actions that were “dangerous and unconscionable,” “subject to the whims of evil individuals,” resulting in the “absurd and illogical” outcome of helping “fund the illegal drug cartels which are a very real danger for both citizens of this country and Mexico.”

Hanen pointed out that “time and again, this court has been told by representatives of the government and the defense that cartels control the entire smuggling process.” He also observed that the cartels knew that teenagers would be treated leniently if caught with drugs. He therefore concluded that by dismantling immigration enforcement and promising amnesty, “the government is not only allowing them to fund the illegal and evil activities of these cartels, but is also inspiring them to do so.” In a footnote, Hanen ominously warned about the heroin smuggling that would likely follow, based on past history.

And the rest is indeed history. From 2013 to 2016, according to the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), the level of heroin production in Mexico tripled. And not surprisingly, right after 2013, is when the entire fentanyl phenomenon took off:

There is your culprit. There is your crisis. We have gone to war around the world for much less, yet Mexican drug cartels operating on our border and on our soil are never treated as the chemical warfare it is. The politics with “our Mexican friends” always prevents us from doing what it takes to stop them, even though many of their politicians are roped in with the cartels. We treat DACA – the cause of all of this – as the solution!

We could abolish doctors and pharmaceuticals tomorrow, and it would not change the problem: chemical warfare on our country from the Mexican drug cartels who now use MS-13 and similar gangs to distribute their poison. In fact, it can be posited that some of sudden spike in the crisis after the flow of prescriptions was tightened helped push more people into the illicit drug market, which is much more dangerous. At this point, any further effort to focus solely on prescriptions without dealing with the underlying cause of the explosion in supply of the most deadly illicit drugs is the worst policy outcome possible. Worst of all, those who are throwing billions of dollars at unproven federal treatment programs refuse to support tougher sentences for drug traffickers and, in fact, are trying to dismantle the existing mandatory sentences.

There is no penalty strong enough for these monsters

Which brings us back to the drug traffickers. The very people virtue-signaling about the “opioid crisis” and demanding a national prescription-monitoring database, endless government programs to enrich the health care industry, and severe restrictions on doctors are coddling the drug cartels and doubling down on their policies that fueled the worst elements of the worst drug epidemic. How dare they oppose minimum penalties for drug traffickers?

Rep. Jim Butler, a state representative from Ohio and a health care expert, spoke to me on my podcast earlier this week and explained how the ACLU blocked legislation in Ohio that minimally raised penalties on those who sold fentanyl to people coming out of drug rehab!

As we’ve noted before, there is a bipartisan obsession with retroactively releasing drug traffickers (not drug addicts) from prison and dramatically reducing penalties. Believe what you want about marijuana and cocaine, but today we are dealing with chemical warfare in our country. Obama released close to 2,000 drug traffickers from federal prison during his final two years, many of whom committed other violent crimes in addition to trafficking meth and heroin. Yet most members of Congress want to be even more lenient. Nor do they want to deal with interior immigration enforcement. We should at least all agree to severe penalties for fentanyl trafficking. And when you look at the tens of thousands of dead Americans as a result of fentanyl, the only problem you should have is that we can only kill these people once.

For those who are “offended” at the notion of giving the death penalty to those who peddle fentanyl and carfentanil, maybe they’d be happier if we punished traffickers by having them consume their own product. After all, it’s only drugs.

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Glorifying God
By Joel Joseph
Researched by Pastor Gary Boyd


As we approach the end of this age, the church will be immediately and irreversibly snatched away to heaven by rapture, while the world will plunge into the worst tribulation ever known. At that time, the church will receive its eternal reward, and suffer loss of reward.

What do you think is the most important thing you can have done with your life, as we approach judgement and assessment of our lives by our Messiah? Very few people would answer correctly.

The answer is simply this: Did your life glorify God?

Consider this powerful verse below. Will this be your testimony on judgement day?

Psalm 92:12-15 “The righteous shall flourish like a palm tree and a cedar in Lebanon. Those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bear fruit in old age; they shall be fresh and flourishing, to declare that the Lord is upright (glorious); He is my rock and there is no unrighteousness in Him.”

Defining glory:

Glory: Strong’s H3513 – “Kabowd” Meanings: Heavy weight, rich, honourable, abundance, riches, splendour, brightness, magnificence, exaltation, dignity, reverence, grandeur.

The meaning of the word “authority” in the Bible also contains the description of a weight. Do you see the wonderful parallel? Glory is weighty and full of godly authority!

I like very much the fact that glory is defined as a heavy weight. That means it is nothing trivial, light, inconsequential or fleeting. It is the real deal. It is beautiful and meaningful. In the natural world, I think we can compare in some ways, glory to gold.

Glory, is also described as purifying, unquenchable fire. Fire generates light from within. It burns away all sin and is a holy-maker.

Glory is directly linked to holiness. When you declare His glory, you declare His character and nature – pure and holy.

When we take these meanings and relate them to our Lord and Saviour we are on the right track.

Imputing glory to God is a most powerful thing. He is full of glory anyway, but when we recognise that and change our lives accordingly, we have touched glory.

One of the many benefits is that as we glorify God, we grow quickly is wisdom, which is part of our inheritance, but it’s conditional.

How to glorify God:

Nobody can glorify God while glorifying self! Satan has infiltrated the self-life, and the world system. So, the first thing we need to do is dethrone self, humble ourselves, stoop down and bow our entire lives before Him. This is the essence of worship.

Accepting all of God’s word and everything He says about us, and Himself is the next step.

A greatly neglected practise these days is to speak and confess God’s word out loud. Doing things that we believe, demonstratively, is very powerful. Confessing words about the glory of God and physically bowing down, is good, glorifying practise. The spirit world takes notice.

If you exalt yourself (pride) you will be humbled (humiliated) and if you humble yourself you will be exalted. Lucifer reached up to God and was brought down. Yeshua stooped down in death and was highly exalted. There is so much in that!

“Whoever desire to be great among you let him become your servant.” (Mark 10:43)

Glorifying God does not come automatically. It is your wilful choice. It is necessary. The more you do it, the greater the benefits for you.

Bear in mind that Judas had the best teacher in the world. He had our Lord as his guide, yet he went to hell. You see, his heart was wrong and he never truly surrendered.

A conscious, wilful rejection of the words and opinions of the lukewarm church relating to all these things is required. There’s a reason why they are lukewarm! Obviously, the same is required for the opinions of the world as reflected in its media and entertainment realms.

Glorifying Satan:

A life lived for self is essentially a life that glorifies Satan. You see, when you have self on the throne of your life, you have dethroned God. That is the epitome of pride, and all pride is headed is headed for destruction.

“He, Satan, is king over all the children of pride”. (Job 41:34)

Psalm 138:6 “Though the Lord is on high, yet He regards the lowly; but the proud, He knows from afar.”

I once heard Derek Prince say of this verse: “The Lord knows the proud from afar – and that’s where He keeps them!”

A worldly orientated life is just as doomed. It will be filled with demonic influences and everything that ultimately opposes God.

1 John 2:15-17 “Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. For all that is in the world – the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life – is not of the Father, but is of the world. And the world is passing away, and the lust of it; but he who does the will of God will abide forever.”

All worldliness, pride, sin and foolishness comes from a heart not right with God.

Many times it comes as a result of a curse. It comes as result of failure to repent, which always leads to pride, which then blinds you further, ultimately leading to destruction.

Mark 7:21-22 “What comes out of a man defiles a man, for from within, out of the heart of men proceeds evil thoughts...pride and foolishness.”

Any person, minister in particular, seeking self promotion, self glorification, self exaltation, or the approval of man, in any way, is not of the Spirit of God and has self-love (pride) on the throne.

Isaiah 48:18-22 “Oh, that you had heeded My commandments! Then your peace would be a like a river and your righteousness like the waves of the sea...His name would not have been cut off, nor destroyed from before Me...’There is no peace’ says the Lord for the wicked.”

The verse above is very insightful. Now consider the opposite:

John 14:27 “Peace I leave with you, My peace I give you, not as the world gives, do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither be afraid.”

Self-centred people are normally troubled, dissatisfied and stress-filled. They have a short fuse and are generally a home for great error.

Self esteem, self worth, self importance are the rage catch-phrases of the day. There is nothing wrong with self esteem if it sees self glorifying God. The problem is that these efforts usually glorify self. Love of self is trait condemned with the love of pleasure and love of the world in the Bible, so why go there? (2 Timothy 3:4)

You can set your life to sing the praises of self or of God. Put God on a pedestal or yourself.

Isaiah 25:3 “The strong people will glorify You...”

As we glorify God, He lifts us up:

When we stoop down and bow our lives before God – glorifying Him, something amazing begins to happen. He lifts us up.

A life set to glorify God will set you free from fear, anxiety, fear, shame, guilt, rejection and many things that are not of God.

2 Corinthians 4:17-18 “Our light affliction which is but for a moment, is working for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory, while we do not look at the things which are seen, but at the things which are not seen, for the things which are seen are temporary and the things which are not seen are eternal.”

Please note in the verse above that a weight of glory is coming as reward to believers who qualify. But note that it is eternal! Can you understand the gravity of that? How wonderful!

We must understand that this is no small issue. Even the Spirit of God glorifies God!

John 16:13-14 “When He the Spirit of truth has come He will guide you into all truth...He will tell you things to come...He will glorify Me, for He will take of what is Mine and declare it to you.”

Those who have wrestled with God and been broken and shattered by Him are generally the ones who almost automatically, really and truly glorify God in their lives. When self effort is out of the picture, it’s easy to go God’s way.

To really truly glorify God you have to first know and understand just who He is, and know something about His glory. As a new believer you can still glorify God in your words, by faith. He will accept that and move you forward.

If ever there is a time when this practise of glorifying God is needed it is right now. That is the way to ultimate exaltation while the world is deteriorating at great speed.

As you glorify God, you destroy the works of Satan in your life.

Glorifying God’s plans for Israel:

Obviously, glorifying God includes glorifying His ways and His plans. In this day we are on the verge of great conflict relating to Israel. She is about to be attacked from every side and in every way. The Bible says it will be so.

Much of the church, particularly, the dead and lukewarm churches will back the onslaught. The nations of the world will lead the great end-time attack.

It will become very unpopular and very risky – fatal for many, to stand with Israel as we approach the climax of the age. The question is this: Will you be a spineless chicken and go with the world?

If you do, you might have some temporary victories against God, but, O you fool of all fools –you will pay eternally for your support of Satan.

Getting ready for glory:

In Genesis 19:15-16 Lot was told by the angels to hurry up to get out of Sodom. He still lingered, so the angels grabbed him and his wife by the hands and led them out. A bit further on in Genesis 19:22, we see an incredible thing: Lot is again told to hurry up and escape to the mountains, “For I can do nothing until you escape there.”

Here God is saying that He cannot bring His promised judgement on Sodom, while righteous lot and his family were still there. In other words: “God reserves His wrath for His enemies. (Nahum 1:2)

This is a perfect type of the rapture!

But it also implies readiness. In this day we must hurry up to be ready for our Lord of glory.

Throughout the Bible we see many stories of people who were not ready. Everyone used excuses for their delay. (Matthew 24:45-51)

Wake must all wake up fast and be ready in heart. Great, deep repentance is needed. A focus on materialism causes sleepiness!

Ephesians 5:14-15 “Awake, you who sleep and arise from the dead and Messiah will give you light...Walk circumspectly, redeeming the time, not as fools but as wise.”

Romans 13:11 “Do this, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep; for now our salvation is nearer than when we first believed.”

Today most churches have lost the use and meaning of the word repentance. Where it is used, it is used as a manipulation to say a quick “sorry,” and to get things instead of to glorify God. A church with no emphasis on repentance is glorifying man.

Deep repentance is almost unknown today because the church has no idea of the true glory of God.

There are untold benefits now in glorifying and exalting our Lord, never mind in eternity.

Hebrews 11:7 “By faith, Noah being divinely warned of things not yet seen, moved with godly fear, prepared an ark...”

Genesis 7:1 “The Lord said to Noah, ‘come into the ark, you and your household, because I have seen that you are righteous before Me in this generation.”

Do you stand out in this generation, for the right reasons?

Shining lights or spiritual darkness:


The spiritual man praises God; the carnal man exalts himself and complains all the time, blaming others for his problems.

Service to God must come out of worship. Worship is evident in body positions. Bowing down, kneeling, raising arms in surrender, stretching out hands to our God, falling on your face, and the like are all evident in worship.

Prayerfulness and regular fasting are necessary requirements in our growth and in glorifying God.

You won’t see these things in most spirit-less dead churches. Their worship is a meaningless waste of time. It’s all dead, empty words of no consequence.

Most people have sold their soul to the world. We’ve all heard of various entertainers who have sold their soul to Satan. Well, if Satan is the God of this world, worldly Christians have sold their soul to Satan in just the same way, just not consciously. Whose name is on your forehead?

Many ministries have unknowingly sold their soul to Satan. Do you know that you can study God’s word and get nothing but dead letter and dead information out of it? (2 Corinthians 3:6) Studying God’s word with pride and ego in-tact is the way to ignorance and in many cases, deception.

You can study God’s word with self dethroned, and get oceans of wisdom from it.

At the end of the day, what a Bible teacher preaches is not that important. What he produces is. Pride never ever allows you into God’s glory. It keeps you short-sighted and spiritually blind.

Let’s consider this important verse below:

Philippians 2:15-18 “Become blameless and harmless children of God without fault in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation among whom you shine like lights in the world, holding fast the word of life, so that I may rejoice in the day of Messiah that I have not run in vain or laboured in vain.”

Is your church producing “shining lights” in this dark world, or is the labour of the teacher, all in vain?” How many are wasting their time making disciple of the world? I think most are!

Are you a shining light in this dark world?

Many ministers behind pulpits are silent on controversial but vital subjects like end-times because they are owned by spineless, shallow half-dead Christian boards of elders, or have to remain loyal to their dead sin-filled institution.

I saw something the other day that shocked me. Sweden, as a nation has surrendered almost totally to Islam. Their government has just introduced a new law called, “Crimes of opinion.” You can now be arrested for expressing opinions that may offend Muslims!

What was amazing to me was the fact that the churches of Sweden were all silent on this! Of course that is so because they are all spineless, totally dead institutions of hell. The churches of Sweden, and in fact most of Europe today, have no glory except the glory of the world and its god.

In the soon coming great shaking of all things, everyone will be left in one of two states. They will be full of stress, despair, anguish, despondency and misery, or they will be peaceful, content, fulfilled, joyful, encouraged, and trusting. The former will reflect the distorted, perverted glory of Satan, while the latter will reflect the glory of God.

It’s good to remember that mankind reflects the glory of his god or God.

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By Dane Wigington
Researched by Pastor Gary Boyd

Planet Earth is under an all out weather warfare assault. In this video, Dane Wigington gives another presentation in Northern California on the harmful effects of Geoengineering, declaring that there is virtually NO NATURAL WEATHER due to the massive global climate engineering. The very essentials needed to sustain life on earth are being recklessly destroyed by these programs. This is not a topic that will begin to affect us in several years, but is now already causing massive animal and plant die off around the world, as well as human illness.
The very essentials needed to sustain life on earth are being recklessly destroyed by these programs. This is not a topic that will begin to affect us in several years, but is now already causing massive animal and plant die off around the world, as well as human illness.


The debate over whether geoengineering programs are going on is now a moot point. We have more than enough data to confirm it. We have actual footage showing tankers spraying. The materials showing up on the ground are exactly the same materials mentioned in the numerous geoengineering patents and documents. Visit our website for a list of these government patents and documents.

Dane Wigington Much of the "golden" state went through all of 2013 with no significant rain and 2014 was even worse. Why? What will it take to wake people up to the “weather warfare” being waged on them? Geoengineering reduces overall global rainfall totals (though it can also trigger regions of torrential flooding). Intentionally caused drought is weather warfare, period. There is a great deal of disinformation out there already and it’s getting worse by the day. Even some of the biggest “alternative news sites” are helping to “tow the line” for the global elite and the geoengineers by putting out articles on drought and “global cooling” which make no mention of the climate engineering at all.

Yet, on the other hand, these same “news sites” claim to be aware of climate engineering and they say they are against it. Which is it? How can they be aware of the geoengineering programs and yet put out climate article after climate article without so much as mentioning the elephant in the room that is climate engineering? The articles from these “alternative media sites are even claiming all the chaotic weather is just “normal cycles.” This is exactly what corporate media does, so who’s side are these alternative media sites on? How is it possible that any weather in a completely engineered climate system is “normal”?


So what happens when the skies above the oceans and storm tracks in the Eastern Pacific are constantly sprayed? Drought and deluge in the US. The Western US fries and dries, the Eastern US gets the opposite as moisture is in effect migrated across one region and brought down in another.

Many are finally beginning to wake up to the fact that the something is very wrong with the weather. Many are finally realizing something profound is happening in our skies. Some are now finally making the decision to get involved with the fight to raise awareness of the lethal climate engineering programs, but are we already too late? Have the geoengineers already pushed Earth’s natural systems past the point of no return? Based on all available data, the answer is yes. The damage already done to our planet from countless forms of anthropogenic activity, which includes geoengineering, has guaranteed us a planet that is much less hospitable than the one we have known. However difficult the future looks, we could yet perhaps preserve the planet’s ability to support life if we can stop climate engineering. This battle must be won or all will be lost.

It is imperative that we all work together toward the goal of making the population as a whole understand that virtually all their “weather” is being completely manipulated. There is NO NATURAL WEATHER at this point. That we are all the victims of “weather warfare” and many of us will soon be climate refugees if we are not able to bring the climate engineering to light and to a halt. On top of all this we are all literally being poisoned by the toxic metal fallout from these programs, but that’s another story.


There is a HAARP ionosphere heating facility in Alaska and numerous ionosphere heating installations around the globe that are used to manipulate the jet stream into historically unprecedented patterns. The manipulated jet stream is one of several primary factors relating to the climate chaos now being inflicted on planet Earth. The atmosphere is now much more conductive due to the constant saturation of metallic particulates from the aerosol spraying. This makes the ionosphere heaters much more effective and lethal. The entire “climate science” community is in total denial in regard to the now manipulated jet stream, as well as the aerosol spraying. To speak of these programs is a bad career decision for many, denial is the cowards choice for them.

Our skies today are simply not normal. Upon examination this cannot be denied. They are filled with Nano particulates of heavy metals. But the skies have been filled with grid patterns for so long now that we are used to them and do not see them anymore. Sadly, the fact is that people do not look up.

To be clear, what we are seeing is not cloud seeding to increase rainfall. These particulates are designed to block the sun and move the jet stream. Dane explains how this is causing the drought and deluge being experienced around the globe.

Sky Physics Lab

Our atmosphere is nothing but a massive physics lab to geoengineering scientists who have no concern whatsoever about the consequences to humanity or any living thing, including themselves. The experiments are literally tearing the planet apart and destroying life on earth.

Dane reports, among other things, on:

• Geoengineering related climate disruptions, extreme drought and deluge
• Ozone depletion
• Methane release
• Drastic reduction in arctic sea ice
• Global oxygen content reductions
• Oceans on the brink of collapse
• Massive fish die offs
• 200 species becoming extinct every single day
• A drastic rise in Autism, Alzheimer’s, and Dementia
• Crisis level forest reductions
• The sterilization of soils making it impossible for plants to grow without Monsanto’s aluminum resistant seeds.

Dane Wigington presents hard data which reveals what these catastrophic programs have done to our planet to date and what they will do if they are allowed to continue. Please take the time to watch this video, follow up with some investigation of your own on our site — and share this information far and wide.

Thank you,
GeoengineeringWatch Staff

Mar 21, 2018 13:07:40   #
CALEXIT - MS-13 - ISIS and the Deep State Operatives Have Reared Their Ugly Heads- GAME ON!
By Dave Hodges
Researched by Pastor Gary Boyd

Calexit is the home of all major subversion in the United States. This movement has one goal, namely, the overthrow of the US government.

All the previous warnings about MS-13, ISIS’ presence in the US and a coming Deep State coup are all coalescing in unified action.

I recently spoke with a former high-ranking military source who is still very well connected and what he told me is indeed very disturbing.

Domestic Troop Deployments
As I write these words, the deployment of troops from Ft. Irwin to key locations around California are presently in progress. The same can be said for some personnel at Camp Pendleton. Urban warfare training was just completed in Phoenix and centered on potential operations in LA and San Francisco. Why? The answer to this question will appear later in this article.

The State of California Is In Open Rebellion

As I have previously covered, in great detail, on this site, Eric Holder, George Soros, the United Nations, Governor Jerry Brown, both the Mexican and Chinese governments and the drug cartels have joined forces to try and force California out of the Union as California, on one level, is seeking national independence as a protectorate of the United Nations. They are willing to go to any length to accomplish this goal including open sedition, already in evidence as well as perpetrating any number of false flag events.

California has declared itself to be a sanctuary state in violation of federal law. Many of their Democratic public officials are in open rebellion and are engaged in obstruction of justice when it comes to the federal authority of ICE. The situation is so grave in California with regard to sedition, that 37 California counties have declared support for the creation of the new 51st state, New California. Another seven counties are in negotiation with New California officials who have already filed paperwork to become the 51st State. Why would the vast majority of counties in California feel compelled to turn their state upside down in order to create a 51st state?

The situation is so dire, that President Trump has had enough. As has been widely reported across the Independent Media, military tribunals are being organized and GITMO is being redone and they have a new commander as well as an increased security presence. GITMO will be home to those engaged in sedition and treason. Here is one small example of what is going on in Oakland.

Both Paul Preston and I have been told that President Trump has dispatched a carrier to the Bay area. Remember troops are being deployed as I write these words. Many in the Independent Media believe that we are very close to seeing the first of several arrests of those that would engage in sedition and treason.

The Original Deep State Coup

Before President Obama left office, he and John Kerry negotiated with the United Nations that they could and would come into America to restore order in the event of civil unrest.

The Deep State has lost most of its dominance over their previous proliferation of NWO propaganda as evidenced by its crumbling mainstream media whose news is no longer credible.

At a time when the Deep State is in need of a game changing development, the top minions (eg McCabe, Clinton and Comey) are all preparing to roll over on each other. The Deep State is in a panic. Their key Democratic Party operatives are prepared to throw each other under the bus. Just like an experienced fighter who is dissecting a wounded opponent, President Trump can take his time and simply follow the trail of former Deep State minions as they cannot roll over on each other fast enough. And Trump has a new ally. According to a recent Monmouth College poll, most Americans are aware of the “shadowy” Deep State and would probably help Trump if needed. Remember all those X Veterans out there with all their special training?

I spoke with a trusted and confidential source about the happenings in California and Paul Preston has verified much of the following:

MS-13 & ISIS
I have warned, through this site, on several occasions that the unbridled admittance of MS-13 into the United States along with members of ISIS would constitute a 5th column which could bring both California and major parts of the United States to their knees.

On August 1, 2017, I published a summary, with links that went back as far as 2010 to document the unwarranted presence of MS-13 in America. This article summarizes no less than 5 previous articles I have written on the subject. This is an excellent reference that traces much of the history of the terrorist invasion that has been going on our southern border for years.

MS-13, along with ISIS has been implicated in the Vegas Massacre and I documented this last fall:

Vegas Is Only the Beginning- This is Antifa Along with MS-13 and ISIS sympathizers-The Common Sense Show Has Previously Documented Paddock’s close ties to ISIS Which Stems Back to the Philippines. Vegas was a Beta Test for What Is Coming In California. Four Years Ago, Judicial Watch Identified a ISIS Base Camps 3 miles from America’s Southern Border.

The Judicial Watch report in April of 2015. The presence of the ISIS camp, near El Paso is merely part of a bigger paramilitary force preparing to attack selected targets inside of the United States.

ISIS is indeed operating a camp just a few miles from El Paso, Texas, according to Judicial Watch sources that includes a Mexican Army field grade officer and a Mexican Federal Police Inspector. During the course of a joint operation last week, Mexican Army and federal law enforcement officials discovered documents in Arabic and Urdu, as well as “plans” of Fort Bliss. The implications are obvious.

According to documents uncovered by Judicial Watch, the Juárez Cartel helps ISIS terrorists move through the desert and across the border between Santa Teresa and Sunland Park, New Mexico. The report goes on to state documents that east of El Paso and Ciudad Juárez, cartel-backed “coyotes” are also smuggling ISIS terrorists through the unguarded border between Acala and Fort Hancock, Texas. Judicial Watch specifically stated that these particular areas are targeted by ISIS because of “their understaffed municipal and county police forces as well as the already existing relative safe-havens the areas provide for the unchecked large-scale drug smuggling”. I predicted 3 years ago that ISIS would unleash a TET offensive set of attacks in America. This is the Deep State’s distraction, their paramilitary force. With regard to ISIS and MS-13, the day of reckoning is here.

Also, in April of 2015, I was warned that ISIS would unleash these kinds of attacks. The source of the intel was a Texas Ranger.


GITMO is the symbol of cruel justice that will force many in the Deep State to turn state’s evidence against the higher-ups. Fina Haspel, nominated to take over the CIA is no more than a temporary useful idiot. She is the queen of rendition as she previously headed a former CIA black site. This is why Trump is readying the military tribunals. These Deep State operatives are in a complete panic and we are beginning to witness the manifestation of this collective fear that has gripped these criminals. Did you see where CALEXIT spokesperson and former Attorney General, Eric Holder, asked Jeff Sessions for mercy and to defy Trump?

Unfortunately, I know much more about the unfolding events than I can reveal at this time. Please keep in mind, I never burn a source. Eventually, all can be revealed. The events that lie ahead can be devastating, or they can never come to pass if Trump is able to crush this movement before it gets off the ground. However, I can say this, the level of planning and sophistication of the Deep State as manifested in CALEXIT subversives is without parallel in American history and that includes the Confederacy of the 1860’s.

Mar 20, 2018 16:28:04   #
'Panic Is In the Air' - Obama Deep State Freaks Out After McCabe Firing As The Dominoes Start To Fall
By Susan Duclos - All News PipeLine
Researched by Pastor Gary Boyd

The treasonous house of cards is beginning its slow motion fall as heads get ready to roll as 18,000 un-named sealed indictments are ready to be opened – slowly but surely these seditious betrayers of our government will be brought to justice if Russia does not blow us up first. I hope they have plenty of Hillary money to defend themselves.

Just days before he would have been eligible for lifetime pension and lifetime medical benefits for his whole family, former Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe was officially fired. McCabe had stepped down amidst scandal in January 2018, going on "terminal leave," with his official resignation slated to come on March 18, 2018, when he would have been elegible for his full pension package.

According to Attorney General Jeff Sessions' statement on the firing, the action was recommended by FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR) after receiving a detailed report of McCabe's misconduct from the Department’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG), who has been investigating FBI/DOJ actions running up to the 2016 presidential election.
While the upcoming OIG report is expected to be "Pure TNT," according to Former FBI Assistant Director Chris Swecker, the information that has already been reported from the investigation has implicated a number of senior officials from the FBI and DOJ, including the revelations of tens of thousands of text messages by anti-Trump/pro-Clinton FBI agents Peter Strzok and FBI lawyer Lisa Page.

Those texts revealed plotting to discredit an incoming president with an "insurance policy," which later came to be the whole Russia investigation into collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia; the two were actively leaking information to reporters; Strzok changed the wording of former FBI Director James Comey's exoneration statement for Hillary Clinton in the private server/classified email criminal investigation to language which decriminalized her actions.

More recently it was discovered that Strzok and Page plotted to meet with a FISA judge who presided over Michael Flynn's guilty plea and was later removed from the case.

A number of high ranking officials from multiple agencies have been terminated, reassigned, demoted or resigned due to information uncovered by DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz, all before his official report has even been released.

While the news of McCabe's firing came out late Friday evening, reactions were immediate, starting with a statement by McCabe himself where he attempts to portray this action as one where he is being "singled out," but interestingly enough, as part of his statement he appears to implicate former FBI Directr James Comey, stating that Comey "was aware" of his interactions with a reporter, which the OPR had determined was "unauthorized disclosure to the news media."

McCabe's statement in response to the charges within the Session's statement that he "lacked candor – including under oath – on multiple occasions," is to claim he "answered questions truthfully and as accurately" as he could "amidst the chaos that surrounded me."

Jonathan Turley, Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University, seems to agree with my assessment that McCabe's statement did, in fact, implicate Comey in leaking sensitive information to the press, as he explains at The Hill, it also appears to implicate Comey in "lying to Congress."

If the “interaction” means leaking the information, then McCabe’s statement would seem to directly contradict statements Comey made in a May 2017 congressional hearing. Asked if he had “ever been an anonymous source in news reports about matters relating to the Trump investigation or the Clinton investigation” or whether he had “ever authorized someone else at the FBI to be an anonymous source in news reports about the Trump investigation or the Clinton investigation,” Comey replied “never” and “no.”

Read Turley's entire analysis, as he believes this could also spell trouble for the Mueller investigation as well.

According to former FBI special agent Bobby Charon, who was with the agency for 27 years, "lack of candor," which is the charge made by the OPR against McCabe, after reviewing the documentation provided to him from the OIG's investigation, is the "number one" reason people get fired from the FBI.

Obama's former CIA Director, John Brennan, instantly took to social media to accuse president Trump of being behind McCabe's firing. It should be noted that while Trump has previously been vocal about McCabe being allowed to run out the clock until receiving his full pension benefits, once the OPR recommendation to fire McCabe was presented to Sessions, the White House made it very clear that the president would not weigh in on whether McCabe should be fired or not, leaving the decision to Sessions.

After Sessions issued his statement on McCabe's firing, the president then stated "Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI - A great day for Democracy. Sanctimonious James Comey was his boss and made McCabe look like a choirboy. He knew all about the lies and corruption going on at the highest levels of the FBI!"

Brennan's statement in response to Trump makes his political leanings quite clear, stating "When the full extent of your venality, moral turpitude, and political corruption becomes known, you will take your rightful place as a disgraced demagogue in the dustbin of history. You may scapegoat Andy McCabe, but you will not destroy America...America will triumph over you."

What Brennan ignores in his panicked temper tantrum is that the OIG investigation into the wrongdoings of senior intelligence agency officials, and any issues that arise from his investigation, began on January 12, 2017, before President Trump was inaugurated, and the recommendation stemming from what the OIG uncovered came from the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility, not the President.

As another social media user pointed out in response to Brennan "Not at all strange when the previous CIA Director...a (supposedly) non partisan, unelected official...makes statements like this. Panic is in the air. #ObamaGate"

Brennan's "panic" stems from the fact that he himself is engulfed in controversy over his own under oath statements to Congress, as was reported in a heavily detailed Real Clear Politics Investigation piece in February, titled "Exclusive: CIA Ex-Director Brennan's Perjury Peril."

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes next plans to investigate the role former CIA Director John Brennan and other Obama intelligence officials played in promoting the salacious and unverified Steele dossier on Donald Trump -- including whether Brennan perjured himself in public testimony about it.

The OIG final report is due to be released within the next few weeks, but the information already public has highlighted a sophisticated attempt, on the part of multiple senior members of a variety of U.S. intelligence agencies to 1) Protect Hillary Clinton before the 2016 presidential election; 2) Instigate the Russia probe as an "insurance policy" in the event that Donald Trump won the election; 3) Leak classified information, much of which was proven false, in order to discredit a sitting president, and; 4) Lie to Congress.


The question we see consistently across the internet, in one form or another, is "why are we talking about pensions when we should be talking about prison" terms for lying to FBI, lying to Congress, obstructing justice, leaking classified information to the press, a whole host of other potential criminal actions on the part of "deep state" members of U.S. intelligence agencies?

It is a reasonable question and the answer is as simple as it is frustrating for those that just want to see these deep state actors held accountable.

The short answer is: The OIG report has not been issued.

The OIG investigation has been ongoing since early January 2017, millions of documents have been compiled, along with hundreds of interviews, and while portions have been revealed to agencies in order to remove some of these people from ongoing investigations, or positions where they could still cause harm to America, and those ongoing investigations, the entirety of the OIG findings have not been released to the entities that prosecute crimes.

The fact that the FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility (OPR), upon reviewing evidence compiled by the OIG, took such an extraordinary action in recommending a 21 year career employee like McCabe be terminated, just days before his pension kicked in, indicates that the statement by Sessions saying McCabe "made an unauthorized disclosure to the news media and lacked candor – including under oath – on multiple occasions," is most likely just the tip of a very, very large iceberg.

Other questions noted online include "Why doesn't President Trump just arrest them all now? Answer: The President does not arrest people, nor does he personally investigate or prosecute.

Question: Why doesn't Trump just order Sessions to arrest them all? A question as an answer: Wasn't that the type of politicization of our intelligence agencies Obama perpetrated that we are asking to be cleaned up now? Do we really want President Trump to continue Obama's unethical and possible illegal actions?

Choose, we cannot have it both ways.


The fact that Brennan came out so quickly to attack President Trump for an action he played no part in, other than tweeting about it here or there, tells us that he understands that many Obama era officials, whether still employed by an intelligence agency or not, is about to get buried under the weight of the documented evidence the OIG has compiled.

Mar 19, 2018 00:14:32   #
As President Trump Admits Corruption Existed At Highest Levels Of Obama's DOJ, FBI And State Dept.
- For America To TRULY Be 'Great Again', We Must Witness The Fall Of Hillary
By Stefan Stanford - All News Pipeline
Researched by Pastor Gary Boyd

Absolutely nobody personifies the corruption in America over the past several decades as much as Hillary Clinton. With her latest fall showing she's still providing the world some of the best 'comic relief' since her 'Weekend at Bernies' imitation back on September 11th of 2016, the 'gift that keeps on giving' the fact that she is still walking free despite an unending laundry list of crimes is the very proof that the justice system in America was long 'broken' and the 'lunatics' had been running the asylum as even President Trump admits in a new tweet.

As Susan Duclos reported back on March 6th, Hillary Clinton's tentacles go everywhere and stretch from the fake Russia investigation to the theft of the Democratic party's nomination in 2016 from Bernie Sanders and absolutely into the justice system in America with criminal cronies including Eric Holder, Loretta Lynch, James Comey and Barack Obama to name just a few of those who have 'enabled' Hillary to quite literally get away with murder.

But while the recent firing of Andrew McCabe shows that the house of cards Hillary has had built up around her over the past several decades may be about to come crashing down, with the entire DOJ stacked in her favor over the decades, it's no wonder she's still walking free despite that 'laundry list' including murder, obstruction of justice, money laundering, Uranium One, Benghazi and, of course, treason, which Ben left off but we'll add on as that alone brings down nations.

And while the steps that Hillary is still falling down haven't yet landed her where she needs to be for our justice system in America and the 'hard working men and women at the FBI' that President Trump tweeted about this morning to be fully redeemed, and we certainly won't hold our breaths waiting for Hillary to land in prison, the fact that very concrete steps are now being taken to get to the bottom of the monster that Hillary helped create shows there may indeed be light at the end of the tunnel.

With much of the deep state apparatus weaponized against President Trump and America and seemingly built up specifically to hide and protect Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's criminality and corruption, for President Trump to TRULY complete the process of 'making America great again', he'll have to take down the 'Clinton crime family'.

And if Jeff Sessions and the FBI follow through on what Sessions had to say this morning, that may still be forthcoming.

"The FBI expects every employee to adhere to the highest standards of honesty, integrity, and accountability. As the OPR proposal stated, 'all FBI employees know that lacking candor under oath results in dismissal and that our integrity is our brand.” Sessions said.

Sadly, Obama's DOJ and FBI allowing Hillary Clinton to get away with crimes that have landed others in prison or forced them to run off to another other country with potential treason charges hanging over their heads have tainted that 'integrity' and 'brand' and the majority of the American people know it. Yet Sessions taking down McCabe gives us a sliver of hope they'll regain it.

As we reported on ANP back on March 5th, according to Section 110 of Article III of the Constitution of the United States, the crime of treason against one's nation has been deemed "the highest crime which can be committed in civil society; since its aim is an overthrow of the Government and a public resistance by force of its just powers."

While Marcus Cicero warned long ago that a nation can never survive a traitor within who moves freely within the gates and whose voice is heard in the very halls of the government of the nation which they are betraying, he also warned such traitors "rot the soul of a nation" and "work secretly to undermine the pillars of the city, infecting the body politic so that it can no longer resist." Worst still Cicero claimed an outright murderer is less dangerous than those who work from within to sell out one's country.

And as Section 110 of Article III of the US Constitution also points out, "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort."

While globalists within government continue to push for war with Russia, as we reported in this March 3rd story, should Russia use their new nuclear weapon technologies upon us and vaporize us and much of the planet, we've largely got Hillary Clinton to blame as she gave Russia US technology for the unstoppable hypersonic ICBM's that could exterminate us all.

Is that not giving aid to our enemies?

With even Democrats now getting sick of Hillary as we hear in the 3rd video below and read in this March 13th story from Susan Duclos on ANP, should Susan be right and Hillary really be setting herself up as the 'ultimate victim' in her dreamed of presidential campaign against President Trump in 2020, a Democratic 'steal' sets us right back on the road to global tyranny.

And should Hillary be successful in 2020 and steal away the US Presidential election like she was able to steal away the DNC election from Bernie in 2016, Americans will have absolute proof our nation's corruption is beyond repair and nothing will be able to stop the fulfillment of the globalists 'new world order' with an America no longer a sovereign nation, sold out to the highest bidder and biggest crime family.

Remember what author Jerome Corsi warned us of back on January 22nd, only a little over a month before youtube abruptly though temporarily took down his youtube channel on March 1st. Was Corsi getting too close to the truth?

The Obama/Hillary Clinton “16-year plan to destroy America” involved the Democrats calculating both Obama and Hillary Clinton’s two term presidencies would allow the unfolding of a 16-year plan to destroy America.

As part of the plan, the Democratic Party co-conspirators envisioned Hillary would follow Obama’s plan to put rogue political operatives at key positions throughout the federal government, just as President Obama placed John Brennan at CIA; James Clapper, DNI; Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch as Attorney General; Valerie Jarrett in White House, James Comey at FBI – the list goes on.

Hillary would continue Obama’s plan to weaken the U.S. military, while actively funding Iran and North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons.

When the Obama/Hillary 16 years in the presidency were completed, the U.S. middle class would be destroyed. The U.S. population (what was left of it) would be reduced to a status of enslavement, starvation, death, and disease.

When the Obama/Hillary 16 years in the presidency were completed, the U.S. would have no borders, the Constitution would be revised to remove the Bill of Rights and all fundamental U.S. freedoms, and the population would be disarmed by the repeal of the Second Amendment.

When the Obama/Hillary 16 years in the presidency were completed, there would be no electoral college. Future presidents would be elected by a majority of the popular vote, giving control to large states like California, New York, and New Jersey that can easily be overrun with illegal immigrants voting for the traitors and their anti-American conspiracy.

As those who've been paying attention know, Obama's 8 years brought us halfway there. Is what we read above not treason?

As we see in the March 17th tweet from President Trump above, even he knows that there was tremendous corruption at the very highest levels of the FBI, DOJ and US State Department during the Obama administration which was weaponized against him and to protect Hillary Clinton and Obama with the DOJ glossing over decades of Clinton crimes.

Yet should the FBI, DOJ and US Department of State of President Trump right themselves and take down the biggest fish out there, doing a real investigation into the seemingly unending list of crimes, maybe, just maybe, America really will one day be great again.

With such a REAL investigation proving that just because one's name is Clinton doesn't mean that one is going to get special, preferential treatment when crimes such as treason are committed, certainly even President Trump himself would agree that neither the Clinton's nor the Bush's nor even the Trump's will ever be bigger than 'America'.

And that is really what this is all about, a 'Hillary Clinton' who believes herself to be above the law because for years, she hasn't been held accountable for her crimes. To hear the disdain in Hillary's recent words for women and for every day, hard working Americans also proves to us that Hillary believes that SHE is above America. And if she continues to get away with what she's gotten away with, we'll sadly have proof that she is right and 'true justice' in America is something that died long ago. Keep watching ladies and gentlemen the show is not over.

Mar 15, 2018 11:43:13   #
Hillary - Obama - Soros Run The Clinton Crime Syndicate That Controls 100 Billion

Researched by Pastor Gary Boyd

( – For more than a year, it’s been perfectly clear that the Obama agenda did not die when he left office. In fact, it’s clearly hard at work in the deepest recesses of Washington D.C.

The Russia collusion narrative always stank, and as Obama and his officers and appointees are being exposed for their involvement in illegal wiretapping and campaign tampering, everything is starting to add up.

CIA Whistleblower Kevin Shipp recently explained just how deep their corruption runs and what it would mean for our country if they were to be prosecuted.

DC Clothesline reports:
Former CIA Officer and whistleblower Kevin Shipp says the reason for all the crime and treason at the FBI and DOJ can be boiled down to one thing: a global financial crime spree. “Hillary Clinton was running and is running a global financial criminal syndicate,” and Shipp believes Barack Obama was in on it.

Shipp believes that this entire scandal, which will likely end up being the biggest in American history, could result in a Constitutional crisis. In an interview with USA Watchdog‘s Greg Hunter, Shipp contends, “There could be a Constitutional crisis in that we could see Congressmen, Senators, former Directors of the FBI, and the CIA perp walked after they receive charges. Could you imagine if senior DOJ officials were arrested, some Congressmen and Senators were arrested and other government officials were arrested on charges and walked out of office? That’s the Constitutional crisis I am talking about. Those kinds of high-level arrests would shake up this nation. It would be huge, and that’s why it has taken so long and methodical in doing this.”

Shipp lays this mass conspiracy out, plain as day, and knowing what we all know about the Clintons, it makes perfect sense:
“Hillary Clinton was running and is running a global financial criminal syndicate. She was using these secret servers to conduct Clinton financial money laundering business. The shocking thing about that is all the former directors of the CIA that have come out to support her, from Clapper to Brennan to Morell even Robert Gates supporting her being elected, knew about this criminal syndicate. Comey was protecting it. Lynch was protecting it. Weissmann was protecting it. And that is the big why. What’s she got on these people? Are they financial ties? They had to be aware of this, especially the counter-intelligence units. We know it was hacked into by foreign intelligence services because it was just hanging out there. Hillary Clinton was running a secret server outside the Department of State for the purposes of laundering money through the criminal Clinton Foundation.”

Shipp was asked if he feels this could be the next “anvil to drop” on the toes of Hillary and her cronies. His answer is a stunning reminder of just how massive this degree of corruption is, and the significance of just how hard they’ll fall.
“It’s not just an anvil, I think it is a mountain and the nexus of everything. This “Clinton Global Initiative” (CGI) is worldwide, and it’s been out there for a couple of decades. It has now, of course, intertwined former Directors of the CIA and FBI. George Soros is a part of it. It’s connected to all kinds of global financial institutions…These people have been backing her, protecting her…James Comey protected Hillary Clinton from prosecution of multiple espionage laws…They have to be connected to this because they are completely witting of the whole thing.

[The global charity fraud is] at least a $100 billion and it connects into a whole lot of things… All these people protecting and defending Hillary Clinton and knowing about her criminal syndicate, this goes into the so-called “Deep State” of our government, and it is connected, involved and intertwined in the global criminal crime syndicate called the Clinton Foundation. This is probably going to be the biggest scandal in U.S. history–once it’s busted. I think they are quietly working on it now, and I think they have been for the last year. It is so huge the arrests and indictments could cause a Constitutional crisis with some people being removed. Maybe that’s why they are moving slowly. It all comes back down to the Clinton Foundation and the criminal syndicate.”

He also confirms that those of us who have been accusing Obama of trying to undermine the very fabric of our nation are making no exageration when asked if POTUS 44 was involved:
“Yes, I am absolutely convinced of it. George Soros gave $30 million to Obama’s campaign. Then he gave $27.1 million to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
Both Obama and Clinton are tied directly into George Soros. Obama was put into office with millions of dollars that came out of nowhere. Yes, he’s part of this cabal. Yes, he’s part of this global syndicate, and in my opinion, the subversion of our government.”
The dots we’ve seen all along are connecting, but these maniacs have a very hard fall ahead of them if they’re taken down. As justice narrows in on them, they’re only going to get more desperate.

Now is the time to continue pushing back against this legacy of corruption and make sure the current administration drains the swamp–and the globe–of this anti-American globalist cabal, once and for all!
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