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We need a Revolution!!!
In 1917 there was a revolution to overthrow Russian Tsar from the governing 100 years later we need a revolution to help our President to govern,,,,We need to overturn DEMS, and traitor Republicans and let our President to govern... Let the REVOLUTION begin!!!
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Have You Folks Finally Woken Up Now That Trump Has Aligned Himself with Neo-Nazis?
The country needed a unifying statement against these hideous terrorists who murdered an American in cold blood. Should have been a slam dunk. But Trump made a moral equivalence between neo-Nazis and people that oppose neo-Nazis. We ALL should oppose Neo-Nazis!!!! I'm sure you all now realize Trump has to go. Pence would never say what Trump said. Wouldn't you rather have Pence?
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So... about this Antifa group...
I want to take a moment to issue my opinion about the role the Antifa takes in what appears to be a rise in violent confrontations between Americans. I don't personally know anyone who is associated with Antifa and to be honest, I don't know much about the organization, other than the fact that they consider themselves anti-fascist, which I am too but are they really helping the current resistance to fascism?

I have two separate reactions to the recent fuss over Antifa depending on the argument I am responding too.

To those on the right, who seem to jump at the chance to make Antifa the centerpeice of blame or a distraction from the antics of white supremacy groups. I say this... If you're going to promote bigotry and hatred, don't be surprised if you get some backsplash.

To those on the left, who support Antifa, I say this... Chill out.

As frustrating as the current government might be, it is still bound by a functioning framework of laws so it's not too late to leverage that constitutional system. In fact it's this system of laws that has so far stopped every white nationalist aspect of Trump's agenda in it's tracks. What the resistance needs is more emphasis on laws and local politics. A good example of resistance is the ACLU, an organization viciously hated by the right *because* they are so effective. And the ACLU is effective because they focus on our system of laws. Whenever you hear someone on the right saying "the liberals are destroying America", they are almost always describing their frustration (whether they know it or not) over ACLU victories within the context of our constitutional framework.

In contrast, Antifa is totally counterproductive. I *do* understand the frustration young Americans are feeling toward Trump and the white nationalists and the attraction of confronting them. I understand the feeling that you just want to beat the living shit out them. But this is the sentiment we hear being expressed by right-wing extremists about liberals, Jews, blacks and... well anyone who isn't a white nationalist. Do we really want to stoop to the same level?'s not a winning strategy.

Noam Chomsky recently described Antifa as a "major gift to the Right, including the militant Right, who are exuberant." Indeed they are because every time we accuse right-wing extremism of violence or intolerance, they have the ability to accuse the left-wing of the same thing and in the tiny minds that seem to gravitate to the extremes, one sin is a good excuse for another. So why give them such an easy pitch?

I'm not saying there will never be a point where violence *IS* the answer and I will admit that Antifa is a nice reminder that plenty of Americans are willing to confront the fascism of the white national movement but I don't think we've reached a point yet where we've run out of better alternatives. I think we need to give the constitutional system a little more faith because so far it's proving to be the better strategy.

Leave the violence to the fascists on the right and let the law handle it. Recognize the self-defeating nature of their violence. Look at Ruby Ridge, Waco and any of their idiot "stand-offs" did they win ANY of them? Look where their violence got them in Charlottesville... They went in with the intention of preserving one statue of Robert E. Lee and because of their violence (specifically, the murder of an American citizen) they came out loosing something like 19 different Confederate monuments throughout the country. That's what you call a backfire.

This is why the alt-right is loosing the America they want, because groups like the ACLU keep winning legal battles in the system, where the less-capable alt-right depends on public outrage to drive the battle which often results in violations of the legal system and guaranteed defeat.

We should try to keep it that way, at least while we still have a functioning constitutional system.
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Do you want Barcelona to happen here???
We need our borders CLOSED!!.........Do we want this happen here??? We need to support our President in order to keep us safe.
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I stand corrected and condemned: Trump is mentally ill and needs to resign
It was a simple thing in a long list of simple things I had ignored before that finally changed my view. “I own actually one of the largest wineries in the United States," Trump said after a press conference at Trump Tower in New York. “It is in Charlottesville." Before I would have just shaken my head and said to myself, "That's just Trump." Usually there would be a small laugh. Loved he was so unpredictable and thought of his many misdirections, misrepresentations, and outright lies as just a clever game he was playing with the media. Keep them on their toes and scratching their heads, looking like idiots. But such a comment just days after the trouble in Charlottesville seemed really wrong.

Hyperbole is Trump's native tongue. I could take that. Again, I saw it as just a style he had to throw people off, gain an edge, stay in control: all needed to be a successful salesperson. It wasn't delusional, it was purposeful. Or so I thought then. The lie about his winery, which was outright on a number of points, was shortly followed by one of the most appalling things I ever read: Trump's tweet about General Pershing. It was megalomaniac stuff, serial killer wet-dream-ugliness. "Study what General Pershing of the United States did to terrorists when caught," wrote Trump, less than four hours after the attack. "There was no more Radical Islamic Terror for 35 years!"

Then Trump tells the story: "They had a terrorism problem and there's a whole thing with swine and pigs and you know the story they don't like them ... and Gen. Pershing was a rough guy and he sits on his horse and he's very astute, like a ramrod. ... And he caught 50 terrorists that did tremendous damage and killed many people ... and he dipped 50 bullets in pig's blood," Trump explained. "And he had his men load his rifles and he lined up the 50 people, and they shot 49 of those people," he continued. "And the 50th person he said, 'You go back to your people and you tell them what happened.' And for 25 years there wasn't a problem, OK? Twenty-five years there wasn't a problem!" (He added another ten years to his story.)

Trump is clearly demented.
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Alright, I'm done! It's time to impeach Trump!
It's also time to start working on impeaching that racist bastard Pence.
My lawnmower shelled a rod bearing this morning because of those two sorry excuses for human beings!
All subsidies and corporate welfare going to Briggs and Stratton needs to be cut off now! If they can't build an engine that'll last more than 10,000 hours, they don't deserve my money.
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Scrub filth from Stone Mountain
Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams called for the removal of the giant carving that depicts three Confederate war leaders on the face of state-owned Stone Mountain, saying it “remains a blight on our state and should be removed.”

“We must never celebrate those who defended slavery and tried to destroy the union,” Abrams said in a series of tweets posted early Tuesday, a response to the deadly violence sparked by white supremacist groups in Charlottesville, Va.
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WikiLeaks and The Republican Traitors
I saw this not half and hour ago and Im shocked. Not because it wasn possible but its actually the people who were named. They were all President Trumps opponents during the campaign other than Johns McSHAME. If this is actually bottom line truth there will be so much hell to pay. Please watch and provide your opinions. I think this may very well be something of great importance to all of us. Take care.
Semper Fi
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Nickolai Gets Schooled in Political Science (Ans to his Nonsense)
Nickolai wrote:

Dinesh d Souza is a dick head. All your going to get from him is a biased ignorant right wing non-sense slant on every thing and conservatives have never contributed anything that would advance civilization and improve the lives of ordinary people

Now you've done it, going all out proven yourself to be a totally brain-dead political moron. Actually Dsouza is brilliant -- in history, understanding and articulating conservative values. (an immigrant from India & the Dean of a non-government college) Allow me to explain some political realities to you, that should be, but are no longer taught in political science class. You see when you have a leftist run educational indoctrination system, producing dumbed down ignorant indoctrinated, selfish, narcissistic, arrogant ass holes that need to be taken care of, then you get the government such people deserve. A Marxist dictatorship government that takes away everything you have, including your personal freedom and provides for you the bare necessities and tells you how to live, including what and how much education you will have and what you will do for a living. Such governments do not allow parasites (useless eaters) because under such a government your purpose for existence is to serve the state. This is the ideology of the left taken all the way to communism. That wonderful fair socialism you love is just a necessary step to communism.

On the other hand, when you have an intelligent, God fearing, well-informed moral electorate (like disciplined religious Christians of integrity) under a democratic republic, then you have a government by, for and of the people where personal freedom abounds and laws and restrictive controls are minimal (because they are not needed when people have integrity and behave themselves) then you can make your own decisions and make what you will of your life through your own intelligence, initiative, hard work and talent. This is the kind of government the founding fathers envisioned and set up. They stated that this noble experiment of democracy would only work so long as we had an intelligent, well-informed moral electorate and that it was wholly inadequate for any other. Your Marxist propaganda has dumbed the people down and enabled those communist goals (I posted for you) for the overthrow of America to take hold and that is why we are losing our country to the corruption of the deep state shadow government which is the workings of the elites agenda to bring about a Luciferian communist one world government. It really isn't that complicated for somebody with a little wisdom and spiritual discernment, but of course that Marxist propaganda has indoctrinated the common sense right out of you.

In the process of going from the conservative God respecting form of government we have had traditionally, into the godless secular government we are getting, we go through a period of change known as revolution which we are now in the early to mid stages of. As it becomes tyrannical, intolerance and violence continued to increase. Christians, conservatives and the smaller capitalists, the useless and anyone else who dissents gets slaughtered in bringing your so valued leftist utopia, (free of Christian values) into fruition. Pay attention to these words from the Constitution of American Communist Workers Party: "All those who deviate from the party line Must be Crushed", and that includes the Useful Idiots who have worked so hard to bring this all about, and then have become disillusioned, when they see the this is making no improvement to their life at all.
I have just explained to you what happens when you are foolish enough to accept all these noble sounding Marxist platitudes & here is the historical evolution of these stages

In the very next post immediately below you will see the major goals of the 45 goals of the Communist to accomplish the overthrow of America. The Democrats have been working diligently and succeeding on these.

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Trump Will Resign By End of The Year: "Presidency Is Effectively Over... The Cirlce is Closing At Blinding Speed"
Making Trump the Patsy...
What will you do to help him?
What will you do if they impeach him or he resigns?
What actions are you prepared to take to effect Change ?


Art Of The Deal Coauthor Says Trump Will Resign By End Of The Year: Presidency Is Effectively Over The Circle Is Closing At Blinding Speed


Tony Schwartz, the man who co-authored Art of the Deal with Donald Trump in 1987, now says that the President will likely resign before the end of the year.

In a series of Tweets earlier this week Schwartz showed his disdain for the President and echoed the sentiments of top Democrats who have claimed that Trump will either be impeached or voluntarily step away from the Presidency:

There seems to be a renewed interest from Democrats who are actively working on articles of impeachment that could lead to the President€™s removal from office. And though such a move would require a majority vote in the House of Representatives and two-thirds of the Senate, it appears that many Congressional Republicans are now publicly speaking out against the President, suggesting that such a measure could have legs.

Coupled with an independent€ investigation targeting the President as well as members of his administration and former business partners, it is becoming ever more likely that, as Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki recently noted, they are going to find something.

While author Tony Schwartz has an obvious beef to pick with the President and may simply be pandering to the liberal left, the pressure being put on Trump could force him to resign in order to avoid impeachment and/or criminal charges, whether real or imagined.

The war to take out Trump’s closest lieutenants has been raging since before he was even sworn in and will continue until the goals of The Deep State have been accomplished.

As Brandon Smith of Alt Market has warned, Donald Trump may well be first used as a scapegoat by the elite in order to usher in the next phase of crisis and a reorganization of the global order:

I have been warning since long before the election that Trumps presidency would be the perfect vehicle for central banks and international financiers to divert blame for the economic crisis that would inevitably explode once the Fed moved firmly into interest rate hikes. Every indication since my initial prediction shows that this is the case.

The media was building the foundation of the narrative from the moment Trump won the election. Bloomberg was quick to publish its rather hilariously skewed propaganda on the matter, asserting that Trump was lucky to inherit an economy in ascendance and recovery because of the fiscal ingenuity of Barack Obama.

This is, of course, utter nonsense.

Obama and the Fed have created a zombie economy rotting from the inside-out, nothing more.

But, as Bloomberg noted rightly, any downturn within the system will indeed be blamed on the Trump administration.

Fortune Magazine, adding to the narrative, outlined the view that the initial stock rally surrounding Trumps election win was merely setting the stage for a surprise market crash.

I continue to go one further than the mainstream media and say that the Trump administration is a giant cement shoe designed (deliberately) to drag conservatives and conservative principles down into the abyss as we are blamed by association for the financial calamity that will occur on Trumps watch.

If Smith is correct, and all signs seem to be pointing to such a scenario, Trump will be blamed for what will likely be the most epic financial collapse in world history.

Once those goals are accomplished, a push to remove him from office may become reality.

Article posted with permission from SHTFPlan

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