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What Will Happen if Trump Loses ?
The question is straightforward. I think Trump is going to lose. What do you think conservative and reactionary Republicans like the majority of the folks in this forum will do ? How will you react ? Will conservative and reactionary Republicans resign themselves to accepting the results of the election ? Or will they try to foment some kind of revolution ?
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The Photo that brings down Trump
Trump during the last year has made some very childish comments. He talked about the size of his manly member, grabbing women by the pussy, endorsed torture, mass deportation, 2000 mile wall, war crimes, nuclear prolification, ban all Muslims, jailing his opponents, massive voter fraud,elections are rigged, women are pigs.
But his admiration for Putin is the most concerning for me until this photo showed up. Because Donald said he did not know Puntin well here is the proof. The right wing really enjoys posting pictures of Clinton as being gay well now here is Trump with his new lover. Just a couple of tough hombres.
I did grab him by his manly member and he is was tough hombre

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Sheriff Joke charged,
Sheriff Joke Arpaio was just criminally charged with contempt of court for his continuous harassment of people of Hispanic descent against court orders and a consent decree he agreed to and signed. Jokes foolishness has already cost Arizona taxpayers 50 million dollars to defend his criminal behavior. Now Joke will likely get a taste of jail for himself... as an inmate.
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This came from the Advocate (a newspaper in Ma) and I am sharing it because it is exactly how most of us feel about Trump. The Media just doesn't get it....they can't believe that people are so angry that they can no longer be manipulated!
Millions of trump supporters feel this way about Donald J. Trump.....

"We don't care if the guy swears... or how many times he's been married...or who he voted for, or what his income tax return shows. We want the problems fixed. Yes he's an egomaniac, but we don't care. We know he's not a racist, or bad to women, or all the other things the liberal media is trying to label him with. We know he's raised a good family, and that says a lot about him.
The country is a mess because politicians suck, the Republican Party is two faced & gutless, and illegals are everywhere and Muslims are openly trying to hurt this country and make the civilized world adjust to them. We want it all fixed!
We don't care that Trump is crude, we don't care that he has changed positions, we don't care that he fights with Megan Kelly, Rosie O'Donnell, and so many of the elected establishment. We don't care that Rubio, Ryan, the Bush's, and so many other top old and new Republicans refuse to endorse him for their own selfish reasons, and we know what they are. We don't care that he doesn't know the name of some Muslim terrorists, we don't care that he tried some businesses that didn't work out.
This country is weak, bankrupt, our enemies are making fun of us, we are being invaded by illegals, we are becoming a nation of victims, where every Tom, Ricardo and Hasid is a special group with special rights to a point where we don't even recognize the country we were born and raised in, AND WE JUST WANT IT FIXED. And TRUMP is the only guy who seems to understand what the people want.
We're sick of politicians, sick of the Democratic and Republican Party. We're angry about the Iran deal, the budget, treatment of Israel, military weakness, lobbyists, special interests, overpaid politicians with their self serving bills and back room deals, trade deals, loss of jobs, manipulated economic numbers, businesses fleeing, and even the phoney pay for play Clinton Foundation.
Americans are no longer going to be fooled, and the movement is out to change the direction we're taking. Trump may not be a saint, but he doesn't have lobbyist money holding him, he doesn't have political correctness restraining him, and all you know is that he has been very successful, a good negotiator, he has built a lot of things, he's flexible, and he's also not a politician. And he says he'll fix it. And we believe him because he is too much of an egotist to be proven wrong or looked at and called a liar.
Public service has become elected greed. This may be our only chance to have a non-politician, despite his flaws, try and correct the mess, at least for 4 years. We must take the shot, because the consequences of putting Hillary Clinton in office are frightening. There is a tidal wave happening, and its going to overcome much of what's happened to this country."
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If you are a Black Guy or a Girl, what can't you get away with?
As our Liberal Friends on OPP keep posting, Obama's approval numbers are super fantastic and Hillary is doing well in the polls. So what is the reason for this? Now look at their records. Do their records justify these numbers? You decide. Barak Hussein Obama has an unparalleled record of failure. Everything this Black guy touches fails. Look at ObamaCare. His numero uno signature accomplishment. Even the lying Obama Administration was forced to admit that Obama Care premiums will rise an average of 22% next year. Add to that the exchanges are mostly failing.

Next we have the Obama foreign policy. Even Jimmy Carter would be ashamed of it. ISIS the JV team has brutally murdered thousands of innocent people because Obama turned tail and ran from the Middle East. Russia took the Crimea on his watch. Obama sent a plane load of cash to the Mullahs in Iran and gave them the green light for nukes.

Then there is the Obama economy. Turning full time work into part time jobs is about all our President accomplished in 8 years.

Lets us now turn to Hillary Rodam Clinton. She refused to send help to 4 Americans murdered in Benghazi and then lied about a video causing it. Secretary Clinton has raised the selling of her office to make money to an art form. She is the ultimate political capitalist. One day someone will use her as an example of how to make politics pay.

So now back to the burning question of why don't our fellow citizens hold these two accountable for their records? I say it is White Guilt. You can't pick on the Black Guy or the Girl, or else you are a racist woman hating bigot.
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Trump will win on November me
Donald Trump is going to win on November 8th and the moment when this election turned from seeming defeat to certain victory will be the least expected and one of the most derisively attacked moments of his campaign. During the third debate when Trump said on being asked if he would accept the election results, "I will look at it at the time" the election was his. The uproar on both sides of the political spectrum has been an avalanche of criticism; this was Trump at his worst, the dooming moment of a quixotic and egomaniacal campaign. Or was it?

Decisiveness and boldness don’t always result in a victory on the field of battle but indecisiveness and hesitation, in the moment of crisis, most assuredly will result in inglorious defeat. Trump has been called a lot of things, probably the most flattering among, even his allies, is that he is a good “entertainer.” For political acumen, he might be given a 2, and that would be the score given by his friends. But too many have all missed something that Trump has seen since the beginning.

Trump is reading something different, a mood and frustration in this country that is not just confined to some 32%. The country is heading in the wrong direction, we on the right know that, but in fact, almost 70% of Americans overall sense that. And that is not just an indictment of the Obama years; it is an indictment of the entire bipartisan political class.

This election is not being run for the pundits, the media, the conservative gadflies and hangers on, the consultants and wise thinkers who tut-tut continually on television about how Trump, “just can’t do it this way,” he must pivot and be “presidential” and discuss nothing but the issues.

One radio pundit said that Trump obscured his otherwise solid speech on Obamacare by mentioning the “rigged” election. She went on to say that the national media only cover the segment on the rigged election and not the “substantive” part of the speech on Obamacare. For being smart pundits, they sure have one hell of a huge blindside. First of all, the main stream media would never exclusively cover a part of a speech that rips into Obamacare, it would never happen. The speech would be completely ignored, so therefore Trump gets zero coverage. His base gets a policy speech; the rest of the country gets darkness. Instead, CNN and the rest report on the rigged part and give Trump prime coverage. They think this makes Trump look and sounds like a fool and loon. But they aren’t the audience and Trump is not looking for approval from the D.C. to New York elites.

The middle of the country, already restive and suspicions of anything and everything that has to do with Washington D.C., hears Trump railing against the corrupt system and how we need to “clean house.” What is so arrogantly dismissed by the chattering elite class as bar room “unsophisticated” rhetoric, is hitting the voters across the country like a breath of fresh air and a lot of “you’re damn right, Trump!” exhortations.

There is another audience here as well; Trump is not a Republican in any sense of what we are used to. He is really nonpolitical, so his audience, again, is not the Paul Ryan-Mitt Romney class, but the dissatisfied, concerned, pissed off, and anyone else who feels the country is going in the wrong direction. And remember, that number is upwards of 70%, which obviously includes a lot of independents and Democrats. And, not to be forgotten, it includes the millions of Bernie Sanders supporters. When he says the system is rigged, he is reaching across to those millions who felt that Bernie was their savior. While Bernie went weak in the knees in one of the greatest capitulations in political history, his supporters naively thought that he and their movement stood for something. Maybe Bernie wasn’t up to the fight, but his millions were, and still are. And let’s face it, outside of very few bought and sold Clintonites, the Democratic Party Primary was completely rigged against Bernie. Everyone knows it, the folks who felt the Bern, most of all. Trump knows this as well and he is using it to reach this audience. Will they vote for Trump? Probably only a few, but what it has done, in conjunction with the leaked DNC emails, has stoked an already visceral hatred of Hillary among the Bernie movement. They may stay home, they may vote for Jill Stein or they may vote for Trump, but very, very few will turn out for the corrupt Hillary.

Trump is not playing by the usual rules, he refuses to buckle and play as the good Republican Marquess of Queensberry candidate just so he can end up as road kill under a rancid, corrupt Democratic attack machine. It is funny that so many who stood by him and rooted for him have also gone weak in the last days, just as the battle is engaged. History is full of examples of the flinch, the pause and hesitation, the worry that the risk of total catastrophe is so great that one must wait and pull back. But the reward in this case is the saving of our country.

Trump, for all the bluster and bluff knows this and can see the path to restoring our Republic. Yes, he has the, dare I say, political vision. But even more critically, he has the boldness to strike when least expected, against all odds in the quest for victory, even if the Lieutenants around him are feeling the jiggle in their spine.

Don't believe me? Just look at the crowds Trump is drawing. Example: Tampa FL, Trump over 20,000, and Clinton 2,000. The same in Kingston NC, and Gettysburg, on and on. An official in Texas says voter turnout is huge, and it's for Trump. Get ready folks for a huge Trump win.
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Millennials not Republicans in Congress are to blame for Obama care collapsing.
Now listen up Obamabots. You keep blaming Republicans for Obama Care collapsing. Those mean ole Republicans di-int help your hero out. Just cause he screwed them over every chance he got, like shutting down the government and blaming it all on Republicans, is no reason why they shouldn't bail out the first African American President. Well folks, Republicans are not responsible for your guy's mistakes. If you want to know the truth it was your buddies the Millennials who collapsed Obama Care. Let me splain it to you.

Now think about it. You can't blame your mighty President Obama for believing in the stupidity of the younger generation. I mean after all, they voted for him twice. How much more stupid could ya get? So it was logical that the great Obama would think they would be stupid enough to sign up in their millions for ObamaCare. Obama Care needs healthy young strapping adults to sign up and then over pay on their premiums to cover the old and sick and tired, and the deadbeats who deserve free doctoring.

Now there is stupid and there is crazy. Voting for Obama was stupid, but to sign up for Obama Care and subsidize the high riskers is crazy. Those Millennials are stupid, but they ain't crazy. So they don't sign up and they don't over pay. Well that means the pools of insured in Obama Care exchanges are filled with high cost sickies. And that kiddies is why Obama care is self destructing!!!!!

As Rush might say, I make the complex understandable. This ain't rocket science. It was predicted.
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Obama Approval Rating Soars; Will Leave Office With Higher Approval Higher Than Reagans!
57% of Americans believe Obama is doing a good job the same as Clinton after he left office!

Reagan 51%

Clinton 57%

Bush 25%

Obama 57%

I'll be damned the most popular presidents in recent history are Democrats!
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The Cult!
The Trump Cult is destroying America! This is one reason why!

There is a growing and disturbing trend of anti-intellectual elitism in American culture. It’s the dismissal of science, the arts, and humanities and their replacement by entertainment, self-righteousness, ignorance, and deliberate gullibility.

Susan Jacoby, author of The Age of American Unreason, says in an article in the Washington Post, "Dumbness, to paraphrase the late senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, has been steadily defined downward for several decades, by a combination of heretofore irresistible forces. These include the triumph of video culture over print culture; a disjunction between Americans' rising level of formal education and their shaky grasp of basic geography, science and history; and the fusion of anti-rationalism with anti-intellectualism."

There has been a long tradition of anti-intellectualism in America, unlike most other Western countries. Richard Hofstadter, who won a Pulitzer Prize in 1964 for his book, Anti-Intellectualism In American Life, describes how the vast underlying foundations of anti-elite, anti-reason and anti-science have been infused into America’s political and social fabric. Famous science fiction writer Isaac Asimov once said: "There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge." The ignorant mob is taking over!
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megyn kelly wants 20 million a year for her pay
I'd give her 20million kicks in the ass. The dirty little bitch.That flared nostril baby should be tared and feathered and run out of town.
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