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fake news of bikers for trump
Sorry, I can not get my computer to move the pictures I wanted to show you, they are on line....

Trump bragged about incredible photos of bikers coming to his inauguration. The photos are fake.
Trump falls for fake news.

President-elect Donald Trump speaks during the presidential inaugural Chairman’s Global Dinner, Tuesday, Jan. 17, 2017, in Washington. CREDIT: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

President-elect Donald Trump said Tuesday that “record crowds [are] coming” to attend his upcoming inauguration, claiming to have seen recent aerial photos showing thousands of “Bikers for Trump” supporters on their way.
“Now I think they’ve announced we’re going to have record crowds coming,” Trump said at the Chairman’s Global Dinner in Washington, D.C. He did not explain where he got his information on the size of the expected crowd.
“I saw the Bikers for Trump — boy they had a scene today,” Trump said. “And they had a scene today where they had helicopters flying over a highway some place in this country. And they had thousands of those guys coming into town.”
“People are pouring into Washington in record numbers,” Trump also said in a tweet. “Bikers for Trump are on their way. It will be a great Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!”

There is no evidence that record numbers of Trump supporters will turn out for the inauguration. D.C.’s Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management is expecting anywhere between 800,000 to 900,000 people to attend the swearing-in ceremony and the parade. In comparison, an estimated 1.8 million people attended President Barack Obama’s first inauguration. And ticket scalpers are reportedly having a difficult time selling tickets to Trump’s ceremony.
Many Trump supporters will show up, but it probably will not be on the scale that Trump purports. “Bikers for Trump” founder Chris Cox requested a permit for 5,000 bikers to help form a “wall of meat” against Trump protesters. According to Buzzfeed News, the permit was “still being processed and had not yet been issued.” The publication pointed out that only one other pro-Trump biker group has thus far received a permit for 20 people. The Travis Thompson Biker, another pro-Trump group, has requested a permit for 5,000 people, which is still being processed.
Yet Trump supporters have been tweeting out photos and videos apparently showing large groups of bikers on their way to the inauguration. The following aerial photos — which have received numerous retweets — are fake:
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The Semi-Elect President, Donald John Trump
In a few days, barring unforeseen circumstances, DJT will become the 45th president of the United States and have the opportunity to prove that the minority opinion of Americans was right. I have very little faith that he can do the job but great hope that he can. These are very turbulent times, wars and rumors of war. No one can envy his position. What I find most troubling is his seeming inability to control himself at 3AM on twitter. This bizarre disposition to use tweets as policy and forum for the world's most powerful leader of the world should give anyone pause. Be that as it may, and perhaps just put it down as an innocent or even planned quirk, it is time to give him a chance. Out of respect for the office and the future of America.

On 1/20, Inauguration Day, we are not directly celebrating Trump's (marginal) victory but our Democratic Process. Although he lost the popular vote by the widest margin in our nation's history, he won by OUR process and is OUR president. He is due respect and honor along with our process. His election is undisputed. And that brings me to the reason for this thread. Despite the fact that I have been on OPP one of his worst and most consistent critics, it was more like fun for me. I definitely believed there was a just and true cause behind my words, no fake news or game playing, but this is just OPP and not a world stage. The Left's behavior about attending the Inauguration has me a little sick and, yes, ashamed. I know I did not have any influence over people attending or not, yet my attacks denote the same attitude as those who refuse to attend. Seriously, if I were invited or could afford it, I would cheer and applaud for Trump. There is the 1st Amendment and I am not saying those who refused to attend or will be protesting are exactly wrong, however, America is the melting pot and has always been the symbol of hope for the world. Disagree, sure, but do not dismember that hope for us or the planet with a start in divisiveness. For my part in that, I apologize.
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Popularity polls, you will not like
We all seem to have a hissy fit about polls that do not match what we believe..

With that in mind I would like to direct your attention to these short and handy bit of information...

As President Barack Obama leaves the White House, both he and his signature domestic policy achievement have higher marks than the man and plan that are about to replace them.

President Obama will have a 58 percent favorability rating as he exits office, according to a Gallup poll conducted two weeks ago and released Monday. By contrast, George W. Bush’s presidency ended with a 40 percent favorability rating, Bill Clinton left with a 57 percent favorability rating and George H. W. Bush left with a 62 percent favorability rating.

Just as notably, a poll released by NBC News/Wall Street Journal on Tuesday found that 45 percent of Americans believe the Affordable Care Act is a good law — the highest percentage ever received for the law in that survey. Only 41 percent said it was a bad idea, the first time that the pro camp outweighed the con camp on this issue. Exactly half of the respondents said that they have little to no confidence that Republican replacement proposals will make things better. Half of those surveyed also said the ACA is either working well (6 percent) or only needs minor modifications (44 percent), while 49 percent believe it needs either a major overhaul (33 percent) or should be repealed altogether (16 percent).
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Is this Obamas last blow to ISIS
US B-2 bombers struck and destroyed two ISIS camps in Libya overnight, with initial estimates that over 80 militants were killed, US officials told CNN Thursday.

The mission, which was confirmed in a later Pentagon statement and is expected to be the last, short-notice military operation ordered by President Barack Obama, was approved several days ago by the President, according to sources.
"They (the ISIS fighters) posed a security threat to Libya, the region, and US national interests," Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said in a statement. "While we are still evaluating the results of the strikes, the initial assessment indicates they were successful."
A US defense official said the militants were seen immediately beforehand carrying weapons, wearing tactical vests, holding mortars and standing in formation. The number killed was not released by the Pentagon, but the initial estimate put the figure at over 80. There were no women or children in the area, the official said.
US surveillance aircraft had been watching the sites for weeks as fighters fled from Sirte on the coastline into what they perceived to be the safety of remote desert areas. But the isolation of the area gave those surveillance aircraft clear imagery showing military-aged males in several areas, according to officials.
The two camps that were destroyed were located about 28 miles southwest of Sirte, the Pentagon said.
In addition to the B-2 bombers, unmanned aircraft also took part in the strikes, the defense official said.
The strike did not happen initially because the rudimentary camps had moved and surveillance had to be conducted again.
The B-2s heavy bombers flying from the US were planning to bomb four camps, according to initial reports. Some of the sites may have been empty, with fighters having moved again. US Navy warships equipped with Tomahawk cruise missiles were also on standby but initial reports indicate they were not needed.
The President's approval of the strike underscores in the closing hours of his administration the difficulty of targeting ISIS fighters in dozens of countries around the world. Obama has increasingly relied on armed drones, bombers and special forces on the ground to go after these types of targets in Syria and Iraq.
"We are committed to maintaining pressure on ISIL and preventing them from establishing safe haven," Cook said, using another acronym for ISIS. "These strikes will degrade ISIL's ability to stage attacks against Libyan forces and civilians working to stabilize Sirte, and demonstrate our resolve in countering the threat posed by ISIL to Libya, the United States and our allies."
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You Tell Me What Is Wrong In this 3 Pictures
Comments anyone?

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Trump the Least Popular President in Four Decades!
Not since Reagan will a president elect take office with this type dislike among Americans!

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Trumpenstein Attacks Civil Rights Icon John Lewis!
The Grand Dragon Elect "Trumpenstein" has dared to attack John Lewis A Civil Rights Icon much to the glee of unwashed bigots who never liked the ideal of Civil Rights! How dare this Nigra question the legitimacy of our Lord and Savior "The Donald" Will you bow to this monstrous Idol Christian Soldier created by the right?

The latest Trump attack was the height of thin-skinned, foolish arrogance. The absolute worst thing that Trump could have done in response to Lewis’s statements was to attack a national icon. Millions of Americans already think that the next president is a racist. Trump did nothing to dispel this notion by attacking Lewis over crime.

Donald Trump knows nothing about John Lewis or his district, and his attack on Lewis only served to make Trump look like a fool and heighten suspicions over why the president-elect is so sensitive about Russia.

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Muslim Group CAIR Says Franklin Graham Shouldn’t Speak at Inauguration
...already it starts!

Muslims just declared the son of Billy Graham is not fit to speak at the Inauguration.

How much attention is President Trump going to pay to arrogant Muslim demands?

Veronica Neffinger | Editor, | Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A prominent Muslim group has taken issue with the Rev. Franklin Graham’s part in President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration this Friday (Jan. 20).

According to CBN News, The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) alleges that Graham is not an appropriate choice to pray and speak at the inauguration due to comments the evangelist has made against Islam.

CAIR is calling on Trump to remove Graham from the list of six ministers who will have a part in the inauguration proceedings.

Graham has often condemned Islam and has called it a “very evil and wicked religion.”

"Every Muslim that comes into this country has the potential to be radicalised – and they do their killing to honor their religion and Muhammad," he has written. He has also, however, clarified that he doesn’t support mocking Muslims or resorting to violence. “We need to show respect to people of other races and beliefs. What happened to civility and respect?”

CAIR’s National Executive Director Nihad Awad believes, however, that "If President-elect Trump truly seeks to unite our nation as he promised in his acceptance speech, he will limit the list of those offering prayers at the inauguration to religious leaders who work to bring us together, not to create divisions between faiths.

Trump has previously thanked Graham for helping him get the votes of evangelical Christians.

"I want to thank so many great people, but having Franklin Graham, who was so instrumental, we won so big, with evangelical Christians, we won so big," he said.
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What the Left Bashing Trump really shows....
Just read a piece on Al Sharpton (remember him, G*D**N America..??) stating that John Lewis is right about Trump and EVERYBODY should get on their bandwagon.

REALLY...??? Seems that ALL of you on the Democrap Libturd Train forgot one thing.

TRUMP WON...!!! Sharpton can suck it up and shut up. Back Trump and stand for America, or get the hell out. Hollywierdd can suck it up and shut up. Back Trump and stand for America, or get the hell out. Trump has even offered to fly you to Canada or Europe (for free) if you no longer like America or what it stands for.

And Trump didn't just win the Electoral College vote, Trump won the popular vote by a wide margin. (If you democrap libtards want to argue, go check out the real fugures. Not the made up one's sponsored by some left-wing faggot bunch of butthurts.)

As one poster pointed out, HollyWierd only counts for one thing: ENTERTAINMENT. Gotta give them that much, they and their butthurt crybabying IS entertaining if nothing else. If I didn't have to shut them off, shut the TV off, and go to WORK... - I'd set there and laugh at them all day...

As one poster pointed out, Political Correctness is Mental Opression. Soooo, all you butthurt crybaby snowflakes, get over it, change your diapers (or have your nanny do it) and get on with life. Shut the TV off, quit listening to Hollywierd - you'll be much better off. Quit listening to Al Sharpton, you'll be much better off.

For all you asswipes who continually bash Trump for his Trump University thing, get over it, Trump U just awarded out $25 Million in refunds and payouts. Did you read that part..?? Did any of you know ITT Technical Institute went under..?? They have yet to reach a settlement for the distressed students. Did you know about that one, or has Hollywierd tainted your lives so that you can only see "TRUMP...???"

For all you asswipes who continually bash Trump for his business practices, get over it. Business is a rough and tumble world - ONE YOU LITTLE CUPCAKES COULDN'T SURVIVE IN....!!

OH YA, and lets not bring up the part about all you snowflake cupcakes being just fine with a lying, cheating, America hating Muslim P.O.S. in the White House for the last 8 years doing everything he can to degrade and ruin our country both at home and around the world.. Ya, you friggin commie twits were ok with that weren't you.??

Go ahead, bash me, post hateful sh*t, respond with threats, SHOW WHAT YOU ARE REALLY MADE OF....!!
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Reality bites: Trump's wake-up call
Mike Allen Jim VandeHei 2 hrs ago

Robin Groulx / Axios

NEW YORK — On Twitter and in public, Donald Trump remains an uncompromising mix of bluster and bombast. Behind the scenes, he's confronting, and in some cases succumbing (slightly) to, the hard truths of governing and leading a world that hangs on his every word.

When we went to interview him in his office in Trump Tower on Tuesday, 72 hours before he takes office, we expected the emphatic showman who was on display through the campaign, and as recently as last week's press conference.

Instead we found the incoming president unusually subdued: lowering expectations, acknowledging some of the messy realities of governing, and walking back some of the more provocative statements he had made only days before. A top adviser told us the sober tone reflects a bumpy few days inside Trump Tower — and the realization that he's days away from truly running the nation.


Trump said health care is his most urgent domestic topic, telling us he spoke with President Obama again on Monday about the topic. He back-tracked a bit from his promise of insurance for everybody, saying he wanted to find a mechanism — Medicaid block grants, perhaps — to help the poorest get insurance. "You know there are many people talking about many forms of health care where people with no money aren't covered. We can't have that," he said.
On Friday, he told The Wall Street Journal that border-adjustment, a vital part of the House Republicans' corporate tax-reform plan, was "too complicated." Now, it's suddenly back on the table. "It's certainly something that's going to be discussed," he said. "I would say, over the next month-and-a-half, two months, we'll be having more concrete discussions. Right now, we're really focused on health care more than anything else."
Trump earlier this week unsettled allies overseas by calling NATO obsolete and seeming to put Germany's Angela Merkel and Russia's Vladimir Putin on par as possible US allies. Trump told us ALL WORLD LEADERS are on par, with a fresh chance to prove themselves. "So, I give everybody an even start; that right now, as far as I'm concerned, everybody's got an even start," he said.
Trump's advisers tell us privately that many parts of the operation remain messy — in large part, they say, because New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie left them with virtually no preparation for a transition. Advisers told us horror stories of struggles to fill key roles — including getting handed files of candidates, most of whom were Democrats. This is only adding to the confusion and slowed policy-making discussions.

Trump seemed, dare we say, humbled by recent intelligence briefings on global threats. Dick Cheney's friends used to tell us he was a decidedly darker, changed man once he started reading the daily intel reports after 9/11. Trump seemed moved by what he's now seeing.

"I've had a lot of briefings that are very … I don't want to say 'scary,' because I'll solve the problems," he said. "But … we have some big enemies out there in this country and we have some very big enemies — very big and, in some cases, strong enemies."

He offered a reminder many critics hope he never forgets: "You also realize that you've got to get it right because a mistake would be very, very costly in so many different ways."

Worth noting: Trump said he likes his briefings short, ideally one-page if it's in writing. "I like bullets or I like as little as possible. I don't need, you know, 200-page reports on something that can be handled on a page. That I can tell you."

All this said, Trump was very much the Trump you know when it came to critics, the media, and self-reflection:

In the opening moment, asked why he hasn't been able to deliver on his promise to heal divisions in the U.S., Trump reiterated his promise "to be a president for all Americans," only to launch, unprovoked, into his fourth-consecutive day of attacks on Rep. John Lewis, the civil-rights icon. Think about that for a minute: He's less than 72 hours from taking office and he was still stewing about a member of the Democratic minority in the House.
Trump told us his confrontational style is misunderstood. "You know, I'm not really a divisive figure," he said, before pinning the blame for bad press and bad blood almost entirely on the media: "In the history of politics, there's nobody that has been treated worse by the press than I have."
Asked to name a decision he got wrong or a regret from the campaign, he didn't.

Funny moment: When asked about books on his desk, he showed us "Adams v Jefferson" by John Ferling. We asked if we should read it. "I wouldn't," he said.
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