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El Camino security guard stopped another Parkland tragedy from happening!!!
Unarmed security guard at El Camino high school in LA overheard one student say that he wants to shoot up his school... So alerted Principal who then alerted police and this guy was taken into custody..At his home they found 2 AR-15 and 50 rounds of magazines!!!This was unarmed security guard and he did the job that FBI failed to do!!!..Bravo El Camino high!!!
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Protecting our Southern Border
Just wondering. I've got a tractor and bush hog, a 84" cut zero turn commercial lawn mower and a couple weed eaters. How much is Nancy Pelosi willing to pay if I put in a contract to cut the grass on our Southern Border so illegals can't slither in like snakes ? Whatever the amount, will only be crumbs to her. If this is the solution to stop illegal immigration, I'm in.
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Winning, More Winning, And Yet More Winning!
So, President Trump, it's been more than a year. What have you done for us lately?


Supreme Court
Obama fumbled with the nomination of anti-gun Trojan horse Merrick Garland. Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) made the recovery, and President Donald J. Trump completed the pass with a touchdown named Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. President Trump has appointed 23 lower court judges, with 61 pending nominees in the lower courts.

War On Terror
ISIS peaked under the weak leadership of Obama, who put notorious restrictions on military leaders in the field. President Trump unleashed the professionals, and the dedication and competence of the American military were brought to bear on the Islamic State without meddling from Washington. Even liberal Politifact conceded that ISIS has lost over 95% of their territory, and wounded their leader Al Baghdadi, driving him into hiding.

Exposed The Media Bias
The media tried to slime the President by saying his tax cuts are a sop to the wealthy. In fact, there has been a cascade of good news, including bonuses and pay increases across the country. Wage growth is driving inflation, as capital that was sidelined in the Obama comes flooding back into the market, creating the jobs that have eluded Americans for so long.

President Trump sent Obamacare through the Senate twice, only to have it killed by RINOs like Susan Collins and John McCain. Short of that, he did the next best thing: President Trump destroyed the funding mechanism for the Obamacare beast: the illegitimate tax on all Americans known as the "individual mandate". President Trump has gotten rid of the worst of Obamacare, and if he can get the numbers, will dispatch the beast once and for all.

Last year, the White House said that "agencies issued 67 deregulatory actions while imposing only three new regulatory actions"; that's a 22:1 ratio for the repeal of regulations, saving Americans $8.1 Billion in regulatory costs. More are planned for this year, with an estimated $9.8 Billion in savings from repealed regulations this year. In this Administration, agencies have withdrawn or delayed 1,579 planned regulatory actions.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership was a redistribution of wealth scheme disguised as a trade deal, and a huge legacy project of Obama. It was going to empower foreign entities to make binding decisions that directly impacted the United States' economy, and further erode wage growth and job creation within our country. President Trump killed TPP right out of the gate, delivering on his promise to stand up for American manufacturing jobs and stop bad trade deals.

Recognizing Jerusalem As The Capitol Of Israel
President Trump took the bold move by enforcing a law that was passed with overwhelming bipartisan support in the 1990's and signed by President Bill Clinton. No President since its passage has enforced the law, fearing a backlash from the Palestinians. President Trump showed conviction and moral clarity by recognizing the capital that Israel has claimed since 1948, and the ancestral home of the Jewish people.

Paris Climate Accords
In accordance with his America First policies, President Trump wasn't about to let a deal made by President Obama to pay American money to lower economic productivity. President Trump is a jobs president, and he isn't about to disadvantage the United States when China and others have a horrible track record in keeping their word on international agreements. Trump puts American jobs before international pressure on dubious science.

Iran Nuclear Deal
Speaking of bad deals made by Obama, President Trump decertified the Iran Nuclear Deal in the face of blatant violations by the Iranians. President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry worked feverishly in the second term to arm the Iranians with tens of billions of dollars to buy their cooperation. President Trump put an end to the facade, saying America will withdraw completely if Iran continues down their path to war. President Trump standing up to the biggest bully in central Asia sends a message of strength to the world after it has known 8 years of weakness under Obama.

Giving The Media A Taste Of Their Own
President Trump makes the media INSANE because they can't bring him down; in their rage, they play right into his hands. Sharyl Attkisson, veteran of CBS news commented on the media calling conservative news fake, "Each time [the media] cried fake news, Donald Trump called them 'fake news' until he'd co-opted the term so completely that even those who [were] originally promoting it started running from it -- including the Washington Post."

Not bad, Mr. President. Considering the obstructionists in Congress, not bad a all. Looking forward to the end of year report next February....
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America, land of the free...once upon a time: please add where our rights have been unjustly limited or denied
The Patriot Act permanently altered our nation, out of reactive fear, from its path of worldwide liberty to a fork in the road that led to a steady march toward totalitarianism.

To name a few of my un-favorite things:
-Established as city or state policy the racial profiling of Blacks, as in NYC, and its widely accepted covert policy of many states and general law enforcement mentality.
-The Muslim Ban and the phrase "Islamic extremist or terrorists"
-ICE raids as practice for mass incarcerations for political opponents and their actions as the new Gestapo limiting our Bill of Rights protections, demanding "our papers" when traveling
-Confiscation of assets kept by the state just by accusation even if proven innocent, something that Sessions approves of.
-NSA monitoring all calls and social media
-The Border Patrol able to roam freely and operate on private property without permission from the owner
-DUI roadblocks
-Religious liberty to deny, from conscience, participation in or association with anything that violates a person's faith
-Any open expression of worship

A short list of growing abuses. There are many more. Of course, some of these measures help to increase our safety--but at what cost to our freedom? We really need to get our priorities straight.
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Parkland students buried in graves, Trump buried in sandtrap: which is the greater tragedy to him?
While the families of the Parkland shooting were holding funeral services for their lost love ones and the wounded lay devastated in hospitals and friends mourned their losses, Trump took to the golf course, exposing the depth of his empathy. He was caught openly weeping on the 6th hole after taking 7 shots to clear a bunker, which is an odd contradiction from his visit to Parkland: all smiles and a thumbs for the press. But the bigger story is how amazing our president is: not only did he go on to par that hole but finished his round with the greatest score ever recorded by anyone, pro or amateur. Amazing!
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