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McCain cuts Trump down to size with incredible class
When it came to the portion of his speech about America’s place in the world, McCain gathered himself and delivered a blunt denunciation of the nationalist forces around the world, but most particularly of those at home:

To fear the world we have organized and led for three-quarters of a century, to abandon the ideals we have advanced around the globe, to refuse the obligations of international leadership and our duty to remain “the last best hope of Earth” for the sake of some half-baked, spurious nationalism cooked up by people who would rather find scapegoats than solve problems is as unpatriotic as an attachment to any other tired dogma of the past that Americans consigned to the ash heap of history.

We live in a land made of ideals, not blood and soil. We are the custodians of those ideals at home, and their champion abroad. We have done great good in the world. That leadership has had its costs, but we have become incomparably powerful and wealthy as we did. We have a moral obligation to continue in our just cause, and we would bring more than shame on ourselves if we don’t. We will not thrive in a world where our leadership and ideals are absent. We wouldn’t deserve to.
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Trump signed my death Certificate...
Death by a single stroke of a pen...

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What hate filled people belong to the liberal camp?
It is so sad to read the few liberals statements on this website. They are almost a carbon copy of each other. Totally misdirecting facts or truth for some sort of a personal failure they have and attempt to recover their loss by attacking our President, our Freedom and the good traits we as American's have had since becoming a free Nation.

It does not take a study or a news media or link to any article to figure out what has happened to the liberals. The liberal mindset is now in such a mess. They are filled with fear. Fear they will no longer have free food stamps or money from welfare. Filled with fear that they will go without medical care if they do not get it for free (due to other people paying it for them). Filled with fear they will have to be held accountable under the watchful eye of our new great President Trump.

These are a few of the reasons why liberals will post anything at all against our President. For them forget about truth and honesty...those are values that seem to not exist in the lives of a liberal. Buzz words like racist or Nazi or Klan is the reflective force used by them to misdirect their own mischief as they hope to go under the radar with crimes and treason undetected.

As much hate and insanity liberals have been exhibiting you would think they would go ahead and leave the USA. Why should they stay here? Further, do you not think they have worn out their own welcome in a free USA where many have risked their life serving this Nation? Liberals seem to not get the message. They make more noise then everyone else..but the majority IS everyone else...and we sent them a clear message this last election. BYE BYE liberalism and communism...hello back to FREEDOM!
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I am a Republican and pro-choice.....
I know some of you will be disappointed,but i believe that if woman's life is in danger,if she was raped,if she is a teenager and had incestual relationship and got pregnant, then i believe abortion is acceptable during this first 3 months of pregnancy....I also think that Planned Parenthood does a lot more for women then doing abortions....So i know you guys not gonna be happy with my stands on abortion, im ready to hear what you have to say....Thanks
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Is Trump a uniter or divider?
What do you think?
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The dunce in the White House
Former Wharton Professor: "Donald Trump Was the Dumbest Goddam Student I Ever Had."

By FrankDiPrima
Thursday Oct 12, 2017 · 4:26 PM CDT

Late Professor William T. Kelley taught Marketing at Wharton School of Business and Finance, University of Pennsylvania, for 31 years, ending with his retirement in 1982. Dr. Kelley, who also had vast experience as a business consultant, was the author of a then-widely used textbook called Marketing Intelligence -- The Management of Marketing Information (originally published by P. Staples, London, 1968). Dr. Kelley taught marketing management to both undergraduate and graduate students at Wharton.… Dr. Bill was one of my closest friends for 47 years when we lost him at 94 about six years ago. Bill would have been 100 this year.

Donald J. Trump was an undergraduate student at Wharton for the latter two of his college years, having been graduated in 1968.…

Professor Kelley told me 100 times over three decades that “Donald Trump was the dumbest goddam student I ever had.” I remember his emphasis and inflection — it went like this — “Donald Trump was the dumbest goddam student I ever had.” Dr. Kelley told me this after Trump had become a celebrity but long before he was considered a political figure. Dr. Kelley often referred to Trump’s arrogance when he told of this — that Trump came to Wharton thinking he already knew everything.

This has relevance now because as recently as this week, President Trump has challenged the Secretary of State of the United States to an I.Q. contest.… This came within two days after NBC reported that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson called the President a “moron”… or a “fucking moron”… The President has frequently bragged that he was a great student at a great school (Wharton).… Thus, the public is entitled to a contrary view from somebody who was there (Dr. Kelley), and I faithfully report it here.
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6 Damning Revelations About the Trump Presidency, Straight From a GOP Senator
1. On Trump not taking the presidency seriously: Corker said that Trump was treating the presidency like "a reality show" and could put us "on the path to World War III." He also said Trump acts "like he's doing The Apprentice or something." The really damning part though? "I don't think he appreciates that when the president of the United States speaks and says the things that he does, the impact that it has around the world, especially in the region that he's addressing."
2. On Trump's stability: "He concerns me. He would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation." And it's not just Corker, either: it's the majority of those in his party. "Look, except for a few people, the vast majority of our caucus understands what we're dealing with here. Of course they understand the volatility that we're dealing with and the tremendous amount of work that it takes by people around him to keep him in the middle of the road."
3. On Trump's White House being an "adult day care center": "I know for a fact that every single day at the White House, it's a situation of trying to contain him." He has faith in those around Trump, though, as he said, "As long as there are people like that around him who are able to talk him down when he gets spun up, you know, calm him down and continue to work with him before a decision gets made, I think we'll be fine."
4. On Trump's Twitter habit and its affect on diplomacy: "A lot of people think that there is some kind of 'good cop, bad cop' act underway, but that's just not true," Corker said, later adding, "I know he has hurt, in several instances, he's hurt us as it relates to negotiations that were underway by tweeting things out."
5. On Trump being the actual source of fake news and false facts: "I don't know why the president tweets out things that are not true. You know he does it, everyone knows he does it, but he does."
6. On Trump's Oct. 8 accusations and the truth of the matter: "When I told him that that just wasn't in the cards, he said, 'You know, if you run, I'll endorse you.' I said, 'Mr. President, it's just not in the cards; I've already made a decision.' So then we began talking about other candidates that were running."
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Even Fox News admits Trumps presidency is in the tank
Here is an excerpt from a Fox piece on Trumps failing presidency.

A Morning Consult poll released last week found Trump losing support in states he easily carried last year. He is down 23 points in Tennessee since his inauguration in January, down 21 points in Mississippi, down 20 in Kentucky, down 19 in Kansas and down 17 in Indiana.
Overall, 55 percent of the country disapproves of the job he is doing as president, according the most recent RealClearPolitics average. At the three-quarter mark of his first year in office, Trump is the least popular new president in history. Now, commentators who are open to Trump are starting to walk away from his parade as well.
"Last time I checked, you are the president of the United States, so tweeting out these tacky insults just seems beneath you," Neil Cavuto of Fox News said on his show last week. "You are running out of friends faster than you are running out of time. You might not like Bob Corker, but a lot of senators do, and you need those senators, sir."
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A judge handed down a mind blowing ruling on Trump’s travel ban
A judge handed down a mind blowing ruling on Trump’s travel ban

Donald Trump was elected to put America First.

But since his victory the swamp has fought back at every turn.

Now one federal judge delivered some horrible news.

One the centerpieces of Donald Trump’s victorious campaign was his pledge to shut down immigration from countries with known ties to terrorism.

Open borders advocates in Washington were horrified when Trump went ahead with travel ban.

So they shopped around for friendly left-wing judges to tie the order up in court.

Eventually the Supreme Court ruled the ban could take effect until they heard the original challenge to the ban, but Trump revised his order to meet the criteria laid out by lower courts to put it into effect.

He added in North Korea and Venezuela to Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen and Chad.

We are now on what pundits call the “Trump Travel Ban 3.0.”

Globalist sympathizers in Washington hunted around for a sympathetic court and landed in U.S. District Court Judge Derrick Watson’s courtroom.

The judge in Hawaii issued a nationwide stay on the ruling and now dangerous terrorists could be permitted to slip into the country.

The flimsy basis for his ruling was Trump targeted certain “nationalities.”

CNBC reports:

“A federal judge in Hawaii blocked President Donald Trump’s latest bid to impose restrictions on citizens from eight countries entering the United States, which had been set to take effect this week.

The open-ended ban, announced last month, targeted people from Iran, Libya, Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Chad and North Korea, as well as certain government officials from Venezuela. It was the latest version of a policy that had previously targeted six Muslim-majority countries but had been restricted by the Supreme Court.

U.S. District Judge Derrick Watson on Tuesday granted Hawaii’s request to temporarily block the federal government from enforcing the policy. It was supposed to take effect at midnight Wednesday.

Hawaii argues the updated ban is a continuation of Trump’s “promise to exclude Muslims from the United States.”

But what the judge’s ruling amounted to was that because Trump is the President the U.S. government has no ability to enforce its own borders.

The Justice Department announced they would appeal the ruling and when it reaches the Supreme Court, is likely to be upheld.

The President’s power to bar any class of alien the executive deems detrimental to the interests of the United States is clearly laid out under immigration law.
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Gun show loophole
Where was this when I needed it?

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