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The Sheep and the Goats
Y'all who agree with the President's remark to the effect that we ought not to let people from "shithole countries" into the good ol' USA are perfectly entitled to your opinion, as long as you acknowledge that it represents a distinctly unchristian point of view. Jesus pretty clearly condemned to eternal damnation (see Matt 25: 31-46) the nations of the world that showed no compassion for the poor, the hungry, the sick, the victims of injustice--in other words, nearly every single inhabitant of the countries so crudely denigrated by Mr. Trump.

Don't know about you, but I'd prefer the Kingdom of Heaven to eternal damnation. With that in mind, I'll continue urging my Senators, Congressman, President, and anyone else who'll listen to respect citizens of impoverished nations and do whatever we can to lift them up.

Mercy, love, and peace to all and God bless us, every one.
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On "Shithole" Dispute: It Has Come to This
The WashPost's Josh Dawsey tweeted last night: "White House official told me tonight there is debate internally on whether Trump said 'shithole' or 'shithouse.' [Republicans Sens. David Perdue of Georgia and Tom Cotton of Arkansas] seem to have heard latter, this person said, and are using to deny.

Are you f'ing kidding me????
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How Can Anyone Defend the "Shit Hole" Comments?
Try it.
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This is a video of the largest a**hole on earth!
If anyone attempts to defend this move, they are a larger a**hole than Trump! This was the Prime Minister of Montenegro that Trump shoved out of his way!

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Our Town and how Trump will destroy it
I live in Southern New Mexico in a small town. Our downtown is two blocks long. Every third Friday we have an Art Walk in that area. Over the few years we have had this event, it has steadily evolved. For a while, it was sparsely attended and of a somewhat limited venue. It was originally designed for local artisans to show their wares. But in the past six months it has become much more. And with a far greater attendance. Yet a word here on the population.

This region is ethnically and racially diverse with a long history of cooperative community. All groups seem to openly blend and work together. Of course there are problems but the various cultures here have shown harmony over many decades. On these Friday nights, we now have cultural singers and dancers perform, letting all there participate. A fun addition is the growing participation of cosplay people, even the kids get dressed up. The customs lend this extra element of festiveness. Watching the carefree and happy mingling of parents and children of these various backgrounds and traditions is extremely heartwarming. It is a joy to be there. Then there is the dark cloud of Trump with his racism and xenophobia, his White separatism, steadily moving in this direction to asphyxiate the smiles and laughter and togetherness. Making rifts. Turning people against each other. Ending the joy.

I may be wrong but that is what I see and it seems very real. To be there with these people would make you just as protective and concerned. You would do anything to keep any harm from happening. And that is the bottom line on why I post as much true raw sewerage on Trump on this site. The thought of seeing even those smiles dimmed a bit or their ease stymied a moment is heart-wrenching. I see Trump as a Grinch who loves causing disruption and trouble just because he can. His mindless crusade to make America splinter into warring factions for the sake of some Nationalistic nightmare to end cultural diversity for a dream of dystopian America First White hegemony is hateful.
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Trump is no longer a topic; his supporters are
But they don't listen or care to hear about facts. America means nothing to them, though they claim to be this country's patriots. It is not even ideology. It is just fear and hate and their idea of position. These things are impenetrable. They will not change their minds. Our country is to them their deserved privilege. Any threat to that, real or imagined, is a conspiracy of global forces. The all-present and all-powerful Soros. The "deep state." The "fake news" of the Liberal media. The Illuminati. You guys are ridiculous! Remember your endless and endlessly failed conspiracy theories about Obama? FEMA camps. Black helicopters swooping down in the middle of the night to haul away all gun lovers. Obama taking away all guns. Obama not allowing 2016 election. There are many more asinine and puerile Right Wing conspiracy theories, the most ever of any president. Reason and facts and supporting sites are all useless in the face of your entrenched blindness to reality. Your stubborn fear and smallness will kill this country.
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The Hippocratic stupidity of democrats and there sheep.
If Barack Obama’s State Department can quite rightly point out the rampant criminality in Haiti, so can Donald Trump. And if Obama can call a country, a s*** show, I think s***hole isn’t exactly too far off when we’re dealing with El Salvador and Haiti.

But democratic progressives can only see there way. "Do as I say, not as I do."

Maxine Waters must be so prowed. Where was her outrage when their king the Obamanation said as much?

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President is fit for duty MENTALLY and Physically
NO 25TH AMEND NECESSARY !!! Trump's cognitive exam is normal!!1 Thats what President's Dr Jackson said..In his Dr's words he has" better stamina and more energy that he has seen in a long time"..President is very energetic Trump is" mentally sharp and articulate" So all you haters GET OFF HIS BACK!!!
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What Immigrants would You allow into the USA
OK, my first picks for immigrants would be a few of the best Female Argentine Tango Dance Instructors,

I was also thinking we should bring home the Pietta/Uberti historic antique Colt replica manufacturers from Italy
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