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Congratulations To All the Liberals
You now have a representative in the Senate to continue your agenda. The allegations against Mr. Moore worked and I hope he, Mr. Moore, does not demand a recount. Less than a 2 percent puts the election very close.... We do not want a "Déjà Vu" of Stein (via Clinton) although a recount did put Al Franken's in the Senate....

Again, congratulations.
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Women not welcome in the weeds...... You heard it here!
WASHINGTON — The men in the U.S. military's most dangerous jobs care little about political correctness or gender equality. And they have a message for their political leadership.

When they are fighting in the shadows or bleeding on the battlefield, women have no place on their teams.

In blunt and, at times, profanity-laced answers to a voluntary survey conducted by the Rand Corp., more than 7,600 of America's special operations forces spoke with nearly one voice. Allowing women to serve in Navy SEAL, Army Delta or other commando units could hurt their effectiveness and lower the standards, and it may drive men away from the dangerous posts.

An overwhelming majority of those who agreed to respond to the RAND survey said they believe women don't have the physical strength or mental toughness to do the grueling jobs.
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Where's the outrage from the left?
Look, we know you on the left hate Trump. I get that. I voted for him and don't like him. However; the left has gone ballistic believing (hoping) that the Trump campaign worked with or allowed the Russians to influence the election. Doesn't matter that the entire process to link Trump to Russia in some kind of collusion thing stemmed from a completely bogus report paid for by the DNC and Hillary to Fusion GPS. Now we know that investigators on Mueller's team have a conflict of interest and seem to have tried to influence the election much more than any Russian scenario. Anti-Trump text messages between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page that led to Strzok’s removal from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe have been obtained. I'm not going to list their text messages here. Strzok the upstanding FBI investigator, you know the one texting his colleague and mistress is the investigator who interviewed Hillary, Abedin, and Mills. All gave either misleading or out right lying statements to the FBI. However; Strzok didn't put them under oath. Why? He put Flynn under oath. He's also the investigator who changed the wording of the FBI finding involving Hillary and her e-mails. The FBI won't answer the questions about who payed for this Russian dossier. Won't answer if this fake report was used to convince the Obama Justice Department to seek permission to put the Trump campaign under surveillance. People, this is banana republic politics. Are you on the left really O.K. with this?
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Stay out of no-go zones
AUSTRALIA: “They left him half-nude on the street,” says father of teen who was brutally attacked by African Muslim thugs on beachfront
by BareNakedIslam
A 16-year-old boy has has been left traumatized after he was robbed of his phone, watch, and shirt by a large gang (more than 200) of brawling African Muslim invaders at a St Kilda beachfront, in the Muslim 'No Go Zone' of Melbourne.
Daily Mail (h/t Sara S) Police struggled to contain the fighting, overwhelmed by the huge numbers (more than 200) of teenage Mulism thugs.

Alex Carter, the father of one teenage victim, said not only were his son's belongings taken but claimed he was punched over and over again. 'They left them standing half nude in the street,' Mr Carter told 7News.
Mobile phone footage taken of the rolling brawls at the beach shows thugs fighting in front of beachgoers, in one video a girl is seen punching and elbowing another girl in the head.
Dozens of the African thugs then went to St Kilda McDonald's, throwing furniture at windows and fighting inside the store. Police won't detail how many people were attacked and robbed (and won't call the attackers Muslims) but there may be more victims that are yet to come forward.

Those of you who think if we just gave them food, housing and a job they will fit right in and behave are fools or useful idiots.
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Why we won't be coming together.
This was on my facebook feed. I think it hits the nail on the head...

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What the hell is Net Neutrality??/
Seriously, i dont understand what the big deal is all about it????
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More on Moore.
The local paper ran an editorial titled, "Decency Prevails, Thank You Alabama." Of course, the editorial featured the alleged misdeeds Roy Moore is accused of committing. Everyone has heard or read the nature of the allegations, so I won't repeat them here. I will, however, attempt to add a bit of reason to the story of Roy Moore by questioning the accusations and those making them.

The first thing most would find questionable is the timing of the allegations. Strange that after forty years they pop up at a most convenient time.

We've also heard, or read the details and the discrepancies contained in those allegations, as told by the accusers. The then fourteen-year-old gets her story, of where she met Roy Moore when leaving the house for their rendezvous, wrong. One could reason that after forty years, her memory of specific landmarks has faded. One could also ask what other memories have faded.

We've heard about the yearbook being embellished by forged additions. We also head the person responsible for the forgeries has some character issues. Forgery aside, her stepson claims she's lying.

Then there's the assault that took place in a parking lot, where the supposed parking lot didn't actually exist. My intent isn't to absolve Roy Moore, for only he and those, if any, who were on the receiving end of Roy Moore's advances know the truth.

However, the one area of accusation, I find the more questionable, is the mall story. It's alleged that he was kicked out of a mall for harassing teenage girls. Who would have had the authority to kick anyone out of a public place? If a situation had become serious to the point of needing to remove anyone from a public place, it would be reasonable to assume the police would be involved, therefore a police report. To my knowledge, a report has never been produced. Besides, Roy Moore was a public official (Asst. Dist. attorney) how dumb would he have to be to put himself in a position of being kicked out of a mall.

Most folks with a bit of reasoning, regardless of one's opinion of Roy Moore's political positions, would, when considering the shaky and false recollections of the allegations, plus the forty year timeline, give Roy Moore the benefit of doubt. Still, the election between Roy Moore and Doug Jones wasn't about the benefit of the doubt. It was about destroying Roy Moore.

However, I understand the willingness to buy into the destroy, Roy Moore, narrative. All things being the same, if the name Roy Moore was substituted to "Chuck Schumer," I'd find myself calling for Schumer's head. Schumer wouldn't get the benefit of the doubt from me!
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Felony charges for Abandoning Innocent Bacon
Vandal who left bacon inside mosque gets 15 years in prison

Three pounds of innocent bacon. Abandoned. Left to mold and rot, never to be fried, baked or turned into smoky, yummy goodness.

One man has been arrested and charged with a felony for leaving innocent helpless bacon at a mosque, where it will never be appreciated. Three pounds of potential club-sandwiches, or bacon-cheeseburgers will never grow up.

Prevent future abandonment abuses. Bring home the bacon. Give it a chance. Do it for the bacon.

While the killer of Kate Steinle walks free in californication...Hmmm

Seems fair to me, but what do I know?
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Al Frankens replacement
Mn Gov Mark Dayton has appointed progressive baby killer Tina Smith to fill Frankens shoes. She is a former VP of planned parenthood so that should tell you her stance. Way to go Minnesota.
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MAGA very important
We now have to fire anybody at the FBI that is not a registered republican. You cannot dislike Trump and work at the FBI.
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