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On "Shithole" Dispute: It Has Come to This
The WashPost's Josh Dawsey tweeted last night: "White House official told me tonight there is debate internally on whether Trump said 'shithole' or 'shithouse.' [Republicans Sens. David Perdue of Georgia and Tom Cotton of Arkansas] seem to have heard latter, this person said, and are using to deny.

Are you f'ing kidding me????
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President is fit for duty MENTALLY and Physically
NO 25TH AMEND NECESSARY !!! Trump's cognitive exam is normal!!1 Thats what President's Dr Jackson said..In his Dr's words he has" better stamina and more energy that he has seen in a long time"..President is very energetic Trump is" mentally sharp and articulate" So all you haters GET OFF HIS BACK!!!
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I abhor all things about femininity
Dress in dresses or skirts, shaving (or ouch, waxing), makeup, high heels and stockings--all of it. Wrong! It is not a natural recognition of the differences between sexes; it is oppression. Until there is a total rejection of the fashion industry parading female bodies for male consumption, women will never be free. All religions suppress women. All! Sure, they make certain allowances that appear like equality--as long as women remain subservient! Freeing women is the key to world peace. The only key. It brakes the back of all religions that favor a patriarchy, and their petty ambitions.
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Trump is no longer a topic; his supporters are
But they don't listen or care to hear about facts. America means nothing to them, though they claim to be this country's patriots. It is not even ideology. It is just fear and hate and their idea of position. These things are impenetrable. They will not change their minds. Our country is to them their deserved privilege. Any threat to that, real or imagined, is a conspiracy of global forces. The all-present and all-powerful Soros. The "deep state." The "fake news" of the Liberal media. The Illuminati. You guys are ridiculous! Remember your endless and endlessly failed conspiracy theories about Obama? FEMA camps. Black helicopters swooping down in the middle of the night to haul away all gun lovers. Obama taking away all guns. Obama not allowing 2016 election. There are many more asinine and puerile Right Wing conspiracy theories, the most ever of any president. Reason and facts and supporting sites are all useless in the face of your entrenched blindness to reality. Your stubborn fear and smallness will kill this country.
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How Can Anyone Defend the "Shit Hole" Comments?
Try it.
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This is a video of the largest a**hole on earth!
If anyone attempts to defend this move, they are a larger a**hole than Trump! This was the Prime Minister of Montenegro that Trump shoved out of his way!

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Obama's White House Physical
Yesterday, after watching over 50 minutes of the MSM (mainstream media) grill Admiral Ronnie Jackson, Dr. Ronnie Jackson, about President Trump's physical and mental health, I thought that if the tables were turned, and the media were to have asked the same type of questions about President Obama, what would those questions be. So I put a list together of questions that I felt the MSM should have asked about President Obama:

1. President Obama seems to like beer. He's always saying, "Let's have a beer together," or "that's someone I could have a beer with." In your opinion, is
President Obama an alcoholic?

2. President Obama plays a lot of golf. In fact, right after an American was beheaded, he left immediately for the course to play a round of golf. Do you
think President Obama has an obsessive-compulsive disorder?

3. Dr. Jackson, do you believe that President Obama is a pathological liar?

4. Dr. Jackson, does Obama wear dentures?

5. Have you ever treated President Obama for an STD? (sexually transmitted disease)

6. Has President Obama been tested for HIV/AIDS?

7. Dr. Jackson, in your opinion, does President Obama suffer with depression or anxiety?

8. President Obama has admitted to using drugs like coke and marijuana in the past. Is he on drugs now? If so, is he even mentally capable of being the
president of the United States?

9. Dr. Jackson, President Obama is very thin. Is he underweight for his height? Isn't that serious, I mean, to be underweight like that? We would actually
like to see him step on the scale so we can see for ourselves how much he weighs.

10. Dr. Jackson, is there anything you are NOT telling us about President Obama's physical and mental health?

11. Just a follow-up to the previous question, Dr. Jackson -- is President Obama on any prescription medication, like Truvada, for instance?

12. Has President Obama been vaccinated for Hepatitis A and B?

I could go on, but you get the gist. Anyone who feels these questions should not be asked about a President of the United States, should have watched the debacle that occurred yesterday. I am ashamed that this is what journalism has become. You may not understand or like this President, but he IS the President of the United States. If you can't respect HIM, try respecting the Office!
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The Sheep and the Goats
Y'all who agree with the President's remark to the effect that we ought not to let people from "shithole countries" into the good ol' USA are perfectly entitled to your opinion, as long as you acknowledge that it represents a distinctly unchristian point of view. Jesus pretty clearly condemned to eternal damnation (see Matt 25: 31-46) the nations of the world that showed no compassion for the poor, the hungry, the sick, the victims of injustice--in other words, nearly every single inhabitant of the countries so crudely denigrated by Mr. Trump.

Don't know about you, but I'd prefer the Kingdom of Heaven to eternal damnation. With that in mind, I'll continue urging my Senators, Congressman, President, and anyone else who'll listen to respect citizens of impoverished nations and do whatever we can to lift them up.

Mercy, love, and peace to all and God bless us, every one.
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Yes guys, despite President's own dr, who said yesterday that President Trump is in excellent health physically and mentally they (CNN) are predicting that he will have heart attack in the next 3-5 yrs..Its according to their own quack dr Gupta This info is from HORN NEWS...How much more disgusting can they get???? They didnt believe WH doctor,who was also personal Doc for Obama and Bush family..You know why?? Because if they believe this Doctor then they are going to have to admit that our President is very fit for office and they dont want this to happen!!! They are real FAKE NEWS PEOPLE!!!Go to HORN NEWS and read this article"CNN PREDICTS PRESIDENT IS GOING TO DIE SOON"
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Is your name on this list?
While there is a minority of posters from other countries coming on here trying to stir the pot. That and a number of dimwitted liberals who like to post just to see how much crap they can spread around.

There are far more true Americans here who stand tall and smack down the twits every time they raise their foolish fingers and pound on their keyboards.


First let me thank you for your courage, fortitude and honor. You display all that and more on here.

Yes; by standing tall and facing the dim witted liberals you prove them fools over and over.

So. This post is my way of recognizing you and giving you a big hand shake of appreciation.

Keep up the good work.


Sassy Lass
proud republican
Wolf counselor
PLT Sarge
Big dog

If I missed someone please accept my apology. If you know of someone I accidently passed over then feel free to add their name to the thread.
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