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John McCain needs to shut up
I'm sick and tired of the Rino John McCain constantly flapping his gums about the President. Go back to when you were president John. Oh wait, you lost. This latest crap about a dictator is ridiculous. He is the poster child for term limits, along with Nancy Pelosi.
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Wanna bet the Liberals STILL won't shut up?
Breaking news: FBI says no connection between Trump and the Russians.
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Remember the TV show "Get Smart"?
In that show, the good guys were "control" and the bad guys were "chaos". Well, in the first 100 days of the Trump administration, we have plenty of chaos, but no control. We had Mattis saying one thing one week. then saying something else a week later. Then, after Trumps and Mattis comments about NATO, we have Pence rushing to reassure NATO that we WILL be faithful to our commitments. So, will we or won't we? Trumps says "maybe not", DoD says "maybe not", but the VP says "we will" and tries to convince NATO members that Trump didn't mean what he said. I thought Trump said what he meant and meant what he said? Maybe not, at least, that's the stance the VP and the GOP intend to take.

Pence is doing the Presidents job, while Trump plays with crowds, then plays golf on another luxury weekend getaway from the pressures of the um, whatever he calls the Whitehouse in DC. This is the 3rd such getaway in the 1st month. With few exceptions, the GOP is just fine with this lunacy. Trump spends more time trying to prove he did some stuff, than he did doing some stuff - now, he's campaigning again. We have wall street running the economy - after Trump raked Clinton over the coals for her close ties to - wall street. We have political hacks running other departments. An Attorney to run the EPA? What does he know about science? What does he care? These are NOT political entities, nor SHOULD they be. Let the science do the talking - and the politicians listen for a change. That's how you get control of the chaos.

Trump makes his staff sign loyalty oaths? WTF!! What kind of crap is this? That's the bullshit dictators do. Chaos is Trumps MO, between his staff ( the few he has ), the media, the Congress, the American people and the rest of the world. When are we going to get tired of Trump throwing grenades everywhere, having fun - and expecting everyone else to pick up the pieces and keep the whole world from blowing up? Now, we even have Ran Paul becoming a Trumpite, defending his lunacy as though it is some policy miracle. I guess everything he has said before was a lie - or - he's lying now. Who the hell knows? More chaos in the GOP.

The GOP gleefully let's Trump play President while they pursue their agenda, the chaos works for them, distracting from what they're doing. The good news is; sooner or later, what they do will be known, which is already happening. Why would GOP Congress members be hiding from their constituents? Why avoid town halls? The chaos within the GOP will not solve itself, and Trump sure won't help them. All the dems need to do, is sit back and watch the GOP shake itself to pieces. That would be bad for the country, not because I think the GOP is God's gift to America ( it isn't ), but because it will not force the democrats to get THIER heads out of their asses.

We may as well get used to chaos - because there's no sign of any control in our future.
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Pope Francis says that “Muslim Terrorism does not Exist”
If I were a Catholic, which I am certainly not nor ever will be, I would leave the church over this idiot! By the way Catholics, you don't need a Pope.....PERIOD!!

Um… I’m not sure what world Pope Francis is living in, but he’s certainly not in touch with the current realities facing our planet today.

During a speech he delivered on Friday to a world meeting of populist movements, the Pope said that “Christian terrorism does not exist, Jewish terrorism does not exist, and Muslim terrorism does not exist. They do not exist.”

The Pope then argued that terrorism is the result of income inequality more than religious fervor. Something that must surprise the uber-wealthy leaders of the Islamic terrorist movements.

“No people is criminal or drug-trafficking or violent. The poor and the poorer peoples are accused of violence yet, without equal opportunities, the different forms of aggression and conflict will find a fertile terrain for growth and will eventually explode.”

Finally the pope said that there is extremism in every religion and we shouldn’t blame Islam for Muslim terrorism (Sadly the pope forgets that while Islam and Christianity share a similar number of adherents, Islam contains millions of supporters of violent extremism, while in Christianity the numbers are negligible).

“There are fundamentalist and violent individuals in all peoples and religions—and with intolerant generalizations they become stronger because they feed on hate and xenophobia.”

Some have argued that the Pope was simply arguing that not all people who hold to these faiths, and Islam in particular, are terrorists. The problem with that train of thought is that NO ONE thinks that all adherents to any faith are terrorists. No, indeed what it sounds like the Pope was trying to express was that terrorists who claim to be Muslim are not actually practicing Islam. This is a favored refrain of liberals all over the world — that somehow the hundreds of thousands of Muslim terrorists are not actually practicing Islam properly.

Here’s the problem with this theory. While liberals (liberal Muslims included) may buy the hype that Islam is a “religion of peace,” that is simply not what the Koran itself teaches. Even more importantly, that is not what the life of Mohammed taught. This is vital because orthodox Islam teaches that Mohammed lived an ideal life from which Muslims today can build their lives off of. This is part of the reason that spousal abuse is allowed in Islam, child marriages are allowed, men are allowed to marry multiple wives, and violence against non-believers is also allowed.
Mohammed did all of these things, and because Islam teaches that he lived an “ideal” life, then his example is to be followed by all Muslims.

Which is why terrorism is endemic to those who follow the religion of Islam.

It is why Pope Francis is wrong and Muslim terrorism does most certainly exist.

During his lifetime, Mohammed built a kingdom that would become an empire and conquer half of the known world within just a few hundred years. He did this partially through proselytizing; he attempted to convert the surrounding tribes and nations to his religion. However, if they did not convert, he attacked them with his armies. Mohammed conquered and murdered thousands upon thousands of people simply because they would not convert to his religion.

Because Islam teaches that Mohammed lived the ideal life, all Muslims are cleared to follow his example. Hence, Islamic terrorism.

There is no similar theological correlation in Christianity or Judaism. Nowhere in either faith’s orthodoxy is it taught that the followers of those faiths can berate, rape, steal, or kill in the name of that faith. The tenet does not exist. In fact, Judaism doesn’t proselytize at all, and Christianity teaches that believers should be prepared for persecution and should always be ready to forgive. Neither faith ever gives permission for their adherents to use violence preemptively. Which is why acts of terrorism committed by Christians or Jews fall completely outside of thousands of years of orthodox teaching in both faiths.

The same cannot be said for Islam. Throughout the history of Islam, force and violence have always been acceptable tools to be used in the spread of the religion. ALWAYS.
Pope Francis is wrong. Again. Muslim terrorism most certainly exists, and it is an existential threat to Western civilization.

By the way, in the same speech Pope Francis later argued that global warming was a very real threat to our planet. He made sure to use the words “scientific consensus,” as he told his listeners that we should not “disregard the voice of Nature.” No wonder liberals love this pope, all he ever talks about is politics…
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Exposed! Up to 2.1 million ILLEGAL votes were cast in election
FEBRUARY 17, 2017

A new study has added significant weight to President Donald Trump’s claims on mass voter fraud in the 2016 general election.

A new report has concluded there could have been up to 2.1 million non-citizens that illegally cast a ballot last year — a startling number that backs up Trump’s claim that he won the popular vote.

The analysis was done by James D. Agresti from the independent think-tank Just Facts, which concluded “Contrary to the claims of certain major media outlets and fact checkers, a comprehensive analysis of this issue shows that substantial numbers of non-citizens vote illegally in U.S. elections.”

The Horn News reported in January that a previous Dartmouth University study found more than 834,000 votes for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton were cast illegally.

Additionally, in December of last year a massive voter fraud scheme was uncovered during the Michigan recount that included dozens of instances of people voting twice.

Last Sunday, Presidential adviser Stephen Miller also warned about an illegal voter fraud scheme that is suspected to have taken place in New Hampshire.

And during the election, hidden camera footage caught Democratic party members plotting a massive voter fraud scheme, while multiple reports of dead voters illegally casting ballots and evidence of voting machine tampering surfaced all across the country.

It’s an issue the mainstream media doesn’t want Americans talking about.

But the more evidence that surfaces, the more clear an urgent investigation is needed.

It’s time Americans demand the Trump administration look into these claims once and for all.

— The Horn editorial team

DAMN!!! They voted in the wrong states!
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Trump cuts aid to the poor.
Many government programs like medicare and Medicaid are being revisited by the Donald for reduction in services. With a Republican majority in both houses of Congress, this is a real possibility, even a probability. At the same time, Trump has significantly reduced the tax burden for his pals, the super wealthy. Does anybody see a problem with this? I know I do.
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"Mine [Trumps] was the biggest electoral win since Ronald Reagan."
The above quote belonged to Donald J Trump and when it was pointed out that Bush, Obama twice, and Clinton twice all had bigger electoral wins then he--all he managed to do was to mumble and stumble about "that's what I was told." Gee Donald, don't you know how to fact check anything?

This wouldn't be so bad but this was during a news conference were he spent most of the time berating the media about being fake. To this day I don't think he noticed the irony of him accusing the media of being fake when it was he who was trying to spread the lies....

What a complete piece of all to real sh#t...

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Disabled Navy Vet Beaten While Trying to Save Tortured Turtle
Disabled Navy Vet Beaten While Trying to Save Tortured Turtle
Johnnie Beveritt and Ryan Ponder / Twitter

Johnnie Beveritt and Ryan Ponder / Twitter

BY: Jack Heretik
February 18, 2017 8:45 pm

A disabled U.S. Navy veteran was attacked and beaten as he tried to save a turtle that two men and a teenager were torturing.

Gary Blough was allegedly beaten in Daytona Beach, Florida on Tuesday by three young men, who are now behind bars, as he tried to save the turtle from them, according to Fox News.

The three suspects were throwing the turtle onto its shell as hard as possible until the Navy veteran intervened, according to Blough and Daytona Beach Police.

Blough said his wife and toddler were out getting the family's mail when they came back crying and said they saw the three suspects killing the turtle.

The veteran asked the suspects to leave the turtle alone and tried to help the animal back into water.

"While I had my head turned, two of them started hitting me in the back of the head and punching me," Blough told WOFL Fox 35. "Next thing I know we're in a scuffle and I'm fighting three of them at the same time defending myself."

The attack on Blough only stopped once others nearby began to see what was happening and the suspects fled.

The suspects in the attack are Ryan Ponder, 23, Johnnie Beveritt, 18, and a 16 year-old boy. The 16 year-old was taken to a juvenile facility while Ponder and Beveritt were held on $15,000 bond.

Blough has a severely swollen and purple eye and a bump on the back of his head from the three punching and kicking him.

Authorities told Fox 35 that they believe the turtle died in the water.

Blough's wife, Jennifer, was horrified at the incident.

"My husband, who is disabled, tried to save a poor animal's life and he gets beaten up," she said.
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“This Will ONLY End In Bloodshed: Biggest Spike In Civil Unrest In American History”
“This Will ONLY End In Bloodshed: Biggest Spike In Civil Unrest In American History”
Posted: 14 Feb 2017 08:34 AM PST
by Mac Slavo

"The rage among the left continues to build and it is being supported in earnest by mainstream personalities in Hollywood and the music industry. According to cyclical analyst Martin Armstrong, things are only going to get worse as protests spread and soon turn to large-scale riots.

Via Armstrong Economics: "All of this is building to violence. Then the police will respond and then the outcries will be see– Trump is running a police state. This will only tear the country apart. Many of these protesters are not old enough to even vote. Their teachers allow them to cut class to protest against Trump. When asked what they are protesting about, they do not even understand the issues.
High School Trump Protestors Interviewed On The Street

This is like a rumor mill. By the time it gets to the 5th person, it is nothing like what was said. You have black students in high school repeating Trump said all blacks are ignorant. Others saying Iraq is not a terrorist nation because they never heard of that. Still others said people should come in and not even be checked. This is the mindset that is sweeping the nation and it is really scary. This is part of the cycle of civil unrest and indeed it looks like the computer is going to be right once again. This will be the BIGGEST spike in civil unrest in American history, It is already the biggest with regard to trying to block and overthrow the Trump Administration and Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schummer are all encouraging this violence. Nancy Pelosi says she cannot work with Trump at all and she is the head of the Democrats."

This will ONLY end in bloodshed.

Armstrong’s economic confidence model has been highly accurate for over thirty years, having predicted, among other things, the Savings and Loan crash of the late 1980’s to the very day, the collapse of Japanese stocks, and the destruction of the Russian economy. Several years ago Armstrong’s political forecasts specifically noted that periods of civil unrest were coming.

We’re here. Get prepared for what’s coming because it’s about to get crazy."
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Is A Civil War Brewing in America?
Is A Civil War Brewing in America?

I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m having a difficult time understanding, or dealing with an acceptance of what has been happening in the American population at large.

First of all, President Trump has not come close to issuing Executive Orders that are unconstitutional, dangerous to the Republic and most of all, illegal. Every time Obama opened his mouth it was a lie, or he gave away huge amounts of our money from our National Treasury, or he was fanning racial strife and dissension all over the country or encouraging it. Not only that but he was aiding and abetting our mortal enemies and everybody on the left seems to think that was okay. Now, you have a man who has America’s interest at heart and he’s being defied every time he turns around.

His family is being attacked, he’s being attacked personally, his nominees for his cabinet are being maligned, and I don’t know about you but I’m wondering just where is this going? Are we on the verge of a Civil War?

You’ve got cities in the United States of America that are blatantly not upholding the laws of the land by sheltering criminals, and every time I turn around I’m hearing someone else say,” this is not my President.” If he isn’t our President who is?

I’ll make a prediction here; if these people continue to block a legally elected POTUS, and they continue to riot, destroy public and private property, and make every effort to bring our country down to its knees, something is going to happen. They seem to be okay with keeping and gleefully accepting and allowing our avowed enemies from coming into our country unchecked, I’m guessing when I say, they better remember something very important, America belongs to the people. Every politician, Judge, elected official, and those unelected bureaucrats that work for various government agencies, and a lot more people, are working for the American people.

Everything belongs to the American people. So, what these people are doing, as they go about disrupting, blocking, and destroying the very fabric of what America is, we the people are not going to stand for this much longer. Put it in perspective, there are somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 million people who are armed and when I say armed I’m saying armed to the teeth. Many are combat trained veterans. If these people truly want to see Americans going to war against other Americans, they’re going to get their wish and I don’t think they're going to like what they’re going to get.

It isn’t going to take too much more to light the fuse to an explosive powder keg that is going to blow up in the left's face, and when the streets run with their blood they’re going to beg us to stop killing them. However, once it starts it will not end quickly and it will not end graciously. It will end, and the left will be decimated when it’s over with. That is what is coming and what is truly sad, the left has no idea just how bad it can and will get. They don't seem to understand people on the right know who they are and where they live.

This is just my opinion, but I’m an old guy after all and I can reach back to the 40's and up through the present and remember what America used to be like. The America I’m seeing today is nothing like the country I was born in. It is changed alright and it is so radical, I can hardly believe what I’m seeing. It is akin to a terrible foretelling novel of the worst things that could possibly happen to a country and yet, it isn’t a fictional tale, it is reality and that reality is tearing the country apart. It needs to end, and America needs to get back on track to greatness and to freedom. America needs to be brought back to its owners, the American people. One problem here is there are millions that have come here not to be Americans but for the old Green Back, the $, they only want the money. The real American people need to step in and make the corrections that will stop the internal destruction of America and it needs to stop now or there will be no America and that will happen very sudden like. Ask anyone who has experienced combat and ask them if they are ready for the stage that is being set for what is coming to get a realistic answer to that question. We all need to stop right now and pray for Gods help. The left is howling at our doors.
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