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Apr 24, 2019 23:01:52   #
Larry the Legend wrote:
So, they're improving, then?

Lol! May be!
Apr 24, 2019 20:21:56   #
slatten49 wrote:
I guess we should consider our area lucky as we still find it at $2.38 a gallon, though that's low here.

Even in California it's not $7/gallon.
Apr 24, 2019 17:21:58   #
eagleye13 wrote:

"Let me ask this of you liberals. How is it OK for a fake dossier, paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC to be used as basis for a fraudulent FISA warrant issued in the attempted take down of a duly elected President..?? How is that OK..??" - trucksterbud

Hannity was just asking essentially the very same question.
Apr 24, 2019 17:20:03   #
Wonttakeitanymore wrote:
In cally it’s 1000. If they steal from neighbors porches it has to b worth over 1000. So they can steal from all the porches and they can’t make it cumulative!

So, steal a thousand a day and let an E-bay store sell it! Great profession!!
Apr 24, 2019 00:38:13   #
Hadenough wrote:

30 yrs ago when I started in law enforcement we had to start working in the jails. In the county where I worked every inmate was tested for TB while being processed, (scratch test). Over 85% of the illegals arrested tested positive as carriers of TB, they would begin the series of injections to combat the disease and were told they needed to continue with the injections after their release. The importance of completion of the injections was explained in detail and they were given literature of where to go at no cost to them. Most of them never completed the series which allowed the germ to mutate and become resistant to the vaccination. As the years passed a stronger strain of TB was being discovered in many of the repeat offenders, similar to the diseases the illegals are bringing with them and not just the children.
Unfortunately many of us older citizens now need to concern ourselves with the influx of measles according to the CDC. I survived Vietnam and many years as a cop to worry about being taken down by a disease we almost eliminated. Off topic, but BUILD THE DAMN WALL !!!

God Bless the USA and President Trump
nwtk2007, br br 30 yrs ago when I started in law ... (show quote)

Apr 23, 2019 21:38:49   #
zombinis3 wrote:
The process will hurt more then help, there are to many items that have to fall into place which were listed at the end of my statement. If the dems pay attention 2020 could be a contest.

They won't. It won't be.
Apr 23, 2019 20:13:25   #
Nickolai wrote:
Some would say the stupid people are the Trump voters. I'm looking at $4.70 gasoline because Trumpty Dumptys fetish of over turning all things Obama, shit canning the agreement with Iran and slapping sanctions on Iran

How are those two things related?
Apr 23, 2019 19:50:41   #
zombinis3 wrote:
One of my first statement I made at the beginning is obstruction is interpeted there is enough infomation listed throughout the points to be able to Claim Obstruction, either way the report did it's job it brought problems that are present in this administration and others to light. Three things are stopping from getting a impreachment result, First the DOJ policy of no indictments of a sitting president, Two it requires the House and Senate to decide , and Three the hardest to prove is intent.

It would appear that the left will "interpret" obstruction for virtually anything, no matter how nebulous and weak or totally NOT obstruction.

As for impeachment, even if the house elects to impeach, the senate won't find Trump guilty and it will all be for naught and they would look pretty stupid. The more seasoned dem's know this but the new leftist crazies are rabid about it and just can't help themselves.
Apr 23, 2019 19:29:20   #
peg w wrote:
Obvisily you do not know germ theory. When i started teaching, my principal told me i would be sick most of the first year. This is because you will be exposed to many germs the thousand kids or so that your school usually has. I was teaching in tony Lake Placid. I got 4 colds., Impantaigo and an intestional thing. Kids have germs. Get over it!

There is a slight point to be made. Kids coming up from Mexico and central America will be bringing in different strains of the same bugs we are exposed to here in the states.Many of us will be sustainable to the different strains and will get colds, stomach viruses and other things which we would not get ordinarily because we don't have built up immunity to the strain from down south. There are tens of hundreds of viruses, each having regional differences. Teachers with less pliable immune systems will be effected to a great degree.
Apr 23, 2019 17:06:45   #
BigMike wrote:
Anyone noticing cracks in the precious "Narrative"?

Fox News Published on Apr 22, 2019 editor at large Piers Morgan says it's ridiculous to believe Trump tried to obstruct an investigation into a crime he didn't commit. #Hannity #FoxNews

Or rather obstruct the very investigation which cleared him of a crime he didn't commit.
Apr 23, 2019 14:53:17   #
Unintended Consequences wrote:
the FISA WARRANT was for Carter Page who was an advisor to the campaign for a while. (See attachment.) Why did FBI start to surveil the Trump Campaign? "In late July 2016, soon after WikiLeaks's first release of stolen documents, a foreign government contacted the FBI about a May 2016 encounter with Trump Campaign foreign policy advisor George Papadopoulos. Papadopoulos had suggested to a representative of that foreign government that the Trump Campaign had received indications from the Russian government that it could assist the Campaign through the anonymous release of information damaging to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. That information prompted the FBI on July 31, 2016, to open an investigation into whether individuals associated with the Trump Campaign were coordinating with the Russian government in its interference activities." Mueller Report page 1
the FISA WARRANT was for Carter Page who was an ad... (show quote)

And what is the date of the email from Podesta saying they would invent a Russian collusion narrative to use agaisnt Trump?
Apr 23, 2019 12:03:04   #
kemmer wrote:
We have a president who is dedicated to only 2 things: his personal wealth and the vain grasp for a power like his idol Putin has. Period. He doesn't understand how America works. He never did.

That probably explains why things are going so well for us right now!
Apr 23, 2019 11:51:54   #
Kevyn wrote:
Essentially he won’t prosecute people for a first offense misdemeanor theft of stuff like food baby formula and diapers. Oh and he won’t jam people up for a couple of loos joints. Big deal.

Wrong: One person was released for a theft of less than $750 who had 20 some odd arrests for theft and 14 convictions.
Apr 23, 2019 11:51:16   #
son of witless wrote:
I believe this speaks for itself. Even in the Great State of Texas apparently Crap happens.

It's all about crimes which are committed by certain groups; blacks mainly but also Hispanics/illegals. One person was released for a theft of less than $750 who had 20 some odd arrests for theft and 14 convictions.
Apr 23, 2019 11:48:33   #

Surely podesta wouldn't have been stupid enough to have put that in an email. Or would he?

Has this been fact checked?
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