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May 21, 2019 16:22:30   #
woodguru wrote:

The same situation exits for every Trump loss. It’s decided by an Obama or Clinton appointee.
May 4, 2019 00:15:10   #
How about sending us the photos with you & the goats? You know, where your down on all 4.
Apr 23, 2019 06:49:45   #
Kevyn wrote:

Your such a schmuck
Apr 12, 2019 12:57:10   #
Kevyn wrote:
The Idiot Pumpkinfuhrer met with aids yesterday to discuss wether he could order the US military to build and run concentration camps in the American Southwest. He wants the concentration camps to hold refugees seeking asylum. He was furious when told that this would very likely highly illegal. How were the decent people in Germany conned into going along with their nationalist government in the thirties? Hitler didn’t even have FOX news, just Joseph Goebbels.

Actually the camps are San Francisco & any other sanctuary city. Do you have a problem with that?
Apr 4, 2019 07:44:23   #
Mar 25, 2019 10:04:45   #
What we are not being told is what role did Obama, the Clintons and the leadership of the FBI played.
Don’t you think it’s time for Democrats to stop with the false accusations. Don’t you think it’s time for the mainstream press to stop with the false news.
Mar 25, 2019 04:38:50   #
peanutcream wrote:
He has to do better or be a one term president

Yup...He couldn’t possibly beat a life long politician that spent one billion on her campaign and cheated along the way.
Mar 25, 2019 04:27:08   #
kankune wrote:
U are a tragic soul......

This is a sad day for you isn’t. All Democrats can only eat crow for dinner.
Mar 24, 2019 10:27:35   #
bahmer wrote:
We are not talking about sleeping with we are talking about top advisers like in his cabinet.

Sorry. My mistake. Sometimes I’m a scanner not a reader.
Mar 24, 2019 05:43:16   #
bahmer wrote:
Which President Had More Women as Top Advisers – Bush, Clinton, Obama or Trump?
By BarbWire - March 23, 2019

Democrats continue to attack President Donald Trump as waging a war against women.

I heard one female Democrat say that the only women Trump values are those he can grope and sexual advantage of.

I heard another male Democrat say that Trump does not respect women for anything other than their bodies.

They all say that he doesn’t place enough value on women, he doesn’t trust them and he doesn’t’ respect their intelligence.

Trending: 120 Christians Killed in Nigeria and the World Remains Silent

However, a recent report reveals that Trump as more women in top advisory positions than did Clinton, Bush or Obama.

Washington Examiner – Trump has more women as top advisers than Obama, Bush, or Clinton – President Trump, often criticized for his stance toward women, employs more women as senior advisers than former presidents Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton did at the similar points in their presidencies.

Given the relative paucity of female senior presidential advisers prior to Clinton, Trump’s employment of women as key advisers at this early point in his presidency may be higher than any other president’s in history

At the beginning of the third year of his first term as president, Trump has seven female top advisers, as compared to five for Obama, three for Bush, and five for Clinton at that point. He had eight as of December 2018, when United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley departed the administration…

Besides having more women as top advisers, Trump also selected a woman to serve as the US Ambassador to the United Nations – former Gov. Nikki Haley.

When nominating Haley, I recall hearing Trump praise her intellect and ability to think on her feet.

Knowing the reputation of Democrats and their lying to smear Trump, it’s safer to believe that if they say he hates and disrespects women that in fact he doesn’t hate women and that he does respect them, as is proven him having more women as top advisers than womanizer Bill Clinton or racist Barack Obama.
Which President Had More Women as Top Advisers – B... (show quote)

Actually I think JFK is the winner.
Feb 11, 2019 11:41:49   #
PeterS wrote:

Right Peter........One washes glasses and sweeps the floor in a scuzzy bar and the other builds buildings, starts businesses etc. Sad that your not smart enough to figure that out. No wonder that tramp got elected.
Feb 11, 2019 11:35:26   #
eagleye13 wrote:
Airforceone wrote:
"I can’t figure out which one of these is Donald Trump they look alike. So I questioned both of them and it appears the one on the right is a lot smarter so that must be Trump."

Were YOU smart enough to beat 15 Republican Presidential candidates including including one who's father and brother and been president. Then beat the SMARTEST most qualified person IN THE WORLD for the presidency? Sour grapes? Get over it, grow up, post something that matters and stop the childish behavior.

AirFarseOne is not to bright.
Even Clyde would not take him seriously!
Airforceone wrote: br "I can’t figure out whi... (show quote)

Air force one I bet your so stupid that you voted for Obama twice. And Hillary once. Loser.
Feb 11, 2019 11:32:36   #
snowbear37 wrote:
More fake news.

Ride for the Brand or ride for the gate.
Feb 10, 2019 12:32:38   #
Lonewolf wrote:
trump wares one and he works for Putin

Lonewolf......I guess you failed spelling.....right!
Feb 10, 2019 10:32:32   #
Airforceone wrote:
He better start making America great he already made Russia great.
Oh no on the right Obama did not have orange hair.

I think the uranium deal made Russia great.
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