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BREAKING: Muslims Furious After What Americans Just Did To Them In Montana
Montana is spearheading legislation to keep Sharia Law from being implemented within its borders, this time FOR GOOD. Senate Bill 97, which was proposed by Sen. Keith Regier, prohibits state courts from using foreign laws, just advanced in the House with a 56-44 vote. (via Billings Gazette).

It is truly astonishing how the Democrats have such little respect for our founding fathers, that they were able to muster up 44 votes to ensure the savage ideals of Sharia Law remaining an option for U.S judges to force on the American people.

The fact that even “moderate” Muslims view Sharia Law as being superior to our American common law system is not only disturbing, but also nightmarish. Liberals can’t even concede to the notion that foreign laws should not be used in the American court system, ever!

This is just plane scary. Why would anyone want to have Muslim law implemented in our country?
I have said it before, and I will keep saying it. We need to deport all Muslims from this country.
And the sooner the better. To coin a fraise, " bring me your tired your sick and hungry etc , " does not apply any longer.

What do you think? Should we allow Sharia Law over our own?


PS I'm beginning to think we should eliminate the democratic party because of the treason that has taken hold of it.
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Muslim Mayor of London Has This to Say About Trump Just Days Before the London Attack
London mayor was not very complimentary about Trump's 'ban on Muslims', and two days later his city is attacked. Maybe he'll be singing a different tune.
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While Neil Gorsuch is Dangerous And Can't Be Trusted
Watch from 18:10 thru 22:25

Add to this, his decision in the frozen trucker case, and I'm convinced that the man lacks a sense of compassion and a warped sense of morality.
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See What Happens When Parents Protest Islamic Indoctrination in School ------ (This is more proof that insane hypocritical liberals and their policies are destroying us and taking away our freedoms) In their love diversity they failed to realize that diversity by its very definition means Disunity and in their love of diversity while they welcome Islam, they shun, bar and even outlaw Christianity. (Not to mention conservativism)

And on a side point, what is it with this insanity of all the Western nations allowing those who leave their country to go fight in the Mideast with ISIS back in to the country. And in England there are four times as many Muslims leaving England to fight with ISIS that there is joining the English military. Why is that not cause to loose their citizenship ???
This Is What The Basturds Of The Left Are Trying To Do To Us ----- Now See The Video

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What's your opinion of MN's Clown emeritus; Al (diaper-boy) Franken?
I thought choosing Franken as DC rep for MN was a sick joke; like most of 'Diaper Al's life, a sick joke.. now it is just looking like a comedy/tragedy.
If you saw any of his attempt to derail Gorsuch's nomination you might have been stirred to pity for the double-digit IQ Democrat senator... almost.
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At this rate the democrat's will win back control of congress in 18 months.
Are their any Republicans that do not see that Paul Ryan and Mitch Mc Connell hate Trump? Would they do anything to screw him up? For over 7 years they pissed and moaned about Obamacare but did nothing to work out a fix for the day they won back congress, not until they did win it back did they take the democrats law, Obamacare bill and redact much of it and called THE NEW health bill. What a sad deal, is that the best they can come up with?

Seems the GOP is not capable of leadership, they can not agree on what the time of day it is. How can they lead the
America with such lack of logic.

Is Paul Ryan and Mitch Mc Connell RINOS? Looks that way to me, out to do harm to the conservative. At this rate the democrat's will win back control of congress in 18 months. All I can say is we are making history, very bad history.
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For Those Pissed at Obama Vacations
'Nuff said.

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Warning, Warning, Warning
I thought I needed to bring this to all Conservative type people. Not sure where to start so I will go back to just over 8 years ago. My hopes were running high for the American people new President and administration. That was short lived, however, I started noticing the ultra liberal agenda almost immediately.

Around the same time, I noticed my blood pressure was quite elevated and was having nightmares. As time went on it got worse, I was beginning to talk to
myself at first asking what were the liberals looking for. As time went on things got out of control I was now answering my own questions. My God, I think I am crazy.

I had never been sick a day in my life, Naturally, I was concerned. That is when I made an appointment with a Doctor. Naturally the doctor asked my problem. When I told him he said he could not help me. I would have to see a psychiatrist. Now I am really on the edge. My family doctor also thinks I am crazy.

So off I go to see the shrink. I explained the problem. At that point, he said there was an epidemic going around and I had all the classic symptoms.I asked what it was with reservations I might ad. He said I had Libititus, my god, what is that I yelled. He said there was no cure for it but could take away all that bothered me. He explained it was a long, and dangerous procedure. Ok tell me Doc. First, we go in and split your tongue, then remove the joints in your wrists. This was beginning to remind me of something and was becoming serious.

He said next they would remove my spine and cut the laterals in my knees. What the f++k! Then the final procedure we remove 3/4 of your brain By now I was in complete shock He said not to worry pain will all go away But there is one more thing you must do daily. What could that possibly be, He replied you need a large bucket of sand. What I yelled what for. You will need to bury your head in it for up to 18 yours a day. That is when it hit. Oh no! He isgoing to turn me into a Liberal.

Becareful you could get this too. It's an epidemic.

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WTF Is Wrong With Americans?
Think about it . . .

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For the idiots that think Trump hasn't accomplished anything in his first 2 months.

"Trump’s get-tough policies credited for sharp plunge in illegal immigration"..... "Trump Admin touts 40% reduction in illegal immigration crossings." (And that is before the wall is even built...)

"Amazing! Trump Cuts US Debt by $12 Billion In His First Month"
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