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Christianity vs. the Christians...
As a young man, I was an ardent Christian. At age fourteen, I was leading Sunday evening services in our fundamentalist church, appointed to do so by our pastor and approved by the church board. The Bible was always at my right hand and I could provide a ready verse to answer most any question.

Then one day, I was summoned to the church in the middle of the week. I was pleased to be regarded in such manner that my presence was requested at a special meeting. Beaming with pride, I entered the sanctuary and took a seat as I was directed.

It was only moments before it became clear that my presence there had an ominous tone to it. I had been summoned, not as a valued member of the congregation but as the accused at an inquisition. I had no idea why I was there and no one was explaining anything. I had arrived in time for the sentencing.

I was summarily expelled from the church along with the entire family of a friend. The pastor's parting words to us were that God grants the power to his ministers to pray for the removal of 'thorns in his side'. I was sixteen at that time, a dedicated Christian, and I had just been threatened with Heavenly retribution for a crime I was still ignorant of having committed.

It was several days later when I finally learned of the terrible deeds I had reportedly taken part in.

My friend and another boy, also a friend, had collected several empty liquor bottles and, as a prank had placed them on the parsonage outside front stairs. When the pastor awoke in the morning and found the collection in his doorway, he was furious. He established an investigation, uncovered the part played by my co-ejectee and under pressure to disclose his partner in this crime, my friend named me.

If I was truly innocent, why was I named? Because the actual perpetrator of the crime, the coconspirator in the dastardly deed was the steady boyfriend of the minister's oldest daughter. Had my friend named him, the repercussions on that relationship would have been devastating and he didn't want that responsibility.

I eventually was allowed to rejoin the church but the experience broke my hold on religious devotion. I was then free to consider issues my previous mindset would not allow.

The general behavior of professing Christians, like too many of those posting here, was remarkably un-Christlike. They demonstrated a cavalier disregard for the admonitions of Christ to humility, temperance in all things and service to God and fellow man. They were arrogant, abrasive and discourteous to the point of being ready and willing to cast the first stone and relishing the act with a viciousness that has also become far too common here. Too many of them seem to view Christ's sacrifice as nothing more than a 'get out of Hell free card'. As long as their prayers include a mandatory mea culpa each night, they can continue their selfish and abusive behavior with abandon.

I have abandoned Christianity because it has become a jealous hag where once it was a powerful warrior of the Word. The Shepard's flock is now mostly ravenous wolves in sheep's garb, pretenders whose aim is no longer to serve God and fellow man but to chastise, abuse and belittle. They personify the Pharisee's prayer...

No, not all Christians behave poorly. The church's foundation is still solid but the structure is in serious need of renovation. Meanwhile, I continue to look for substance in this universe but find very little.
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AN 11 YR Old Who shot illegals; thanks FOX NEWS for reporting it.
AN 11 YR OLD WHO SHOT ILLEGALS thanks FOX NEWS for reporting it.
A Shotgun-armed Preteen vs. Illegal Alien Home Invaders.

Two illegal aliens, Ralphel Resindez, 23, and Enrico Garza, 26,
probably believed they would easily overpower home-alone 11-year-old
Patricia Harrington after her father had left their two-story home.

It seems these crooks never learned two things:
They were in Montana, and Patricia had been a clay-shooting champion
since she was nine.
Patricia was in her upstairs room when the two men broke through the
front door of the house. She quickly ran to her father's room and
grabbed his 12-gauge Mossberg 500 shotgun.

Resindez was the first to get up to the second floor, only to be the
first to catch a near point blank blast of buckshot from the
11-year-old's knee-crouch aim. He suffered fatal wounds to his abdomen
and genitals.

When Garza ran to the foot of the stairs, he took a blast to the left
shoulder and staggered out into the street where he bled to death
before medical help could arrive.

It was found out later that Resindez was armed with a stolen
45-caliber handgun he took during another home invasion robbery.
That victim, 50-year-old David O'Burien, was not so lucky. He died
from stab wounds to the chest.

Ever wonder why good stuff never makes NBC, CBS, PBS, MSNBC, CNN, or ABC news?

An 11 year old girl, properly trained, defended her home, and herself
against two murderous, illegal immigrants and she wins.

She is still alive. Now THAT is Gun Control!

Thought for the day:
Calling an illegal alien an 'undocumented immigrant' is like calling a
drug dealer an 'unlicensed pharmacist.'
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Difference tween Obama's and President Trump's UN Speech
Difference tween Obama's and President Trump's UN Speech

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Who wins the insult war?
Trump got down in the mud with blowhard tin pot dictators threatening not regime change but the annihilation of an entire nation. Evidently Trump is a fan of David Bowie, plagiarizing one of his songs in an failed attempt to insult Kim Jong un, calling him Rocket Man. In an slightly less Juvenal retrot Kim Jung Un referred to Trump as mentally deranged and a dotard referencing a Shakespearean word for a weak senile old man. Donald dotard has a nice ring to it, even Trump should give credit when credit is due. No other President in history would engage in this petty nonsense over such a dire situation.

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End of Days?
Sean Martin; Published by, Thu, Sep 21, 2017

It is not known whether David Meade is losing confidence in his prediction the apocalypse will begin on Saturday, September 23, or whether he, like many others, believes the process will be long drawn out.

Canadian radio producer Robyn Flynn revealed the details from Mr Meade on her Twitter profile, telling followers: “Just tried to book an interview with a researcher who says the world ends Saturday. (He)Told me he's not available for interviews until next week.”

Her followers reacted saying the response was “priceless”.

David Meade has been the lead campaigner in the end of the world and Nibiru theory.

For years he has been proclaiming a rogue planet, also known as Planet X, is approaching Earth and will bring doomsday with it.

Mr Meade said he has been analyzing biblical texts and astronomical signs, and believes Planet X will arrive on September 23, and herald the end of days.

Some Christian fundamentalists found an astrological constellation on September 23 matches Revelation 12:1–2, which signals the start of the Rapture and second coming of Christ.

It says: “A great sign appeared in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun with the moon under her feet and a crown of 12 stars on her head.

“And being with child, she cried out in her travail and was in anguish of delivery.”

Planet X has been caught on camera, it has been claimed.

Leaked still of the Planet X system on its approach, caught by infrared camera.

The ‘sign in the sky’ supposedly refers to the eclipse which took place on August 21.

Mr Meade said: “The great sign of The Woman as described in revelation 12:1-2 forms and lasts for only a few hours. According to computer generated astronomical models, this sign has never before occurred in human history.

“It will occur once on September 23, 2017. It will never occur again. When it occurs, it places the Earth immediately before the time of the Sixth Seal of Revelation.

“During this time frame on September 23, 2017, the moon appears under the feet of the Constellation Virgo. The Sun appears to precisely clothe Virgo.”

But, some say that the end will actually be a long and drawn out process.

Some conspiracy theorists state that Nibiru will first be visible on September 23 as it approaches, but it will not actually be until some time in October that Earth will be obliterated.
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The Obamacare Repeal Bill
Put aside for a moment the basic concept of whether or not Obamacare is good public health insurance policy.

I am curious how OPP'ers view the current disagreement between President Trump and Senator Rand Paul on the "so called" effort to repeal Obamacare know as the Graham-Cassidy Bill.

President Trump:
["Rand Paul is a friend of mine but he is such a negative force when it comes to fixing healthcare. Graham-Cassidy Bill is GREAT! Ends Ocare!"

"Rand Paul, or whoever votes against Hcare Bill, will forever (future political campaigns) be known as 'the Republican who saved ObamaCare.'"
Rand Paul is a friend of mine but he is such a negative force when it comes to fixing healthcare. Graham-Cassidy Bill is GREAT! Ends Ocare!
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 20, 2017]

Senator Rand Paul:
[No one is more opposed to Obamacare than I am, and I've voted multiple times for repeal. The current bill isn't repeal.
— Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) September 22, 2017
Calling a bill that KEEPS most of Obamacare "repeal" doesn't make it true. That's what the swamp does. I won't be bribed or bullied.
— Senator Rand Paul (@RandPaul) September 22, 2017]

Whose position on this issue is more credible on this issue, when the Republican position for the past 8 years has been - Repeal- Repeal, and the party has had numerous votes (when they knew they did not count) for repeal.

Do you feel that making a "cosmetic" change to Obamacare, and then simply calling it repeal is valid, or an insult to the intelligence of the American Public?
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A serious question for those who support abortion.
I assume some of you have children who you love very much. Probably grandchildren too. Here's a question for you. Actually, not really a question but a suggestion. Think about how different your life would be if your children had been aborted. Just think about it.
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We Are Not. nation of Illegal Immigrants
Watching Tucker Carlson. Stupid little black lawyer, Democrat, defends the dreamers by saying we are a nation of illegal immigrants. Ellison of Minnesota, now head of DNC, says we are like Nazi Germany and the Dreamers are like the Jews in Germany. The Jews were citizens of Germany, contributors to the economy, wealthy and Hitler needed their wealth
for the weirmacht. No resemblance to illegal Dreamers whom we have educated, fixed their teeth and cured their diseases on our tax payers tickets. We've done enough for them, and now it's time for them to go back and help their own countries. Don't tell he they're paying taxes, they can't even begin to pay back the tax money they've used. And don't give me they've served in the military. That would be .01% served in military NOT for love of country but to get their big foot in our door. If I'm wrong, please point that out. If I were a Jew in America today, I would be so angry at the comparisonhat I would not sit still and keep my mouth shut. I just sent a donation to an Israeli Voice.
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Hillary's Book sold over 300,000 copies in the first week of it's release, a record.
It's nice to see the interest in her new book. Drudge had none of this news. If the book had only sold 100 copies it would have made Drudge headlines. I read Drudge to see what garbage the conservative Republican right is being fed that day.
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I don’t know if this is true but I applaud the response!
Ya gotta love this one!!!

During a recent press confrence, a reporter with MSNBC hollered from the press corps, "Where is President Trump hiding his tax returns?"

Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, astutely responded, "We've found a very secure place and I'm certain they won't be found."

"And just where is that?", said the reporter, sarcastically.

Mrs. Sanders grinned sardonically and said, "They are underneath Obama's college records, his passport application, his immigration status as a student, his funding sources to pay for college, his college records, and his Selective Service registration.

"Next question?"
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