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Congratulations To All the Liberals
You now have a representative in the Senate to continue your agenda. The allegations against Mr. Moore worked and I hope he, Mr. Moore, does not demand a recount. Less than a 2 percent puts the election very close.... We do not want a "Déjà Vu" of Stein (via Clinton) although a recount did put Al Franken's in the Senate....

Again, congratulations.
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The Outright Lies, Deciet and Deception of the Left, Liberals, Democrats......
Hmmmm, its starting to pile up now.

Since Trump took office, the Lying Deceitful Democrats have mounted an all out assault on the Pres, from every available angle.

Trump never asked for any donations from the people for his campaign. Trump financed his own campaign. If you WANTED to make a donation and help out, he was grateful.

Meanwhile, the Lying Deceitful Democrats took money from wherever they could get it. Harvey Weinstein..... ya, uh, remember that Elizabeth Warren thing.? Elizabeth Warren took money from ole' Harvey. So did Chuck Schumer... So did Al Franken... Now the truth is coming out, seems almost every Lying Deceitful Democrat took money from ole' Harvey at one time or another...

Seems there is a campaign max that can be contributed - like $5,000 from private individuals. But there is no max for "donations" to the 'after party'... Like Hillary's acceptance of both $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation and $14,000 in campaign contributions from good ole Harvey... Obama is right in there too... Obama took $5,000 in campaign contributions, another $14,000 in donations for the Democrap party, etc, etc, et al.... from ole Harvey. In fact, if you count all the contributions to all the candidates, the list, if written REAL small, is longer than your arm....

Elizabeth Warren has attacked Trump for his "past indiscretions" ,,, but yet ignores the 'dirt' in her own back yard.. She just came out and called a fellow Senator (who happens to be a Republican) a 'slut' on the Senate floor... My, my, how we have gone downhill recently... Remember Bill Clinton..? How all the Democrats tried to help ole' 'Slick Willie' bury his durt as soon as possible..?? How WIFEY Hitlery 'stood by her man'...?? - ( ya, the Democrats have a real good background at hiding their own MOUNTAIN of dirt in their backyard, all the while pointing fingers at Republicans who have done some of the same. ) -

Aaaaand, lets not forget, all you O'bammy lovers here on OPP, this is the Muslim loving piece of Sh^t that would have allowed a flood of the raghead tribe into America,, ya sanctuary cities and all... hmmm, ask California how that has worked out.. Ask Dallas how that has worked out... Ask New York how that has worked out. Ask Detroit how that has worked out. Ask Minneapolis how that has worked out.. Oh, ya forgot, those states are mostly run by LYING DECEITFUL Democrats, so you won't get the truth... Especially Jerry Brown...

The real issue here is how Trump is taking out the "Deep State" with a little help from the Marines (all behind the scenes for now) and BlackWater. Ya, Trump has Dangerous Friends in hidden places too. Wanna know how he has escaped all the death threats...?? He's one step ahead of EVERYBODY...!! Notice how now stupid comedienne who paraded Trumps bloody head around on stage has now denounced her US citizenship and moved to another country..?? I say, good for her.. We didn't need her here anyway.. Seems she forgot, along with "Freedom of Speech" comes the obligation to "Keep it Civil"... Sorry, mouthy bitch, hope some Muslim overseas parades HER bloody dismembered head around on stage somewhere...

And of course, last, but not least - there's the thing about ole Harvey.... I'm not talking about all the crooked career politicians taking money from him, I'm not talking about the fact that at least - well, probably all of them - had SEXUAL FAVORS of "Friends of Harvey" come (no pun intended) their way...

I'm talking about how now, they all seemingly have thrown ole' Harvey - UNDER THE BUS...!! And Slick Willie and Hitlery too...!! If Slick Willie and Hitlery aren't there already, it won't be long. Along with O'Bamster.. Along with Mueller. Ya, everybody who has attacked Trump seems to have a problem just down the line. Look for Warren to have a problem real soon. Along with the Gillibrand woman. (Remember, Kirsten took money from ole' Harvey) They seem to forget that Trump can play dirty too... Only problem, Trump has Dangerous Friends in hidden places too... And his friends are a LOT more dangerous than some sexual predator who makes large donations to crooked politicians...

If you listen to Rush, then you have already been updated on this. Sorry snowflakes, I know the truth hurts, but that is the way is has to be until you wake up and get this thing called "Common Sense".....
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Congratulations Alabama
Well the Pedaphile lost and that’s a good thing but still 49% of Alabama voted for a Pedaphile. But it shows that Alabama folks are starting to wake up.

But any bets on tomorrow, here’s the Republican response

(MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD IN ALABAMA) and the Clintons are behind the fraud
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Why we won't be coming together.
This was on my facebook feed. I think it hits the nail on the head...

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I am Sick
I am sick of politics and fights over money and fights over power. I am sick of Islam and grubbing Muslims and illegal Hispanic immigrants. I am sick over religion decrying perceived evil and charities begging money for their many times tiny causes. I am sick of the battle of technology to make us faster and better looking and more intelligent. I am sick of people who say "Listen to me. I'm the one who is right!" I am sick of new cars and trucks and mattresses and handy gadgets. I am sick of "cultural" paintings and sculptures and pottery and ceramics and cloth. I am sick of CG movies and special effects and Marvel heroes and another Batman movie. I am sick of television programming for the "average" watcher, and the insipid sitcoms and "Peyton Place" dramas. I am sick of computer games and video malls. I am sick of blogs where everyone wants to seem intelligent, well-read, and, above all, right about whatever they have chosen to write about. I am sick of writing about it!
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Nickolai gets Severely Destroyed after making Fraudulent Winning Point
Nickolai wrote:
Liberals are responsible for all the things that has vastly improved the lives of ordinary Americans. Child labor laws, anti trust laws, Social Security, the week end, in employment ins, the right for landless peasants , women, and African Americans to vote and serve on juries, the 30 year mortgage, ect,ect,ect

Improved our lives??? ----- Etc. etc. etc.; do you mean like slavery and then the Civil War Caused by the Democratic Party's attempt to Retain Slavery that Resulted in the slaughter of 660,000 Americans, and then when you lost the Civil War, you created and fill the ranks of the KKK to terrorize and lynch 'Uppity' Blacks'. And now you tell them that they are victims to make them angry, robbing them of their hope and incentive so that you can put them on the plantation of welfare to make them government dependent so they will vote Democrat. Democrats are all about control, trying to shut down ideas they don't like (ANTIFA & what happens on college campuses) and creating the ever increasing the size of government, not caring that "The Bigger the Government, the Smaller the Citizen"as long as they are the ones running it. (& bringing in tyranny, as the left always does when they gain full control).

Welfare is not the answer. Teaching morals, ethics, values, personal responsibility, personal reliability, personal accountability, honesty, discipline, and the importance of personal integrity, sexual morality and the family. Oh, excuse me, I forgot you don't like those discomforting Christian morals.

And recently the Democrats have run guns to the Mexican drug cartels (Fast & Furious), and had the IRS target Christians and conservatives, and the FBI excuse Hillary for deleting 30,000 emails after they had been subpoenaed, (Which would put any of us in jail, real quick) --- Not to mention that they chose this totally corrupt bitch for their presidential candidate, in spite of the criminal facts of her Clinton foundation, and the fact that she trades her influence and America's favor for her own personal gain. The globalist Democrat run FBI also chose Not to investigate the traitorous activity of the Clinton foundation and Hillary & Obama's selling of 20% of our uranium to Russia, (Or the $500,000,000 from Russia that went into the Clinton foundation at that time) or get to the bottom of why additional security was refused to our ambassador, why help was refused (actually ordered NOT to help) during the 13 hour firefight against our consulate and its inhabitants, --- nor investigate the motive for Obama ILLEGALLY releasing the 5 worst savage terrorist commander-organizers at Gitmo with the excuse of it being a trade to get back the deserter-defector-traitor Sgt Berghahl (who Obama deceitfully said "served with honor") that we should have wanted to get back for no other reason, other than to court-martial him. Not to mention all the repeated actions of Obama to stir up civil wars in the Middle East,turning them to chaos in the hopes the radicals would take over. greatly aiding in the creation of ISIS, supporting and financing terrorism, Including Releasing future ISIS leader, jihadist Islamic scholar, commander and organizer Al Bahgdaddi in 2011, knowing full well what he would do, then going against all advisors advice by abruptly pulling All Soldiers out of Iraq, but leaving All of our Military Hardware for ISIS to take control of when they were finally ready to move into Iraq.etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. -------- and that's just the beginning, not to mention what has been the result of liberal policies, that can plainly be seen by the crime rates and poverty levels of any long time Democrat only runs cities. -------------- but all this stuff means nothing to you as you have proven countless times before because you automatically dismiss and then forget anything that is pointed out to you that doesn't go along with your Marxist indoctrination programming.
I've got 7 different pictures like with the Muslims displaying such signs as this from different Mideast countries. These moderate Muslims understand full well what has been going on. Why don't you and your fellow Libs ???

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Moore's defeat.
Moore's defeat by the people of Alabama restores my faith that decency and democracy still rule this great nation. What does this mean politically?
I believe that Trump is losing the base of his support, if he can't get a Republican elected in one of the most Republican states in the union. If they believe that Moore was a pervert, how can they not believe the same of the Pussy grabber? This may mean that the Democrats are in a great position to take back both houses of the congress. If I were a Republican candidate , I would distance myself as far as I could from Trump.
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Quick survey - Alabama burning?
The people of Alabama have voted and Judge Moore lost.

So now the question is, should Republicans do what Democrats do when they lose? Should Republicans riot, burn and loot?
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Felony charges for Abandoning Innocent Bacon
Vandal who left bacon inside mosque gets 15 years in prison

Three pounds of innocent bacon. Abandoned. Left to mold and rot, never to be fried, baked or turned into smoky, yummy goodness.

One man has been arrested and charged with a felony for leaving innocent helpless bacon at a mosque, where it will never be appreciated. Three pounds of potential club-sandwiches, or bacon-cheeseburgers will never grow up.

Prevent future abandonment abuses. Bring home the bacon. Give it a chance. Do it for the bacon.

While the killer of Kate Steinle walks free in californication...Hmmm

Seems fair to me, but what do I know?
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The Bright Light In Alabama Tonight
It's uplifting to see decency drawing a line. Even though it was such a narrow margin, the fact that it happened in Alabama was huge. The message is very clear too. This isn't about partisan politics. It's about drawing a line between immoral partisan politics and just straight up decency. Well, done Alabama!
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