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Ideology of the Southern republicans
Well I was doing some reseach and came across some interesting figures. I was attempting to really understand how the poor and middle class in the just constantly vote against there own interest. I know the evangelicals pass themselves off as a religion. But they have no love for the poor, they could care less if these people lost healthcare, they care less about civil rights versus religious rites.

But let's get back to the ideology of the Southern racist and how they vote along the republican agenda of tax breaks for the wealthy, tax subsidies to the most profitable corporations, tax loopholes for major corporations. These Southern poor and middle class vote against there own self interest. But I did come across some statistic they indicate that they are ignorant to the facts they always will and it probably will not change.

It all started with me when I looked at Southern stats from the civil war where 258,000 Southern boys lost there life and stats do not show the number of wounded. All of this to protect 11,000 southerners that owned 50 or more slaves. Actually only 2,350 owners had as many as 100 slaves. This all makes up .75% of the White Southern population.
So you march off to war to fight for .75% of the White population in the south that gave you no jobs utilizing slave labor. Now that's how to sacrifice yourself for the corporate elite that did nothing for you. It's the same today you vote against you're own self interest to create a white society and protect the corporate elite that does nothing for you.

So it's not you're fault it's been bread into you since 1860. So you don't need an ideological change you need a cultural change.
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BREAKING: Powerful Democrat BUSTED For Child Rape. What Should Happen To Him?
BREAKING: Powerful Democrat BUSTED For Child Rape. What Should Happen To Him?:

The Democrat Party is the party of filth, grime, and degeneracy. While Dems make themselves out to be paragons of virtue, their private lives are filled with the most contemptible of scandals.

A powerful Democrat has been exposed. Records–that were presumably destroyed–emerged and detail how Seattle Mayor Ed Murray sexually abused his foster son in the 1980s (via The Seattle Times). The corrupt system let him off scot-free! Shouldn’t he be removed from office?

Murray is a longtime Washington State Democrat who has made a name for himself as a “defender of gay rights.” He’s gay and married another man in 2013–the same year he was elected mayor.

Like most Democrats, Murray is a career politician who hasn’t done anything but work in government during his adult life. Between ill-spent time ruining communities with Progressive politics, Murray has been harming innocent kids.

The Seattle Mayor thought his evil past was hidden away for good. Records from Oregon Child Protective Services (CPS) that were previously thought destroyed have resurfaced and cast light on the full extent of Murray’s crime.

In the 1980s, Murray was acting as a foster father in the State of Oregon. The fact that a single gay man was given custody of a foster son shows how messed up liberal Oregon is. It was a tragedy that young Jeff Simpson was placed in the home of a child predator.

Simpson was abandoned as an infant and lived a troubled childhood. He was abused by a previous foster father before being sent to live with Murray. This sick Democrat only made life worse for the young man he was supposed to be helping.

Simpson states that Murray forced him to participate in sexual activities, threatening to send him to live in an institution if he told anyone. Sometimes Murray would give Simpson money and drugs in exchange for sex.

Oregon’s CPS eventually found out. The caseworkers involved determined that Jeff Simpson had indeed been abused and that Murray should never be a foster father again. However, because the prosecutor figured they could not determine the existence of “reasonable cause” in a court of law, they dropped the criminal case.

It’s a sick system in which child abusers are allowed to walk free on technicalities. Nevertheless, the Deputy District Attorney stressed that the dropping of the criminal charge doesn’t mean that Murray did not sexually abuse Simpson. CPS officials were conclusive in their assessment that Ed Murray was guilty of the crime.

The sad thing is that Murray went on to hurt other kids. He allegedly abused another boy, Delvonn Heckard, in 1986. Heckard brought charges against Murray earlier this year. Although he withdrew the charges, Heckard says he plans to reinstate them once Murray leaves office next year.

The scandal has prompted Murray to cancel his plans for a re-election bid. Losing office is quite a sting for a power-hungry Democrat. But it isn’t enough. This despicable excuse for a man deserves to have the full weight of the law thrown at him! Lock him up and throw away the key!

What punishment does child-abusing mayor Ed Murray deserve? Share this story on Facebook and let us know because we want to hear YOUR voice

please note that not all homosexual men are child molesters, but most research indicates that homosexual men are five times more likely to have been molested as children than have heterosexual men.
Also keep in mind that the Kinsey Institute and its claim that children qre born sexually reactive and that sex between men and boys is good for the boys, and that the Sex Educators in schools and as psychologists are trained at this same institution.
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This just in july 19th,2017
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Why maximize carbon pollution and impede and sabotage renewable energy sources?
Let's say your skeptical of Global Warming being caused by the use of carbon based fuels, but what if you are wrong and Global Warming is caused by greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere. The answer will be indisputable to all very soon, since the permafrost is melting at an accelerating rate, but still why do Republicans want go out of the way to both encourage and maximize carbon use and at the same time impede and sabotage the development of renewable energy sources? It makes no sense to me. I would think even the most skeptical deniers of Global Warming would want to play it safe and use as little carbon based fuel as reasonably possible and see what happens.
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Shut Down the Special Prosecuter
It is time for Trump to fire Mueller and pardon anyone who might have been under investigation. Trump shouldn't allow the deep state to take down of his administration on these bogus claims. ( Russians and Obstruction)
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This is me
I'm white, 59 year old male, been working since I was 16. I don't do Facebook, tatoos or earrings in my face. I'm on time for everything, go to work early, have pride and respect. I love my family. I've never taken a handout, everything I have I've earned. I do not like what's going on these days. Disrespect, hate, dishonesty, to name a few. I guess you can call me an asshole. Too many people getting a free ride, too many goddam fags, too many Muslims, what the hell?? When did it all change?? I grew up in the 70's, I'm lucky. Fuck Hillary, Obama, liberals, yes, I'm an asshole.
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Apparently OPP bloggers deny these Emails
First Trump Jr lied that this meeting ever existed

Then thru fake news with there research found the evidence that meeting occurred and it lasted 20 min and all the Russian Lawyer talked about was adoption. Trump Jr admitted it.

Then the Fake news uncovered that Manafort and Kushner attended Trump Jr admitted that they did attend.

Then Fake news uncovered that another Russian attended meeting and Trump Jr admitted to another Russian. But again he said it was only 20 minutes and they talked about abortions

Then Trump Jr went to that friendly news Fox and Hannity interviewed him and Hannity asked him was there anybody else and Trump said no that was it and they just talked about adoption.

Then these emails got exposed by the Washington Post and they called Jr. And told him they had copies and were going to release them. So Trump Jr released them himself.

Then the Fake news uncovered that there was 2 other Russians at the meeting so now 8 people 5 Russians Manafort Kushner and Jr. All for 20 minutes and all they did was discuss adoption of Russian children.

So lies lies lies lies more lies so here is the email string. So all these Russians came to Trump tower to meet with Manafort, Kushner, Jr and all they discussed was adoption.

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with what we know, if the election were held today?
Assuming that voter id laws were being upheld. Does anyone feel that Democrats would do any better
today, or like me, do you feel that the more noise they make, the farther into the obscurity of the
ridiculous they fall? Can think of no better way to describe what they have been doing. Future generations
will look back and they will be lumped together with the Chicken Song from the 1970s, anyone remember
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Recently there have been mentions of slavery in some of the strings on OPP.

There have been references to slavery in the history of the U.S.A. made by certain Colored groups, stating that they, being of Negro ancestry, and implying their ancestors were brought here as slaves, should be entitled to “reparations”.

We even have a person who plays the Negro Slavery game whenever he gets the chance. Seems to think it is “cool”.

Many of these are riding in a broken buggy, implying that being a slave was literal hell.
It is time we took a look at slavery, as it really was... And is.

Most people have the impression that slaves were ripped out of a happy home, where they could get plenty of healthy food by hunting and gathering, and lived in an ideal, safe environment. Taken in chains to the coast, placed in the crowded ship's hold, fed almost no food or water so that a number of them died on the trip to wherever.

There they were sold at auction, families being torn apart. Then under a mean master they lived like an animal. Getting little food, very poor housing, long exhausting work, and being whipped into action by slave drivers.

This story told by the “activists” of that day has been what people of today often believe.

The only thing wrong with this is that with rare exception all of the above is a Lie.

First, the slaves, captured by the slave hunters (most of whom were black themselves) lived as so many in Africa today. With periodic shortages of food, poor water, in mud huts. Extremely short and brutish lives.

When taken in captivity, it was usually by a tribe they were at war with, who realizing they could be sold, did not kill them out of hand. These were valuable commodities, so they were fed, given good water and protected from other tribes.

Once aboard ship, they became even more valuable commodities, and though the ships were crowded, they were fed, and taken care of as well as could be expected. The slaves had been bought and paid for. Any who died, well the cost came directly out of ship master's pocket. If you were a ship’s master would you treat valuable merchandise roughly, destroying some of your profit. No sane person would.

When they were sold, again they were treated as a useful, expensive commodity, because that is what they were. Would you allow a family to be torn apart? What kind of behavior would you expect from the father, the mother? Would tearing the family apart make the members more valuable?

The same would apply at their ultimate destination. The plantation owner had to feed them house them cloth them, in other words take care of them. In all cases they well outnumbered the so called masters. Do you really think that the bosses would work their people to exhaustion, feed them poorly, allow them to be whipped? Wouldn’t that be insane to do? No, you would treat them as well as you would treat any valuable item. And you would rest the worker sufficiently so he would not get sick and die, or get desperate and run off, wouldn’t you. Ever see those pictures of those fat old nannies? Think they got fat by being starved?

Did some of the slaves hate their situation? Maybe most of them did. Did any of them ever want to go back to Africa? Many of them liked being taken care of. Knowing they would have food tomorrow, housing tomorrow, clothing tomorrow.

When I was in the Marine corps, I earned less than $4 a day. But I was content because I had food most days, a place to sleep, and a yearly clothing allowance. And all I had to do was train all day from before sunrise to sunset, go on 20 mile conditioning hikes, carrying a full 70 LB. pack, and 47 lb bipod for an 81mm mortar, go into combat and let the gooks shoot at me and pull guard duty or mess duty every once in a while. Wasn’t that slavery?

You, worked most of your life, didn’t you? Probably hated some if not all of the jobs you had. Why did you work? So you would be able to eat, clothe yourself, house yourself, and when you finally decided to marry, didn’t you go to work 5 or more days a week, to support your family.

And didn’t various people come to you in one way or another and extort your money for licenses, taxes, various permits, speeding tickets,etc.

YOU TOO HAVE BEEN A SLAVE, “wage slave” is what you were called.

Think about it...
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New game to kill our President
Rosie Odonell is pushing for a new video game where you can push our President off the cliff or push him into an open manhole Is that unbelievable shit or what???
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