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Aug 15, 2019 15:00:08   #
Lonewolf wrote:
Barr is a criminal I expect nothing good from him he's not an AG he is trumps lawyer first

Get over it Lonewolf. You worried that your boy may be going to prison.
Aug 8, 2019 01:21:41   #
JFlorio wrote:
Been trying to listen to this lying idiot De Blasio on Hannity. Can only listen so long then switch to Forged In Fire. Thank God this idiot has no chance of becoming President. What I don’t get is how’d he become a mayor of anywhere? My Gramps was a staunch Democrat. He always said there’s nobody dumber than a New York Democrat. I now know why.

I tried listening to him as well. I could only last about 20 mins and I wanted to throw up.
Jul 31, 2019 21:48:33   #
Lonewolf wrote:
I would oppose him as much as I oppose trump!! And if he.was tea party I would oppose him 10 times as hard.

Lonewolf the Tea Party is made up of a bunch of retired people. They went on Obama’s hit list because they were effective. So I guess your following his attack plan.
Jul 30, 2019 23:46:32   #
Cadillac wrote:
Gather there......for what?

Republicans don’t travel to Baltimore every year.
Jul 30, 2019 15:52:49   #
Kevyn wrote:
Melania is already here, it is essentially closing the gate after the horse is out of the stall.

It must really suck to wake up in the morning and hate someone that you have never met.
Jul 30, 2019 12:54:28   #
Lonewolf wrote:
one photo is worth a thousand words

Are you that stupid?
Jul 30, 2019 12:52:03   #
Lonewolf wrote:
but the republican party gather there every year!

And ware there is poverty you can find the trumps cashing into other peoples misery!

Gather there......for what?
Jul 30, 2019 00:23:40   #
Lonewolf wrote:
hope you enjoy

No they’re is a big difference. The Jihad Squad hates America. All 4 have made radical comments months ago. Comments to Trump.
They have zero loyalties to America.
Jul 29, 2019 20:42:26   #
Lonewolf wrote:
As Mueller spoke of the need for election security little Hitler Mitch watched on as bipartisan bill to defend our electons was shot down!

Putin must be so happy with his purchase!

So now Mueller was bought out by the Russians.......Democrats have lost their minds. Typical democrats, don’t take any responsibility, don’t assume any blame.
Jul 28, 2019 16:24:42   #
Jul 28, 2019 01:14:55   #
kemmer wrote:
Hah. Trump listens to nobody but himself. And his so-called "advisors" hold their positions solely because they'll never tell him no.

And you know that because..,,,
Jul 28, 2019 00:36:49   #
woodguru wrote:
The ramifications of this once it has court approval is that defying subpoenas means jail time... it's getting real folks

What 2 1/2 more years and another $25 million. You libs have been saying all along that you’ve got the evidence on Trump. For once and all put it on the table or shut up. Try doing something positive for America.
Jul 28, 2019 00:32:01   #
Lonewolf wrote:
This is my hopes and dreams for our dear president in 2020!

That second photo should be Bill Clinton
Jul 26, 2019 16:53:21   #
Cadillac wrote:
Lonewolf....can you tell us how Russia interfered with our election? Personally I think Facebook and google were more of an influence.

And not to confuse issues what was your opinion when Obama sent tax payer money to influence Israel’s election.

Come on Lonewolf give up some answers.
Jul 25, 2019 13:08:26   #
Right on. Also keep Obama/Holder in mind as part of the problem. They also created the Ferguson Effect.
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