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Feb 15, 2017 19:28:22   #
America Only wrote:
Chain SAW! hehehehehehahahahah wooooooot!

Or a big ol' snapping turtle on a beautiful clear day - wouldn't want thunder to stop the operation!!!
Feb 15, 2017 14:22:02   #
Big dog wrote:
WHO the hell is Ruminator ? Some cud chewing colvin hoofed grass eating liberal? Never saw that name here before.

Yes it is once again the one and only Rumitoid!!! I have a notebook filled with Rumi and many of his personalities. He has become very easy to 'spot' after creating so many characters that use the same favorite words like Curious, too funny, or too frk funny, down the rabbit hole, Aarrgg are a few of his. They also posts at the same time which is late at night thru the early morning hours. He hates Christians, NRA, gun owners that believe that they have the right to defend themselves, conservatives, especially the tea party and he attacks Pennylynn and Lindajoy viciously. You can go to the 'user list' and do a comparison of Rumitoid, Fiatlux, Dr.Dross, Huminator and that is just a drop in the bucket!! You will understand after you read and compare and see that they all say the same thing. Pay close attention to his sermons on Love your Enemies. Everyone of these personalities are obsessed with this 'belief'!!!! He would make some Psychiatrist a fantastic case study.
Feb 14, 2017 13:20:49   #
humanator wrote:
And Christians want to replace it with Mosaic Law. No difference.

Would you like to back that up with actual proof or are you just going to go into your hate all Christians rant!!! Too funny! Or should I say CURIOUS!!!
Feb 14, 2017 12:58:05   #
rich278 wrote:
This ACA control you speak, of is that similar to "old white men in Washington dictating how poor young women of all backgrounds and colors, should make choices about their lives.?"

Are you referring to those women who choose to murder their babies as a form of birth control?
Feb 14, 2017 11:27:25   #
lindajoy wrote:
Good Morning to you and where have you been??

I have missed you and your common sense posts...

Do hope you are well...

Happy Valentines Day to you...๐Ÿ’—โš˜

Always the sweetheart you are!! I've been convalescing from a little problem that had to be corrected, but I've read OPP almost everyday and have enjoyed the 'spirited' conversations. Thank you for your kindness. It is so very much appreciated. The very best to you and your family and a very Happy Valentine's Day to you ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒบ๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒธ๐ŸŒท๐ŸŒน๐Ÿ’
Feb 10, 2017 00:55:11   #
Larry the Legend wrote:
This data from the Centers for Disease Control:

Common sense! Something that some people choose not to 'partake' in.
Feb 10, 2017 00:47:57   #
norte wrote:
Trump says Iranian ships 'will be shot'

There's a new sheriff in town and our military will no longer have to put up with intimidation, bullying, harassment or embarrassing situations from Iran! They have been warned!!
Feb 10, 2017 00:12:10   #
Alicia wrote:
I'm with ya! ! !What can these dunces know besides the propaganda fed to them by the Republicans! Most of the don't even know why they voted for Trump. Here's the answer: he's a good con man and I feel for them - especialy when they finally come to realize that fact.

Alicia,Alicia,Alicia!!! What do you call the parroting scripted dialogue that you constantly spew? Do you not read replies from conservatives or do you just not remember? We constantly shout to the rooftop why we voted for President Trump. I would tell you but I'm sure you would just ignore it or forget it! Where do you come up with these asinine assumptions?
Feb 9, 2017 23:52:15   #
Cool Breeze wrote:
To be fair Let's see what the Republicans have done since Obama been in office!

Obama did do lot of things even without Repubs support....and seems Repubs never agree with that is the list I found on web.....lets see if someone willing to still refute....

Tax on Companies that ship jobs overseas- A bill that would have eliminated a tax break that companies get when they ship jobs overseas. Republicans blocked this, allowing companies to keep the tax break they receive when they ship jobs to other countries.
Political Ad disclosure bill- Would have required all donors to political campaigns to reveal themselves. Republicans blocked this, not once but twice.
Subpoena Power for the Committee investigating the BP Oil Spill โ€“ Give subpoena power to the independent committee responsible for investigating BPโ€™s roll in the oil spill. Republicans attempted to block this.
The Small Business Jobs Act -would give LOCAL, community banks access to billions of dollars to loan to small businesses. Republicans blocked this, then attempted to block it a second time and failed.
The DREAM Act- Gives immigrant youth who were brought here as children a path to citizenship by earning a college degree or serving the military for 2 years. Republicans blocked this.
Repeal of โ€œDonโ€™t Ask, Donโ€™t Tellโ€- Would have repealed the law that forces gay and lesbian services members to lie about their sexuality and gives the military the right to discharge soldiers based on their sexuality. Republicans blocked this many times and Democrats were finally able to pass it with the support of just 2 Republicans.
Senator Frankenโ€™s Anti-Rape Amendment to the Defense Appropriations Bill โ€“ Makes it so that women raped overseas while working for foreign contractors have the right to have their case heard in an American court instead of having their case mediated by the company they work for. Only Republican men voted against this, but it passed.
Benefits for Homeless Veterans- Would have expanded benefits to homeless veterans and homeless veterans with children. Republicans blocked this.
Affordable Health Care For America Act- Prevents insurance companies from discriminating against you on the basis of โ€œpre-existing conditionsโ€. Requires that insurance companies spend 85 cents of every dollar that you pay on your actual health care. Limits health insurance companies profit margins. Republicans blocked this for months before it finally passed and have vowed to repeal it if they are elected.
Health Care for the 9/11 First Responders who got sick from being at Ground Zero- Would provide billions of dollars in health care to help the 9/11 First Responders who were at Ground Zero on 9/11 and are now sick because of it. Republicans blocked this.
The Jobs Bill- Offsets the payroll tax for 1 year for companies that hire new employees, or people receiving unemployment insurance. Also gives other tax incentives to companies hiring new employees. Republicans attempted to block this.
Wall Street Reform- Puts stricter regulations on the banks, preventing them from becoming โ€œtoo big to failโ€. Curbs reckless spending practices that caused the banking crisis. Republicans attempted to block this.
American Recovery and Reinvestment Act- Pumped billions of dollars into state and local Governments to prevent us from sinking into a second Great Depression. Republicans opposed this but now want to take credit for the parts of it that we know are successful.
Oil Spill Liability- Raises the liability on what companies can be made to pay to clean up after an oil spill. Republicans blocked this.
Immigration Reform- Republican suggested comprehensive immigration reform until Obama supported it. Now theyโ€™re rabidly opposed to it and even voted against their own legislation. Republicans blocked this.
Unemployment extension bill HR-4213- Would provide additional aid to the millions of Americans still on unemployment who are just trying to support themselves and their families. Republicans blocked this bill for 8 weeks before it finally passed. Republicans blocked this for 8 weeks before it finally passed.
Fair Pay Act of 2009- Also called the Lily Ledbetter bill. Requires that women receive equal compensation to men for doing the same work. Republicans attempted to block this.
No permanent military bases in Afghanistan.
Report identifying hybrid or electric propulsion systems and other fuel-saving technologies for incorporation into tactical motor vehicles.
Protection of child custody arrangements for parents who are members of the Armed Forces deployed in support of a contingency operation.
Improvements to Department of Defense domestic violence programs.
Department of Defense recognition of spouses of members of the Armed Forces.
Department of Defense recognition of children of members of the Armed Forces.
Enhancements to the Troops-to-Teachers Program.
Fiscal year 2011 increase in military basic pay.
Improving aural protection for members of the Armed Forces.
Comprehensive policy on neurocognitive assessment by the military health care system.
Authority to make excess nonlethal supplies available for domestic emergency assistance.
And those were just some of the progressive provisions. On the conservative side, there are these, and more:

Prohibition on the use of funds for the transfer or release of individuals detained at United States Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
Prohibition on the use of funds to modify or construct facilities in the United States to house detainees transferred from United States Naval Station, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
Prohibition on use of funds to give Miranda warnings to Al Qaeda terrorists.

Now what have Republicans done for The Poor and Black People who are not Toadies Lately? Maybe they should close their flaps for awhile!
To be fair Let's see what the Republicans have don... (show quote)

Good evening CB. I don't think it is a secret that we conservatives are not that happy with the accomplishments of the republicans over the last 8 years! That's why we elected President Trump, a non-politician. Does he have a big mouth? Yes and he says what he thinks and feels, it's not scripted! Politicians have to take an opinion poll before they speak, they're more interested in maintaining their popularity than doing what is best for our country. President Trump will help the poor and black by cleaning up the neighborhood and creating jobs, making more safe for the families that live there, but these people are going to have to do their part. The democrates just throw a little welfare at them instead of actually looking at the problems and giving them the chance to actually change their life for them and future generations. The democrates needed to keep them dependent on them, thereby controlling the vote. President Trump heard what the average Jo Blow said all across America. We will always be a country divided into different political parties, that's what makes us a great Nation. It would be disastrous is one party totally ruled our government, but right now it's the conservatives turn and the left needs to take a deep breath and stop the childish temper-tantrums. It's going to get to the point that we are pushed into the corner with all the bullying and violence and we will push back! I really don't want to see this happen and I hope the animosity will soon stop. It's time we get back to living our lives IMO. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!! Pray for our troops and Israel
Feb 9, 2017 18:24:33   #
lindajoy wrote:
A lower deficit?? Oh yea we see that lower deficit alright, along with a 20trillion dollar debt!! That's what we see that he left...
Got Insurance?? ACA was/Is a scam and failed tremendously...
Unemployment down?? Part time jobs, no benefits, and 2 needed just to barely sustain..How many on unemployment or off because benefits ran out??
Foreign Affairs the worst they have ever been, leaving wars unfinished because he wouldn't allow our elite military to do their job as he simultaneously stripped it of our top generals because it was never his intent to win any wars...
Alienated our true allies and created ISIS in his infinite wisdom ... The narcissist achieved nothing but wreck havoc on this country, which was his true age nda....
He didn't get Bin Laden at all, but thanks to his mishap did manage to get the 6 seals involved killed... How convenient that was, eh?
FEMA, you're really not serious, are you?? Just exactly what did he do to FEMA and more important what did they do?
How about our Vets and all his promises to fix it?? What did he do exactly, to fix it??

Now go to your room and think about all your lies and twist and try to understand your diatribe means absolutely nothing.. President Trump is our President ...We do not care what that POS did... We will now get it fixed...

Sons of Liberty is a man of honor and integrity..Don't dismiss him in your childish antics as if you know anything... An impish immature wanna be... Take it elsewhere..
A lower deficit?? Oh yea we see that lower deficit... (show quote)
. Now that's girl power!!!!!!!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Feb 9, 2017 16:34:46   #
Hey all you OPP'ers.
Here is the newest from my collection of pics for you guys to caption.
So, let's get to it.

I told you Young Lady!!!!! Do NOT let your daddy get to #3!!!! Next time I guess you'll listen when I tell you to be still and hush!!! Always remember that daddy loves you!!!!!
Jan 23, 2017 21:10:36   #
georgejc wrote:
It is hard to argue with one million vaginas strolling down the Washington Mall, especially some of the rudest such as Madonna. But, it is not a political statement. Also, it is not a case for equality, but rather one for commonality.
There was a time when women were not only considered superior to men, but were to be respected, treasured and adored. In my grandmotherโ€™s day, the sight of a womenโ€™s ankle was enough to throw the male counterpart into spasms of attraction and worship. But, as does everything else, times have changed.
Women can now out earn, out smoke, out drink and out cuss the crudest of the male animal. In short, they have lowered themselves from the pedestal we men had placed them upon, and now are proving they are just as common as men.
Having a vagina may be biologically interesting, but lacks any political argument.
Having heard the Koran being read aloud along with an assortment of F bombs, I began to wonder if real terrorism is attacking us from outside or within.
If women really wish to have greater recognition, politically or anyway else, let them consider the fact that men once admired and cherished them, and further why that is no longer the case.The Bible tells us that in marriage, the two (husband and wife) would become one. I guess God was right after all. Welcome to the sewers ladies, you finally arrived.
Semper Fidelis
It is hard to argue with one million vaginas strol... (show quote)

It hasn't effected all of us ladies! There are still many of us who love our pedestals and our man and are honored to be introduced as a Mrs.... We are just a heck-of-a lot more quite! I definitely agree with Ashley Judd that she is a NASTY woman! I hope she didn't get paid for that performance!!!
Jan 14, 2017 18:34:54   #
no propaganda please wrote:
I have neverbought from LL Bean but will place an order net week. I never went to Chic-fil-a until the LGBTQ fools protest but now seek them out. I also used to buy Penzey's spices, but their protest against Trump means that I will no longer use their spices. See, such protests do work, even if not the way the "progressives" want it to.

They make some wonderful 100% cotton long sleeve shirts and they last a long time! If you take them out of the dryer and give them a good shake, you can get away with little or no ironing. They should have a good sale now or real soon to get ready for the coming spring. We have been buying their products for many years. We also went shopping at Hobby Lobby when the left decided to 'pick' on them for admitting to being Christians! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
Jan 1, 2017 12:20:50   #
Morgan wrote:
I'm sorry I missed this yesterday, but,yeah you are, and if you want to prove me a hypocrite, why don't you do it right than and there instead of 25 pages later or from other posts? And don't even start with who comes in after me, as I've said you have your "alliances" friends, whatever you want to call them, who follow you, as in Texacan bringing up August, geeez to about a follower, or maybe I should say a boner?

Oh my goodness! Where to begin???!! I don't have the correct body part to have 'a boner'!!! Jealousy is a real green eyed monster and you are consumed with it! First of all, I am old enough to be Linda's mother and I admire everything about her as I am sure that her own mother does. You can't ever best her in an argument, nor can you anger her enough to ever be anything other than the lady that she is. She has the capacity to look at both sides of a discussion and to always respect anyone that will reciprocate her actions. I believe that late last night you and she made a pact to start brand new today and here you are today as the real 'you' whoever the hell 'you' are! What in the world is wrong with a person when they have to constantly reinvent themselves? You are undoubtedly the most narcissistic person on this forum. People like Linda, be they man or woman, earn the respect and friendship from others by being authentic in their kindness and love for their fellow men. I truly wish you peace, love, happiness, and good health for 2017.
Dec 31, 2016 12:41:33   #
lindajoy wrote:
TexaCan....I'm sorry I missed your post..So very nice to see you!! Thank you
for your kind words..
I wish the very Happiest New Year too!!

Perhaps the nicest to come with many surprises and won't that be spectacular!!

You are very welcome! I wish you and yours a very Happy New Year also. We spent New Year's Eve in Las Vegas a few years back and the fire work display was absolutely spectacular!! That trip is one of my favorite memories of me and my husbands 'spur of the moments' adventures! We are more than ready for another one! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜‰
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