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Apr 24, 2018 16:05:33   #
archie bunker wrote:
He used to ride a Moped in his garage with the doors closed. A lot. And for long periods of time. He can't help it.

Bless his heart.

It’s made him acutely intimidated by women on this forum! Very interesting. There has to be a very good ‘story’ in there somewhere!

Bless his little pea-picking heart!!!!!!!!
Apr 24, 2018 14:52:28   #
rumitoid wrote:
Sorry, to be so unfair to the Right, lol. Want to re-negotiate? PP is the first to insult; want to stymie that voice? Texacan has nothing but insult to spew--and just about me: why shut her up?. A shame to cut off her voice. Vernon is a Right Wing puppy, no problem. He barely makes sense. I can easily keep these restrictions. Why? I give facts.

Do you not understand that when you make an insult to President Trump or conservatives or Christians, etc. , that you will receive an insult back? When you learn to create a thread without insults, you will get responses that stick to the subject of your thread instead of insults back at YOU!

I have commented 4 times in the last two weeks to your INSULTS! I have commented 34 times in the last 3 months to your INSULTS and lies! Why does It bother you so much when I catch you in a inconsequential lie or whe I return your insult with an insult? I find this quite strange!
Apr 22, 2018 08:16:21   #
proud republican wrote:
I would say let the left whine even more,because the more they whine, the more we win!!!!!

Poor Rumi can't seem to understand when you insult others you get insults back! He just can't seem to help himself. He could have some wonderful debates if he would actually follow the rules of debating! I've never known of someone to preach love and spout such hate quite like him. I truly wish he would take a break and see some of the wonderful things in this blessed country and find the love that he can't seem to find.
Apr 21, 2018 21:41:32   #
rumitoid wrote:
You want to be fair but if your child is being strangled by an endangered species, any measures to stop it are good, no matter its protected status. Same with Trump. He is a malignant tumor, or a strangle hold, on free thought. He must be stopped. Want to be more obliging to the Right and can't with Trump in the way.

Where is that "love" that you so often preach about? This sounds more like obsessive hate to me! Just how are you suggesting he be stopped?

I heard today that his approval rating has increased even more with those sinful Evangelical Christians!!!!! LOL!!!!!

Apr 21, 2018 21:18:22   #
rumitoid wrote:
To see Republicans and Democrats not only in the same room together but sitting in the same aisle together with a common cause and acting like family was unexpectedly overwhelming. I was quite frankly stunned by my reaction to that sight. This was America as I had always seen it. Two parties with differences not allowing those differences to keep them from civility, care and respect for each other. Hope flared...briefly. Coming down fast and hard to the ugly divisiveness that is today's reality of our bicameral system was really upsetting. Time for self-examination. Again. What was I doing recently at least not to add to this situation? Not much, if anything.

Just as a description and not as an excuse, my center of gravity sometimes shift over what I see as repeated and dangerous policies or actions by the Right and I get smug, self-righteous for the Left. I feel thoroughly justified. And I may go on like that for an inexcusable amount of time. Then I snap, like I did today. I am not saying that I am cured of being an obnoxious a**hole at times. Yet maybe for a few weeks I will be more temperate in what I say. More willing to be more questioning than accusing. But my problem, that I cannot overcome, is the time-tested and proven rotten character of Trump. A real quandary for me. How not to focus on it?

My answer is to stick to the common welfare of Americans, and avoid any attacks on Trump directly. If he allegedly lies or misrepresents facts, simply give the facts as best I know them without commentary on the president's response. In other words, give Trump the respect and civility the office deserves. (I stopped using the disrespectful "tRump" long ago out of that concern.)

These confessions seem to come about every three months, yet that is not a point in my favor; it is regrettable.
To see Republicans and Democrats not only in the s... (show quote)

Your attempt to be more temperate and less of an A-hole turned out to be as useless as your confessions!!!!! A whole 3 hrs!!!!

Apr 14, 2018 08:23:35   #
Morgan wrote:
You keep chewing on that curd if it helps you sleep at night. The industrialists love their followers that support them doing whatever they want.

The word is "cud" ........ if you're referring to what a cow chews on
Apr 10, 2018 00:08:16   #
rumitoid wrote:
Er, I am a vet.

I see you are still having problems with remembering what you and others discussed the day before!

We have discussed you being a vet, as yourself and 5 of your other personalities. Several times actually!

My doctor told me to take vitamin D to help with my short-time memory!

I thanked you for your service yesterday at 20:43 on this very thread.
Apr 8, 2018 23:49:40   #
Pennylynn wrote:

Your opinions and comments are much appreciated by most folks on OPP, please do not go silent!

A word about Rumitoid, he is a very lonely individual. Keep this in mind as you read his comments, he is not looking for conversation or even discussions.... what he wants is a reply.... positive or negative, it does not matter as long as you respond and give him recognition. So, my recommendation..... see his comments for what they are, a desperate and childlike cry for attention. I just laugh about his rants....I hope you can learn to laugh at his childish behavior along with the rest of us.
TexaCan, br br Your opinions and comments are muc... (show quote)

I did not mean that I was just running away. I really enjoy doing a lot more reading of OPP than posting! I lost my temper tonight, very very silly on my part! First his silly lie and then his disrespect of Sarg. Thank you for kind words! I really enjoy all the different personalities and the interaction between everyone. I will be out here learning and laughing and ever once in awhile I’ll add my two-cents worth! Good night to all!
Apr 8, 2018 23:11:03   #
JFlorio wrote:
Nah. I enjoy your input. Just ignore him.

Thank you!
Apr 8, 2018 23:07:44   #
JFlorio wrote:
He’s been caught in so many lies he’s got more personalities than Sybil. I cannot believe anyone on here responds directly to him anymore. Nothing but a left wing troll.

After I showed my husband his ridiculous rants against Pennylynn and his attempt to cover up his lie , he told me to leave him alone. He thinks he may really have a serious mental problem. In this day and time you never know!!!!!

I lost my temper because of his disrespect of PLT Sarge! I'm a little too old to lose my temper! Back to just being a reader of OPP!
Apr 8, 2018 22:13:46   #
rumitoid wrote:
You silly rascal, you. If I had claimed I owned a tricycle ten years before I owned a car, you would claim I was lying about owning a car. "You said you drove a tricycle." I have a bike now, I had a car before. This is not nuclear physics. Before and later: to separate times. This is the usual lack of nuanced thinking by the Right I am seeing, not that a lot of nuanced thinking is even needed. How dull a wit are you?

Changing times. Very simple.

And you claim to know and tell TRUTH!
Apr 8, 2018 22:09:05   #
rumitoid wrote:
You silly rascal, you. If I had claimed I owned a tricycle ten years before I owned a car, you would claim I was lying about owning a car. "You said you drove a tricycle." I have a bike now, I had a car before. This is not nuclear physics. Before and later: to separate times. This is the usual lack of nuanced thinking by the Right I am seeing, not that a lot of nuanced thinking is even needed. How dull a wit are you?

Changing times. Very simple.

On March 31 you told Archie on the thread : Climate change man-made or not, is not a political issue.
" I do not own a car and bike everywhere."

On April 8 you told Archie : Instead of a wall, use the Billion Dollars it would cost on infra-structure make our roads and bridges safe ( that was the name of the thread)
Rumi said "no actually, for maybe thirty years or more. And I do not lock MY CAR ever. No problem"

You lied 🤥 Rumitoid! Do you really think that you are so intelligent that you can talk yourself out of this ridiculous lie?
On March 31 you only own a bike and then 8 days later you never lock your car!

You seriously need professional help!!!!!
Apr 8, 2018 21:43:35   #
rumitoid wrote:
That's a stupid answer. And trying to insult me does not make you wiser. The topic is Trump's Wall. Name the countries in Europe, Africa, and Asia that did the same. (Hint: China.) Rome with Hadrian's Wall. Gave you a head start. Name the rest of the nations that built walls to keep out immigrants.

As my beloved Daddy would have said, Rumi, "You would argue with a fence post!"
Apr 8, 2018 21:12:10   #
rumitoid wrote:
I saw combat indirectly. Guys I knew, had meals with, joked with, argued with, that never returned to eat, joke, or argue. I got very lucky. Very. But not in my heart. Safe and air-conditioned and eating well may seem like perks to someone in a war-zone.

Yes, my husband said that coming out of the jungle with you guys where it was cool, good food and safe could well be considered a perk and then a couple of other words that I can't repeat!
Apr 8, 2018 21:04:19   #
rumitoid wrote:
I asked you about walls in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Name them.

If you're going to ask a question, at least make an intelligent one? You know good and well that individuals have been using walls for centuries! I don't know them personally! Do you?

What the heck are you drinking or using tonight? You are totally out of control! You're making a complete fool of yourself! Or should I say J A!
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