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Mar 22, 2017 15:18:59   #
Alber wrote:
Zombiefarmer: Moron!
Thank you very much for your answer. Each one gives what he has. One image is more than a thousand words and it demonstrate what you want to say. I must understand that the image is a radiography of your head as a zombie, showing what is left of your brain. So, being a zombie-farmer, as you call yourself, according to voodoo you are capable of automatic movement but your brain has turned to excrement and you are used by your sorcerer master as a farmer, you want to say that you are a moron (mentally retarded person) for being dead, as a zombie. You do not have an opinion in one way or another. It is surprising that you are able to write here in OPP and that your sorcerer master let you use a computer.
Zombiefarmer: Moron! br Thank you very much for yo... (show quote)

I think I will stand by my characterization of you as the moron, since you are a central planning commie. Quite a few thirteen year old girls like you exhibit that characteristic.
Mar 22, 2017 10:49:17   #
Alber wrote:
In early January, then-president-elect Trump said, "They [Democrats] own it right now. So the easiest thing would be to let it (Obama Care) implode in 2017, and believe me: we'd get pretty much whatever we wanted."

It is important the repeal of Obama Care and its costly regulations but also it is necessary to move the American health care system in a patient-centered direction, so any measure taken in this moment must be transitory with the intention of establishing in a near future, two years at the most, a Universal Health Care System with nothing to do with health insurance. It is necessary to find a new way of health care financing, because it is important for everybody. Health care financing must be taken away from the insurance companies creating organizations to work on behalf of the interest of the people and conducted by the own people, making its functions more close to their knowledge. Neither right nor left, non-political and non-profit associations with autonomy, regulated by the law, taking on account, with the help of the American Medical Association, the reasonable and decorous earnings of those professionals and workers that labor on the field of health, procuring by the means of the law the "goodwill" of the enterprises that make the medicines. The infrastructure to accomplish this goal exist, there is no need of any investment, just to establish the form of payment for the use or acquisition of the existing installations by this associations to the owners and how to develop new installations in the future.
We must study the systems of other countries (The United Kingdom, Italy, France, Sweden, Spain, etc.). To study do not means to copy, but to learn of others experiences. There is to much red tape to get a good attention with the mediation of a purveyor of insurance and even you do not receive proper attention, because if you need a specialist, you will not have access to this professional if there is not one in your area that is under payment by the insurance company in which you have a plan. Besides what you pay for insurance you must pay and amount for every visit or specialized treatment and for the medicine. In the aforesaid countries you pay a tax but you do not have to pay when you need medical attention or other treatment and the medicine is subsidized.
It could be created a universal health system without any intermediary (insurance companies), affordable for everybody, taking on account the persons of low income. The USA is the first country in the world and it is a shame that it is the number 37 in this field as says the UN, ranking with Cuba that is number 39, a country where its inhabitants have a miserable life.

We could create non-profit associations in every county endorsed by the State and Federal governments, with a budget of both, taking on account an annual quota per capita for the number of associates at the beginning of each year, with the payment of a monthly quota by each associate, equal for all associates including children, collectable through the payroll as the taxes with the number of the social security.
Eluding the monopoly of the service and trying to develop the competition among this associations it could be created two or three in each county. These associations would have hospitals and dispensaries for external attention under their control with dental care and other services not included in the insurance actually and the medicine could be subsidized. These associations would be supervised by an Agency in every State and a Federal Agency in the nation, and both of them at their level, would inspect periodically all their functions, technical and of the economy. There was an experience of this mutual system in Cuba before the communist government expropriated all de hospitals and dispensaries of this associations and the system was taken in account by the Constitution of this country of 1940, one of the most advanced in the world in that moment.
It is the same that Mr. Trump wants to do with the education, a budget for each student, so a budget for each person's health. In this moment the Obama Care Insurance Market, taking the amount of money from the taxes, pays to Florida Blue Insurance Company for a man 74 years old, 770 USD monthly and if he needs the service of a specialist, he has to pay, from his pocket, an amount for each visit or for any treatment prescribed and for the medicine.
The USA has 324 millions of inhabitants, if for each inhabitant this program received a part (could be one half) of the minimum salary established for one day (eight hours) of work as a monthly quota and the Federal and States governments contribute with an annual quota per person (taken from the taxes), there would be an appropriated financing of health care, receiving much less money from the taxes that Obama Care do actually. There would be a great savings, because there would be no profit and the salaries of the health professionals, of the administration (including all non professional workers) and of the board of directors of these associations, would be no more than a low % of the profit, for those with actual investments in the health care business and for the insurance companies. So, the decrease of the expenses and the decrease of the amount of the profits would help to pay the mortgage for the acquisition of the existing installations and would reduce the income necessity for health care in comparison with this moment, what would make possible a decrease of the amount of tax taken actually by Obama Care, making affordable the maintenance of a Universal Health Care System.
In early January, then-president-elect Trump said,... (show quote)


Mar 19, 2017 23:17:38   #
Homestead wrote:
For a long time, the so called experts had decided that over population created poverty.

It took them a while to learn and deal with the truth.

Poverty creates population.

In a mean state of society, one needs a clan to cling to where all hands work together for their mutual benefit.

No bond is stronger than family, so poverty breeds large families.

When incomes go up, people have smaller families.

That's just the way it is.

You CAN live on love! Eat the babies.
Mar 19, 2017 10:30:03   #
peter11937 wrote: He made this over 200 years ago, and he was wrong. The same thinking today will prove wrong too.

Humans are like any other mammalian population. More food, more humans. Look at Africa. We breed even when we are starving. At some point the ability to produce food will not keep up with the population. My guess is that the die off will be tremendous because we will have ruined the ability to produce food. Perhaps the remaining people will go Soylent Green? Well anyway, none of us alive today will see what really happens.
Mar 18, 2017 18:02:02   #
Fay Guht wrote:
So tell me....I invited comments on this.

The reason is this: automation of the trucking industry is going to elimate one million driver jobs in the next 5-10 years.

So where are they going to go?

Automation in fast food, pharmacies. ....where is everyone gonna go?

Civil unrest?

I'm just inviting comment here. And as nasty as you come off, I'd like your ideas.

Throw some out. But we as citizens need to head off the power block that us the 1%.
So tell me....I invited comments on this. br br ... (show quote)

Oh sweetie, fruitcake is not nasty. Keep dreaming, someday reality will set in.
Mar 18, 2017 16:39:16   #
Fay Guht wrote:
Actually, yes it would. I mean everything.

Think about this. Since everything is available to everyone, none of us would try to out status
the next guy.

An example: I want a Jaguar. I go to the dealer and get one. Free.

Now I start driving.

You see me driving this and you say yo yourself, "I think I'll walk over and get one, too."

And you do.

Since anyone can have anything, status items would become a meaningless novelty.

And occupancy would get old quick since it doesn't mean anything.

Since anyone can have it.

And you'd never be threatened with theft causr the thieves can have em too.

So you (everyone else) would tire of a meaningless occupancy and then turn toward yourself to find your talents or interests.

Everone would benefit because you'd be challenging yourself in something you consider meaningful.

And goods, and the stupidity of trying to outdo each other would change.
Actually, yes it would. I mean everything. br ... (show quote)

What a fruitcake! Head for the north pole, you might find what you're looking for there. You could be an elf.
Mar 18, 2017 09:58:49   #
pafret wrote:
In The Final Analysis...

People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway. If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyway. If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway. If you find happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway. The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway. Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway. In the final analysis it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.

- Mother Teresa
In The Final Analysis... br br People are often u... (show quote)

Words to live by.
Mar 17, 2017 09:51:40   #
pafret wrote:
"Standing Up When It’s Too Late"
Posted: 16 Mar 2017 08:20 AM PDT

By JR Nyquist

"This article is a comparison between America and another great empire faced with rot in high office and a decline of the state- Rome. The writer, JR Nyquist, artfully points out it’s not the big events that sink an empire but many seemingly little ones. You could call what is happening to the U.S. “death by a thousand cuts.” Except in this story, people are not really aware how deep the cuts are and exactly who is doing the cutting. I loved this piece, and I hope you do as well." - Greg Hunter
"There is a letter by Marcus Tullius Cicero, dated 18 December 50 B.C. This letter was written to his friend Atticus on the eve of the Roman Civil War. He wrote as follows: “The political situation alarms me deeply, and so far I have found scarcely anybody who is not for giving Caesar what he demands rather than fighting it out.” To explain the situation in brief, G. Julius Caesar had demanded the right to circumvent the Roman constitution, to break laws with impunity, to extend his command over a large army by using that army to threaten the Senate of Rome. “And why should we start standing up to him now?” asked Cicero. The next day he wrote to Atticus: “We should have stood up to him [Caesar] when he was weak, and that would have been easy. Now we have to deal with eleven legions…” Though he hated the idea of civil war, the only course, said Cicero, was to follow “the honest men or whoever may be called such, even if they plunge.”

And who were these “honest men”? “I don’t know of any,” wrote Cicero in the same letter. “There are honest individuals, but there are no honest groups.” Then he asked rhetorically if the Senate was honest, or the tax farmers, or the capitalists. None were frightened of living under an autocracy, he lamented. The capitalists, especially, “never have objected to that, so long as they were left in peace.” But civil war occurred nonetheless, because people are not free to be dishonest forever. They must admit to certain responsibilities, and oppose the advance of evil. The previous inclination to look away, to do nothing, to shrug off responsibility, proves in the end to be no more than a delaying tactic. They attempted to put off calamity, Cicero suggested, and made it all the more calamitous. That is all.

Why did the Roman Senate suddenly stand up to Caesar? What triggered their resistance? As with all free people, they began with policies of procrastination and appeasement. They hoped that the problem (i.e., Caesar) would go away. In the end, however, they discovered their mistake. Everyone still hoped for peace, though none believed it was possible. Everyone wanted to avoid war, but nobody saw a way out. Pompey stood before the Senate and gave voice to what everyone thought. “If we give Caesar the consulship, it will mean the subversion of the constitution.” In other words, it would mean the end of Rome, the end of the republic, the destruction of their country.

In a fitting preface to John Dickinson’s "Death of a Republic," George L. Haskins wrote, “that the history of Rome is the history of the world, that, as all roads lead to Rome, so all history ends or begins with Rome.” Why do free people fall into complacency? Why are threats ignored until the eleventh hour?

“Surely,” wrote Cicero at the end of Caesar’s dictatorship, “our present sufferings are all too well deserved. For had we not allowed outrages to go unpunished on all sides, it would never have been possible for a single individual to seize tyrannical power.” Caesar’s cause was not right, but evil, Cicero explained. “Mere confiscations of the property of individual citizens were far from enough to satisfy him. Whole provinces and countries succumbed to his onslaught, in one comprehensive universal catastrophe…” As for the city of Rome, Cicero lamented, “nothing is left- only the lifeless walls of houses. And even they look afraid that some further terrifying attack may be imminent. The real Rome is gone forever.”

Republics are slow to defend themselves against enemies that advance, like Caesar, under camouflage. But make no mistake, republics always defend. Groups and categories of men may not be honest or brave, but when they are finally confronted with the truth- as individuals- they see no other course. They stand up and fight. We should not be surprised, therefore, that Caesar was struck down in the Senate and killed by thrusting daggers.

It is all too true, of course. “We should have stood up to him when he was weak,” Cicero lamented. The problem with republican government is its tardiness; or rather, tardiness in the face of danger. As Machiavelli wrote, "The institutions normally used by republics are slow in functioning. No assembly or magistrate can do everything alone. In many cases, they have to consult with one another, and to reconcile their diverse views takes time. Where there is a question of remedying a situation that will not brook delay, such a procedure is dangerous."

Machiavelli concluded, therefore, “that republics in imminent danger, having no recourse to dictatorship … will always be ruined when some grave misfortune befalls them.” This is the weakness of republican government. Here is the ground on which it dies. An obvious threat, like 9/11 or Pearl Harbor is not the greatest danger. It is the subtle, camouflaged threat, that creeps up from behind. It is this camouflage that gives reluctant men a way out. “We need not fight. We need not make a fuss. There is nothing to fear.”

When this is the prevailing view, people who understand a given threat may ask: “What is to be done?” As long as we are isolated individuals, there is nothing to do. The individual may be honest with himself, but groups are not honest. What prevails overall is an optimistic dismissal. “The threat isn’t real.” This is how Hitler got so far. This is how Communism took over so many countries, and continues today under camouflage. There is nothing the individual can do that will sway the crowd. And as we are a republic, our political system operates according to the psychology of a crowd. The majority are caught up in the fads and media trends of the moment. Cynical and empty publicity characterizes much of our public discourse. But one day the country will awaken. Then, and only then, Americans will stop going along as if nothing serious hangs over them. Will it be too late? Perhaps it will be too late to save the republic. But it will not be too late to save the country."
"Standing Up When It’s Too Late" br Post... (show quote)

If you do not learn from history, you will suffer it's repeat.
Mar 17, 2017 08:31:36   #
Loki wrote:
Speaking of which, you know what an Irishman call a seven course meal? A six-pack of Guinness and a baked potato.

The difference between an Irish wedding and an Irish funeral?

One less drunk.

The difference between high Irish and low Irish is high Irish will push the dishes to one side before pissing in the sink.
My Grandma Harrington.
Mar 16, 2017 21:13:41   #
solarkin wrote:
Don't they keep the ICBMs there?

There are a few around. Sometimes you see the glowworms in their blue pickups trading out crews. I don't think I would like to live in a hole like that for whatever amount of time they do. I would rather be toasted if it came to that.
Mar 16, 2017 17:23:07   #
Another good day! Dug a grave this morning AND I am still on her ignore list. Life in Montana is always good.
Mar 16, 2017 10:56:25   #
saltwind78 wrote:
S.Maturin, Lets see how wasteful the EPA is when the middle west turns into a desert, Florida becomes the Florida Sea and they start growing oranges in Alaska.

You forgot your meds again!

Mar 15, 2017 17:36:23   #
tdsrnest wrote:
According to the freak elected to the White House he inherited a mess. But the Fed just increased interest rates to help stop inflation because the economy is doing great. Ha ha ha ha you morons that listen to an orange haired freak have to be living in a bubble full of orange haired lies.

I wonder if he is headed to play golf this weekend at a cost of 3 million dollars all picked up by the tax payer.
I wonder if his microwave is watching him or maybe his TV is watching. I understand now he doen't use his blender because Obama put a listening divice on it.
He doen't use his toilet because Ryan threw his affordable healthcare plan in it and it got clogged up with all they bull shit being thrown around.
This freak show is a joke
According to the freak elected to the White House ... (show quote)

How does it feel being irrelevant?

Mar 14, 2017 14:30:52   #
padremike wrote:
I am of the opinion that I would call 911 after I shoot the intruder.

Of course, you want the PD there to get you an official body count. Statistics R fun!!
Mar 13, 2017 20:00:57   #
Mr Bombastic wrote:
I've lost count of how many I've lost. Where do they go?

You goof. They moved in with the lost socks, of course!
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