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Jul 27, 2017 18:51:35   #
E wrote:
First I have to start with the SEAL. She served here and there and she won this and that. NO!!! He served and won this and that. He tried this so called transition thing after he served. As a she, full time from the beginning, these accomplishments wouldn't have happened.

Military personnel are just another tool for the Admirals and Generals to use to accomplish victory and protect America. The military is not there as a social experiment. These personal are like a very complex weapon. A large steel weapon might be the greatest weapon at the leaders command. But one brass part and the whole thing weakens and can fail at just the wrong moment and cause severe loss of America life. Do we take that chance because of one confused individual who can't accept their real, natural, biological identity? Does that one confused individual have the right to test their confusion on the battlefield with a potential loss of life and the battle at risk? These elements, like gays and women, can disrupt unit cohesion at critical points and cause potential unacceptable losses.

Privacy and capabilities: Does he/she or she/he sleep with and shower with he or she? Does he/she and she/he have to qualify under he or she standards? And why are they different in the first place? We need the best personnel, not the best he and she available. Are he/she and she/he on drugs that might affect their performance? Why should the military and the VA be saddled with these expenses, and eventual full (as possible) transition surgeries to cover, 'I now feel like a he/she or a she/he.' All the military should count on is that you are the best unit we can put into the battle situation as an individual and part of a cohesive team of members who are in full support of each other, able to support each other, and able to count on each other.

Let's look at two separate units of 12 heading into a serious very dangerous combat situation.
One unit has 12 straight men measured at 95%.
The other unit has one woman (the best they could get) measured at 80%. One she/he measured at 85% with her male hormones. One he/she at 95% due to the female hormones. One gay man measured at 100%. And 8 straight men measured at 100%.
I know that I would take the 12 straight men any time. You can make your own choice. But remember, anything goes wrong and one or all could die and the objective could fail.

I remember trying to become a fireman at the age of 58. I passed the physical, but about 90+% of the women failed. Everyone said that no one should care who saves their life or puts out their fire. Of course. Lets not be stupid. But it isn't that simple. You put into the job the best you can find for the job. You don't hire on quotas and hope you can raise them all up to the level that the best would have been. First, we had blacks suing because their weren't enough that passed the mental exam. Quotas. So we got more stupid hires. Then after many years, the women sued because they couldn't make the physical demands to be hired. So we got weaker candidates. Quotas. Stupid. You hire for the best team possible. Then they showed us a video of a real hero, who climbed up the fire ladder about five stories and reached out and caught a 100 pound as she fell past him from about three stories above him. Would a woman have caught her. I doubt it. I'll admit, I might not have either. But the male natural body strength saved that girl's life.

The whole point is that you don't hire to satisfy politicians of weird agenda. You hire and train the best to fulfill the needs of the unit, whether it is Police, Fire, or the Military and don't settle for less or people whining about there needs to be this or that when they won't fit in or measure up.

First I have to start with the SEAL. She served he... (show quote)

That was exactly the point that I made!!!!! She did not exist until after HE retired from the military. She lied about the President saying that transgenders were unworthy to serve. She lied about her experience of being a transgender in the military. He was a man that was a dedicated Seal and served his country with honor!!!! As a person and a Texan, I have no problem with a persons sexual choices or what they choose to be, but don't lie or stretch the truth to prove your point. And her comments " They care more about the airplane or the tank than they care about people, they don't care about people. They don't care about human beings." Now that sounds like a whining woman, and I am qualified to make that statement! My husband would claim that I'm an expert. πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Jul 27, 2017 12:39:20   #
slatten49 wrote:
Paul Szoldra
Business Insider,
Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A retired Navy SEAL Team 6 hero who is transgender had a message for President Donald Trump after he announced the US military would bar transgender people from serving.

"Let's meet face to face and you tell me I'm not worthy," Kristin Beck, a 20-year veteran of the Navy SEALs, told Business Insider on Wednesday. "Transgender doesn't matter. Do your service."

Beck said Trump's abrupt change in policy could negatively affect many currently or wanting to serve in the military. The RAND Corporation estimated in 2016 that there were between 1,320 and 6,630 transgender people serving. Many of them just want to serve their country like everyone else, Beck said.

"Being transgender doesn't affect anyone else," Beck said. "We are liberty's light. If you can't defend that for everyone that's an American citizen, that's not right."

Beck is not just your average service member. Born Christopher Beck, she served for 20 years in the Navy with SEAL Teams 1, 5, and, eventually, the elite 6. She deployed 13 times over two decades, including stints in Bosnia, Iraq, and Afghanistan. She received the Bronze Star award for valor and the Purple Heart for wounds suffered in combat. (Those were among Beck's twenty-seven awards/medals/commendations)

"I was defending individual liberty," she said. "I defended for Republicans. I defended for Democrats. I defended for everyone."

In a series of tweets, Trump said the decision was based on the costs of medical services that transgender service members could use. But "the money is negligible," Beck said. "You're talking about .000001% of the military budget.

"They care more about the airplane or the tank than they care about people," Beck said. "They don't care about people. They don't care about human beings."

When asked about potential problems with unit cohesion or war fighting, Beck said those were not issues that would arise from transgender service members, but from leadership.

"A very professional unit with great leadership wouldn't have a problem," Beck said. "I can have a Muslim serving right beside Jerry Falwell, and we're not going to have a problem. It's a leadership issue, not a transgender issue."
Paul Szoldra br Business Insider, br Wednesday, J... (show quote)

Good morning Slatten, I read this thread over 3 times before I made my comments. I wanted to be respectful and comment on the facts as I see them. I first looked for the statement that Beck claimed that President Trump made about transgenders being unworthy to serve. I googled it but couldn't find it, that not saying that he didn't make it, just that I didn't find any proof of it. The article states that she received these various awards, but she did not, he however did. Beck also said when asked about potential problems with unit cohesion or war fighting that there would be no issues from transgender service members , but from leadership. Beck went on to say that a very professional unit with great leadership wouldn't have a problem. Since he was not a transgender when he served with his fellow Seal brothers, is this not just his opinion and not a fact based on his experience as a transgender? Then there is the statement about "the money is negligible, only about .000001% of the military budget ". I don't care if it is $50 or $50,000 or half a million, I don't want my tax dollars paying for something God created and the person disagreed with His creation. For this to be a relevant story about transgenders IN the active military, let's hear the story of a transgender Seal member and the story of the Seal brothers that serve with him! That would give everyone a true picture of both sides of this very explosive subject. I listened to a young retired military man minus both his legs, speak on this subject this morning. I hope some of you heard it! Among other things that he said, he said that it wasn't about one person, it was about the cohesiveness of the unit. His opinion was that having a transgender female in the group would not be beneficial for the group. He said so much more, so maybe more can hear him later today. It's a beautiful day in Texas, it would even be better if we were sitting in a nice shady cove on Lake Whitney!!!!
Jul 26, 2017 18:21:10   #
peter11937 wrote:
His mother would never kiss that mouth or face considering what comes out of it!

I see your point!
Jul 26, 2017 18:19:13   #
Glaucon wrote:
Eric Hoffer wrote a book called THE TRUE BELIEVER and you fit the symptoms you describe. You are enjoying what is called mental masturbation .
It feels good, as long as your imagination can be maintained.

I won't go there! I won't go there!!! Well, as John Wayne said, "the hell I won't!" If you had of done something about your sexual frustration, you wouldn't be suffering from mental constipation!!!!!!😩😩😩😩😩😩
Jul 26, 2017 17:56:38   #
Raylan Wolfe wrote:
Worried for his daughter has just taken credit for fondling her!

Would you like to explain exactly what part of that picture that he is fondling his daughter? You don't know anything about we daughters that are "Daddy's girls" do you? Did your Mom never wrap her arms around you and gave you a big Ol kiss on your cheek? Is it possible that you are jealous of a loving relationship between a child and a parent?
Jul 26, 2017 17:40:12   #
Glaucon wrote:
Do you believe liberals lie more than conservatives?

Do you believe bears poop in the woods?
Jul 26, 2017 17:09:12   #
kemmer wrote:
"DO TOO know about psycalagicale problems!!!"

Umm... What?

I was kidding!!!!! Just having a little fun with Ms. Psychologist!
Jul 26, 2017 15:34:59   #
Carol Kelly wrote:
The Wisdom of children. It is incomparable. We were invited by a childless couple as a family to join them for dinner. I made my usual speech about remembering manners and eat what your given, no choices. The first course was a stuffed onion. My youngest daughter hated onions, so the other children looked at me, like now what, and little Mandy rose to the occasion. "oh, onions, my favorite" and everyone breathed a sign of relief. No, she didn't eat the onion, but did eat a couple of bites of the stuffing.
The Wisdom of children. It is incomparable. We ... (show quote)

Carol, compare Eugene's Lima bean story to Dr.Dross's Lima bean story on the thread "Humor......I just have to share with you." Don't be fooled by this man of many fake identities! He has created so many different characters that he forgets which one tells what story. I must admit that he really knows how to make some of his characters very intriguing. I actually enjoy the introduction of a new character!
Jul 26, 2017 15:23:25   #
Eugene Debs wrote:
"The wound is where the light enters you." Rumi

The "wound" can be what is perceived as a nick, such as lima beans and ham; not even a wound but a bruise. Nothing truly serious. No big deal. Just the way it is. But if it bothers us in any way, in any way, it is diagnostic of a deeper and prevailing problem. To look any deeper will appear utterly foolish. This food just sucks, end of story. Any sane person with active taste buds would reject this meal. Shoo with your psychological babble.

Yes, it can be that simple. And really complicated. With the basic equipment of an ego, we all hold a sense of specialness and entitlement. If those two things are based on deficiency, not getting from our family of origin a loving confidence and encouragement and overcompensating, this simple slight of arbitrarily receiving c rations that were considered "bad" is enough for untoward behavior.
"The wound is where the light enters you.&quo... (show quote)

Only the great Rumitoid would have the audacity to use a quote by him in a post by one of his characters! Now that is truly Psychological Babble!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Jul 26, 2017 15:17:51   #
Eugene Debs wrote:
Never having liked lima beans, ever and not in the next life, I truly relate. And I deeply appreciate this parable. It is a parable. Down to earth, evocative, and compelling. There was a great job opening for you 2000 years ago. Yet the pity-pot has its comforts: feeling put upon perversely makes me feel special. Woe is me is like this special pass for demanded endless sympathy and sanctioned righteous complaint. And being snarky. Cutting off people in traffic takes an ounce or two off my pain and is therefore justified; I have been egregiously wronged by waiting a half hour for eggs at that restaurant or by this villainous can of C Rations . Someone has to pay. We are strange creatures. Wonderful writing and insight. There usually is, as you pointed out, a silver lining we may overlook by our pride or sense of entitlement that could turn things around.

But I will spoil my deep appreciation and go horribly off-topic with a story about my daughter. She is five and we are out to dinner with all the siblings, our wives and husbands and children, and grandpa (Pop-Pop). Fifteen of us. No matter what anyone ordered, Lima Beans was the side. Half-way through the meal, I start getting a few sidelong glances that my daughter is avoiding her vegetable; I follow where they are looking. I choke down a few as a form of encouragement but the message is not received. In fairness, she never saw a Lime Bean before today. My dad (Pop-Pop) is getting that look on his face: he is paying for all this so we better appreciate every bite. Being still somewhat under that judgmental look, I say to my daughter, "Jenny, try your vegetable." Not looking at me she says, "I don't like it." Mustering irrefutable logic I say to her, "How do you know you don't like it if you haven't tried it?" She stops and turns to me, does a little wiggle as if to center herself, and says, "Why would I try something I don't like?" Case closed, and everyone did get a kick out of her answer.
Never having liked lima beans, ever and not in the... (show quote)

As I was reading the Chit-Chat section, I realized I had heard this story before! I knew that Eugene Debs was one of Rumitoid's many identities, so I naturally checked posts of his other 'characters.' And lol and behold Dr. Dross had told this same story under the title of "Humor....I just have to share with you" on Nov 5,2016!! It is very apparent at this time that you need to hire an assistant to help you keep up with which of your characters tell which story and when they tell it! Since I know your different characters' stories and their different personalities, I would be happy to help you keep them 'sorted out', for a slight fee of course.
Jul 25, 2017 23:37:45   #
no propaganda please wrote:
It’s hard to escape stress. We’re bombarded.

And now most of us are carrying around tiny computers, constantly pinging and ponging at us.

Look, a smart phone is a wondrous thing. But sometimes, I just need to put it in a drawer for a while…

Go outside.

And just be.

Nature has incredible calming and healing powers. A walk in the woods or around a lake can reduce your blood pressure, your heart rate, tension and more.

It can even boost your immunity.

Taking time to be outside, whether it’s the park, the beach, the mountains or the woods… it can even help you live longer.

You don’t even have to make it a β€œhike” or something that feels like work.

Grab a blanket and just take time with your thoughts, and the birds, and the breeze.

If you’re in pain, whether it’s physical or emotional, nature can help there too. We’re genetically programmed to be attracted to – and focus on – trees, plants, water and more.

So when you get out in it, your pain naturally lessens.

More than 9 out of 10 with depression felt better after spending time outside. Even those with ADHD improved their attention spans after time spent in nature.

The world is a glorious gift from God.

Get out and enjoy it. For the sake of your health.

And as a way of appreciating how lucky we all are to be here.

God Bless,

Jeff Reagan

Alan Jackson - In The Garden LIVE - YouTube
It’s hard to escape stress. We’re bombarded. br b... (show quote)

My favorite time and place of peace was coming home from school after it started in the fall, getting off the bus, it took us an hour and a half to get home, finding my yellow mare and the grey hounds and taking off. My dad would always say, "be home before dark!" There has never been anything close to that special time with my best friend and the dogs and jumping a rabbit and the fun and excitement of the chase. West Texas has the most beautiful sunsets IMO! I can still feel the warm breeze and the sting of her sweaty horse hair against my bare legs. Everything was perfect! I felt complete peace with the joy of that short time before sundown. Pretty soon I would see the lights of the keep and daddy and momma would be coming to check on me. Now when I find myself in a time of fear or pain, I go there in my head, back in time , to that place where everything has stood still and all is perfect and Jesus is waiting just like He did so many many years ago!
Jul 25, 2017 22:32:06   #
Glaucon wrote:
Some people live in their delusions. If they make you happy and you don't bother others, most don't find it a problem . In some stages of treatment, some do get fixated on their therapist with either mindless hostility or loving adoration. They get over both as therapy is successful.

Have you ever just let your hair down and had a little fun? You have the actions of a robot, total lack of levity! Maybe if you got rid of some of your hate filled rage and anger and envy, you would have room for joy, peace, and love! You might even learn how to laugh and recognize 'kidding around' with others!
Jul 25, 2017 22:06:32   #
Worried for our children wrote:
We should set up a field trip to her asylum. 😁

Now that would be a date to remember!!!
Jul 25, 2017 22:02:46   #
Glaucon wrote:
I envy you having the time to " spend a little time on the rules of the ignore list." You must get really excited watching paint dry.

There is nothing more exciting than watching faux paint dry! There are so many different paint techniques. It's amazing when you apply one application over the first one. It's hard to describe to someone who knows nothing about it! So see there! Even the great Glaucon can learn something new and exciting! If you would like, I'll splain how the ignore list works to you!πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
Jul 25, 2017 21:52:22   #
Glaucon wrote:
I think you are thinking of dentists. Both dentists and psychologists work on head and that may be where you got confused.

Can you back that up with ANYTHING? I guess dentists commit suicide because of being exposed to all that bad breath 😷 ???
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