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NRA loves child sacrifice
What other conclusion can you come to? Not only do nothing but actively resist with big money any gun-control bills. "Screw our kids and grandkids; we got our guns." A small (literally) price to pay for the the freedom to kill (O'Reilly) at random. So far down the rabbit hole of logic no one but the insane gun enthusiasts understand. This is evil incarnate. The NRA works against Christ.
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For Trump, English appears to be a second language and he doesn't have a first
Follow Twitter and judge for yourself. He can't even spell his wife's--his wife's--name correctly, after how many years of marriage. Writing Melenie is not a finger-slip; the "e" is far from the "a". How many of you out there pro- and anti-Trump would misspell your wife's name. The man's attention span, as previously noted, hovers around zero seconds. That is very scary. Holy covfefe!
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Definition Of Wetback
From the perspective of a law abiding citizen of the United States, anyone illegally crossing our borders is indeed guilty of committing a criminal offense.

Our southern border in Texas is cut into the earth by the Rio Grande River.

This is the river where the expression " Wetback " was coined.

There are literally thousands of places along the river where one may easily walk or swim across.

When an alien of any nation crosses our Rio Grande border, then that alien is a " Wetback ".

Since the day this border was established, right on up until this very day, aliens have gotten their backs wet from crossing the river.

Therefore, the term " Wetback " applies to anyone illegally crossing our Texas border.

Any leftist Goober will swear that it's a racist remark.

It's not.

It's Texas slang for "illegal alien".

And we need more of these guys to point them the way back home.

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Giuliani says Mueller could finish Russia investigation by Sept. 1
I say he’s already finished with the phony investigation. Just trying to find a reason to impeach Trump. I say Robert Mueller will be finished by September 1. His reputation as a PURE politician has already been blown. Why is he not in prison for past crimes?
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How Can so Many Americans Hate America so Badly?
Several years ago I had a conversation with a friend that I had not seen for a while, about “current events” in America. During the conversation he looked at me with a very serious look on his face and said, “How did we get to this place in America”? At the time there were many different answers to that question. Now I have a different version of that question and it is, “How did so many Americans get to a point where they openly hate America so badly”? No matter how hard I try to understand the ”other side’s” views, I cannot. At times I have even tried to give some of these people the “benefit of doubt” and say to myself that they do not really hate America. They are just being shallow and self-serving, and they simply have not thought about the actual consequences of their actions. But, then I remind myself that regardless of WHY they say and do the things that they do, they are not rational or reasonable, and they are helping the “One World Order” movement destroy America.

Here are a few recent examples of “Anti-American” activity:

• The Democrats and the MSM have been absolutely disgusting in their attacks on President Trump’s 3:00 A.M. meeting with the three Americans who were released from North Korean prisons. The disgusting public ridicule continued for several days. President Trump arranged their release, did not give North Korea anything for their release and gave up his night’s sleep to greet them when they arrived back in America. Compare this to Obama’s Bowe Bergdahl TRADE! Obama traded five of the world’s worst terrorist for Bowe, a deserter and traitor, and held a Rose Garden press conference to brag about it without a single negative word from the MSM.
• The Democrats and MSM are now claiming that General Kelly says bad things about president Trump behind his back. Saying this about a man with General Kelly’s record of service to America and the sacrifices he has made in that service is beyond disgusting. They originally said this about Secretary Tillerson but now that he is out of Government service they are repeating the disgusting lie with a new target that is close to President Trump. It seems like the “Trump haters” have made up and told so many outright lies that they are now repeating some of them over and over again.
• The Democrats are leading twelve different “investigations” about alleged misconduct by Scott Pruitt, the current head of the EPA. This is just like the alleged Trump campaign Russia collusion. If you have a “public microphone” then making unfounded accusations is all you need to attempt to destroy anyone that you do not agree with, regardless of the consequences to America.
• When President Trump’s transition team began to interact with people in positions of authority in other countries, as they prepared to be part of President Trump’s Administration, they were viciously attacked for their actions by Democrats, the MSM and members of the departing Obama Administration. But now that John Kerry is blatantly, and illegally, talking with leaders of other countries against President Trump’s decision to pull out of the ridiculous Iran nuclear deal the Democrats and MSM are referring to it as “shadow diplomacy”.
• The Trump Administration worked quietly with Iraqi intelligence operatives to put together a sting operation that resulted in the capture of five senior ISIS officers. There was not a single mention about this by anyone on any MSM network.
• The National Department of Education had a 2018 fiscal year proposed budget of 193.1 BILLION dollars. Betsy Devos, the Secretary of Education proposed a tiny budget cut, two billion dollars. Congress overrode her proposal and increased the budget by nine BILLION dollars! Congress increased the budget for a bloated federal agency that should not even exist!

As I said earlier, anytime I try and give anyone in the “Washington Cesspool” the “benefit of doubt” regarding why they say or do what they do, I have to stop and remind myself that “why” does not really matter. All that really matters is that they are deliberately hurting America on a constant basis and this must stop. If we do not keep President Trump in the White House, and control of the U.S House of Representatives and Senate on November 6, 2018, the future of America is dim. Patriotic Americans must continue to stand up and be heard, and VOTE!
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This is what democrats stand for....

Illegal immigration ...check


anti police crimes...check



Good luck on winning midterms!!!!.....check...
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Question, do we have a right to see any evidence against us before we are even charged?
Rudy made the statement that 'this is going to help the president in his defense' in Trumps latest press of the DoJ for how they are investigating him. So my question is: do we have a right to see any evidence against us before any charges have been brought?
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The majority of Americans couldn't care less, it seems.
I'm just finding that more and more people could care less about anything related to corrupt government, loses of freedom, election tampering, you name it. But they are solid on their dislike of Trump and basically want to see him go down by legal or illegal means. While we read and watch for the facts of all that is going on, they are tuned into The Simpsons, Dances with the Stars, Grey's Anatomy, etc, etc.

I estimate that less than 2% can intelligently discuss the events of the nation. Yet, they can vote.
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Lets talk about guns.
Have you all,noticed,that 95% of mass shootings occur,NOT,by the gun owner,But,by their children? my solution is kinda simple,REQUIRE,that ALL guns,have a trigger lock,AND,have to be stored in a gun safe.AND,the kids have NO ACCESS to guns,or keys to trigger locks and safes,without parential permission,Have the police make spot checks,for compliance.If not complied with,take guns UNTIL trigger locks and a safe is bought, have parents,BE PARENTS,if your children are being bullied in school,take steps to find out WHY. IF,you cant resolve the bullying problem,either,change schools for them,or,home school them. look at what your children,are doing on the computer,get passwords from children,if the kids say "no way" remove the computer and I phone. Youre the parents,,,BE PARENTS.We HAVE to stop the easy access,of kids to OUR GUNS. Guns locked up,do not kill people,EASY access to our guns,is what gets people killed.
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Father of gun owner of Texass school killer.
Why not execute the moron father for murder?
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