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In his own brain, Trump believes that he can use any means necessary to get what he wants. We all listened to his rants at his rallies, his disrespectful interruptions during the debates, his incoherent sentences which were, many times, over a hundred words long, and after changed direction and topic somewhere in mid-sentence. Trump is also under the impression that as president, he can do whatever he wants without being held accountable for his actions. He believes that sexual assault is okay since he's continued to get away with it because he's (in)famous. It's okay, in his head, to tell leaders from enemies of the nation to "call me" if you come visit the U.S. Quite simply, Trump is clueless. His supporters say "he's learning, give him time". The trouble with that response is, if your puppy is peeing on the floor, he's learning. If your president is peeing on your country, who's going to correct the behaviors'? And will our enemies give him time to learn?
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What about the rest of the Carrier employees?
I'm not happy with Trumps deal. What do the Carrier employees that don't get picked up do? I love the fact that 1100 get to keep their job, but what about the rest MR TRUMP? 300 people are out the door, with nothing but the memory of friends they have know for year keeping their jobs. What kind of Christmas will they have and compared of what they made to what they will get on unemployment is sad. I believe that TRUMP should do everything to get them jobs close to what they had. HUBBY tells me that this is just the way things happen. Be thankful 1100 got to keep their jobs. Am I wrong for asking this question?
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Trump and the Carrier Deal

Cost to taxpayers $7 million
Jobs saved that were not leaving anyway 800
Carrier still moving 1300 jobs to Mexico

Long term deal now encourages large companies to begin to shake down state, local and Federal government when ever they want money. Republicans calling this a great deal and Trump has been elevated to move over Ronald Reagan Trump is headed for Rushmore.

Every Savvy CEO will now threaten to ship jobs to Mexico and demand a payment to stay. But Republicans love this agenda. Another hidden subsidy for the corporate elite.

Obama successful auto rescue that republican wanted to let the Auto industry go bankrupt due to the Bush recession saved well over a million Jobs by giving them a low interest loan with stock options that got paid back with interest ended up making money for the federal government. But the same people applauding the orange haired freak attacked Obama.
But the right wing freaks on OPP would never give Obama credit.

So I guess we are entering into the Trump presidency of PR stunts to pacify the right wing freaks on OPP. Nobody can see this guy scammed the American tax payers by spending $7 million and saved 800 jobs that were not going anywhere.

He did the same BS with the ford plant and you freaks love this guy. If Ford only knew he could have held out for $50 million. That says carrier is a lot smarter than Ford. Carrier knows this orange haired freak is a dumb SOB.

Great job Govenor Pence you're tax payers are footing the bill for a pathologist cal lier.
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What kind of people...

What kind of people? Well there are faux conservatives who would vote for Satan himself (and may have) if it would gain them the presidency and than there are those who love Christ so much that they devote their lives to emulating what he would have done.
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After the Carrier "deal", how much will trump have to give Rexnord?
Fewer employees involved, but it looks like business has found a way to get what they want from trump. Look for "corporate blackmail" to become the standard for the trump business plan.

Meanwhile, trump and his fools at fox continue to brag about how many jobs were saved, and the real number seems to be closer to 800, while another 1300 jobs will be phased out of Indiana and sent to Mexico.

Now Rexnord is making their demands or they will ship 300 jobs to Mexico.

what will trump do, oh what will he do?

Remember what trump just tweeted;

The president-elect also vowed that "companies are not going to leave the United States anymore without consequences." So what consequences will trump impose?
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Is this a possible message of cheating on the vote in Wisconsin
I hadn't thought of the possibility that nursing home votes could be voted by workers in the homes for all the inhabitants. It does appear that if the women wanting a recount may cause Trump to gain votes.
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Another Police Officer's Life Ruined!
Shoot an unarmed black in the back several times. Conspire with authorities to cover it up. In spite of the evidence presented one racist juror determines that his conscience wont allow him to convict a Police Officer for shooting a black. It doesnt matter if guilty or not! The result is a mistrial!

Why are you surprised? This is justice in America! There will be an drastic increase in these travesties due to election of Trump. America is indicted. The world is watching. It cannot be denied any longer!
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Electing a billionaire to appoint billionaires to fix the system that made them billionaires...Yup...
I wonder if conservatives will ever figure out that their love of wealth isn't doing anyone any good...especially them...

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Is it possible for us to discuss this subject without insulting each other ? I am interested in everyone's opinion about what is going to happen to medical care and coverage if ObamaCare is repealed and if the coming administration follows through on the plans to change Medicare. What is your opinion ? What is your prediction. I saw an article that Medicare premiums deducted from one's social security are going to double, and may take as much as 55% of one's social security. I don't know the truth in this prediction, and I don't suppose any of the rest of us do, either. But do you think medical care costs are going to go up ?

Please cut the insults and let's have a serious discussion.
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Another liberal double standard.
Liberals are all riled up about the fact that several of Trumps appointees are wealthy. Why weren't they complaining about all the rich people Obama appointed? Oh. That's right. They were liberals, so it's OK. Liberalism is a mental disorder, and this proves it.
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