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Jul 21, 2017 21:10:13   #
Pennylynn wrote:
I could not agree more. Besides his resignation should calm the Democrats down, they have been demanding he be terminated from day one. Personally, I like Sara she is strong and very calm.

Dear Penny:

Who cares about calming the Demorats down?

Spicer should have set firm rules of engagement: (1) there will be no favorites. (2) limit of 2 minutes to present a question and no multiple questions. (3) first offense of interrupting the present speaker or moderator, mandatory apology. (4) second offense of interrupting, banning from newsroom for one week. (5) third offense of interrupting, permanent banning with a hearing by White House panel.

These White House newspersons (?) are out of control and biased.

Jul 12, 2017 07:34:54   #
nwtk2007 wrote:
Both sides are corrupt as all get out. My solution, to start the process of clean up; term limits on congress and outlaw lobbying.


Best two suggestions I have heard in a very long time!

Outlaw lobbying, fantastic!

Jul 12, 2017 07:23:12   #
tdsrnest wrote:
Give me one article by The NY Times that was fake. The right wingers believe in Fox, Briethbart, and Infowars. So what are you trying to say.

How about the issue that prompted the lawsuit by Sarah Palen. They have since issued an apology.

Jul 11, 2017 20:42:45   #
Mr. EZ wrote:
The political debate here is smothered and useless with these relentless hounds from the Right, none of them shy to use racists comments. That is their standard. I have an idea who blows the whistle for them to attack with idiotic distracting posts and personal attacks, yet have no proof. But for now it seems even those I trusted to be reasonable and honest, even fair, on the Right have become part of the pack. No discussions on issues are possible. We all have strong opinions about things, however, that should not mean crushing Freedom of Speech. I feel our discourse has been railroaded by operatives on the Right. No doubt the Right feels the opposite. A challenge, then: give as many Troll examples as possible of the opposite leaning group. Prove through weight of evidence that you are the aggrieved party. But we need to define Troll. It is not someone with an opposing view given with respect and providing sources, no matter how upsetting that may be to some. Essentially, a Troll only detracts from the narrative, not staying on topic and using insult and name-calling as their featured comments. Any racists comments automatically qualify a person as a Troll. Any generalization of either party as whatever is Troll-like. I am not attempting to ban such comments, this is an open forum, I am simply looking for a way we may move the conversation forward and actually deal with issues that will effect our children and our nation in the future.
The political debate here is smothered and useless... (show quote)

Mr. EZ:

Somehow I get the same feeling about the Left.

If you check this site . . . usually the name-calling and bad language STARTS from the left.

The violence we have seen lately in California also shows the left is doing it.

And the Left brought this on by presenting an unsuitable candidate. It is amazing, in a country of over 300 million people, we could not find better candidates for president.

There is enough blame to go around to all parties.

Fact-checking seems to be a lost art with CNN and The New York Times.


Jul 7, 2017 05:29:33   #
son of witless wrote:
In my life's travels I have come across many first and second generation Poles. Happy to have them as friends, I would not want them as enemies.

Dear Son:

I am married to a great Polish lady. The Poles are the hardest working people I know.

And yes, I am happy to have them as loyal friends!

They are the toughest enemies you will ever experience.

Jul 5, 2017 05:50:09   #
PeterS wrote:
No, if you ever read the debate over the second amendment the intent was clearly to replace a free standing army--which the founders saw as a danger to individual liberty.

(the following is the actual debate over the second amendment)

New Hampshire — TENTH, That no standing Army shall be Kept up in time of Peace unless with the consent of three fourths of the Members of each branch of Congress, nor shall Soldiers in Time of Peace be Quartered upon private Houses without the consent of the Owners... TWELFTH Congress shall never disarm any Citizen unless such as are or have been in Actual Rebellion.

(I like the part where no man can be disarmed unless they have been in rebellion.)

Virginia — SEVENTEENTH, That the people have a right to keep and bear arms; that a well regulated Militia composed of the body of the people trained to arms is the proper, natural and safe defence of a free State. That standing armies in time of peace are dangerous to liberty, and therefore ought to be avoided, as far as the circumstances and protection of the Community will admit; and that in all cases the military should be under strict subordination to and governed by the Civil power. EIGHTEENTH, That no Soldier in time of peace ought to be quartered in any house without the consent of the owner, and in time of war in such manner only as the laws direct. NINETEENTH, That any person religiously scrupulous of bearing arms ought to be exempted upon payment of an equivalent to employ another to bear arms in his stead... (Amendments proposed to the body of the Constitution).... NINTH, that no standing army or regular troops shall be raised or kept up in time of peace, without the consent of two thirds of the members present in both houses. TENTH, That no soldier shall be inlisted for any longer term than four years, except in time of war, and then for no longer term than the continuance of the war. ELEVENTH, That each State respectively shall have the power to provide for organizing, arming and disciplining it's own Militia, whensoever Congress shall omit or neglect to provide for the same. That the Militia shall not be subject to Martial Law, except when in actual service in time of war, invasion, or rebellion; and when not in the actual service of the United States, shall be subject only to such fines, penalties and punishments as shall be directed or inflicted by the laws of its own State.

New York — That the People have a right to keep and bear Arms; that a well regulated Militia, including the body of the People capable of bearing Arms, is the proper, natural and safe defence of a free State; that the Militia should not be subject to Martial Law, except in time of War Rebellion or Insurrection. That standing Armies in time of Peace are dangerous to Liberty, and ought not to be kept up, except in Cases of necessity; and that at all times, the Military should be under strict Subordination to the Civil Power. That in time of Peace no Soldier ought to be quartered in any House without the consent of the Owner, and in time of War only by the civil Magistrate in such manner as the Laws may direct...that the Militia of any State shall not be compelled to serve without the limits of the State for a longer term than six weeks, without the Consent of the Legislature thereof.

This goes on and on with the representatives from each colony making a statement but clearly the purpose of the second amendment, as they saw it, was to provide a well trained militia to take the place of a freestanding army, something that all saw as a danger to the freedom and liberty of the country.
No, if you ever read the debate over the second am... (show quote)


I'll keep it short and sweet . . . I stand corrected!

Jul 5, 2017 05:42:55   #
TexaCan wrote:
Mr. Snoopy: I read some of your posts on your user list and I see that you are app. 85 yrs. young! My Daddy taught me to respect my elders so I'm going to attempt to do as he said! I made A+ in English, it was one of my favorite subjects, along with History. I will be the first to admit that I am far from perfect. I don't think common sense has anything to do with being critical or being the self proclaimed grammar police. Hope you had a wonderful day! My husband and I just finished watching the local fireworks display and it was fantastic!
Mr. Snoopy: I read some of your posts on your u... (show quote)

Dear Tex:

I apologize for being grumpy.

Our educational system is failing us in many areas.

The standards have been lowered since I taught.

Jul 4, 2017 18:19:44   #
TexaCan wrote:
I think you should take a course in controlling your elitist attitude in judging another's ability to having a very interesting and engaging conversation even without perfect grammar. How many on OPP will be exempt from taking that course do you think? You're one!👈🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷🇱🇷 Happy 4th of July💥💥💥💥


I took the course . . . it was called common sense!

You both should have shut up during English class and listened.

Might have learned how to express yourself accurately in the English language.

Jul 4, 2017 18:06:18   #
Dear Sgt. Roof:

Great letter . . . touched all the bases with eye-opening truths.

Also . . . Thank You for your service to our great country!

Jul 4, 2017 09:04:54   #
PeterS wrote:
The second amendment was created out of the need to replace the need for a free standing army. Today we have the biggest free standing army in the history of man. What on earth makes you think the founders would be proud of that?


The Second Amendment was created to counter-balance the standing army.

It was never intended to replace a standing army.

It provided a means of individual safety.

Jul 4, 2017 07:42:05   #
RETW wrote:
And you have a problem with what exactly?


And you have a problem with what exactly? br Humm... (show quote)

Try a course in grammar!
Jul 4, 2017 05:08:55   #
Best President Ever?--These May Be the Reasons Why


In my lifetime I am unable to recall a single Politician from any Country which demonstrates the level of integrity that our President Donald Trump is living...

He is literally following up on his campaign promises and is making sure that the promises made on the trail are kept for the American people....Every single one!!!

It is unprecedented promise keeping, by our President Trump.

I have been sharing with many of my friends who still seem to struggle with doubt or worry that our President may lack the sufficient motivation to succeed. I believe that this may stem from the outrageous behavior of the liberal controlled news media, as well as some Democrats and Republicans, who are both politicians and small portion of our citizenry...

The lies and threats put upon not just our President but his entire family and businesses are shameful at best and do not represent the America in which I grew up in... President Trump and his family do represent the very values, morals, standards and ethical conduct that I did grow up in America believing and backing...

I assure my friends that (if for no other reason), our President has an ego...This ego is part of his driving force but only a part...

Fortunately, from my perspective, it is the part which will not allow President Trump to fail or even come up short on any of his promises or goals which he seeks to achieve... (This is meant as a compliment)

Employers often seek the basic motivation of a potentially outstanding Employee, to better understand their drive and desire for succeeding....

President Trump has agreed contractually to receive $1.00 per year for his compensation, for which all other Presidents have been paid a decent salary.

Obama was overpaid a whopping $240,000.00 annually plus $50,000.00 IN Expenses...

This makes it painfully apparent that President Trump is not in it for the money as he is already rich beyond what he could possibly spend just enjoying the remainder of his life, without having to lift a finger with any kind of work...

President Trump over the past forty years has made it clear he was and is unhappy with the direction our country was heading.
While with nearly the same breath, he had rejected the idea of running for office himself.

He had shared with the public that it is not what he wants to do, but someday, if need be, he would step up and fix the problems of our nation, which plagues our nation preventing us from achieving the greatness we once all enjoyed...

So what is his motivation for pushing his agenda to succeed?

The fact that he gave his word to the American people, "that if elected he would work tirelessly" to "Help Make America Great Again"...

As he is a man of his word, a man of God, coupled with his unquestionable and unwavering love of country, and for our people, these reasons will not allow him to fail...

He will not accept his legacy to be one of anything but Epic Success and the bringing back the sense of Pride we all once felt in our Great Nation....

He is motivated by uniting our people and putting an end to bigotry and prejudice which the left constantly accuses him of...

I pity the left, for it must be very difficult to constantly look for a chink in his armor only to fall flat on their faces every time, with new narratives being hatched as we speak....

Donald Trump may not be perfect, but he works towards achieving his goals for our country with the heart of the perfect soul....He shall not be denied...

I would like to request as an American that the liberal news media either report responsibly without bias or embellishing of the facts, the news and stop supporting a narrative designed to destroy our President,
or shut down their lying news media outlets for good...

Get on board with the programs Democrats and start referring to each other as Americans and abandon old ideas of stereotyping Americans based on their ethnicity and just refer to each other as Americans...

No more using a prefix of Asian, African, Black, Mexican, Italian, Polish, Irish, or even Native when introducing Americans...


Give the American people more credit than you have been for being able to see through the crap and understand where and what the truth really is...

No more divisive rhetoric by any Political party.

Some Democrats and Republicans should be ashamed of themselves for the narrative they have been duping our population with...

It is not even a bipartisan effort requested or required here...

It is Americans working together and forgetting political, socio and economic lines of division and rolling up our sleeves and working together without our complaining or bickering...

I challenge all AMERICANS to put aside their political ideology, agendas, or narratives for the remainder of President Trump's first term and work together to help make his plan work and see how much better we will be in four years...After all, we gave you the respect of eight years with Obama....What have you got to loose?
Best President Ever?--These May Be the Reasons Why... (show quote)


Trump is getting too close to upsetting the political "apple cart". The "good old boys" are afraid he is going to end the political gravy train and install some honesty in government.

MSM controls the uncaring, lazy and under-educated with their liberal propaganda.

College students shown on Waters World have NO idea what is going on in this country.

Jul 4, 2017 05:01:16   #
RETW wrote:
Well now, I have been reading a lot from the left, about how bad President Trump is. So my thoughts naturally turn to, just why that is, as I’m sure a lot of us on the right have.

And in doing some calling around, to many of you that are on the left, …. here in my own little part of the world,…. this is what I have come up with.

#1 reason Stupid

#2 reason Arrogant

#3 reason non presidential

#4 reason dumb

#5 reason blond haired freak.

#6 reason lair

#7 reason SOB
#8 reason fool or idiot - Take your pick

#9 reason cheater

#10 reason womanizer

This is a list of the top 10 reasons I have learned, why the left doesn’t like President Trump.

And as of late I have been told, his “ tweets” are non Presidential.

So I will answer each one of these reasons
in turn.

# 1. “ Stupid “

You don’t get to be the head of a major Corporation making Billions of dollars, as well as becoming the President of the United States by being stupid.

#2. “ Arrogant “

Being chief executive requires making decisions, and a solid positive attitude.
President Trump does both, and does then very well.

#3. “ non presidential “

The left is overwhelmed by President Trumps tweets, and not on the accomplishments he has already put into affect. The left had no idea they were going to loose. So, not being in control, has turned there world upside down.

#4. “ dumb “

Reducing illegal aliens crossing our southern boarder, over 75 % is not dumb.
Getting Kate’s law passed is not dumb.
Rounding up and deporting many members of the gang of 13 is not dumb.
Any one who thinks so is not sane.

#5. “blond haired freak. “

That’s just plain stupid.

#6. “ lair “

About what? The left when asked, only say
about everything. Never specifying about anything in particular. They have not been able to prove he has lied about anything as of yet.

#7. “ SOB “

I can’t even dignify that with an answer.

That is in the category of a brainless buffoon.

#8. “ fool or idiot “

Really? You don’t get to be the leader of the most powerful nation on earth by being either of them. People who say this, simply don’t have a clue what they are saying.

#9. “ cheater “

To who, and about what? The left have several reasons they spout. Cheating on his wife, they can only say that he has. ( They produce no proof of any kind.) Cheating in business. The sight the 3 times he went bankrupt. All legal and above board. Cheated to get the presidency. They have not been able to come up with any solid reason to prove it. Even after 6 month in office.

And # 10. “ womanizer “

The left, don’t seem to recognize, the tens of millions of woman in this country, that will tell them differently.

Now to say that President Trump tweets a lot is stating a fact. And I believe a tactic
he has used to full effect. As a matter of fact, I would put it in the category of brilliant.

Who would ever thought that any one person, could occupy near 75 % of the news medias time with a single tweet? Then while there busy trying to analyze and figure out what he has said, he goes about his business of running the nation. And I must say, he is doing a great job at it as well.

What do you think?

Well now, I have been reading a lot from the left,... (show quote)


I agree with most things you have presented.

I also think you should take a course in elementary English grammar.

Jun 29, 2017 06:00:16   #
Wolf counselor wrote:
Howdy OPP members.

This old man is one weary soul.

The war we are waging here, has left me with injuries that will need some time to heal.

My little angel and I will leave early tomorrow and spend some time up at Sweetwater Creek.

This fourth of July, for us, will be free of the fire works and public celebration.

The songs of the mockinbirds, the rippling creek and the call of the red tail hawks, will be a comfort to my ears for a while.

I just saw a news report of a man who mowed down a monument of the ten commandments with his car.

And we've been verbally mowing down each other here on OPP since the day I first joined in.

I saw video of four thugs beating and robbing two tourists in New Orleans.

And another video of a black couple beating a restaurant owner and her daughter simply because the chicken they ordered was cold.

I may appear to be a hard hearted, mean spirited redneck, but the truth, believe it or not, is that I wish no ill will towards any of you.

I make no excuses for my behavior and I make no promise that I will suddenly become Mr. Nice Guy.

But I sure am tired of watching and participating as we tear each other to shreds here on OPP.

So I'm self imposing a ceasefire and I'll just back away for a few days and allow you folks to continue with whatever you choose to do, without my personal input.

I have a place just west of my camp, that we call Sunset Bluff.

That's where we go each evening to witness the glorious passing of the day and we stay until we see the first signs of twilight.

There is where I will think of you folks.

Every single one of you.

Happy Trails......My Fellow Americans.
Howdy OPP members. br br This old man is one wear... (show quote)


I live 20 miles from the nearest town . . . We have every day what you seek this weekend.

Enjoy and God Bless!

Jun 29, 2017 05:45:07   #
Eugene Debs wrote:
I understand the pain that says something so off the mark as this, perhaps abetted by the prejudice Trumpian Right urging unwarranted indignation. Nothing about that statement is even partially true--but it rings true like a clarion call. To what? Fear and hate. Illegal alien crime is a minuscule fraction of American citizen crime. We do not turn our microscope on Whites. These kind of sick statements as in the title have Brown and Black as the usual suspects.

Someone who has been deported 6xs and commits a crime here the 7th, is not indictment of politicians of any stripe. A bad person is responsible for their child's death, not Obama or Trump or ICE. All this irresponsible and irrational statement "My son is dead...because politicians put illegal aliens ahead of American citizens" does is incite prejudice and danger to those that are not white. If not for their grief, I would see these people as despicable examples of bigotry. Generalization is the worst form of prejudice. All non-whites are suspect of being murderous, rapists, and criminals. Have an accent that is not discernibly European, you are one of them. Them, as in us and them. A threat. Not to be treated with decency and respect but hostile suspicion. This is what Republicans do. They have no real policies to their platform, they have only divisiveness, fear, and hate as their agenda. Keep us lowly citizens and people of color squabbling and we may not notice their unctuous gifts to the Elite. The "Healthcare" bill is just slaughtering the bull of medic-aid recipients as a sacrifice to the gods of money, Big Business.
I understand the pain that says something so off t... (show quote)


Loki reported FACTS in relation to your post. Yes, everyone is responsible for their own acts. Politicians made the conditions possible for these acts to occur here in the United States.
Illegal is illegal no matter how you want to look at it. Research the results if you would illegally enter Mexico . . . and find out the harsh punishment you receive.

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