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How the Trumpen-Fuhrer Operates
Watching how Trumpenfuhrer operates, I have noticed one of his worst tactics. He will find a group of people who desperately need help -- the Dreamers, for instance, or the children being taken into custody at our Southern borders. He will hurt them, and then say 1) I didn't do it (a lie) and 2) If you want me to stop hurting them, then you must give me my way by passing such-and-such an unpopular legislative measure. He is quite happy to hurt other people and play on our sense of compassion to get his own way. Quite a President we have here !
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To My Conservative Friends ...
We've had a while to sit back and watch what this president has been doing, along with his sycophantic Congress.
From the sound of it, you all are pretty happy with it so far.

I hope you're happy with that new tax reform bill (so called) that so far has managed to give a few one-time bonuses but mainly was used for stock buybacks to enrich the remaining stockholders. The base wage hasn't budged yet, and is predicted to slowly fall by 2020, and those paychecks aren't increasing any time soon.

I hope you're happy with the ethical antics of the cabinet officials, notably Scott Pruitt, while he's destroying all the protections for your air quality and drinking water (not to mention fuel economy standards).

I hope that you're happy with the relaxations on mining safety and production. The next few coal mine explosions and caveins should be spectacular.

I hope that you're happy with the scaling back of the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau, which will enable big banks to continue bilking their customers without penalty, and allowing the payday lenders to continue to trap people into a never-ending payment cycle with interest rates in the triple digits per year.

I hope you're happy with the zero-tolerance immigration policy that is seperating young children from their parents, and sending most back to an almost certain death in their home countries due to gang violence.

I hope you're happy with the increasing number of overdose deaths due to the opioid crisis, which the pharmaceutical companies are getting rich from. Plus, when they can't get the Oxy, they score some heroin (sometimes dosed with fentanyl) that really puts them at risk of death.

I hope you're happy now that the dealmaker-in-chief has given North Korea, China and Russia the gift of cancelling the training exercises in South Korea without getting anything at all in return as to nuclear dismantleing. They've only been wanting this for sixty years and we just gave it to them.

I hope you're happy with the trade tariffs that have been enacted. I'm sure you'll love the price increases on a lot of products and foodstuffs that come from Mexico, as well as hikes in the price of your flat-screen TV's and DVR's.

I hope you're happy with the degrading relations with our allies in Asia and Europe due to our negotiator-in-chief's insults and putdowns to those countries' leaders. I'm sure it'll make them much more at ease, knowing that we don't have their backs any more. (Think those countries that border Russia that Putin would love to have back under his control).

I hope that you're happy with a president that would like to have only loyalists and puppets that will "sit at attention" when he speaks.

This is only a partial list of things which I'm sure that you're enjoying on a daily basis. If this is true, then you must also be an ostrich-emulating, lead-encased creature that inhabits the swamp that the president keeps trying to drain. So far he's only replaced it with reptilian dwellers from a different swamp, that are gobbling up as much as they can and destroying as much as possible as fast as possible before they get kicked out of the bayou.

I hope you're having a GREAT day having so many of your desires met. I hope we survive you and this batch of swamp dwellers.
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Poor children. It ain’t right.
Separating families for breaking our laws is happening a lot. Is it necessary? I mean kids growing up with their parents in jail ain’t right. What’s the solution?
Democrats are down at the southern border raising hell about this.
Why aren’t they raising hell about this Happening in the inner city. Been going on for decades. Looks like the Dems have a whole new minority group to exploit.
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Could slumbering, stumbling Righties finally be waking up?
Donald Trump is less popular than when he was elected. Everywhere.
According to surveys conducted by Morning Consult, in every US state, Donald Trump’s net approval rating in May 2018—the share of people who approve of the job he is doing minus those that disapprove—was down from when he entered office. Even in the states where Trump remains quite popular, his net approval has fallen.

January 2017
May 2018
Change in popularity
Alabama 36 30 -6
Louisiana 31 25 -6
Maryland -13 -20 -7
South Dakota 21 14 -7
West Virginia 37 27 -10
Georgia 18 7 -11
Mississippi 34 23 -11
South Carolina 25 14 -11
Nevada 10 -2 -12
Wyoming 40 28 -12

Trump’s fall in popularity is not unusual. Political analysts at FiveThirtyEight point out that in the first year of his presidency, Barack Obama’s popularity also fell in every state. Presidents typically start out popular, and get less so over their tenure.

Still, it is interesting to note the patterns where the US president is holding ground. Trump seems to be retaining approval in the states where he was most popular initially. In four of the five states where Trump’s popularity fell least, his net approval was greater than 20 points when he entered office. Maryland is the exception. Trump was so unpopular from the beginning, with a 13 point net disapproval, he didn’t have far to fall.
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Crimes Against Humanity
Evidence suggests to me that if any serious lawyer wanted to push the point, Sessions and Trump could be found guilty of "crimes against humanity" because of their separatrion of children from their parents as these refugees come illegally across the border. Trump lies when he states that it is a law that they must be separated. It is NOT a law. It is a policy invented and perpetrated by Trump and Sessions. They further lie when they try to blame the policy on the Democrats. If they wanted to, Trump and Sessions could stop in a minute the inactment of this policy.

What is going on here is even worse than the Japanese internment by the United States during World War II, which is generally regarded as one of the most disgraceful chapters of our history. At least with the Japanese, children were not separated from the parents.

Yes, folks, Trump and Sessions are guilty of multiple crimes against humanity. Don't try to whitewash it.
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Separating children from parents at border
I’m sick and tired of hearing MSNBC yapping and shaming President Trump about children being separated from their parents at the border. First of all, it breaks my heart to see it happening, so, let’s get that out of the way, however, what other option does the government have? If the democrats really cared they would help Trump pass some immigration legislation instead of resisting and finger pointing. But, let’s get real here. Bottom line, who is really to blame for families being separated? The parents who illegally crossed our border and brought their children with them, then got caught, that’s who. Let’s face it, if they hadn’t committed a crime in the first place, they wouldn’t be in such a situation. In fact, they put our government in a no win position. The democrats would rather watch this go on day after day and get face time on the news complaining and making Trump look mean, than help pass reform and put an end to this nightmare. These children are nothing more than political pawns to the democrats and people should start calling them out on this. I think people should contact their Senators and Congressman and get on their asses to pass immigration reform, it’s long past due.
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We're screwed either way
It is really depressing watching the constant battle between Republicans and Democrats, liberals vs. conservatives and so on. If that isn't bad enough, there are factions within the above categories, providing more chaos, mayhem and confusion. What are they fighting about anyway?

Everyone should realize that there WILL be a shift in the Congress, since there always is, and all should realize that there will be a new President eventually, providing another shift. Based on current history, the entire agenda of the new regime will be focused on undoing every single thing the last regime did, fought every step of the way by the losing side. Which ever side is in charge when all the judges die off, will be able to stack the courts with their own toadies. Until recently, I was unaware that there were two Constitutions, one for liberals and one for conservatives. Do we get to choose which laws we have to obey?

We here all the time the phrase " the direction the country is heading " and the like, but it's easy to see that the country isn't heading in ANY direction, it's just swinging back and forth, which means - it isn't going anywhere. Ever seen one of those old clocks with the pendulum? No one ever reported their clock malfunctioned, because the pendulum moved to the other side of the room. No, they just swing from one side to the other.

Regardless of what happens in the midterms, or two years later in the next Presidential elections, we're going to be screwed either way. Either Democrats or Republicans will rule the Congress, and we'll either have Trump or a Democrat sitting on the throne................and the same useless, chaotic, damaging crap will continue...................just like it has for the last century. The losers will continue to undermine the winners, just like Republicans did under Obama and Democrats are doing now. The new winners will spend most of their time undoing what the previous winners did.

In short, nobody really wins, at least - not for long. There are some Republicans that will never accept anything accomplished by a Democrat and visa versa, even when it's some damn good stuff, it's the principle and all that crap. What we can count on however, is that we the people will lose....................just like we've always lost....................for over a century. I'm wondering when ( maybe I should say "if" ) the American people are going to get tired of this never ending circus. America did just fine during it's first 50 years or so.......................without a single Democrat or we know it CAN be done..................but only when we want to.
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Looks like my part of the world is fed up with you folks
This is a sign on I-40 just down the road from me. I dig it!

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The more Trump succeeds, the more desperate OPP lib posts get.
Anyone else as amused as I am?
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Why do illegal immigrants choose to surrender their children?
All they have to do is agree that they will take their "smuggled" children back across the border, they are free to self-deport.

Instead they make the choice to ante up their own children, in a gamble that they may eventually recieve refugee status.

The SCOTUS has ruled that ignorance of our laws is not an excuse for breaking them.

Do the crime, serve the time; as it should be!
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