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Civilization worst People
Let’s have a vote the worse people that civilization has to Offer.

1) The Vikings

2) Hitler and Nazi Germany

3) Evangelicals

4) Trump supporters

5) Moore voters
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This Outrages Me!!
Not one ...and I mean not one of our Veterans should ever be treated like this. These are our Patriots and our Warriors. These men and women gave up things that we couldn't even imagine. This makes my heart sick!!!
I'd like to give this lady in the video some "nuckles"!
Sorry...I couldn't get the vid to post.....

Incredible video has been released that shows Atlanta nurses laughing at a World War II veteran as he struggles to breathe and finally dies.

The video of one of the nurse’s deposition, along with changing her story after she was shown hidden camera video of what actually took place in the veteran’s room is shown courtesy of

The incident occurred at the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation in 2014.

In the video deposition, former nursing supervisor Wanda Nuckles tells Mike Prieto, the attorney for the family of 89-year-old James Dempsey, who was a decorated World War II veteran from Woodstock, Georgia, how she rushed in to Dempsey’s room when she was alerted that he had stopped breathing.

Prieto: “From the time you came in, you took over doing chest compressions…correct?”
Nuckles : “Yes.”

Prieto: “Until the time paramedics arrive, you were giving CPR continuously?”
Nuckles : “Yes.”

However, the undercover video shows no one doing CPR and that Nuckles did not immediately start performing CPR on Mr. Dempsey.

“Sir, that was an honest mistake,” said Nuckles in the deposition. “I was just basing everything on what I normally do.”

The nursing home that Dempsey was living in attempted to stop 11Alive from obtaining the video footage.

11Alive reports:


89-year-old James Dempsey was a decorated World War II veteran from Woodstock, Georgia. He deserved better far greater care than he got.

They asked a DeKalb County judge to keep the video sealed and then attempted to appeal to the Georgia State Supreme Court. The judge ruled in favor of 11Alive and the nursing home eventually dropped its appeal to the state’s highest court.

The video includes almost six hours of video court deposition from a nursing supervisor explaining how she responded to the patient before she knew the hidden camera video existed. The video shows a completely different response.

The video shows the veteran calling for help six times before he goes unconscious while gasping for air. State records show nursing home staff found Dempsey unresponsive at 5:28 am. It took almost an hour for the staff to call 911 at 6:25a.m.

When a different nurse does respond, she fails to check any of his vital signs. Nuckles says she would have reprimanded the nurse for the way she responded to Dempsey. She called the video “sick.”

When nurses had difficulty getting Dempsey’s oxygen machine operational during, you can hear Nuckles and others laughing.

Seriously, this is a despicable way to treat a veteran, or any other human being for that matter.

Perhaps, in all of our modern technology, industrial society, and the growth of government and the strain on the family to make ends meet, we’ve lost sight of what is most important, taking care of one another.

My own grandfather and one of my grandmothers had to be put into a nursing home after they required 24-hour supervision.  While my grandmother was looked after, my grandfather was often neglected, sustaining many injuries while in their “care.”

Frankly, I think he would have been better off at home with his children looking after him than at that place.

James Dempsey deserved far better treatment than he was given at the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation.
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I Have A Serious Question?
My question is this. Why does it matter if a big corporation gets tax relief? The top percentage of thoose with money are the ones that have created most of the jobs in this counntry so whats wrong with them getting some slack cut? All this BS pertaining to "THE FAIR SHARE ISSUE" that has been pushed by mostly the Democrats i sredicuales. Who's right is it to determine what that fair share is supposed to be? Other than those of wealth that were born into it which is the smaller percentage, the owners of those companies that have done extremely well shoulld be able to keep as much of the profits as they see fit. So what is the big deal?
Semper Fi
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What happened to all the concern about the National debt?
About all I hear is tax cuts.
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Do You Believe What the Gadsden Police Say About Roy Moore?
"'It was a known fact: Roy Moore liked young girls,' said Faye Gary, a retired Gadsden police officer. 'It was treated like a joke. That's just the way it was.'"
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The war has started
Yesterday another red flag went up... a small plane and a copter crashed into each other, in England, in restricted air space over the home of the richest man in the world. Rothschild. Eight deaths, no survivors. No names released at this time.

For those who don't understand what is happening, I'll try and explain the best I can. The elite, NWO people are almost all pedophiles and just about all countries and their governments has been compromised by them.

No I don't have a tin foil hat.

The coup in Saudia Arabia, the Las Vegas shooting, the church and school shootings are all connected. The illegal immigrants, the influx of muslims into the USA and Europe is connected so is Hollywood.

Each Federal Circuit Court has on average two special counsel cases per month. Right now there are almost a thousand sealed indictments on file. Unheard of in our history even during the mob days. Tony Podesta and Huma Abadin have been arrested, it is believed that H. Clinton and J. McCain are wearing ankle bracelets covered up by orthopedic boots. Their accidents happened on different days and location but the boots are the same make, model and color... like military issued boots.

There is a small group of special people who have the very highest security clearances even above the NSA and CIA, who Trump has been working with even before he even announced. It is believed that Sessions and Muller are in on it with Trump but this can't be verified. They have enough info and data on this sick and very dangerous cabal to bring it all down. Not just in the USA but worldwide.

That was the hidden agenda on Trumps Asian trip. Sessions has been arresting child sex individuals since he got the AG job... about 3k so far. The only and best way to try all the people about to be arrested is a military tribunal court.

A web site called 4 chan, Q-Anon has the best data on this and is my primary source. I've been checking it each day for a month and like Wikileaks, it's been 100% on things I can verify via other sources.

It looks like Trump is planning to drain much of the swamp in the USA in one fell swoop. Many elected and appointed USA officials, male and female will be going down. If you ever wanted to run for office, now would be a good time to file the paperwork because their will be vacancies.

If any of you have additional knowledge you would like to add, please do so... if you found errors in my post, please point them out with your source(s).

This info is now on the net and the sites are growing. Thought my OPP family should be informed also. It could be a huge con but it looks, feels and rings true to me.
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Dennis Prager on Why the Bible says Homosexuality is a sin
Judaism's Sexual Revolution: Why Judaism (and then Christianity) Rejected Homosexuality
Dennis Prager

When Judaism demanded that all sexual activity be channeled into marriage, it changed the world. The Torah's prohibition of non-marital sex quite simply made the creation of Western civilization possible. Societies that did not place boundaries around sexuality were stymied in their development. The subsequent dominance of the Western world can largely be attributed to the sexual revolution initiated by Judaism and later carried forward by Christianity.

This revolution consisted of forcing the sexual genie into the marital bottle. It ensured that sex no longer dominated society, heightened male-female love and sexuality (and thereby almost alone created the possibility of love and eroticism within marriage), and began the arduous task of elevating the status of women.

It is probably impossible for us, who live thousands of years after Judaism began this process, to perceive the extent to which undisciplined sex can dominate man's life and the life of society. Throughout the ancient world, and up to the recent past in many parts of the world, sexuality infused virtually all of society.

Human sexuality, especially male sexuality, is polymorphous, or utterly wild (far more so than animal sexuality). Men have had sex with women and with men; with little girls and young boys; with a single partner and in large groups; with total strangers and immediate family members; and with a variety of domesticated animals. They have achieved orgasm with inanimate objects such as leather, shoes, and other pieces of clothing, through urinating and defecating on each other (interested readers can see a photograph of the former at select art museums exhibiting the works of the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe); by dressing in women's garments; by watching other human beings being tortured; by fondling children of either sex; by listening to a woman's disembodied voice (e.g., "phone sex"); and, of course, by looking at pictures of bodies or parts of bodies. There is little, animate or inanimate, that has not excited some men to orgasm. Of course, not all of these practices have been condoned by societies — parent-child incest and seducing another's man's wife have rarely been countenanced — but many have, and all illustrate what the unchanneled, or in Freudian terms, the "un-sublimated," sex drive can lead to.
De-sexualizing God and Religion

Among the consequences of the unchanneled sex drive is the sexualization of everything — including religion. Unless the sex drive is appropriately harnessed (not squelched — which leads to its own destructive consequences), higher religion could not have developed. Thus, the first thing Judaism did was to de-sexualize God: "In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" by his will, not through any sexual behavior. This was an utterly radical break with all other religions, and it alone changed human history. The gods of virtually all civilizations engaged in sexual relations. In the Near East, the Babylonian god Ishtar seduced a man, Gilgamesh, the Babylonian hero. In Egyptian religion, the god Osiris had sexual relations with his sister, the goddess Isis, and she conceived the god Horus. In Canaan, El, the chief god, had sex with Asherah. In Hindu belief, the god Krishna was sexually active, having had many wives and pursuing Radha; the god Samba, son of Krishna, seduced mortal women and men. In Greek beliefs, Zeus married Hera, chased women, abducted the beautiful young male, Ganymede, and masturbated at other times; Poseidon married Amphitrite, pursued Demeter, and raped Tantalus. In Rome, the gods sexually pursued both men and women.

Given the sexual activity of the gods, it is not surprising that the religions themselves were replete with all forms of sexual activity. In the ancient Near Fast and elsewhere, virgins were deflowered by priests prior to engaging in relations with their husbands, and sacred or ritual prostitution was almost universal. Psychiatrist and sexual historian Norman Sussman describes the situation thus: "Male and female prostitutes, serving temporarily or permanently and performing heterosexual, homosexual oral-genital, bestial, and other forms of sexual activities, dispense their favors in behalf of the temple." Throughout the ancient Near East, from very early times, anal intercourse formed a part of goddess worship. In ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Canaan, annual ceremonial intercourse took place between the king and a priestess. Women prostitutes had intercourse with male worshippers in the sanctuaries and temples of ancient Mesopotamia, Phoenicia, Cyprus, Corinth, Carthage, Sicily, Egypt, Libya, West Africa, and ancient and modern India. In ancient Israel itself, there were repeated attempts to re-introduce temple prostitution, resulting in repeated Jewish wars against cultic sex. The Bible records that the Judean king Asa "put away the qdeshim [temple male prostitutes] out of the land"; that his successor, Jehosaphat put away out of the land ...the remnant of the qdeshim that remained in the days of his father Asa"; and that later, King Josiah, in his religious reforms, "broke down the houses of the qdeshim." In India until this century, certain Hindu cults have required intercourse between monks and nuns, and wives would have intercourse with priests who represent the god. Until it was made illegal in 1948, when India gained independence, Hindu temples in many parts of India had both women and boy prostitutes. In the fourteenth century, the Chinese found homosexual Tibetan religious rites practiced at the court of a Mongol emperor. In Sri Lanka through this century, Buddhist worship of the goddess Pattini has involved priests dressed as women, and the consort of the goddess is symbolically castrated.
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It's time to give thanks to trump for he's done to make America great
part from being racist, sexist and a bully and a thug, here is how:

Withdrew from the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The trade deal would have established a trade partnership between the United States and countries on the Pacific Rim. HURTS ECONOMIC GROWTH, KILLS JOBS.

Revoked a rule that expanded the number of people who could earn overtime pay. HELPS BIG BUSINESS, HURTS WORKERS.

Reversal of a rule that would mandate that oil and gas companies report payments to foreign governments. The Securities and Exchange Commission will no longer receive this information. HELPS BIG OIL.

Ended limits on the ability of states to drug test those seeking unemployment benefits. OPIOD CRISIS BE DAMNED.

Revoked an executive order that mandated compliance by contractors with laws protecting women in the workplace. Prior to the 2014 order, a report found that companies with federal contracts worth millions of dollars had scores of violations of labor and civil rights laws. HELPS BIG BUSINESS, HURTS WORKERS.

Repeal of a rule allowing states to create retirement savings plans for private-sector workers. HURTS WORKERS.

Cancelled a rule mandating that financial advisers act in the best interests of their clients. HURTS SMALL INVESTORS.

Repeal of a bill that mandated that employers maintain records of workplace injuries. HURTS WORKERS, HELPS BIG BUSINESS.

Killed a rule mandating that government contractors disclose past violations of labor law. HURTS WORKERS, HELPS BIG BUSINESS.

The justice system

Rescinded an Obama effort to reduce mandatory sentences. Attorney General Jeff Sessions ordered that prosecutors seek the most stringent penalties possible in criminal cases. OUR JAILS ARE OVERCROWDED. ADDS TO GOVERNMENT DEFICIT.

Cancelled a phase-out of the use of private prisons. 

Reversed a ban on civil forfeiture. Law enforcement officials are now once again able to seize assets from suspects who haven’t been convicted of any crime. HURTS PRIVATE CITIZNES.

Reversed the government’s position on a voter ID law in Texas. Under the Obama administration, the Justice Department argued that the law had discriminatory intent. Under Sessions, Justice withdrew that complaint. On Wednesday, a federal court threw out the law. HELPS REPUBLICANS BY DENYING THE VOTE TO MINORITIES.

Reviewed Justice Department efforts to address problematic police departments. An effort to address concerns in the Baltimore Police Department was delayed. HURTS CITIZENS.

The environment

On Friday, Politico reported that some representatives of oil and gas companies are worried that Trump’s moving too quickly to reverse regulations on their industry. “[Y]ou don’t need to roll things back so far that it opens an opportunity for outsiders to criticize, or something bad happens,” one analyst said.


Blocked the Clean Power Plan. The plan implemented under Obama focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. HURTS OUR PLANET.

Ended a study on the health effects of mountaintop-removal mining. The process involves blasting away the tops of hills and mountains to get at coal seams under the surface. HURTS OUR WORKERS' SAFETY.

Rescinded a rule mandating that rising sea levels be considered when building public infrastructure in flood-prone areas. HURTS OUR PLANET.

Reversed an Obama ban on drilling for oil in the Arctic. HURTS OUR PLANET.

Reviewed the status of national monuments for possible reversal. In April, Trump signed an executive order ordering a review of monuments added in the past 20 years, opening up the possibility that some areas previously set aside would have that status revoked.

Withdrew a rule regulating fracking on public land. 

Rejected a proposed ban on the pesticide chlorpyrifos. The month after this decision, a group of farmworkers were sickened by exposure to the chemical. HELPS BIG BUSINESS, HURTS FARMERS.

Reversed a ban on plastic bottles at national parks. HURTS OUR PLANET.

Repealed a ban on lead bullets. The bullets were banned under Obama because the lead can poison wildlife. HURTS OUR PLANET.

Rescinded a limit on the number of sea animals that can be trapped or killed in fishing nets. CRUELTY TO ANIMALS.

Delayed and potentially rolled back automotive fuel efficiency standards. HELPS BIG AUTO, HURTS OUR PLANET.

Repealed the Waters of the United States rule. This rule expanded the definition of water bodies that were protected by the Environmental Protection Agency. HURTS OUR PLANET.
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The 28rh amendment
Congress shall make no law that applies to the Citizens of the United Stated of America that does not apply equally to the Senate and/or Representives. Congress shall make no law that applies to the Senate and/or Representives that does not aooly equally to the citizens of The United States of America.
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Hey CNN & MSNBC: Did you hear about the mid-air crash at the Rothschilds House?
Helicopter & airplane crash over the Rothschild's England estate and "Silence" ~ All onboard both were killed but no names were allowed to announced. "Nothing to See Here"....???
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